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Love Poems


Crumpled Letters

This poem was written a few day ago, yearning for his forgiving. Yet I still wait.

Mornings were always wonderful Our lust for each other was bountiful Always offering a cup of latte or black coffee with a hint of brown sugar Brushing his fingers while they linger. Tears have fallen and been stolen Writing letters with eyes swollen Dearest one I write you this letter today Early morning on a Monday. Stained and tears a muddled mess Words constrained I must confess...Read On


Chat and other bruises

A means to an end

I tried all sorts of imagery, To see if you would notice me, But you just chatted right past me, The point of least resistance. I really tempered my approach, Trying hard not to encroach, Keen to signal my approach, It barely made a difference. And then it came, that joyful day, You noticed me and saying hey, We chatted some, you liked the way, You said I was consistent. But you were...Read On

...of Dreamful Minds

In the twitter-light as the dusk settles And the sun curtsies taking it's fond adieu The stars wink in the sky's swinging hammock 'Neath the canopy of a night defining shade As God tips his kettle with a soft falling rain Benighted by a glinted moon of orange Spinning on an axis of sensual gravity As we kiss in meadows of dreamful minds     A pollen of snow falls on our poetic love   As...Read On



Asking for help...

  I am confused  and need your assistance  So please hear me  As I make this, my plea. I need your help  to know what I did wrong? As I ask for your guidance Understanding and patience. You know I have issues  Deep insecurities from the past I hope to save us  through working together.      ...Read On


You Laughed - I Cried

I want to know what love is - I hope you can show me

You lied to me Tim.  You told me that I would find love again.  It would be stronger and deeper than it ever was.  Dolly lied to me to, she told me that love was like a soft and gentle butterfly. I searched and searched but I could not find it.  I chased the bright elusive butterfly of love.  I found what I thought was love but that was just a lie.  I kept on looking.  Where was all this...Read On

It Started Out As Fun

What started out as fun To the little housewife She found the one How this changed her life He sang her sweet songs Wrote her lots of stuff This is where she belonged She could never get enough They met on a website How could this be He now was her knight With him she felt free They played naughty games Talked about their lives They knew each other's names He liked married wives ...Read On


Broken Promises

Wasted opportunities...

  Secrets  Lies  Deception  Broken hearts  Eyes brimming with tears  Lost friends  Lost loves  Neither needed to happen  If lives were lived Secrets were shared People fell equally  Promises kept  Questions were answered  Not simply brushed aside.    ...Read On



Once completely stripped down, you are even more fragile, more sensual than my hands could have ever realized. You somehow become everything once brought to a singularity. It's that sudden euphoria of being tied to another. A glowing velvet summer skyline right as light folds against the city, the radiance of something I once lost, you become an indelible landscape of the countless...Read On

A Secret Lover

You have a wonderful man And a secret lover too You do it because you can It's a little pleasure for you He's not like your husband He's completely different The secret lover provides loving This also can be significant You don't want anything to change However you like this secret game You don't want to be estranged You like the new nicknames A fantasy lover that's secret He too has...Read On



our goodbyes were spilled  gently  through  eternal pauses shattered syllables  and between breaths  screaming of weakness voices achingly wavered  some cruel balance of an immeasurable yearning and the bitter traces of deep regret that we must unravel  and so we clung to ideals held full of unspoken declarations  and memories never made sharing silent tears in the deafening stillness...Read On


Her Search for a Soul mate

Only wish her the very best...

  He was everything she wanted Kind, Thoughtful Passionate and made her feel safe! But why did people question this, Was it because they believed she deserved more than he offered? To be a priority a one on one instead of a second choice or fill in for someone else! Maybe they believe, she deserves a person who with each and every action makes her feel special proving...Read On


Finding Hope III Final

He checked his watch Time to leave He smiled broadly As he walked People he passed Wondered what Has made him So happy I'm going to spend The day with Hope My five year old daughter She is waiting at the park Rounding the corner He can hear laughter Being carried in the breeze He walks faster There she is That shoulder length Brown hair Those Hazel eyes Hey kiddo Where is your mommy Oh...Read On


Safe in His Arms

Always safe

Late night calls  Whispered words of tenderness Early morning messages  Letting her know she's special  She knows she can trust him  He makes her past seem a million miles away  He holds her if only by words to makes the nightmares go away  He whispers that she is safe and he's got her  Whispering everything is going to be okay  He lets her know all the things he loves about her  She lets...Read On

Cocoon Of Darkness

I became a poetic jester Caught again in the Devil’s dark embrace, Jerking madly on the end of his line, Naked except for his sack of pleasures From which I take lascivious baubles In which to enfold my pulsating core, Until I spill the essence of my soul In burning streams of his philosophy. Oblivious to good I am constrained To dance to the hotly throbbing rhythms Of his...Read On



With the flip of a switch Light's lack sends us all   into the familiar pool of darkness to which I have become accustomed.  My eyes adjust steadily Peering through the long hallway The ever vigilant guard Seeking to protect people from themselves. Blood tinged floors, fractured femurs, the last gasp and shudder of a soul departing. So gently holding their hand, reassuring and saying,...Read On


