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Love Poems


You Left Me

Fourteen years we shared together Every smile, every frown Every up and every down Now my sobbing head seeks your caress My hand reaches out for yours But is met with emptiness You cut me out Like a pernicious disease My heart is aching and cannot be appeased Stare into my glassy eyes And you will see a pain-filled soul I clutch beneath my left breast and sense the invisible hole ...Read On


December 10th, 1959

A birthday poem for Gabrielsbabygirl

December 10th, 1959 It was just another day Easy just to say But there's something Not sure what it is Just know it holds my mind For some reason Can't remember why I search my mind to try It escapes my weary mind I look into my soul For there I feel I know The hidden meaning I can't place the reason It's not just the season but I wonder I know it is special I can't see past the...Read On


Without You

The first poem I ever wrote for this site

My love My truth My shining light You're my heart My soul And my everything Without your touch I am unliving For my heart will not beat without you Without your soft whispers I am all but alive For my lungs will not fill without you Without you love I am but an empty shell For my soul will not stay without you For you are my blood My air And my everything else And I'd give you my all For...Read On


The Promise (of your blossoming)

A short poem about being free

The Promise (of your blossoming)   to see you explore, learn, excite yourself to open your horizons, to see you feel those things kept inside your hidden desires your deepest thoughts when you are alone in the dark in the night that only you know to see you experience those things to feel to taste to...Read On


Mr. Delicious

Six foot three and every inch is just delicious, I think his muscular body can answer all my wishes. But there is something better than his hot physique, it is his secret desires they are what I seek. Everything he likes is exactly what I want, if I get a chance all my skills I will flaunt. Play my cards right and I hope that we can be, each others biggest kinky sexual fantasy. He...Read On


One More Hug

Just a quick and short little rhyme I wrote

My love for you is pure and true any other answer will not do. For I would do anything for you and I hope you say the same thing too. You might not know it but I hope you do I would do anything for you. I hold you close, I hold you dear and I am always wishing you were near. With my love for you, you have no fear for you I would take on a spear For it is you that I hold so dear. You make...Read On


I Came Home Late

I came home late, and what do I see? My dear sweet lovely, Still waiting for me. And you set me a plate Asleep you may be, For your care my love I do thank thee. I pull the chair out And I whisper thank you, I hold your head up And to bed I carry you, So you may rest well But your sleep is a farce. You're as light as a feather, with a really great arse. I lay you down softly You beg me not...Read On


Cold Night

Cold night, Warm bed, crisp sheets and wooly socks, Knees curled meeting my knees in perfect bends, Rubbing feet together, My arm flung over your waist, pulling you into my belly, Your bottom and my pelvis meet, I smell your neck, kiss your shoulder and ear, whispering and breathing softness, My hand makes its way and finds your pleasure, Stroking slowly, I feel your back tense, ...Read On


Three Drinks

Dark Bar. Dark red cocktail. Drink One A glint in your eyes as you walk in, my lips part with in a smile. All the lines running through my head erased as you slide up next to me in the booth, hand sliding up my back. Hello, Hello Exchanges about your day, my day, your nights, my nights. Your partner, my partner. Formalities. Old Friends. Renewed Virtual Lovers. Drink Two Sly...Read On


Let Me Be The One

Would you believe another love poem originally posted under 67Goat? I thought so...

When life hands you so much sorrow and pain, And takes so much with little to gain, You're like a train that somehow left the track, Can we ever get the good times back? Do you recall when the world was so new? And there seemed no limit to what we could do, Harking back to those simpler times, Of children's books and nursery rhymes. Can you remember those simple joys? Childhood dreams...Read On


Reminiscence - Entwining part 1 Poem

Use your imagination with some subtle hints....

Entwining I give myself Wholly To you To us, We give unconditionally Strip away our disguises; pull away the masks Primal beings Needn’t clothing. When no longer hidden Desires are unleashed Opening fully Allowing but single presence… (Rewind the Tape) Skip a beat Stutter Excitement, as I take you Slowly, excruciatingly, I peel away the last cover Giving yourself to me ...Read On


Secret Liaison

It starts with that tingling in between my legs, Then images start flashing throughout my head. The heat is building within my thighs, Things that I want are craved by my eyes. The curve of his shoulder and the thickness of his neck, The moisture is building I am getting so wet. I know I am going to do things that I should not do, The longer this condition continues to brew. I’m so...Read On


My Dearest, Lust

Every time we meet, our encounters become more intimate. You know every curve and scar on my body. From each other we have no secrets. You and I do not speak at all, Words are useless to us, and actions say everything that we need to say. We express ourselves with our bodies. I only look at you and you know; my body is in dire need of your physical affection. You waste no time, giving...Read On


Life Is But A Journey

About a guy who loves his wife so much, his only concern is her happiness after he's gone...

You know that I must leave you, The end is surely near, We both knew this day would come, Please don't shed a tear. Life is but a journey, Beginning with our birth, I'd like to think it continues on, After we leave this earth. But I do have one big fear, And it's not of the unknown, But rather that my leaving here, May find you left alone. So, until we meet again someday, I hope that you...Read On


Do Your Balls Hang Low?

