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Love Poems

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Longing For A Sweet Pet

Loniging for the love of a sweet pet.

I need a sweet pet that belongs just to me. One who wants my love and will not flee. Who understands my limitations but still wants my love. A pet to cherish and care for, and always think of. Once I had a pet that meant these things to me. But his life took a turn and he had to leave. Now I long for that bond that is so very tight. That just thoughts of him keep me warm through the...Read On

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Autumn Leaves

As the seasons change I think of you. Has it really been this long so much time as passed? Thoughts swirling around in my mind like the leaves in the wind. Those colorful autumn leaves will never look the same to me. When I see them your face is all I will see. A melancholy ach spreading through everything. A spark of joy for the rare discovery made. A stab of pain for the loss of the...Read On


My Radiant Angel

For Irka, my wonderful girlfriend.

Ever beautiful, ever free You entrance me with your smile A shining star High in my night sky My safe hold Always there when needed Finally we’re together I love having you in my arms Your hair beneath my chin Your breath against my skin All of you against me My precious angel A fairy queen Gloriously radiant Brilliantly blinding me And making me see everything My heart...Read On

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Because Of You

My secret desires are fulfilled by my gay lover.

You fill me up like no one else possibly can. You’re my favorite girl but you’re such a sexy man. My knight in shining armor when I was a damsel in distress. You came to my rescue and eliminated all my stress. You make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. I know I can count on you to never tell me lies. My sweet sexy baby you’re the one that I want all the time. I’m so very happy that...Read On

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Is It The Same For You?

The mysteries of online love.

Do you feel the things that I do? Is this experience the same for you? When you see me online does your heart beat fast? Are you thinking about the hot times of our past? Flashes of thoughts searing throughout your mind. Of everything I want to do to you all of the time. Does the anticipation keep you on edge? Wondering about all the things that I've pledged. Does anyone else affect you...Read On


When I'm Not Here

Dedicated to Ange..... When I am here, I can hold you in my arms, And make myself a pillow for you. When I am here, I can experience firsthand your charms, And I'm more than happy to take part in whatever you want to do. But when I'm not here, I can't look into your eyes, Or make you blush, giggle or show me that smile, That makes all my lowpoints seem like highs, And every bit of pain...Read On



Just thinking out loud.

Her heart keeps time, Each beat a moment we will never know again. And all this time her hair hangs over her face, And her hands push and pull at me, And her legs gather me up, And her belly shakes, And her breasts dance, And I know what this is; Desire. And afterwards, I know what it was; Love. But I pretend not to, And I think she does too, Because she holds me tightly, Until we...Read On



two people coming together as one

Her lips, like crushed rose petals, begging to be kissed, her panties, just removed, clenched in my fist. Her breasts, pert and firm, begging to be cupped, her pussy, glistening, wanting to be supped. Her legs, long and slender, begging to be stroked, heart, beating like a drum passions already stoked. Her emotions , running riot Begging for my love, My cock, sliding inside her, fitting like...Read On

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What He Gave Me

The gifts of a special lover.

He was the one that made me see, everything inside that needed to be set free. His desires showed me the way, are the reason for so many things that I am today. A sweet loving soul he was to me, his boyish charm was always so pleasing. His essence is so very alluring, before very long it was him I was adoring. I loved being everything to him that he desired, the passion he showed...Read On


Sugar Cane

When you pick something fresh does it taste sweeter before the process

When you pick something fresh, Does it taste sweeter before the process? The love I found in a field of sugar cane, Waiting for me was a sweetness I've never had. It invited me to enjoy all the sweetness that it brings, My mouth began to come alive when my lips were touched with its juices, And it awakened my being. This was something sweet, refreshing and satisfying, Something I had...Read On


Erase You

You said, abandonment, there was no chance. No chance of you leaving me, Said our souls had been bound since we were infants. But now I look around, and you're the one I don't see. I want to erase you From every part of me, Every inch of marked skin, Erasing what I thought was true. Erasing what I used to see, Erasing every trace of your sin. Come back and find the girl Who you let down,...Read On

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Looking For Love

A poem for my sweet friend Savanna

She’s looking for love in all the wrong places, Where she goes all the men have disguises on their faces. Most of them are telling great big lies, If their wives found out they would certainly cry. She wants a man that will be honest and true, Romantic, loving and sexy too. She has so much love that she wants to give, She would even travel across the sea to live. I tell her, “Dear you...Read On

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The Deepest Cavern

Longing for all my past loves.

I have emptiness in my heart that is eating away at me. A fracture that runs so deep the bottom you just can't see. He was so very hot he burnt a great big hole. Now this emptiness lives deep inside my soul. A craving or is it desperation to just feel him once again. It takes over my whole body intense emotion it does send. These feelings tend to stir me up they really do confuse....Read On


You Can Believe

One of the poems from my story Merry Christmas Baby...I never posted it here before...

When something deep inside you dies, When people around don’t hear your cries, When sadness starts to fill your dreams, When something deep inside you screams, When loneliness overtakes your heart, And anger starts to tear you apart, That’s when I’ll be by your side, To make your fears run and hide, To help you make it through the night, To tell you everything will be alright, To be there for...Read On

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Relentless Obsession

Obsessive lust an addiction so sweet.

