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Love Poems

Love's Wings

The things you do for love...

With a small smile and heart felt sigh, I watched her true self emerge, Not in a physical way, no her inner growth was showing, allowing her soul to purge. The lovely way she jailed her doubt and chained her pain, She allowed herself a place in my heart, feasting on her new held reign. Watching as she spoonfed her urges, starving her inhibitions, Drowning the old haunted images of...Read On


No one wants to kiss me anymore

Seeking a mature paramour

No one wants to kiss me anymore, Now that I am sixty-four, My hair is now gray, But I still roll in the hay, An amorous paramour. No one wants to sex me anymore, I look like an aged troubadour, But inside I’m still randy For womanly candy, But the ladies say, ‘What for?’ Oh, where is a woman so fine, Who drinks an extra glass of wine, And seeks a man like me, With firm sexuality That ends...Read On


Perfectly We

For my love

My love for you Is endless And can not be broken We're past that now Far beyond The words we have spoken Our love is true So simple No need to even try My heart with you Not a choice Nor a question as to why I long for you Next to me Your lips pressed against mine This lust so real We are one Together so sublime May seem crazy You and I Bound, yet so far away Love keeps growing Need...Read On


To our first.

Your love Consumes me Your words Silently said Your awakening My intentions Your desire Lustful promises Your eyes Speak volumes Your scent Teasing, telling Your lips Part languidly Your body Pulsing, calling Your touch Evokes response Your needs Deliver me Your response Carnal ardor Your smile Promise fulfilled Your soul ...Read On


Footprints Of Caravans

Rowing gently on my oasis, Like an inkwell of my mind Leaving footprints of caravans, As my poetry turns to lust. With a branch of the palm As turbines time the wind, Your kiss fills my plate As my prose turns to sin. Rowing gently on my oasis, Leaving footprints of caravans Of oarsmen in the sand....Read On


You'll Unlock From Me

You've intrigued me, just a little peek and nothing more. There's time for the undoing, the slow crawl of stars edged towards glowing dawns When you'll unlock from me and take the memory of us having no beginning or end. Until that early summer morning, streets slick with the previous rain that was our deafening chorus. Until that precise moment you drive home to be alone and...Read On


Om Of Presence

What shadows fall on my poetic slumber, Of you smiling with acorns in your hair. In silence as the sycamore breathes, Of autumn's umber and blowing leaves And frosted doilies on the dew. With winds whispering of verses unheard, The om of presence and the wooing wow, With a kiss on the brow of my love so fare. From nocturnal birds and caroling words, And we alone 'neath earthly tones,...Read On

Recommended Read

A Way with Words

A little doggerel for your pussy

When a pussy was a kitten, And just at dawn the cock would crow, And a golden shower had the power To make the crimson primrose grow. And even Dick was just a kid Who brought our paper every day, And when I blew a kiss to him, Went biking down our street so gay. As Pan went piping through the reeds, Enchanting notes for girls to hear, We walked dark paths without a care, And thought...Read On


One August afternoon


To yearn for you is futile, now, Though it may cosset memory; You passed that day down to the brook, But glanced, glanced just once, back at me. And all that August afternoon I dreamed myself beside you there, Your pale legs in the swirly rill, And on the moss your body bare. Traitor to your invitation, I wished away my summer day. Oh, Ellen, by such cowardice, Not you, not you did...Read On


On My Mind

Gentle arches Reddish brown Traced along The barest sound As my finger Strokes your brow Each touch lends strength To hope struck down Waxy finish Wiry feel You close your eyes As I set free The weariness That chafes your soul A heart so full It overflows Then bleeds its life Filled, drained, by turns With each fresh joy And each fresh hurt Tumbled mix Elation, doubt ...Read On


Yonder You Sleep

What fool am I to whither!  like a weeping toad lie,  and poetically weep  as yonder you sleep. With a harrowed morrow and soft breath of your brush,  I feel the crush of another's touch,  yet my love holds fast. When yarns commend my pen, silken webs spin on a bobbin's end,  as willowing sheets of parchment fly like a rush of spewing tallow. Tears of my words transcend,  like...Read On

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Where you have always been [poem]

To Marcus

I know it’s wrong what’s in my head – the unsung song the said unsaid. When every night despair descends I have to write (though never send). It’s such a bleak, destructive grief to mine my weak, embraced belief: you’re everything that’s ever been; I’ve ever touched; I’ve ever seen. Some words of such obsessive stew can be too much (I strike them through). Yet all the spared, consumptive...Read On

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Cherry Tree

When you grow weary I'll find you a bed

In the mellow warm amber of evening's late sun, Like the verdant green vines that round the trunks run, Under a cherry tree in secluded cool shade Our bodies will weave a labyrinthine braid. Of slow moving limbs that seek only to find Curious hands of a similar kind. Toying with playfulness and affection for you Until your cheeks blush a sweet rosy hue. And we’ll giggle and laugh in...Read On



You think passion came from some other bloom, a shivering vine calling out your name. There is a difference between rope and lace, love. Maybe I cannot ignite you the way that others can, whether it's a matter of fire not blazing bright enough to illuminate your hidden cells. Or maybe the words play a part, but not everything you say is poetry, your words cut much deeper than...Read On


Orgasms And Ecstasy

Our love, our pleasure, our ecstasy.

Orgasms and Ecstasy, oh the things he does to me. Just one look, just one kiss, that first touch, always to much. The heat begins to rise, he can see it in my eyes. The gentle brush of our lips, the feel of his finger tips. Across my neck, down my side, I love to feel his fingers glide. The press of his hips causes a sigh, my sense on high. The tug of my top, I don't want him to stop. ...Read On

Thoughts of you....