Do your balls hang low When you're walking down the street? Do you get big smiles from the people that you meet? If you didn't wear a jock would they hang down by your feet? Do your balls hang low? Do your balls hang low When you're running in a race? When you stop, do they swing up and slap you in your face? When you start to run again, do your big balls keep the pace? Do your balls hang low?...Read On


The heart of a lucky girl

a short poem about how lucky i feel about finding the person i love

My shining light in the darkness, My blazing fire in the cold. The one that makes my sides split. And still will when I'm old. The knight in shining armour, Who brings me so much joy, Such a kind and gentle soul is he, My beautiful, loving boy. How did I manage to reach the heights of heaven, And my fingers touch the stars? My wildest dreams came true with him, And for so long...Read On


A Visit From Pimp-Daddy Claus

With apologies to Clemet Moore.

Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, 'Cept my trouser mouse. The stockings were hung By the chimney with care, And my girl was in bed With her legs in the air. And I was deep pumpin' And churning my cum, Ramming my dick In her tight sugar-plum. Outside, the weather was nasty and bleak. Inside, we'd been doing The nasty all week! ...Read On

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Christmas Ho Ho Ho

The Christmas Ho gets her wish.

The sexy Christmas Ho is so hot, she wants every cock that she hasn’t got. Wants to play with their hard stick, and give their candy canes a lick. Jingle their Christmas balls till they scream, she is just so horny she’s really not mean. She sent Santa Claus her Christmas list, she wants hot studs and hopes he gets the gist. Bring them to me you fat old elf, or I will have your...Read On


A short poem dedicated to someone special

waiting for the night when I get to show you, a bit, of myself, a careful unwrapping of denim and cotton, punching into the air of our gathered space. waiting for the moment to see you again, and to see a smile that promises, enjoys, and encourages. waiting for a sigh and the smooth curve of a neck, or a light dusting of fuzzy hair - boundaries of cloth are so fragile, shaping and cupping....Read On

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His Fantasy Comes True

A poem written for a friend about his recent true adventure.

He had this very kinky fantasy, And knew with his wife it would never be. So he went looking for the right kind of Dame, A hot sexy Mistress who knows the game. What do you know he found one right down the street, Gave her a call and arranged to meet. His nerves were jumping in anticipation, Knowing he would give up to her relegation. When he arrived she had him stripped bare, Said...Read On

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Like the seasons they just come and go, Another will be along before you know it. Lovers always just seem to not last, Eventually they always become the past. But it is so exciting when it’s fresh and brand new, Discovering everything that turns me on about you. Then I wonder how long this heat will burn, And all the things about you that I will learn. I am searching for that one...Read On


Pleasure Slave

Anal pleasure

My pleasure slave, You fuck my ass, As though you own my soul. You take control, I lose myself,  I feel my love unfold. Pouring down, As you thrust your cock, My ass stretched so much. I need you, God, I need you,  I have to have your touch.   ...Read On


Sex or Love

Do you want to fuck? I would make you buck. I would cause a pleasure, that you couldn't measure. I would make you scream, while I lick your special cream. I'll massage, lick, and tease, and anything else to please. All you have to do is ask, and I'll get right to task. It is my mission, to help you find a nice position. Top, bottom, doggy, sixty nine, just pick one, I'll be fine. I may...Read On

Dream Sex

She sits at home, There is no one, she is alone. She is looking at pictures on the computer of her crush, He is the only one in forever that has made her blush. The way he smiles that crooked smile, Oh she hasn't touched herself in awhile. The way he says "How you doing?", oh his voice, She can't stop thinking about him, she has no choice. The way he smells, he is so addicting, She wants...Read On



Written while waiting on her

This is my first try at poetry, hope it is ok, the subject made it easy I just wanted to add that the special someone is gabrielsbabygirl, my wife. I wish I could spend time looking into you eyes, into your soul, touching your hair Stroking your hair feeling your skin, soft, smooth, warm, oh, such warm heat I feel your heat, that heat that tells me you are ready, that heat...Read On


The Perfect Man

Life As We Should Know It.

There’s always someone who is there for you, Who wants you, Who adores you, Who loves you, Who tells you what he wants to do to you, How he’ll hold you, How he’ll kiss you, How he wants to make you feel, How he wants to have sex with you, How he is sad because you’re gone. His pain is deep it hurts knowing the days go slower with each thought, He wants to sleep...Read On


That Feeling

When will I ever find that special feeling that I seek? It keeps slipping through my fingers making me feel meek. I worried that he caught me on the rebound, But I was sure once again that feeling was found. It started out incredible, so very smoking hot, But it's cooling down much faster than I ever thought. Now I am in limbo once again waiting to see, If I will end up having to set this...Read On


2 Sailors and Me

Please, bear with me I know its long.....started as a story and all went wrong..

  1 is a friend, you know the one. The one who knows all your secrets, that you share with none. Those special friends, some say, with benefits. This one was really good, with a cock that never quits. Started out as pals, hangin downtown. Go to a punk show or throw some drinks down. Went away a boy, come back as a man. Hit the high seas, from Alaska to Japan. Always called him a bud, till...Read On

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Eat My Dust

What do you boys think you are going to find? Wake up and take note that I am one of a kind. Other women just think you are perverted little freaks, They don’t relish your special qualities or have what you seek. When other men see you in your panties so fine, They think you are just pussies and could never want mine. They all know nothing about that kind of hot, salacious kink,...Read On


Alone Again

No, my girlfriend didn't leave me...just wanted to write a short poem...

As the setting sun denies its light, And the darkened sky cloaks the night, As the full moon castes its gentle beams, I'll be alone again, with my dreams, And if my dreams shall come true, I'll be alone again, holding you....Read On