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Love Poems


I'm Falling

I'm falling from the sky I'm lost deep within myself. I'm drowning in an endless tidal wave Fair things I have forgotten. All that has been good Has been erased from my mind. I can only hope to remember The special times I have spent, The loving hours gone by. The smiles, the laughter, the love. Those I held closest to me Have gone without a goodbye. How I wish to remembered the good...Read On


To Reach You

You may open the windows one night  to feel the wind wrap around your body,  to breathe in an essence that traveled  across vast oceans to reach you. You sense me there,  flying and spiraling through the dark cold,  searching for a way back with only a map of winding stars,  each night their steadfast glows reflect  along the endless depths of rippling waters. When the sun sinks below...Read On


I want you

If you see around I’m the girl all around Sweetheart I’m here Don’t go here and there I’m going to be around  When you're feeling down If you don’t know where to go  Just let me know If you feel alone like a clown  If you feel butterflies have flown I’m going to do my best If you put me to the test Baby I don’t lie  If you let me try That's all I ask of you honey Take...Read On


The Artist and the Muse

The bond between the Artist and the Muse, Cannot be understood by an external being. The things that pass between the two, Changed into words, paint or music. The Artist knows the Muse better, Than the world really knows. Yet the world doesn't always see the Muse, Sometimes something else. The Artist saves the beauty for themselves, Shows people a different light. Shadows here...Read On


A Man Home From Work

Even after work a man has duties to perform.

I fetch the hidden red rope Carry you to the bed to tie you down Watch a playful sexy grin Replace your “missed you” frown. You whine about waiting and frustrated, Being extra extra horny all day With a pout “Make it all up to me!” You rather demandingly say. My eyes twinkle, my lips suck your skin I blindfold and begin to apply my hungry kiss Not a single square naked inch Do you want...Read On


Romantic Bliss

Searching and looking for love

Dreams of love and a simple kiss,  Wanting and hoping for romantic bliss. You look and search for the perfect one, Lots of disappointment and not much fun. To feel a deep connection and lots of affection, This is what you long for and search in that direction. You ache to have that strong embrace, That person that puts a smile on your face. Wanting to feel wanted and loved in many...Read On



You are my soul mate, forever mine, my love. My heart I give to you and my hand is yours to hold. Next to you is where I always want to be, I love you completely. You are mine. I never thought I would find you, sweet love. I was certain you didn't exist or that I wouldn't find you For many years from now. Fate and the universe brought you to me. Karma is paying me back, You are my everything....Read On


I See Her

Inspired by today's trip

Loading up my camper Looking at my bed I see her Moving down the highway My mind now flowing free I see her Canyons attract my gaze Chaos combined with beauty I see her Mountains loom around me Mysteries hidden in them I see her Dark Clouds on the horizon Depth beyond my vision I see her Raindrops upon my windshield Reminding me her wetness I see her Wind blows...Read On


The Truth of the Matter

Heartbreak doesn't have to be forever.

They said, that love was meant to last forever, they lied. They said, we would be together until the end of time, they were wrong. You said, you loved me, you lied. You said, that you could never live without me, you were wrong. She said, she was just a friend, she lied. She said, she would never love you, but she did. I said, you would never leave me, I was wrong. I said, you loved...Read On


My Improper Affair With Grace

What man can resist Grace in a green gown?

Grace’s charms I try to resist, I really, really do, it’s true. But Grace’s slender fingers touch Graceful and gentle on my wrist. My adulterous eyes gaze on Grace from afar Trying weakly not to stare Trying weakly not to want I fail miserably: she’s my guiding star. Grace’s carnal attraction is intense She’s passion: I fear being closer She’s passion: I fear a second touch ...Read On


We'll Kill Each Other

Old enough to know better To know it's going to hurt Neither of us strong enough to stop it Hand in hand jumping over the edge Classic fools ignoring the warnings of others We're going to smash ourselves on the rocks as well I can see your handsome face When I look deep into my soul A part of me knows it was always there Cold hard ruthless Daddy Melted for me bit by bit I swim around...Read On


Light And Dark

Every gust of wind is an icy blade, cold fingers crossing and dragging along everything that made my heart beat for you. I know how to keep it all inside, and let others write my side of the story, because I'm already too busy sealing myself away, stitching closed all the places that once wanted to let someone inside, where I could give what was left of me. The sides that were light and...Read On


Love No More

Our Marriage is Over

Once their days were wine and roses,  Today that love has changed. It seems that the cheating was exposed, These lovers have now become estranged. They used to love one another, But now there's sadness and lots of lies. Unfortunately, the cheating was discovered, And now my wife just sits and cries. It wasn't that I didn't love her, But, she seemed just not as caring. My mind is in...Read On


She speaks to me

Lovers communicating

She speaks to me In ways that only she can understand She comforts me Whispering to me and patiently holding my hand She feeds me Nourishing me with the vitality of her sex Consumed by her Never knowing what might come next Gazing upon her With passion, with eyes that shine From love, from desire Knowing fully that I am hers And that she is mine....Read On


If I could turn the clock back

My way of saying sorry to someone who means a lot to me

My silly ways, shooting here and there like a pinball,  I didn’t stop to reason what effect my actions would have, I didn’t stop to think. Sometimes I just go out there, thinking I’m so clever, Now I’m full of regret, wanting to turn the clock back, But I lost the key. I never wanted this to happen – to damage us,  Now my size fives have crushed our rose underfoot, And I don’t know...Read On


