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Love Poems


What is a Friend

A friend is there for all you need In both the good times and the bad. A friend is the one you go to whether you're happy or you're sad A friend will be the one that loves you no matter what that day has brung A friend brings the lyrics to music from the song that's not been sung A friend will hold you close to them drying your tears and listen to your fears A friend is the one...Read On


So Much More

A love that never quits.

Her smile, her touch, her breath, her kiss - is what I'm longing for, But all of her is what I miss. She's so sweetly so much more. She's the one who can complete me, when the pieces just won't fit. And did I forget to mention, I'm in the thick of it? I'm never going to quit her. Bit by bit we're growing strong. Whenever we're together, we sing the sweetest song. A song of love and...Read On



I wonder what lies beneath

Would it be okay If I stopped to say I know you Not your name That has now changed But you're still you So many before Walked out that door Just to again return Pretending to be A different somebody Some will never learn If you can't be you You can't be true So really, what's the point I shake my head At all you've said And roll up another joint Dumb myself down Dress up like a clown...Read On

In Cahoots

In my bedroll with poetic aspirations 'Neath a starry sky and blanched moon All alone with hardtack and biscuits In cahoots with shadows on the plains As the sage blows across the lands Listening to my mind as I define Cowboys and Stetson hats As the prairie dogs bark While chanting a yippiee-ki-yay Breaking a string on the fiddle An the cactus flowers blossom I'll be...Read On

Recommended Read


You move with a grace I could never possess, the hem of a skirt caught in a faint breeze, bare legs revealed as the wind rose in its almost silent seasonal symphony. And as where my heart is fitful, drawing restless thunder, yours is the calm before every storm I long to know. You can summon hardness from the soft, find smoothness along stubble with delicate wandering fingertips...Read On


Lost In Love

Just nod if you can hear me

Why did you come here What is it that you fear Why do you vanish And then suddenly reappear Why did you pick me Did you think I'd not see The weakness in you Or this living hypocrisy Perhaps you saw it in me Itching and begging to be free Welcomed with open arms No longer some huge mystery Here we are, together at last Stuck trying to erase the past Now I have a partner To help throw...Read On

Believe In Soft Winds

I believe in soft winds and hat pins to stick Wind up widgets and gadgets that click And scratch off lottery tickets I believe in love words and incense scent With little soft kisses and silly sniffles And an embroidered hankie I believe in love and conceptual sins Making whoopee in compilations And harken the herald to the Man above I believe in wedding bells and wishing...Read On

A Candle's Reflection

With a candle's reflection in the mirror of my mind If I could see you now and feel your blush That I would raise the curtain for all to see A metaphor of an angel that you bring to me And with a whisk I would stir distant trails Of sleigh bells and good eggnog cheer  On fallen snow and mistletoe With a candle's reflection in the mirror of my mind Flowing softly like a...Read On


Sending Off

What's the score?

Is it fate How we relate When things are great We celebrate We shift and spin Honoring our win Ignoring our sins The darkness within There is no pain For me to explain No way to complain When we've gone insane Going day by day Is there any other way Should I simply stay Is it time to walk away Perhaps a little nap A voyage sans map No arms around me wrap No love to fill the gap Until ...Read On


Sonnet — Heartbreak

Tell me truthfully how it came about, Explain to me where things went so astray, That joyful certainty should turn to doubt, Those bright flowers of love stained by decay. My aching heart is full of unnamed fears, Dreading to hear the unforgiving truth, Assure me that all will not end in tears That time itself will be unable to soothe. Speak words to prove my disquiet baseless, ...Read On


Spilled Champagne

Love kills softly and slowly, Like a disease it enters, Filling you with its ugly decay, Creeping and crawling away. Sheathed in concerto, Singing passion with gusto, Lying whispers to the heart Intoxicating your mind, until nothing sane remains. You fill your voids, and dig your hole, Like worms it wriggles into your core, It eats at your membrane, gnawing away, Leaving you with...Read On


Sixty Four

Even 100 years would be too short with a women as sweet as her.

I'm sixty four and I still want more, of her warmth and love. We've been together forty years, and still that's not enough. Another forty would survice, until we learn to fly, HIGH in heaven - from cloud to cloud, above a deep blue sky. She still tugs on my heartstrings, when she walks into a room, because of the pure joy she brings, that's never out of tune. Because of the sweet songs...Read On


Love So Far Away

So far away but our love has never been stronger.  So far away from each other but I feel you next to me.  I think of you every day in every way.  Every heart beat is just for you.  Though we will never meet I will never let you go.  Every morning I whisper 'good morning, my love' but not to the man lying next to me.  Even though I'm not your wife I pray she makes you happy.  I'm...Read On


Tonight's The Night

He gets up the courage to ask her a question.

