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Love Poems


Thanking her lucky star

She found him When she wasn’t looking, Not expecting, Or daring to hope, dream, That someone could come along, See her, All of her, The good, the bad and the ugly, The truth of who she really is, And accept it all. Without hesitation, Never trying to change her, Mould her into something else, He simply wanted her, Every part, Just as she is. With him, She feels safe, ...Read On


Beneath the surface

Look below the surface, you may just be surprised.

Beneath the surface You just may see The heart and soul That reveals the real me To the question in passing I hear “How are you?” “I am well” I respond For the truth may not do Infrequently shown what my heart hides so well In the depths of my soul There is much more to tell And to whom do I pour These ramblings to To whom do I show This real person to From nightmares recurring...Read On


Eternal Flame

Always in my heart...

Though time and distance Keep us apart Because of our love You are always in my heart We both know This time will end When we can be together As lovers, not just friends When our hearts Greatest desire Will become an inferno Our own forever burning fire For now that flame Remains just a spark An ever burning candle Our beacon in the...Read On



As the Day of Thanksgiving approaches, it seems appropriate to declare what I am thankful for.

You live in my heart Whether you’re near or you're far You I can’t live without You’re with me wherever you are I keep you held close And I cherish you so That my heart often aches Each time you must go I am grateful indeed For I feel wealthy and blessed To have such wonderful friends With love, you’re...Read On


Our Tree of Love

For Hunter, with love...

Our tree of love is our journey in life The lower branches spread wide and are the past Where we both had our share of joy and pain I once thought that all my days were cast The middle branches reach out to the sun Looking for a new beginning to become strong I look to you for my strength to regain what was lost Your encouragement, like the sun, rights all that’s wrong The...Read On


Devil's Tablet

In Darukavana the dead lay low,  'neath the knobs pine trees blow, cold moon rising into the sky  as webs of frost like doilies lie. And when the wile flows my grin, in ascription from my pen, doing a little naughty sins  while caroling dark omens. With bucket-pail of amens' I feel presence of the chill,  curses bringing long time thirst with aspirations of my curse. And you...Read On


We Belong

Finding the one...

Secrets of the heart That I shall ever tell Memories of a time That I will treasure well Of lazy days beneath a tree Or sitting on a swing Of the sweetly fragrant flowers That you would often bring Of the night that you proposed Going down upon one knee Wearing your heart on the proverbial sleeve Professing to all your love for me Of the night I went into labor And our first child came...Read On


He is not special

It is all in the eye of the beholder...

He is not a tall, exotic man Dressed in sharp suits, Nor a millionaire with a high end job, Fancy office and expensive car. He looks like the average man, His clothes very ordinary, As is his job, the car he drives. He doesn’t turn heads With his exuding charisma. His body isn’t rippled with muscles, He is no Nordic god, built like a stallion. If you walk into a room, Perhaps...Read On


Without A Map

Let go and see where it takes you.

Without a map or a guide The journey begins Uncertain footsteps fall Moving boldly forward Through life’s twists and turns Hoping to hear your call Two paths converge The crossroads unmarked Hearts abruptly collide Without hesitation Extending my hand Fingers become entwined Absent of landmarks No compass in hand Our directional sense will do With a flip of a coin And a kiss for good...Read On


...of the crabapple

A candle's tallow lit of wick, with prose I get last kick at the hour of choir,  in my scribulation. In destiny's shade beyond, I bid thee my fond adieu, two spits from gone,  'fore dust settles on my song. Intoxicated by your obsidian wings, taking flight on tallow lit  like a moth to my erotic shoals, in a rucksack I spawn. Six feet buried in eternal pond, 'neath shadows of...Read On


Tiles Of The Heart

What's kept in the can that the heart has been stored in.

Tucked in a corner, just hidden from view Forgotten on a cluttered shelf This dusty old can left long unattended Its content describes oneself It’s been filling for years with odds and ends Sights and sounds long since past Love and heartache and all in between To the brim with what would stay or not last Take it from its place and blow of the dust But don’t shake it to hear what’s...Read On



I was searching inside you, trying to quell your rage, we cannot take these fevers back, even though your naked skin can so easily pull away from mine, something inseparable merged And surged within that first touch, all else becomes listless without your presence relentlessly consuming. Nights alone grow far too uneasy and become radio silence surrounding, ghost static between stations...Read On


Feelings of a sub

A Dominant doesn't take, He receives - Neither does He force, He inspires.

From the very first moment I fell to my knees, Offering You my most sacred gift, Every part of me has known I am Yours. Apart or together, I ache for You, Body, heart and mind. I long to please, To make You proud. The slightest touch Or the sound of Your voice Ignites a blazing fire in me, Every cell of my body Reacting to its Master. Belonging to You and You alone, I am...Read On


Finding herself

She wandered the earth For the longest of time, Searching, Yet not sure for what. In the chaos of life Her senses bombarded, Everyone and everything Seemingly knowing What she should want, Who she should be. She made stops along the way, Tried to fit in, Find her place, But nothing seemed quite right. As she walked on, She slowly gained insight To who she really is, What...Read On


What Do You Crave?

When she's everything you crave.

