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Love Poems


Just passin through

This kind of came about from an email between me and a good friend a question that came up as to why we happen to meet people when we do is it fate that brings us together? Why did you find me at this time and place? Some kind into our lives Some as friend some turn lovers some just passin' through for a short stay But why me why this time why this place? Was it fate written in...Read On


Never Be 'Just Words'

Words - what they are and what they mean to me - my first 'poem'

Words, you are my friend, you are my enemy. Words, you convey my happiness, you convey my sadness. Words, you give life to my personality, you give away my weaknesses. Words, you live in my mouth, you live in my head. Words, sometimes I thank you, sometimes I regret you. Words, you create yourselves in my Lush fantasies, you set yourselves in my realities. Words, you make me cum, you...Read On


No Tension

A Rispetto

I stretch and rub my neck. You say, “Here, I will make you feel brand new.” I reposition in a way, that you can reach what you need to. With just the right touch to your hand, All the stress and tension disband. I melt under your touch, oh please... Here is my heart, you have the...Read On


the Break up

A stupid mistake

The break up My heart in a thousand small pieces Tears running down my face A river starts forming on this letter I struggle to fill my lungs with air I need to breathe I phone my voicemail just to hear your voice The words you speak cuts through me I bleed but it’s not blood you can see Everything that I had is now gone Because of a fight I never should have started You said I should...Read On


Life's journey

Not really a love poem exactly but loveish type poem not in the romantic sense anyway of life's journey I am on a journey, As we all are through this thing called life. Have not found my way yet to the final destination, nor do I want this ride to end. I long to share this ride through life with a very special friend, one I will give my all to and enjoy to the end. I know this ride for...Read On


First Love

I meet the love of my life

When I was young, I met a girl Of beauty beyond compare, Tip tilted nose, sparkling eyes And silken dark brown hair. We met in the beautiful garden Of my home at Hayford Hall, Among flowering Rhododendrons By the sound of a waterfall. It was Spring and all was beautiful, The garden, to the moorland high above I looked into her smiling face And knew, I was in love....Read On


Every Time

I miss you. You left, with almost no reasons and no explanations, and expected my life to revolve as it once did. The pain was expected, as was the emptiness. It would almost have made sense, and almost felt right, except… This wasn’t supposed to end like this. This wasn’t supposed to hurt so deep. This wasn’t supposed to pull at my heart every time I think of you. Every time I hear...Read On



Online friendship that grew into an emotional connection.

Remember When it was you and me Remember how it used to be Remember The instant sexual connection All the chats all the reflections Remember When it was fun and new Consumed by me, consumed by you Remember The chase and the high it would bring The calls the texts, the little things in-between Remember Caught off guard, it happened so fast The result of an online chat Remember The...Read On


You know who you are

A thank you to all my friends for being there for me in times of need when down or just being there for the good laughs we have had over the years of me being on this site I thank you all Cheers Jim To my many lovelys of this Little site called Lush Many of you have touched my heart I love you all very much Some very special have been there for me When I was hurt or in need of a friend...Read On


Keep Searching

We all strive for that one person to share our lives with.

This is my first submission to Lush. It's what I was thinking at this moment. A little poem about what love may be like for some of you, also. I hope you enjoy and wonder if anyone feels the same way. I've always known that there would be someone out there just for me I live my life simple and pure with an open mind of that I'm sure My heart and soul are looking to find that...Read On


Promise me?

Just a little something I wrote to my future love whoever she may be don't know yet but know she is out there somewhere :) I have something I want to give to you but promise me? Please promise to keep it safe  don't hurt it has been hurt before promise me? This gift I have to give is tender and precious Does not want to be hurt again only loved So before I give you this most precious...Read On


Staring at the sky

Went for a walk last night Stopped to look at the stars and thought I wonder is there a girl out there Somewhere looking at the stars Wondering about me as I am about her? I wonder Where can she be, this girl everyone Says is meant for me Staring up at the sky I wonder Is she thinking 'bout me? Is her heart and mind wondering Where in this great big small world I am hiding? I wonder...Read On


Lost In Wanting You

It was all a dream, or so it seems, How could any of it have been real?; All I know is the way, every day, That you make me feel. No direction, my perception, Is flawed when it comes to you; All I see, is how you please, And all the things that I want to do. Nowhere to go, how can I show, That I truly want you so bad; Right or wrong, for so long, You have just been driving me mad. I...Read On


Heart Broken

The deptHs of my eternal soul tormEnted with pain shAttering my heart and toRturing me as I conTinue to think of you. I try my Best to forget and tRy my best not to cry and I cOver up my pain with faKe laughs and smiles no onE suspects a thing and they Never realize I’m really dead inside. The capital letters in the poem spell out heart broken... but I could not get it to line...Read On


Without You

Going crazy, Insane, Deprived of the thing, That keeps me alive. -No air, No breathing, smelling, anything, But your scent. -No sound, No hearing anything, But your voice, A sound so beautiful, it causes pain, a pain that is to be cherished, and kept forever. -No eyes, No seeing anything, But your face, Your body next to mine -No heart, Only because it is yours now. I will never get it...Read On


Young Lovers

Abandoned young lovers making love on the floor

I made love to you the other day On cushions on the floor. I lay my head between your legs And licked your musky cream. I loved your meaty taste and smell, Good as Nanna's stew. I had a can of beer or two Or three or four, We were feeling mellow you and me,  Sprawled out where we lay. Like two abandoned lovers Upon a bed of hay. So there, upon the floor of my little cott. I shoved my...Read On


