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Love Poems


So Far Away

My husband and I

So far away it has been, So many days without you, So many lonely nights, So many days that I gone sheading so many tears, Wishing you were here. Eating less and less every day, Worried that you wont be coming back but I have faith in you, I love you and that is what matters. So far away that I can't touch you, touch your soft skin, I can't feel you breathing on me when I'm asleep,...Read On


Buff Boy

That buff boy is sexy oh my god he’s so HOT, I just want to give him everything that I’ve got. Lick him all over and make sure that he moans, His big hard cock will call my sweet pussy its home. Hey you delicious stud with your muscles all oiled, It is the one between your legs that I want to spoil. But before I get there I want to tease all your parts, You could even say all my oral...Read On


The Darkest Day

His Desires filled, then go

He sits in his room, the day filled him with gloom, Not seeing the light come his way. His life that was hiding, sitting inside him, Far away from eyes trying to take it away. One day like a child, who just opened his eyes, The light cut through the gloom and the haze. He walked through the door and out to the day, Watching and feeling his way. He knows his desire that so needed inspired,...Read On


Surfer Dude

The sandy coast's a vacant span, But on the sea my eyes are glued On urchin soul, half boy, half man With lithe young body toned and tan: A nineteen year old surfer dude. His long hair sparkles in the sun As he rides his surfboard on the waves. His goal is not to be outdone, His form's not matched by anyone, The rushing water is his slave. He rides the ocean into shore And shakes the water...Read On


Would You Like That

Have you ever wanted so much, you could taste it? Would you like to be tasted? Have you ever wanted to touch something so much, you could feel it? Would you like to be touched? Have you ever ached for something so much, you trembled? Would you like to tremble? Have you ever been wanted? Would you like to be wanted? Would you like your skin to be touched? Your eyes? Your heart... Would...Read On


What She Isn't

She sits at the smoky bar alone by choice. The neon Bud sign casts a blue glow on her face. Her shoulders straight, her elbows slung casually across the back of the barstool. Jack on the Rocks, Red Sox on the TV. She isn’t worried about her makeup, because she now knows her smile can startle from across the room. She isn’t worried about her hair, because she now knows the cascading...Read On


Totally Unique

My heart skips a beat when I think of you, From the images of all the kinky things we used to do. I always knew you were unique, one of a kind, I could search forever but another like you I will never find. I am always in control of everything I do, But I totally lost control when it came to you. Flying apart like that, it was such a rush, I was addicted to the adrenalin, to craving...Read On


He Knows

A Dom's poem of true trust

She sits at His feet, He looks down and smiles, She knows. He offers her His hand, She takes it as He pulls her up, She knows. He pulls her to His lap, Her arms encircle Him, She is safe, She knows. He strokes her hair, Kisses her neck, She is home, She knows. He opens her blouse, She may tremble a bit but, She knows. He touches her flesh, His touch in warm and filled with...Read On


He and I

Just a poem I wrote while horny in class. Writing it didnt really help the horniness but it was fun.

Hands on my waist pulling me close His lips on my neck I gasp his hands leave my hips My pants fall then his too Our shirts are next My cheeks turn red. He lightly pushes I fall to the bed His hands run up my legs he wants bare skin the job is done He kisses up my stomach and chest unclasps my bra tosses it away He puts his hands to work twisting and teasing A small moan...Read On


What I Want From You

I want to look into your eyes and get lost in your kiss, When I need satisfaction it will be you that I miss. Have you ever been sexually addicted to another? That kind of intensity is what I’m looking for in a lover. Though we will always have to wait until the time is right, All the teasing and anticipation, lust it will incite. That special unique person that wants the exact...Read On

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Totally Cougar For Him

He is almost 30 years younger, I know it must be a sin, But all of his sweet ways always leave me with a grin. He is my sweet little cutie pie, He’s so very kinky and a little bit shy. I think that I want to keep him for a while, I hope that I can make him smile. So young and tight his body rocks, Some of his fantasies I am going to unlock. Come on cutie you know you can be mine, I am...Read On


Hate to Love

Just thoughts

I hate you You get on my nerves That you think I deserve You When you put me through sorrow Pierce my heart with an arrow Poison my thoughts I want to think clear But do you see this tear Drop Rolling down my cheek It's not because I'm weak No Despite all your flaws I'm clutching at straws Don't you see? Even if I wanted to  I couldn't let go of you Ever You have...Read On



just more worrying at the doors of my heart.

Just an image aftershock A reflection of a thought Just a photo of a girl Tattooed daydreams of her world Just another empty head Empty heart and empty bed Underneath it all so small so cold Underneath is all bought and sold Just a snapshot of fear A moment I was barely there Just an image of a kiss Tattooed night time shopping list When you’re paranoid everything is what it seems Fear...Read On


The Dance

I watch her dance from across the floor Full breasts heaving as her breathing quickens With the intensity of her sensuous workout Grinding her hips into an imaginary lover Thrusting in time with the rhythm of the music As though making love in the middle of the room I feel a hitch in my breathing as I take in this view A flush crawling up my neck as my body responds Shading...Read On


Complete Random Act of Poetry

Something a little different

The main lights go out, The dance floor lights come on. The music starts, The fog's turned on. Women in low cut tops, Cleavage on show. Enter the dance floor, Friends in tow. Glances are met, Moves are noted. Temperatures are rising, Reticence gets demoted. Vision lingers, Pulses race. Curiosity piqued, By a beautiful face. Across the floor, Dancers do glide. Feelings flowing, ...Read On


The Wonder Of You

Whatever life may show me Whatever I may do I’m constantly inspired By my great wonder of you A smile so quickly given Your face lights up with joy Simple or complex to you Life is like your toy You revel in the simple things That some folks never see A hand delivered long stem rose Or a lovely, years old tree You dance to music some don’t hear From shows that some don’t see Your voice...Read On


Sounds From My Piano

A man attempts to move on, but one thing reminds him of his one love.

