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Love Poems


The Key


You said "I love you.. what does that mean?" Your voice quivering in doubt Lost and confused as you ever have been Not knowing what your love was about Sorrow and regret surrounded by guilt Your feelings unsure and kept hidden The strongest bond that ever was built Now weak and broken and held forbidden Pushing away what once was held dear An occasional memory stirred Comfort...Read On


The End of the Darkness

Love brightens my life.

I used to think Darkness was my friend. Because it would Hide the scars. The scars On my heart, The scars On my soul. The darkness was my friend. But I could not see All the damage I was doing to me. All the anger, All the pain. Nothing but clouds, Nothing but rain. It would cut even deeper, Cause even more pain. So I built a wall Strong and tall. To...Read On


Searching For My Hearts Desire

Looking for that one to fill the void.

Searching in the dim fading light. For something to last through the night. To wrap around me and hold me close. And give me everything I need the most. Whisper his dreams in my ear. Read the words that I long to hear. Let my imagination run completely wild. I need it hot and kinky not boring and mild. It is more than just entertainment to me. A glimpse of my soul you might get to see. ...Read On


Broken Toy


This girl from my past who stole my heart and hid it away for so many years I wondered at our life apart and why I had so many fears I've searched so long to find the key To open a box locked and hidden Inside she held the love of me Thinking it was so wrong and forbidden Through the years I didn't exist I ached and hurt for what should have been Her memory I could never resist Darkness...Read On


Every Breath I Take

Every breath I take reminds me of nights spent with you. Every sigh I utter reminds me of endless words unspoken. Every breath you take reminds me of how much I love you. Every time I see your face, I want to tell the world how I feel. How can I make you understand how much it hurts not to be with you? I ask myself, how can I make you care and yet not make you feel trapped? It is...Read On


I Lied

Dedicated to the one true love of my life.........She knows why it says what it says.

I Lied I lied to myself once, Told myself “I don’t need love.” I lied to myself again. Told myself, “I am fine.” Once more I lied to myself. Told myself, “I am strong.” I lied to myself another time. Told myself, “I don’t need anybody.” But the lies Came back to haunt me. I was not Fine. I was not Strong. I do need Love. I do need Somebody. I need ...Read On



A poem for my dearest Cris.

My sweetest man I’m so worried about you. I am so far away there is nothing I can do. How I wish I could be there to just hold your hand. Do something to bridge the distance across all this land. Somehow set sail across the sea. To care for the man that cherishes me. Do everyday simple little things for you. Iron your shirts and fix your favorite meals too. Stroke your hair and sooth...Read On


The Sorrow of Loss

Now matter how much you may need to, it is never easy to call it over

In the misty time of memories past She touched heart and made me laugh In love’s embrace for sorrows fast I should have know it could never last   A year flew by in happiness A second followed in total bliss But by the third it had gone amiss as our love slid into the dark abyss   I closed my eyes and held my breath I refused to see our loves slow death ...Read On


Something to Make Me Hurt

drop by drop I'm popped

The rain flooded down most of the day Enjoyed the dark sky anyway Sitting in a towel recovering from a hard days work I reach for something to make me hurt Thick smooth glass twisted to a point I place it between my legs and anoint Warm and slick I push it in until I'm sick Getting on my knees I say to myself please Sitting down on it The thick rimmed edge to my clit I feel split...Read On


We Started As Friends

Another love poem originally posted under 67Goat...

We started out as a couple of friends, Who saw each other now and then, Two people hurt many times before, And afraid of getting hurt once more. Slowly we began to share long walks, And share our thoughts in quiet talks, And of each other we soon grew fond, Realizing we shared a special bond. Hearts that harbored so much pain, They never thought they'd love again, Secretly wishing that...Read On

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Giving you my secret world.

I want to look into your eyes and deeply kiss you too. Run my tongue down your spine and taste everything that is you. Feel the texture of your hot skin. Lick you all over is how I will begin. I want to make your every fantasy come true. Do everything to you that no one else will do. Be completely absorbed by your entire being. Take you to a place where it’s stars you will be seeing. ...Read On


Just A Fantasy

My three special submissive men.

It is all an illusion what they all think of me. They read all my stories and think they know what they can see. Then they view my pictures and it makes them all horny. I can make them come running like puppies it’s so very corny. I am so much more complex than they will ever figure out. It takes so many months of contact to see what I’m about. Maybe I will want you and may be I won’t....Read On


Part 2: Dating you!

Having diner with the girl of my dreams.

By failing light, the sky turning dark, you sit across from me. A freshening breeze, as candle lights dance, here on my balcony. You sigh content, you stretch your arms, laying your hands in mine. I squeeze them tight, so happy that you are now with me all the time If this is only a dream, wake me up now, cos I wouldn't know what to do. But you squeeze my hands back and I know that...Read On


No wedding needed

There are many marriages without a wedding, and many weddings without a marriage

Where were you before,, I wonder out loud? Do lovers like you drop down from a cloud? You changed what was lonesome and dreary To warmth and to love with flowers to cheer me The cold and the dark you changed into bliss With words of endearment and a promising kiss. Fulfilling the promise we joined the next May. You, made me a woman, took over my body that day.. I pledge, my dear husband,...Read On


Chasing A Dream

Chasing after the unattainable.