Lost in Conversation

A Quatern Poem

Talking to you is natural ~ much more than meaningless babble. The tone of your voice soothes me so, smooth like the flow of Edgar Poe. No topic seems to be fragile, talking to you is natural. We do agree to disagree ~ communication is the key. Our bodies move with each other, the peace of it all, I wonder. Talking to you is natural ~ never have I felt so tranquil. There I lay,...Read On


A Life of Love

A blossoming love, Billowing hair, Mermaid eyes, a frosty clear. ~ A soul easy to see, but hard to read, A never ending book, with a heart to feed. ~ Lips to talk, and sing, and laugh, Skin so soft, like a warming bath. ~ The freedom of friendship, A love of much more. ~ Someone so perfect, An absolute treasure, Life, I’m sure, couldn’t get any better....Read On


Perfect Womanhood

A Poem about first time lovers 18 and 20 years

I love you as I see you Naked, supine on my bed The beauty of your tender face Your golden hair outspread Upon the counterpain. I drink in your lovely body My dream of perfect womanhood Your swelling breasts so round And firm, soft pink areolae Like roses to be kissed. There beneath a mound of Finest golden curls Your vulva yawning wide Moist in expectation Inviting me to come inside. ...Read On



My first poem... hopefully it's not too bad. Thanks for reading! My eyes are welling up with tears Which begin streaming down my face Enveloping me with all my fears Reminding me how bitter life can really taste. As time goes by The days seem to drag on, I tell myself that I’ve got to try And to give myself a reason to go on. Darkness surrounds my soul And envelops my fragile heart, This...Read On


Young and So Sweet

Wise beyond his years he is an old soul, My sweet young cutie he is never cold. He is warm and endearing and fills me with love, When it’s passion I seek it is him I think of. To care for him and caress his precious face, Run my fingers through his hair every soft strand I’ll trace. Look into his eyes and see the longing there, He is the young man I know really cares. I want him to...Read On



A tale about two loves not meant to be.

FORBIDDEN Sitting here alone in the dark I am reminded of what once brought light into my life Blinded I stare into the abyss looking for a spark Searching for one last reason to breath again A smile, a touch, a whisper Standing here in the dark Feeling my pain again for the first time Looking back at photo’s of you loving me Your presence giving me strength to climb ...Read On


Path to Love

Believe and you will get there

I can’t see through the fog Is this the right way? Am I getting closer every step? Every hour? Every day? I know what my goal is It’s not just an illusion But I don’t know how to reach it It’s not marked by a beacon The path twists and turns Filled with puddles and weed I stumble and fall But get back on my feet My body is aching But I’m not giving up yet I will not let you down My...Read On


My Love, My Life, My Soldier

My first love poem..and it is for my future husband Pv2 Moorman, baby boo I love you

My love, you are my reason to get up every morning. I wake up to a text, that simply reads.. Good morning baby girl. The days seem so long without you, I watch the minutes slowly pass by. Longing to see your smile, hear your voice, and look into your eyes. No matter how bad of a day we may have, it all slips away once we are with each other. I cherish every second we have together, never...Read On


Friend or Foe: The Itch

Something I posted on rants and raves on CL years ago. Thought it would be amusing to post here.

The first encounter online or in person that leaves you with the feeling of anticipation for the next encounter. The phone call that leaves you waiting for the physical encounter. The dinner out for two, for a change, that makes you anticipate the event. The meeting at the restaurant that makes you itch what their lips taste like. The dinner making that feeling like the itch you can...Read On


Here I Love You

Here I love you. In the dark pines the wind disentangles itself. The moon glows like phosphorous on the vagrant waters. Days, all one kind, go chasing each other. The snow unfurls in dancing figures. A silver gull slips down from the west. Sometimes a sail. High, high stars. Oh the black cross of a ship. Alone. Sometimes I get up early and even my soul is wet. Far away the sea sounds...Read On


Until you

I never believed in a lot, I guess that started my troubles. But I thought I didn’t have to, I realise it made my problems double. I never really wished, I guess that’s why I never received. I never understood the concept, I was wrong in what I perceived. I never really dreamt, Is that why nothing came true? But I thought I...Read On


Would You, Won't You

You would, wouldn't you?

Would you draw the curtains Won't you turn off every light And let the gentle music play Into the empty night Would you kiss me softly  Won't you take my hand in yours And end the pain of yesterday  So we take up new oars Would you hold me tightly  Won't you whisper in my ear And tell the fears that haunt me so  To kindly disappear Would you fall asleep now Won't you dream of...Read On


Easy come Easy go

Easy come Easy go Longing for a heart that won't let me go where is this kind of love? I just do not know Oh well some things are easy come and easy go Longing to find a heart that does not understand this phrase of Easy come and easy go Where is this heart? I just do not know It has not found me just yet but I will not give up hope Easy come easy go This kind of love has no place in my...Read On


Wheel Of Passion

Gone like a leaf blowing in the wind, Why did you entice me with the notes that you would send? I was so hopeful that you would be the one, To replace my pet and show me some fun. At first you seemed so much like him, But in the end once again I did not win. Dumped with a text never even heard his voice, He decided in the end to make a different choice. I guess this revolving door...Read On