The days we spent together Were filled with sounds of love and laughter. We spent the nights and mornings after Again, and again. A year ago we parted. The sunshine dimmed, the music faded, And all these months that I have waited I got over you but then-- I hear the sounds from my piano And my mind goes back to you. Back to the days before the sorrow-- Before the day we said we're through. ...Read On



  Dear heart that beats next to my own, Whose pulse I feel when all alone; Where in the silence of the night Do your eyes glow with hidden light? Where among the moon’s gentle tears Does your own weeping fill the ears Of the uncaring winds above Who cry but know not pain or love? O where are you that I might know Where my poor entreaties go? I ask you as though I ask the sea: Why...Read On



Of love the world never grows weary, Though long ages wax only to wane; The eagle will fly from her eyrie But always alight there again. Cold winters yield to the springtime, Blooms flourish where once there was snow, The setting sun and the clock chime Will see the exalted laid low! The moon caresses Earth’s waters, The dawn makes away with the dew, The bee queen’s...Read On


I submit

I submit. I kneel, with my head bowed. My throat, my back, my breast aching for your ministrations. My mind and body yours to command. I submit. I exist now only for you. Your eyes, your mouth, your cock. Your filthy mind and your quick hands, your whispered promises and your moans of desire. I submit. Silk over the eyes. Hands leather bound, cold metal collar snaps shut. I hear...Read On


Prick Tease

Come here naughty boy I want to show you a trick, I am going to make you tremble the way I play with your dick. I love it when it is all engorged with blood, making you blow your load is all I can think of. I will make it grow as hard as wood, just close your eyes you know it is going to be so good. Hands off right now your cock belongs to me, you do what I tell you to and you will...Read On


You Left Me

Fourteen years we shared together Every smile, every frown Every up and every down Now my sobbing head seeks your caress My hand reaches out for yours But is met with emptiness You cut me out Like a pernicious disease My heart is aching and cannot be appeased Stare into my glassy eyes And you will see a pain-filled soul I clutch beneath my left breast and sense the invisible hole ...Read On


December 10th, 1959

A birthday poem for Gabrielsbabygirl

December 10th, 1959 It was just another day Easy just to say But there's something Not sure what it is Just know it holds my mind For some reason Can't remember why I search my mind to try It escapes my weary mind I look into my soul For there I feel I know The hidden meaning I can't place the reason It's not just the season but I wonder I know it is special I can't see past the...Read On


Without You

The first poem I ever wrote for this site

My love My truth My shining light You're my heart My soul And my everything Without your touch I am unliving For my heart will not beat without you Without your soft whispers I am all but alive For my lungs will not fill without you Without you love I am but an empty shell For my soul will not stay without you For you are my blood My air And my everything else And I'd give you my all For...Read On


The Promise (of your blossoming)

A short poem about being free

The Promise (of your blossoming)   to see you explore, learn, excite yourself to open your horizons, to see you feel those things kept inside your hidden desires your deepest thoughts when you are alone in the dark in the night that only you know to see you experience those things to feel to taste to...Read On


Mr. Delicious

Six foot three and every inch is just delicious, I think his muscular body can answer all my wishes. But there is something better than his hot physique, it is his secret desires they are what I seek. Everything he likes is exactly what I want, if I get a chance all my skills I will flaunt. Play my cards right and I hope that we can be, each others biggest kinky sexual fantasy. He...Read On


One More Hug

Just a quick and short little rhyme I wrote

My love for you is pure and true any other answer will not do. For I would do anything for you and I hope you say the same thing too. You might not know it but I hope you do I would do anything for you. I hold you close, I hold you dear and I am always wishing you were near. With my love for you, you have no fear for you I would take on a spear For it is you that I hold so dear. You make...Read On


I Came Home Late

I came home late, and what do I see? My dear sweet lovely, Still waiting for me. And you set me a plate Asleep you may be, For your care my love I do thank thee. I pull the chair out And I whisper thank you, I hold your head up And to bed I carry you, So you may rest well But your sleep is a farce. You're as light as a feather, with a really great arse. I lay you down softly You beg me not...Read On


Cold Night

Cold night, Warm bed, crisp sheets and wooly socks, Knees curled meeting my knees in perfect bends, Rubbing feet together, My arm flung over your waist, pulling you into my belly, Your bottom and my pelvis meet, I smell your neck, kiss your shoulder and ear, whispering and breathing softness, My hand makes its way and finds your pleasure, Stroking slowly, I feel your back tense, ...Read On


Three Drinks

Dark Bar. Dark red cocktail. Drink One A glint in your eyes as you walk in, my lips part with in a smile. All the lines running through my head erased as you slide up next to me in the booth, hand sliding up my back. Hello, Hello Exchanges about your day, my day, your nights, my nights. Your partner, my partner. Formalities. Old Friends. Renewed Virtual Lovers. Drink Two Sly...Read On