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Love Poems


Poisoned Fruit

I am poison So I’ve been told Dare taste my fruit If you are bold. You’ve been warned About my charms So sweet, so sly Of how it harms I’ll reel you in I’ll take my prey Devour you whole Then run away I mean no harm Partake of me But you will never Be set free I’ll use and use I’ll only take That’s what he said GO! For your sake I’ll only hurt I’m hard to love Don’t even...Read On



I watch as the sun sinks beneath the horizon. Wondering what night fall will bring. Lightning flashes in the distance as the rumble of thunder reaches my ears. I take in a deep breath catching the faint scent of rain coming closer. The low melody of the bamboo wind chime awakening me from a trance. Wind whipping my hair around as the storm moves closer. A soft smile finally...Read On


Emotional Roller Coaster

I feel so off never felt like this before. I’m wired all my emotions continue to soar. All in one week within just a few days. The news I have gotten has created this haze. On one hand I am just so very sad. Because my sister is ill and it’s very bad. But on the other is complete pure joy. That a man has grown out of my favorite boy. He’s expecting a new life with the one that he...Read On


Walk Away

As I walk away my heart is torn from me. What I thought was real now I just can’t see. I have needs that were not met. But this longing gets stronger yet. It is the hardest thing that I have ever done. To think of the future instead of having fun. To make myself take a back seat. Forget my desires, forget that heat. To still be happy without what I want. The memories so...Read On



Written after a medical scare and resulting argument

over and over again the words trip over themselves spilling from my mouth, before my brain formulates a plan my breath in rapid gasps, the tears streaming little rivers down my freckled face my brain running laps, tripping over itself like a hamster in a wheel my hamster squeaks on I am in a maze hundreds of straight paths stretching as far and wide in all angles that I can fathom ...Read On



A poem I wrote for a past love

Slowly - The hours turned to days . . . The days to weeks . . . The weeks to months . . . And I am still waiting for you. Frequently - I find myself asking you "Where do I belong?" Do I even belong at all? Do you even care? And I am unaware of the chaos outside my head You also sit there unaware of the world around you . . . Oblivious as it crumbles, enveloping...Read On

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What I did to him wasn't really fair. Such a gentle tender man. There was no way for him to beware. I've thought over my actions. And I am not very proud. Of all of the distractions. And everything I voiced aloud. I had his best interest always at heart. But my lust got in the way. And tore my intentions apart. I thought it would be so fun. Just a sexy little affair. I'm so perfectly...Read On


Something Familiar

I long for that special feeling that has escaped me. The future is uncertain there is no telling what will be. It saturated me for so long, so very completely. Nothing else made my passion burn quite so sweetly. It was an escape that always did ease my mind. Gave me an exciting refuse from my daily grind. That feeling has evaporated it is no where to be found. Like it fell into the...Read On


Fuck me

Just a quickie. I tried writing something from the female perspective

I’m waiting for you at the door, The burning desire hard to ignore Passion and lust is what you bring But most of all that precious thing I thought about it day and night How you would spread my legs wide Slide in easy, like knife through butter Making me scream, making me stutter   As you arrive, I open the door My body trembles even more There is no doubt why you are here You grab my hips...Read On



A little true story.

As my lips envelop that smooth, soft knob my tongue seeks out the little slit. I tease that hole plunging in and out with my tongue tip just like I’m fucking it. Then around the rim my tongue does run as I begin to lick. His cock is growing bigger by the minute, it is as hard as a brick. I grasp that rod as hard as steel and begin a firm slow stroke. Sucking cock always makes me so horny...Read On


Untitled (for Kate)

Something that just sort of wrote itself.

My heart melts each time you smile And I burn from within at your touch Not what others would expect - Your hands pulling me roughly to you Your kisses stealing away my breath The sudden shock of tooth and nail Drawing blood and tears Your fist inside my cunt Claiming me as I scream No longer sure if it is pleasure or pain Instead the thrill of gentle fingers upon my elbow Reminding me that I...Read On


Truly A Find

OK, so this is actually the first poem of the month...just wasn't sure I liked it...a 67Goat poem.

I have met so many women, Some with model looks. Others were so very bright, Had knowledge found in books. So many times a woman, Has stood out from the crowd. Hanging on my arm, She really made me proud. But over the years, as time has passed, I've come to understand. Most of those relationships, Did not work as planned. But now that I am older, And somewhat more mature. I have a...Read On


Light Switch

Reflecting upon my muse.

I really just don’t get it, I don’t get it at all. He said that he would look for me but ignored me when I called. Distant and rather hostile I didn’t really understand. What was this attitude coming from this formerly so sweet man? It was like a light switch that went off in my head. My lust for him died all at once, it seemed really dead. I’ll always be fond of him and consider him...Read On


Is My Love Poison?

Every time I really, truly start to care. They run away from me and can be found no where. I always keep my guard up wrapped around my heart. I don’t want to put the horse before the cart. But then when I’m comfortable I really open up. My writing spikes with all my likes I’m really not a schlup. I bet he doesn’t know it but he has stolen my heart. Even from the other side of the world,...Read On


Lover's Story

Maybe not first poem of the month, but first posted's that?

They were two lovers who were destined to meet, With a passion so hot you could feel the heat, Lovers with feelings so hot and so strong, They could not be contained for very long, Feeling more from the groin than from the heart, Nothing on Earth could keep them apart, Taking their passions incredibly higher, They burned out of control like wildfire, She was playful like a little child,...Read On


Down In The Hollows

When everything seems lost and no one even cares. At first I’m so depressed but then I get pissed and start to swear. Anger is my defense it tries to protect my heart. Though I still cry tears when each rude lair departs. I spend so much time thinking and caring about others. It’s starting to feel like instead of their lover I’m their mother. I’m stressed out and tired and I just need...Read On



Just a dream?