Wrap my arms around you and pull you in. I want to eat you whole and commit every sin. I’m desperate for this feeling though I cannot make it stay. Like wisps of smoke in the air it always fades away. Leaving me wondering was it really real. Unbelievable is the way that it makes me feel. Just an illusion living in my mind. Making me want it all of the time. It is the very worst when...Read On


Thinking of You

Watching the days go by, without you in my touch, has me missing you even more. I long for the day you’re back in my arms, holding me as you smooth the hair out my face, kissing me gently. Those tender moments are what I miss the most. I look at the pictures on my bedroom mirror, remembering those times of us smiling and playing around. I hate when I miss you this...Read On


Dickie and I

A poetic commentary on the tricky relationship between an insecure black man and his penis.

Dickie and I Don Abdul (c) I'm the fine gentle fella It's the rude motherfucker Yet it's adored despite its fault Curiously, it seems that I am not I see a girl across the room My heart skips, then goes boom boom This Cyclops only flashed a knowing smile She walks by me, I politely say "hi" It only gives a casual nod Yet she pays me no heed Flashed it a warm smile,...Read On


Finding My Way

Climbing out of the depths of depression.

Looking up from these depths I wonder when I will see the light of day. When will that brightness illuminate this night and once again guide my way. When all is lost it always seems to appear out of nowhere. I never see it coming like it is created out of thin air. Always filling me back up with joy and hope. When I feel completely lost it is how I cope. It is much more than just a...Read On

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In Heat

Smoldering for you.

As the sweat runs down my back I am burning up for you. I want to breathe all of you in and set you on fire too. Veracious is this lust of mine. It will wear us down all in good time. You know it will entirely consume you. There will be nothing left when it is through. Fireworks exploding in your mind. Your biggest secret no one can find. But you always know just exactly where I am....Read On


Scarlet Oxygen

Poem of Love and Desire

Scarlet Oxygen...The Reason I Breathe. Become the desire I seek as my tears fall like rain to wash away your sorrows. Echo the passion that burns like fire within my heart, as my body waits for you to claim it yours. As your touch upon my silken skin calls me clouded in reason, the desire and lust you give. As I kiss you, hold you, the dreams you bring will echo within infinate. Given lusts...Read On


Puzzle Pieces Scattered on the Floor

Puzzle pieces scattered on the floor, A quarter past one, I need you now, Beautiful words, Quivering, shaking in release. Puzzle border complete, Middle pieces in piles and patterns, Pieces light, gray and black, Edges jagged, dark and distorted, Reading it all to make it fit. Staring at the puzzle almost in completion, No longer a desire to know the answers, Puzzle thrown to the...Read On


So Angry

You make me so mad, When you move out, I'd be so glad. What is it about me that made you this way? But whatever it is, you still can't stay. I haven't said a mean word towards you, But for some reason, you like to abuse. You do and say what you THINK is cool, Which puts me right in the line of ridicule. I wish you well, I really do, I hope the best of luck comes to you. ...Read On


Part 1: Meeting you!

Meeting the girl of my dreams. (Inspired by the twinkle in my eye)

On a sunny afternoon, I see myself walking, down a quiet street. When from the opposite side, I see a girl nearing, all beautiful and sweet. Her eyes are bright, her wavy hair wide smile as her eyes catches me. Our eyes they lock, my heart skips a beat the most seductive look I will see She sways her hips from side to side, she's closing slowly in. My brain spins around, I’m thinking...Read On


Are They All For Me

He loves me He loves me not Poems I read Poems filled with love Poems filled with hate Poems filled with waiting Poems filled with goodbyes Unsure why I read them Some bring me peace Most bring me fear I promised not to abandon He promised me nothing He says to stay I need to go Alone in my room I hear sounds Checking the alarms Checking the doors Walking alone I hear footsteps not...Read On

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Subjected To The Extreme

It's not easy being my favorite.

Many men want me or think that they do. But in reality they really don’t have a clue. All they see is big tits and a round ass. They have no idea what may come to pass. Because I am usually totally extreme. They get caught up in my fanciful dreams. I get off on controlling their bodies and minds. Then they get addicted to my good times. You really should be glad I don’t like you the...Read On


Please Tell Me That You Can Stay

First love poem of the month...

I watch you lie so quiet and still, You really are a lovely sight, So many dreams you helped fulfill, As I recall our previous night. As the morning sun begins to rise, I watch you lie silent on the bed, A soft glow dances upon your eyes, The pillow softly cradles your head. The morning sun bathes you in light, As you slowly start to awake, My thoughts soon turn to delight, As I think of...Read On

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I Want To Make You Scream

I love hearing you scream!

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do. Because when I get my hands on you. There is nothing that is off limits. I’ll use all my experience and all my wits. I think you better hold on tight. You're about to be taken with all my might. To a place from which you may not return. Where your dreams come true you soon will learn. Running my fingers through your hair. I will do things to you no one...Read On



A poem from the inner sanctum of my mind

I have been Noble I have been Base. I've been promiscuous and I have been chaste. I am proud and I am vain but I do shirk not from others pain. I am a flawed and weakened man I am mortal after all. I’ve put myself on a pedestal only to fail, stumble and fall. But each day I rise from bed determined to make a change. Striving in each to better myself and earn...Read On


Hearts Apart

broken heart

I am devoured by my waking moments of her.. and left exhausted by my sleepless nights... As time ebbs slowly by and she is not there... the distance grows and soon she'll be out of my sight... Our words and whispers carried by wire.. our letters sent through tapping keys... They only make my yearning higher... for hopes and dreams that will never be.. The miles between us can only stop...Read On


Just you!

For the girl in my dreams

I open my eyes and look at you, Just you here in my bed. Your eyes are closed, you’re breathing deep I kiss the top of your head. You open your eyes, you bend your head Your eyes looking up from my chest You wrap your leg around my waist You curl yourself up in our nest I kiss your lips, so soft and sweet Your tongue in search of mine My hand pulling you at the back of...Read On