For an Aussie goddess....

Thoughts of you start With a flicker turned to flame Half a world away, I still feel your touch My heartbeat skips and my pulse races I close my eyes, remembering our last night My hand glides down to rest on my memory Pictures of you dance in my head Your naked form glistens like a moonlit bay You dance with me closely Your scent, your heat, carry me to the stars ...Read On



The sound of silence...

The silence of your voice is deafening Its absence deeply felt is extreme Your thoughts are a jumbled mess I cannot decipher what you mean The haunted look within your eyes Fills me with a profound ache Your body shaking and the copious tears Are often more than I can take Your obvious dejected posture So heartbreaking to see I really wish that you would Unburden yourself to me ...Read On


Only The Best

Sweet echoes from the past sing out their song, Remembrance of what was and could have been. The dreams and fears of how it went so wrong Still conjures your missed visage long unseen. You took a treasured place within my heart. We spent a time as long lost friends of yore. That ended much too soon, not on my part, For reasons lost and gone for evermore. You live your life, do what you wish...Read On


Always in my Heart

For the one I love...

His smile infectious and captivating Women swooned over by his charm His radiance as bright as the sun He is the heartthrob of the moment A girl as bright as the moon Ignorant of his fame  Fell hard for him She has no escape Her life got a new meaning All she wanted was his love But he got carried away Left her, blaming his insecurity She let him go, hiding her tears ...Read On


Poetry the Artistry

My painter, my poet, my love.

He is my poet, he is my artist. He paints my soul with brush and words. His soft caress is an art of its own. With him I am never alone. Holds me close, tells me no lies. From his love I do not hide. Always by my side. My soul is his, my love I give. He keeps me safe, in his strong embrace. Hand in hand our fingers laced, we can conquer the world, with one word. Love is...Read On


The Sound of Slipping Away

Do you hear the sound?

It starts out softly Barely registering to the ear More sense than sound Like the beating of butterfly wings Whisper quiet as they lift Hear it, a feather louder now Audible in sense and sound The humming beat as it rises Like bird taking wing Calm rustling alights to your ear Louder, clearer, farther from you Like a breeze stripping, moving the leaves from trees Causing...Read On



I moved you out Like cathode ray Huge hulking presence Surrounded in dust As you departed You scratched the shelf I felt the dig I pried you off Unwanted Ungainly Not even a charity Would take you away I had to pay I dusted And I waxed the scratch Replaced you With a slimmer model But sun had bleached Around your base And there Your image remains....Read On



Worry too much...

Brighten the day, Lighten the load, Inspire the mind, Provoke giggles. Sing like an angel, Smile and the world is right, Deliver hope always, Excite with delight. Strum the heart strings, Awaken strong passion, Dust off old thoughts, Give rise to new ones. Make me wonder, See the beauty in all things, Worry way too much, Spice up life....Read On

Morning light

For a love lost..

Waiting for the morning light. Laying here in darkness, bathed in pain and drowning in sorrow, Staring into an abyss of broken vows and dreams unmet, Knowing that love shared can't bridge the dam of injured ego and word spilled over. Time won't fix what can't be unsaid, feelings laid bare. I just want to dream again, where we danced in time, Two hearts we always entwine, always happy...Read On


Mrs Robinson Crusoe

The real story of Robinson Crusoe and his wife

Mrs Robinson Crusoe stood upon her own little isle, Wondering what had happened to that cute little smile. She had not seen her mister since the boat was wrecked. Two years it’d been since Mister washed over the deck. The boat had sunk beneath her, she struggled to stay afloat. She the sole survivor of their guided fishing boat. She’d survived two years with mussels and abalone, Sleeping on...Read On



I love her. Yes I do. At her best and at her darkest. With her perfect imperfections that she does not like but I do love. With the morning sleepy groans, messy hair and hot breath on the crook of my neck. With her beautiful eyes, sexy lips and unforgettable smile. With her loving hands and gentle touch exploring my body as a love map. With the way she says my name and “I...Read On



I love to play with language and playing in the shower.

Stand with me lover, beneath Silky strands of steaming water, Sponge soap my shoulders, Stroke your slender fingers Sensually over stiff nipples, Stare into my eyes, hot kiss. Shuddering lips, you slowly squeeze My slick slit, insinuating two fingers with Sharp sexy stabs, my breath  Shallows, with each sinuous thrust I  Surrender to your passionate kisses, Suspended...Read On


Starless Nights

A starless sky hides her pain.

The night is bleak, she feels so weak. How she longs for his hand upon her cheek. Words unbound, she can only frown. She pulls her cloak tight against the cold of the night. Time to give up the fight. As the rain comes down making puddles on the ground all she can do is wonder. Just an ache for what was and what will never be. Her heart never free, her soul in tatters. She knows...Read On


'Fore Bellows Of The Winds

The still of silence 'fore bellows of the winds, When birds have lost their songs as echoes descend. In the aria of moonlight a swaggering fall, Last dredges of a jigger my poetic call, As you lay so bare, with a dolly in your hair. The pendulum of my cock rocking the coo-coo, And you stirring my firkin of woo, The shadow of your wile with warm breath of sin,  And I on ends with...Read On



Beyond the time We should have ended Braced through trials We should have lost Betrayed by those We’ve since unfriended Benefits Versus the costs Reaching out Where understanding Doesn’t seem What we will find Surprised that we Have stayed together Unlike in life Unlike in mind Long suffering We perfect our demons Train them to bay Outside for show Yet past the...Read On