I had seen you before in a dream Your wings open wide Your body glowing so brightly And you'd be standing there beyond a stream I could hear your voice Angelic. Peacful. Please... say more. I'd slowly walk closer to you With warm, open arms Pacing swiftly towards you Oh, if only this was true You wrap your arms tightly around me Warm. Loving. Please... never let go. As I look up to see...Read On


Thoughts Unspoken

For Nancy, who says I don't speak enough...well, sometimes...

Oftentimes the many thoughts, That go on inside my head, So many thoughts unspoken, So much remains unsaid. And sometimes the most precious thoughts, Just never get put to word, The ones with the most meaning, Are the ones that are never heard. Because when someone means so much, I don't always have words to say, For feelings that run much deeper, Than mere words could ever convey. And...Read On

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Strap On Bitch Boi

You know little bitch boi you always lust after my cock. No matter where you go I’m in the back of your thoughts. You crave to have your ass totally violated by me. Always asking Mistress won’t you fuck me please? I am so addictive I’m just like crack. You’re most secret desire, to have me on your back. You are my little nasty ass whore. The kinky little fucker who I most adore. The...Read On


Eating Out

Catering to your most sensuous appetites

Tonight’s special is an extra virgin Italian dish, served open-legged with angel hair. Would either of you care for some foreplay? How’s the Jamaican jerk handjob? Quite popular. See anything you like, dear? The honey-pot stickers look quite satisfying, but I’m craving the mushroom topped sausage with white sauce. Excellent. For your main course, sir? The skirt steak. How would you...Read On

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I'm A Dom Slut

You know I’m just a dirty girl with my long legs and my blond curls. A big round ass and pretty tits, but I’m going to get you with my wits. My hour glass figure all trussed up in a corset, that will certainly make your dick wet. My creamy skin yes it’s on fire filled with passionate desire. Dreaming of that perfect ass, I want to fuck it with grace and class. I just love how my...Read On

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On The Attack

What good little slave boys get!

As I approach you slowly from behind. I’m going to take you and make you all mine. My nails rake all the way down your back. As your sexy ass I begin to attack. Kissing your neck and biting your ear. Don’t run away little boy stay right here. So I can use you like the toy that you are. I might hurt you a little, but I won’t leave a scar. Naughty as you are I think you need a...Read On

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Waiting For The Rain

Waiting for the rain for bring me the one I desire.

I want you so I just can’t lie. I think by now that’s no surprise. I guess I just wear my heart on my sleeve. Because I’ll do anything so that you don’t leave. I’m willing to bide my time and wait as long as it takes. Because the things you give me I will never forsake. I will be waiting for you with open arms. Though they remain empty and I miss your charms. I’m waiting for the...Read On


Home Alone

Home alone looking for trouble.

I have so much to give but it’s got nowhere to go. All my fantasies are fading they have become so slow. My favorite ones never seem to stay. Real life always seems to get in the way. Guess I have too much time on my hands. A horny little playmate is what I could stand. Why do I always have to be so damn picky? When things with these pretty boys always get so sticky. ...Read On



I feel like I don’t even know myself. Everything I thought I wanted is so out of reach. When you can’t get what you need you begin to doubt yourself. Life is far too short to let it slip through your fingers. Regrets over missed opportunities. Still these images in my mind linger. Ships passing in the night. Did it mean anything at all. Sooner or later they all take flight. How many...Read On



inspired by the woman i love, without whom, this would have been half as long

Sleepless Cold stark black and white and absent of any gray The edges are no longer blurred and I am as cold as death What I wouldn’t do to feel warm again, to feel safe? My dreams are full of images, too fast to catch hold of Painful flashes of unfocused memory, police lights on the blackest of nights In my chest a frightened bird, trapped, trying to tear me from my sleepless sleep ...Read On


Good bye My Friend

The loss of a friend never goes away...

Good bye my friend, lay down to rest You served your time, you did your best. You gave us laughter, you gave us tears You gave us memories to last our years. You took the time to love and care For many others, yet didn't dare To turn your back on a friend in need A very true friend you were indeed. So, good bye my friend, lay down to rest You served your time, you did your best. You may...Read On


Rock Your World

I’m going to take you by surprise, give all of your senses a rise. Just like every single cliché, I’m going to take your breath away. Rock you so hard you won’t know what to do, taking advantage of every part of you. No matter what is the ploy, you’re getting treated like my dirty boy toy. Hold on tight while I take you away, get on your knees it’s time to pray. You have got no hope...Read On



The second of my BDSM poetry challenge.

Sacrement A water color sleeper softly floating where she lays arms stretched taut trapped within gentle reminders of who she is, and what she is, the edge that separates night from day and want from need a stained glass cathedral upon rumpled and stained sheets light falls across the watermark illumination on a still quiet face pain washing over flesh like summer rain a lullaby of...Read On



I was challenged to write BDSM poetry a while back.

Ritual Side by side, perfectly measured and matched She works by feel as much as by sight Candle’s flickering tongue turning her into shadow Only her voice remains, and the outline that is etched Into memory, perfect curves stealing breath Each sure touch captivating A prayer, silent, balances on dry lips As she begins, taking each wrist So carefully and yet there is iron in her grip Cold...Read On