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Love Poems

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Drifting without course Unanchored and unmoored Caught up in his wanton breeze I let go and drop the oars I boldly face the breeze Give in and to feel release Fall into his tide Reckless, without heed The shimmer of the sun Casts diamonds on the sea I dip my toe to see the ripple And because it pleases he His sparkling diamonds call to me To fall into his boundless deep...Read On



I'll always wonder if you can feel me through the air, through the floating whispers in winter's coldest night winds  when I graze the soft skin of your cheek as you sleep,  the smile curving lips as you dream will be me. Silently reaching and pulling the blanket  over your warm tired frame,  smoothing away locks of hair  that have fallen over your face,  eyes opening to find mine. Asking...Read On


Blew Spring

Its not complicated  If one writes life's pages With a gentle pen, As I did yesterday When the skies were blue. Birds sang caroling As pollen blew Spring, Dandelion wings flew Over creek beds slew, Then we were just two. Soft linen spread  On cloud like pillows, We became wed Like a carousel spinning On wheels it spun,  And now we are one....Read On


Winter Star

When you wish upon a star...

Darkness, Silence, A blanket of snow. Muffling all sound, Glittering, Like a million diamonds, Under a pale moon, A cold winter’s eve. She knows She is lucky. A nice house, Warmth, Never hungry, Family, Friends who care, Loving arms to hold her. Out in the night, There is sadness, Despair, Those struggling To eat, To keep warm, Fighting, With every breath Simply to...Read On



poem from an aching heart

i ache for you beside me my reaching your touch my desire your submission my look your eyes my penis your vagina my heart aches your heart responds your touch heals my lips smile...Read On


What Love Means to Me

I love to share my thoughts and dreams with my guy,  We're both the apples to each other's eyes. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. Enjoying each other in whatever we do, Remembering to always say, "I love you." Trying to understand each other's point of view. Sharing a joke or other funny stuff, Sometimes we argue and that can be tough. Saying "I'm sorry" and hoping it's enough. ...Read On



Sweet aromas of love, air scented, another world Wild thoughts move in the heart of the girl, And slowly awaken what lies beneath a surface tense With heart-whispered, soft-petal promises. Carried to this early morning moment On the white-winged breath of an easy dream, Heaven-given, heaven-sent. She is here. I will touch, I will sense, in angelic time, Her heart, my heart....Read On



There are no good-byes, where ever you'll be, you'll be in my heart. ~ Ghandi

Tumbling along You crept into my thoughts today You haven’t been there in quite awhile I thought I had put you to rest Tumbling days upon days Turning weeks into months I still find myself in the darkness Wishing for you Tumbling along I still whisper your name Wishing to feel your need Strong and dominant against me Tumbling down Just another nothing In a sea of nothings A...Read On


Sign On The Line

I need you to sign this contract, Before I commit to love you, Because I know from second hand news, That it isn't what you do. You play around with feelings, Betray none of yours to me, You want me to believe that I'm "The One", But you admit to others, you'd rather be free. I am not the first you have come to "love", And I sure as hell won't be the last, So why do I put...Read On


To Breathe In

You get close enough for me to breathe in the unique glow from every constellation  you made in my eyes with just a touch,  the meeting of our fingertips could be enough To make these dangerous energies burst  and paint showers of every color across the sky. Before then, you never knew the power  you held to make and unmake me,  and I never knew floating in such quiet space was darker...Read On



With trust in her all goals may be achieved,  Because her faith can conquer all your fear. Forgetting all the times you may have grieved Your life will leave behind all throb and tear. With gentle touches bravery will grow,  To persevere when doubting may arise. A woman's soul is full of strength, and so,  You find your courage deep within her eyes. With modesty she fills your heart with...Read On



A full life

We remember... Eyes scanning the room, party in full flow. Our glances fused sparks flew, boom! You blinked, I blinked, we played that curious game: look away, look back, a nervy smile of recognition. It’s all so long ago we even smoked. I lit your cigarette, you blew out the match, said “Save it for later.” That made me smile, though it was old and corny. ...Read On


Tremors In The Smoke

All fiction traces back to some truthful spark,  some tremor splitting through the earth  and shaking every inch of the skyline  that grows more veiled by the hour. Towering clouds of black smoke  from buildings set ablaze,  from bridges helplessly burning,  each dancing and licking flame  is a memory we made or locked together. Even if the fires border all I know,  I will remain still...Read On


Thank You

My car crash of a life; literally, It's pitch black inside. I see nothing inside, And I am jelly inside. Take what is left of my world, Faith has left me blind, Another fading dream light, I'd give anything to leave this darkness. Not sure where to start, Wanna let you in These walls of desolation, But I know it's a sin. Lost and it's you I'm needing. I left you all the clues, No words...Read On


I Love You In Color

What colors represent in our life together

White is just the canvas we bring all the other colors to in order to enrich our lives. Red is the intensity of the passionate love that we have for each other. Orange is the excitement that our love brings to our relationship. Pink is when our two bodies entwine with one another and the feeling that creates. Purple makes us realize that meeting each other was really a beautiful...Read On



Forever I hear the door creak open And the pitter patter of steps Shuffling down the hall Stopping outside my door My pulse races My heart throbs I have been waiting for this For a long time I smile from ear to ear The knob turns My nipples stand erect My pussy tingles He has come He has come for me At last my love He steps through the door A smile on his face A twinkle in his eye...Read On


What Is Love?