Finding Hope II

She looked at herself In the hall mirror One more time Touched up her lipstick Come on we Are going to Be late You look beautiful Hope Thanks mommy You look Beautiful too Reaching for her hand They walk to the park Go and play Hi Sorry running late No worries We just got here She is so pretty Yes she is So this is what you wanted Yes it is We have been trying For a long time He thinks...Read On


Finding Hope

He looked at the calendar Five years had passed He still couldn't believe it It was Saturday He walked to the cafe' As he walked His mind wandered back What ever became of her He pushed the door The bell rang He walked to the counter One caramel machiatto With extra whip He took a table near by He could'nt help to notice A small girl with hazel eyes Is it even possible It has been 5...Read On


Place In This World

Looking for your place

Do You ever wonder what your place in this world is? A place can be so many different things ... Your place in this world Could be a role as loving spouse, mother, or submissive Your place in this world Could be on the lap of your special someone.  They could be your beloved significant other, or your Dom/Master  Whatever your place is, make it your safe happy place  Your place in...Read On

An Erstwhile

As is the passion of sweet gilded flowers Gilded flowers pressed in my memories As you tat lace with a figurene smile That can't be broken  I feel lust brewing my porridge And your kiss of scented musk While your love fills my chest As roving soft fingers forage Inspiring my poety's quest Bringing discern an erstwhile Of years past That can't be broken...Read On


Nothing more important!

I will love you, forever and a day

  Although in a past relationship  I have been a submissive With you, however, that is not my role.  From the very first day  we have always said we're equals, but that is not how it feels.   You are the one  I spend the most time with  because I need you and want you  Close to my heart and soul But now that seems like it's not enough.   I hope that you realize  that if it was...Read On



The echo of you inside is temporal, a spectral touch I cannot relinquish, a light that is never forgotten. And how soon you become a loop,  how soon you become a beautiful ghost... I'm constantly aching for you, for something that is barely gone. Yet it pangs me like an acute nostalgia, the longing for a time only we knew how to feel the shape of, someone I'm ever closer to but also...Read On


The Bell III Final

He looked down at his watch She would arrive in about five minutes He heard a soft knock on his door He opened to see her with her head lowered Please come in and have a seat She rushed in and he closed the door She sat on the edge of his couch With her hands in her lap He lifted her chin with his two fingers Her soft brown eyes Being framed by her fluttering lashes Her chin quivered ...Read On


Flames of Fire

Flames in the night, take me in flight. Fire of your soul, taking me whole. Your kisses burning deep, your body burning mine. Fire of tonight, keeps staying bright. Fanning the flames, your hands entwined. Caressing your skin, stroking your throbbing heat. Flames going higher, as you start flying. Fires of our passion, won't stop burning so hot. We burn together, in the fires...Read On



There's a piece of you  Here's a piece of me  Where do I fit in Why can you not see    Parting words each day  To stay safe, stay strong  Mantra in my head  I've tried for so long  A strength for you to see  Keeping away my fears They're fighting inside me  I hide behind my tears  Finding a peace within  In your arms I am whole  You are my twin flame  I feel you in my soul  Waiting, arms...Read On


The Bell II

He walked over to the table May I join both of you He took a seat and smiled She lowered her head and blushed Why are you blushing Just that we have met before Oh I didn't know So this the guy you were talking about Just a simple nod Is all she could manage Looking down at her watch I need to head back to work No you both stay and talk He rose as she left and then took his chair Reaching...Read On


Step By Step

Each step brings us closer.

Long years trekking the wilderness My emotions torn my mind a mess Longing and seeking Seeking and not finding   Parched for the touch of another Seeking my soul sister my lover   A chance encounter in an oasis I see you with my mind’s eyes You who I have been searching for Eyes shining with an inner luster   Beckoning me from afar in subtle ways Intensely alluring gentle...Read On


Broken Wings

You came, you stayed Blowing in as her hips swayed. Flaunting, flowing like a guilding light Fluttering in only at night. Lights shined when she heard him sing Exuberant and charming after he gave her the ring. Witty and chaotic when he lays down Her soul once bubbly but now saddened like tears of a clown. Desires and needs of a younger nature Why wasn't I enough I ask myself for him...Read On


I'm Ready

I am ready for love.

Please take my hand to lead the way, and softly whisper in my ear the many things you want to say and all those things I want to hear.   Just kiss my lips and touch my face, then pull me close to hold me near as my heart keeps its running pace, you'll take away my pain and fear.   Then in the haunting dark of night your love outshines the rising sun to give my life your saving light...Read On


The Bell

He walked now what slowly was becoming routine for him The tree's had began their rite of Spring budding The warm breeze blew through the branches Filling the air with their fragrance He spotted the cafe just on the horizon He could almost smell those coffee beans grinding The bell on the door rang as he opened it The counter-help just looked up and nodded at him He walked to the...Read On


The White Line

I am coming back to you.

It stretches on forever as it travels to and fro; it travels 'round the mountains where the glacier lilies grow.   It rambles down the backwoods through the hills and through the vales; it navigates the desert where the lone wolf sadly wails.   It commutes through the city streets and countryside as well; it cruises 'round the lakes and streams and through quaint little dells.   ...Read On