“What do you Crave?” Was the question she asked, And the answer was simple I knew. “Your soft hand in mine, To hear the beat of your heart, And to gaze at the stars beside you.” “The touch of your hand, The light in your eyes, Your soft smile that lightens my heart.” “The curve of your hips, The sound of your sighs, And your kiss when each new day starts.” “The scent of your skin, The...Read On

Recommended Read

Verses Tossed

When the frost is on the verses tossed, In disregard of other woes, Like fractured doilies on broken limbs cry As moaning sun set and crimson moon crest. There I scribe of ever-sheen green eyes, Absolute in my elocution queues, When the wind in its arabesque rise Beneath the crescendo posing prose. With garland kisses lying upon your chest,   When the frost is on the...Read On


A Sailor's Siren

The sea calms my barren soul not a single light shines at this silent hour waiting for my sailor upon the rocky shore the same waves which took to him my plea a message in a bottle, in it my heart and love Daily I await for his return at the old pier for the man who brought back my light Our last kiss with a fearful sigh I gave waving a handkerchief to the wind When the sailor for...Read On


A Love Rekindled

A poem dedicated to someone special

You are like a songbird, chirping its song in the morning sun. I heard your call, and it lead me to you. You broke down the barriers, Smashed the wall that surrounded my broken heart. A heart surrounded in a wall of ice by queens so hurtful. Paining me with words and promises, lies and deceit. Now, the beat of my heart thumps once more, Breaking free from these chains around it. My eyes...Read On


Good Morning

Each morning with you is a treasure

Soft music plays, Starting new days. Slowly open eyes, Each dawn a surprise. Stretching like a cat, No linger time. Drat. Still, I smile to my core, It is you I adore. I turn to see your face, Each curve of yours I trace, Admire your soft smooth skin, Need you ere the day begins. Gently caress along your hip, Soft kiss on your sleeping lips. With just one view, you fill my heart, I see...Read On



Bourbon scented pumice voice Breath and whispers  Beckoning Glass of amber Melting ice Misted liquid Lightening Varnished table Leather booth Dimming lights Surrounding me Molded ceiling Lacquered white Crystal fixtures Sparkling Rough blue denim Sex of hands Connected minds Enlivening Burn of liquor On our tongues Desires bared Kissing me Mercury eyes Crescent moon November...Read On


Her rock

Sometimes she wants to scream and shout, Cry out her frustrations to the world, Questioning why she got stuck With a body so broken, Having to struggle every day of her life, Not to give into the pain, Endless cramps and agony, The bane of her existence. She tries to stay strong, Rarely letting on how hard she fights Just to get through the day. Most of the time she can push...Read On


Moody Monday

Sing me blue, sing me true, When all is gray and new mown lay, Marigolds going to make it shine. Spoon-feed me love On moody Monday. Like flowing silk, milk of honey, Lips of sweet glowing flowers, On your face a blushing rush, As smiles of your kisses touch my soul. Whisking me away, effervescent showers, When all is gray and new mown lay, As raindrops fall a bow of harmony, ...Read On


Shattered glass

Restless and reeling, shaken and stirred, My heart it is bleeding, my tears undeterred.  So silly, so flighty, irresponsible too. Yet so real, and so valid, so wrapped up in you.  Who does this I wonder? Who falls in two weeks, For your whisper, your murmur, your kiss on both cheeks? You banged on my heart with suede words and soft feathers, And I responded with shy, unreal dreams of forever....Read On


Quietly watching

She watches as he sleeps, His face so at peace, An innocence only found When all thoughts are turned off, No worries, no concerns, Only rest and stillness. His breath deep and even, She gently runs a hand Across his rugged cheek, Ever so softly, Not to wake him, But needing to touch. A part of her longs to wake him, Feel his lips meet hers, His caress across her naked skin, ...Read On


My dreams

I am a dreamer

In your arms I will sleep soundly My life at times can be... put on pause to allow my soul to heal to allow my dreams to resurface and believe in love once more to open my heart to the promise My head on your shoulder I close my eyes and see where my desires lay they search for a true love that is more than an illusion that's a lasting feeling that inundates all my heart...Read On



Release me from your hold over me!

Silence is all I hear since you've been gone. No one to hold my hand, to wrap me up in their arms, That warm embrace of comfort, everlasting friendship. No one to catch those teardrops that fall from these watery eyes, Splashing onto the cold, hard floor beneath my feet. No smile to wake up to and greet me with lips so soft and tender, Nothing but the bedsheets at my side to grasp...Read On

Recommended Read

Paris X

I undressed you with my eyes And we made love above the Rue Cremieux Your lips tasting of wine and cheese Fingertips trailing down your arm Feet never touching the ground Your hand capturing mine Before I was lost on the autumn breeze And again in the shadow of the Bataclan I remember your laugh and the joy in your eyes Mirrors capturing the star washed sky And the...Read On


A Kindred Spirit

They meet by happy chance, as life confers, And promptly comprehend deep certainty.  Fate's singular congruency occurs,  And both are gladdened by sweet destiny. Time passes as they open up their hearts, Send interlocking dreams and hopes to share. It matters not how separate their parts, All words and actions prove how much they care. It's understood that life is but a quest, Creating hope...Read On


The Valley Note Revisited

A continuation of a recent one

Someone asked me to tell the rest of this story, I can only give away the segments that remain. Some were scribbled over too many times with bleeding ink, some may have been burned without me one autumn evening. I know that some of them flew off into the night as I drove away, away to my small apartment while you stayed in the same house, hidden among the valley and pines. You're the...Read On


The Fury Under My Skin

The chasm in her heart

A river of wretchedness will eternally choke the haunting chasm you chiselled in my heart. You wore me down then, tore me down to the thinnest layer of my flesh. The fury under my skin can never be unleashed by anyone but you.  You made it.  You earned it. Why did you torment me? Tempt me with  your sweet love.  Your faux love.  You mistook need for love. I loved you too much and I...Read On