Love is putting on your coat before going into the rain, It is a warm embrace after a long day. Love is feeling close and tender, When the darkness is drawing in. Love is a cold December, Fucking by an open fire. Love is having your arms wrapped round me, After a painful day. Love is knowing that despite my wrongs, You wouldn't be without me....Read On


To Love

To lust is human, To love - divine, To find somebody, In the nick of time, To put their needs, Before your own, In your heart, To hold their throne. To see a beauty, You see in nobody else, To move your world, To not let them down, To love and care, Protect and cherish, To do anything, To keep away their frown. And how I love you, My star-crossed lover, For you love me, And...Read On


There, Not There

Walking down a long hallway, Glancing furtively about, Feeling the loss, She is gone. Floorboards creaking with each step, Rooms empty and dusty, Furnishings missing, She is gone. Crying out to the corners of the house, Echoing in the dim light, Drifting dust motes, She is gone. Twilight is coming quickly now, Darkness is leaking in, Eyes are searching, She is gone. Sleeping in tangled...Read On


Forbidden Love

When I look at you, all I can do, is wish upon a star. That one day you will come on over, and ask me "who you are". But alas, all I can do is pray to the angels above. Won't they break the boundaries forming, our forbidden love. As I watch you walk on by with your perfect smile, You look at me with those sparkling eyes saying "I won't be a while." But every second we spend apart, I...Read On


My Heart

For many years you were running away from everyone Finally you thought you had found the right one You have suddenly opened your all doors for her I said "don't do", but you did, my heart. Her heart was so far away from you Her eyes were a secret trap for you Her lips were forbidden fruits for you I said "don't do", but you did, my heart She is a heart traveler, you are a love traveler...Read On



Your name cast on stone and skin forever through these dark currents, through warm channels and signals humming through tunnels, communicating the barest texture of what makes you. My hands can follow the bindings, coil with the roots you emerged from, perfect and calling out to me in a language I was still learning the calculated flow of. You must remember where I've come from, the...Read On



Sleeping in on a Saturday... A bird chirping a sweet song Wind whipping through my hair The smell of fresh clean laundry A rainbow glowing across the sky Dancing to my own beat The thunderous applause of the crowd A crispy apple Juice running down my chin The heat of the sun on my back The crunch of freshly packed snow under foot Laughter, laughter, laughter! The excitement on...Read On


I Need You Baby

So be with me my movie star. Play me as if I’m your guitar.

Oh baby you thrill me So much, almost kill me I’d heard about you before But wanted to know more Now I know what they mean Oh my god, you’re a lover’s dream Ohh, let me feel it Yeah, I mean it When you hold me tight Desires pounding, eyes bright Yes touch me baby Hold me close baby Oh, I feel like purring When you do your thing You’re also a Texan Star ...Read On


Only Friends

I will always love you

I felt so safe and secure When I was with you. I poured all my pain to you And you listened in earnest You held me in your arms  And told me its okay That I had you, you were there to stay My heart burst with my love  And my worries were forgotten At least for the time being. But the hours spent with you, Were magical, to say the least I thought we had something Especially...Read On




You hurt me with your lies Telling me I was the only one Little did I know you had someone I was the fool Believing your lies Trying to take away your pain When you left I was hurt Thinking life Would never be the same without you Finding out that is not true Even through the hurt and the tears I found out life goes on So while you are with her And I am with him Thinking of each other...Read On



If our eyes should meet and attraction flares, Why should we not touch? Why should my hands not feel your satin skin? If our lips should meet and passion ignites, Why should we not kiss? Why should my tongue not taste your sweetness? If our hands should meet and love blooms, Why should we not give it a chance? Why should my heart not reach out and touch yours? If our hearts should...Read On


Between Us

You wandered through the years,  from heart to broken heart,  the light once placed so gently inside you  becoming fanned fires getting ready to torch,  sweep over with nothing but love. There was a dark divide between us at times,  a quiet we did not know how to occupy,  but words can be as damaging as prolonged silences, sounds shaped around what we can say better  with the breath...Read On

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For Jason, my Cariad

Skin intact, until I met you A heart to match, and then I let you Shot through the sky with the force of a rocket Always by your side, in your ear, or your pocket You reached for my hand, but instead grabbed my soul With each day that passed, you tightened your hold Never thought I would love you, never thought I would blush Never thought I'd lose you, and it'd hurt me this much...Read On


Walking in the Fog of Passion

Come awake, Shake it off, After so much time Lost in dreams that never came true. You have spent your senses  In words to the air, Throwing your reason Into the dust bin Of your consciousness. A cleansing rain of honesty Washes away The fog of besotted lust Unmet and unreturned. Words have power, As you full well know, Manipulating  And playing with them  In ascending  Stairways of...Read On