It’s that fire that starts burning down below. A desire so strong it is all that you know. Every breath you take is filled with need. Hunting for the one on which you want to feed. A hunger that consumes your entire being. A need to touch what your eyes are seeing. To take him down no matter what he feels. The power you have is nipping at his heels. To control his actions all of...Read On



Waiting for a lover

Waiting, your body trembling with desire, as you imagine the touch of lovers fingertips, exploring the contours of your lushness, of dipping into the wetness of your want, your need, your desires, breath uneven, as your fingers trace the path of least resistance, and as you touch, the spark ignites the fantasy that has fueled your dreams....Read On


I Miss Your Everything

Thinking back on happier times I think of the things that are you I miss them I miss the way you dance around Not caring who can see I miss our late nights in the fields The moon shining out your eyes Reflecting off your skin I miss the way your laugh hits my ears Giggling at your own jokes I miss that scent of your hair Just below my nose in a hug Nearly every hug I miss being with...Read On

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He who inspires every kinky desire, sends chills up my spine makes me drunk as fine wine. Each day I’m starting to think about him more, that kinky lover of mine out on the west shore. He’s knocked other bad thoughts right out of my head, now I can’t wait to take his sexy ass to bed. Many would think I’m talking about another but they don’t know about my secret lover. We started out...Read On


wet pussy

there is something about a wet pussy...

there is something about a wet pussy. something about the way the wetness wraps itself around your fingers, the way it smoothly coats your skin. there is something about a wet pussy. something about the way the wetness swells pussy lips, engorging them with juice that thickens and thickens, as your desire grows and grows. there is something about a convulsing wet pussy. it...Read On

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Everyone Knew

Who knew you would just up and leave? Apparently everyone did except for me. I was always so hopeful where you were concerned. I liked you more with each thing I learned. Our chemistry is so hot and full of passion. When I discovered you had gone my face went ashen. Sick to my stomach and totally upset. What I couldn't believe is the way that you left. You started disappearing piece...Read On


Fantasy Poem

We are sat together, you are wearing a skirt A hand on your leg, stroking won't hurt Your legs part slightly, you close your eyes As my hand goes higher stroking your thighs I can feel the heat as your panties I brush But let's just go slowly there is no rush The dampness is spreading, you are getting all wet Its getting hot, I am starting to sweat My fingers trace a line as your...Read On


Summer Fling (I'll Always Remember You)

Yes the summer is over, hopefully it was a good back to school kids

People often pass through our lives, And so many have come my way, Some stay for a lifetime, Others just for a day. Yet others last just for a season, And then they must move on, The one that touched my heart, Has now come and gone. Though I knew you had to leave, You could only stay a while, I got to know your loving ways, And ever-present smile. Summertime girl I thank you, For a...Read On


When Did I Become Yours?

This was for the girl who had broken my heart. She didn't mean to, and I am still hers.

I've watched you for years Evolving before my eyes How didn't I see? My best friend Could you be the one for me? The way you fit in my arms Make me laugh Get me to admit if I'm wrong You're radiance is peaceful Beauty unparalleled Stunning my eyes Though you're always refined I've always known you with another Just beyond my reach Slipping through my fingers I'll try for you You're...Read On



For you or me or anyone who can give it meaning.

What has meaning? you ask me well what do I say? Something important, a purpose but do you see it that way? If I say that I love you but I really don't care It has meaning for you but for me it's just air Coming out of my mouth to brighten your heart But the only reason I say it is for us not to part Or when I hold you tight in a loving embrace It has special, has meaning for me in that place...Read On



love and pain and beauty are often one.

Do you wonder what’s in my head As you lie awake in bed In the cathedrals of my dreams Nothing is ever what it seems And the laughter that you hear Are the echoes of my tears Look behind my empty eyes At a heart so full of lies If I ever love again I’ll be ready for the pain I know it brings Are you painting over me Until I’m what you want to see In the temples of my head All the worshippers...Read On


Friends or Lovers

Two souls connect by chance one night At first they just glance and stare They dance around their growing attraction Flirtatiously courting in the warm night air The look in his eyes draws her closer Her sweet lips betray her desire Their tongues dance and hands explore Their hearts slowly set afire She catches her breath and takes a step back As his mind takes control for a moment ...Read On


Accept Me As I Am

First poem of the month...yet another love poem of sorts originally posted under 67Goat...

I never meant to take you for granted, Because you're the best I've found, I truly cherish every moment, Of the times you are around. But now and then we say and do, Things we don't intend, My actions were just misconstrued, I never meant to offend. We all regret from time to time, Things we do and say, I just wish I could turn back time, And take your pain away. You mean so much more to...Read On


Empire of the Heart

    Cling to my heart my lover Through all the hours of night And together let us battle Against the dawning light. Armed with fragrant garlands, Arrayed in naked steel, O how we’ll thrust and parry And with a kiss we’ll seal Our articles of empire In a glittering embrace When the union of our kingdoms Will bring us face to face, And from...Read On


I love to devour you

I love to devour you, on my knees, with an upward smiling glance There's something so more intimate in receiving you like this My thoughts twirl and my heart races, as my tongue and you engage in this dance Our connection pierces my soul as I give you this possessive kiss There's something so more intimate in receiving you like this In exploring with my mouth the different textures and...Read On


I Love You..

When I am wrapped in your arms, I feel safer than ever before When our eyes meet, I melt with joy There is nowhere else I would rather be but with you You bring delight to my are the love of my life Your name is carved onto my heart Your fingerprints still linger on my skin Your voice softly echoes in my head I never imagined being so in love The bond that we have...Read On