I got my saddle, off I ride. I'll have my baby by my side. Tonight's the night I've waited for, my insides shaking to the core. We'll talk of nonsense, weather, too; about tomorrow...what we'll do. The moon will brightly light our way as I plan what I want to say. By nature's stream, we'll stop and rest, I'll pull my baby to my chest. While looking in her eyes of blue I'll tell her that...Read On



The moments of Hidden and Dark

What is time?  Minutes, hours, days, years?  Or is it something else?  *************************** Time – Beginning  You sitting on a ocean dock.  Me standing on a mountain peak.  Separated but never apart  in unknown space and time.  Your time - Sacrifice  Inhaling the smell of death and war, touching agony and despair.  Through a open window finding forgiveness and peace.  ...Read On


Broken On The Ground

You left me broken on the ground,  I've been pulled into the black abyss. Tears falling down slowly, I wonder what went wrong? Did I love you to hard? Did I push you to far? You left me broken on the ground,  when you walked away with her... I always knew you would find better, I never imagined this numb feeling would take over, leaving me torn in two. You left me broken on...Read On



A bit of serenity

Am I lost Within the explanation Outside our destination Have I found A common inspiration Devoid of complication Could it be Just my imagination Of mutual admiration Where to next Without hesitation Maintained by predication Now I see Among the sublimation My own lucid fascination Come with me Enjoy this libation And peaceful acclimation...Read On

Tappin' My Shoe

At times my rhetoric fails me When I'm pitching woo And tappin' my shoe While sippin' homebrew As the June bug flies But my heart is in its place As I kiss your finger tips And ask for your wed With a golden band ring When not tongue-tied As the June bug flies When I'm pitching woo And tappin' my shoe...Read On


The Magic Must Never End

This man, in darkness and night, in shadow and light

This man is my light in darkness and night Drawn to him Yearning for him Hoping my needs would couple with his And they did After dead ends encountered After dread doubts dispersed When the magic flowed out of his heart When his touch set me tingling with delight He made me his own Once for all He tells me just how I complete him And I know he accepts all I give In return he fulfills...Read On


As my world spins

Written on an emotional election night...whether you smiled or cried...may God bless us all.

Kneeling at his feet, Cheek resting on his knee, Quiet and inhaling his peace, While outside the banshees scream. Hatred bubbles and roils, Tempests howl and rage, Shrieks of anger and of bitterness, The inmates rattle their cage. His hand pets my silken strands, A gentle glance across my cheek, My eyes close with pleasure, My heart sighs in relief. This man is...Read On



For my inamorato for reigniting the flame within

It is hard to remember my life before you  Back to those days that were tough to get though  Claiming nothing was missing was clearly untrue I now see I was blinded by a distressed point of view When we collided I was shocked to realize  Feelings I missed now took me by surprise Promised love unable to get past all the lies  Hope now appeared mysteriously before my teared eyes  ...Read On


She Wakes

Watching his love wake.

I watch you stir from slumber deep, a kitten rising from its nap. The flutter of your eyes in sleep, as from your dreams your mind unwraps. Your eyes watch me as you awake; you stretch as though to claim the sky. You move so slow as in you take a cleansing breath ... release a sigh. Your face, it shines, so soft and fair, I reach to gently rub your cheek. You watch me as I touch your hair....Read On


He is who I want.

He was the only one who kindled an inferno inside my heart that could burn through the stone cold wall I built around myself as an armour.  His eyes looked at me with lust that even Danté couldn't compose in his writings. The way they pierced through all the filthy thoughts I could conjure up in that moment; telling me– in it's own cryptic way– what he would do to me. His lips...Read On


Shattered Heart

My crazy love...

When I look back I feel I shouldn't have let you in You made me feel wanted You held my hand in my miseries I felt I found the one I craved You rekindled in me the lost passion Together we dove into the infinite ocean of love Finding in each other our refuge You meant the world to me I only saw you in the crowd Every second I think about you Without you I couldn't survive Why do I always...Read On


My Glasses

From a True Event... Perhaps this will be the last of these.

Such a simple thing, almost beyond notice. I saw my glasses lying on the table. My thoughts wandered to how they were always there as we exchanged our words. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of words. The first, tentative, flirting words in a chat room. The light-hearted banter through email. The growing frequency of "black boxes". The many, many invocations of "our room" where we built...Read On



Passion, Love

I don't need you. I desire you! and when I say I love you, it is like namaste all that is good in me salutes all that is good in you and you already know what my favourite part of you is... Everything! No puppy’s tail ever wagged hard or fast enough to express the exuberance I feel each time I see you I love you - all of you - just the way you are! ...Read On

A Poetic Flair

When stanzas of love Cleanse my shallow soul The cinders on the grate will flare And to those I have offended Leaving suspended by string With a poetic flair I make my amends Now washed of my sins With non toxic words And romance on the horizon  I'll be writing new letters With a poetic flair...Read On


Christmas Letter

Another piece in the Muse files, Dedicated to my heartbeat Deana.

Dear Santa, I need a moment in time. A Christmas Miracle Searching my soul, Finding the words this is no traditional Christmas request I am not traditional guy My time is short My pain is high Doctor said I should make it But this is not a chance I will take If this be my final words Let them be true Please don't check your list I do not know where I stand Naught or Nice upon...Read On


Heartbeat's Destiny

Second poem in my Letters to Deana. I love you baby, now and always.

Passion arrives upon a starlit night Here we stand together as one Passionate and intertwined Naked in bliss Clothed in love A dance of endearment An endless waltz of obsession Sways the heart to beat in beautiful progression Shaky hands placed upon supple embodiment Confidence gives control Control gives opportunity Opportunity demands action Action demands movement ...Read On

Memories In A Box

A pressed flower in a box Memories stored away I opened up the lock All I see is that day Everything was great We were two of a kind Meeting you was fate Our love was hard to find Moments shared together Our love was such a pleasure Life couldn't be any better These thoughts I did treasure You gave me a ring that night I accepted and we shared a kiss Everything...Read On