True Colors

You've shown me your true colors. I needed you, and you weren't there as I held my arms out to you. You forgot all about me as countless tears fell, My heart breaking again and again. This went from a beautiful fairytale to my worst nightmare. I thought you were different than all the others before. I love you and I always will. Tears run down my face as I'm missing you. You closed yourself...Read On


Rise Up

A song I wrote for a former mistress

You seem so close It seems so real Is it love ? Or just sex appeal Am in control Or just your fool Your wicked smile  Is oh so cruel There is nothing I can say There is nothing I can do I get on my knees, And rise again for you I'll be your dog Who can I bite? Teach me tricks I know this isn't right Am I on my feet? Or on my knees? You make me crawl And beg...Read On


When I Think Of You

You are my world...

When I think of you I feel adored,  Enveloped in your firm embrace,  The touch of your lips upon my neck,  Butterflies as you breathe my name. When I think of you I feel safe,  Shielded within your protective arms,  Defended by your forceful tongue,  Guarded from a jealous world. When I think of you I feel unique,  Revered above all others.  Loved, desired, treasured by you,  You’re...Read On



the moments overwhelm me

cold mornings  try to chill my heart  to slow.  coffee brews as light peers through a foggy window. I press my body  against the glass  and am suddenly  a moth beating against  the screen door on  hot summer nights. the inner darkness flows dreaming of wild days  and sunlit beaches. and your mouth  dangerous upon my flesh. my bare pussy  shows the world  ...Read On


Mine Own Troubadour

So gallant is mine own true love, He lives to honor me. My tears do fill mine eyes once more As he both plays and sings. He careth not what might befall From what adoring brings. Our kisses might be hidden now But soon we may be free. This formless dread doth prey upon My mind that fills with doubt. I look upon his visage proud, His rugged mien so rare. He tells me that he doth approve...Read On


Letter to Him

Heavy is my heart today Vivid are my dreams I can still feel your fingertips Gently tracing every inch of flesh I can taste your kiss Feel your nibbles on my skin Your laugh interrupts my mind often Bringing a smile to my face The thought of your body pressed into mine Sending shivers through me Your hands on my hips pulling me up into you Or on my back gripping so hard The...Read On


Broken Vessel

Love never gives with half, but whole ..

Like Broken Vessel Tossed aside In sea pit shards remorse Roiling, reeling Amidst all Hurt Steadfast Thus she remain True Love never gives  but half, with whole She waits patiently Human hearts duly affected Have no doubt herein Words are powerful Thoughts are too so easily be they misconstrued Alas, with what ears do you hear? And by what ...Read On


Soul of a Beast

Tears and blood That's what I have  A monster is what I have become Trails of love Of heartache left On the alter gazed By the Gods Cursed to transform  My face begotten  My body unrecognizable Seems I shall remain Frozen in my own Inward path of  Destruction. Through tinted windows Painted with money And carved with hate My lust for self  Knows no humility ...Read On


...and minuets

In my lofty perch above... in silence I hear echoes of wind chime melodies and harpsichord minuets Spirits playing fingers across my writing chest of romantic interludes and sensual arabesque Connotations of sins I lay you down in my thoughts whispering of lusty thirsts atop the hour of my quill Soft kisses I confess weakness for fair maidens erotically inclined in my boudoir of...Read On

Recommended Read


You may pass by all that I've left behind,  fingertips barely grazing by old clothes in the closet,  footsteps falling on paper strewn everywhere like carpet,  every move rearranging the words I've written for you. Where those inked pages move will never truly matter,  the stories contained on each one are already carved into you,  sculpted around the delicate tissues lining your...Read On



I have always wondered where you went, Pondered what drove you so far away, You left and no trace of you could be found, Vanished like steam when it dissipates. Your love was superb and new to me, Not something that I ever thought I’d lose, Though lose is the wrong word in my mind, How can you lose something you never had? Only you knew the secrets that I kept, I guess they...Read On


In the Sweet By and By

The day that we met I felt in the air A change in the wind The breeze in my hair A man who had come From far, far away Who would teach me to laugh To live and to play Our time spent together Flew by so fast One moment the first The next one the last You treated me well I felt like a queen Who would have thought Fate to be so mean One day I realized I was as free as...Read On

10 geese sing

The flowers have all but wilted  and the dew lay upon the grass in stillness I hear your whispering love  as geese sing morning's encore I look down on God's green earth from the eternal window up above in paradise and life's garden... poetically caressing you Shades of gray in your flowing hair  of many Autumn's and years spent together we silently went  to destination of...Read On



A poem that my friend Echelon gave me the idea for

Something dark has taken root inside me,  traveling with the cold and dancing  with brittle fluttering leaves,  every window on the street void of light,  the glass panes mimic the mysterious lenses  I see when our eyes meet, when I search them over and over. Noting the specters that breathe inside  and how they live in your touch,  in the shivering I feel from the sleeping body  wrapped up...Read On


Elegy on watching a man wanking

I met you in the strangest place Where love is seen but has no face And played a while + We stayed an hour, a day, a week Where love is too afraid to speak And shared a smile + I risked more than I dared to lose Where love is too confused to choose And loved you when + You asked is this how we must live Where love is too afraid to give And lost you then +...Read On