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Love Poems


Lost Forever

What if your soulmate was never born? Not a political statement, but in the dead of night, I wonder.

I miss you in the dead of night the soulmate that I'll never know I miss you in the morning light the love that I can never show I've waited and I've stopped to look a secret, an unfinished book a whisper in somebody's ear the thought, the overwhelming fear what could have happened,  why did you go? someday I would have loved you so If I could, I'd make you warm, and simply hold your hand...Read On


At Van Wickle Gates: Class of 1966 Brown Reunion

At Van Wickle Gate 50 years later...

I see through wrinkles, wrinkly smile, and eyes Changed without changing their steady beauty— As changing changes beauty of the skies— A girl, books pressed to breasts, who walks with me, Her glance a brief, shy invitation, brave, Inviting some small courage to agree My hope had quickened for pleasure she gave; But fear as ever had its way with me. Tell me if fifty years ago, plus one,...Read On


Merely to Cherish

Is one allowed merely to cherish, Or must one also offer their love. Do the two walk hand in hand As we did once in better times. So simple yet complex When we plumb the depths Of definite devotion. And there was a deep devotion For me. At least, for me. I still cherish the thoughts, The memories Of time spent Touching  Together and across The void. Still cherish. Would it ever...Read On

...of Marigolds

The woods unfold with meadows, and brooks, bound by gardens of marigolds. With a basket of sonnets, and a faraway moon, we play amongst the shadows. In copse of trees, needles dance, on the rind of a knotty pine,  as rust turns to dusk. As a halo of light,  and a banner of rays swoon down,  a glowing night of soon be. On a whisk of wisp, sensual bliss, with a smile, we kiss,...Read On

Shattered Truth

Broken hearts heal slowly...

Deliver me This package broken shattered by false illusion a sledgehammer of deception. Mistrust leaving scars created on loves jagged edges. Emotional cuts so deep can't be medicated or,  covered with your tepid bandage of false covenants. Living in fear of yesterday's choice's, mind blocked in a  mental prison sentence. No trust without forgiveness no pardon without purge. We do our...Read On

A Love No More

A cyber relationship ends

A loving relationship via computer screen A happy existence for a few years  We once made an amazing team It became like a souvenir In the beginning there were stories And beautiful poems wrote Now just faded memories And no more loving notes My real life is balanced now I'm happy in my real life Cyber life is no longer a "wow" I must now be a loving wife I was lost for a while...Read On


I ponder about your fantasies

In which I think about your fantasies....

I ponder sometimes frequently about your sexual fantasies, And hope that it’s not rude to wonder whom you include. Then I begin to hope that perhaps I’m the lucky dope. Am I the one who never knew I was the one you wished ‘to do’? To be the one would be a joy even if I were a moment’s toy, A man for your fantasy night, who stayed until the dawn’s first light, A man who left you satisfied and...Read On


Forgive and Love Again

Faith renewal after an indescretion.

Please, dance me into tomorrow on the mem'ries of yesterday, as we pledge our hopes vows right now. We renew our loves trust today. On the mem'ries of yesterday we release our 'two' to form 'one'. We renew our loves trust today as we forgive mistakes we've done. We release our 'two' to form 'one'. Now we hold our mistrust at bay, as we forgive mistakes we've done while we ford new...Read On


As Ocean's Depths

Love has drawn me in like the ocean.

Your eyes are blue as ocean's depths they pull me deep inside. I lose my thoughts in places where I want to always hide. I watch the change to darker blue as passion takes control. Into your eyes my heart escapes; I've lost my very soul. A bluish black of lust filled craze has taken hold of me. I sink into oblivion, my body's yours to free. Your eyes are a mesmerizing blue, the color of...Read On


I Am a Rock

A soul can only heal so many times...

Your side of of the bed is empty But I don't miss you Your absence gives me more space now I sleep in the middle I don't need anyone, not even you. No man is an island Well, I beg to differ. I despise love, it weakens who I am I am alone, just how I like it. I am a rock. I am that island....Read On

White Light Lust

True love never dies, it soars.....

My dear wife The time is coming There is no fear Mind is at peace The angels are humming Father Time's last chime Hour glass now empty Thoughts rewinding histories clock Memory evoking our sublime I see you waiting Join me once again Reach out grab hold Fully lucid no sedating Hold my hand now Step on these wings Of this wordless whisper Carry us to the clouds...Read On


The Lethal Bloom

This is the lethal bloom where I have not lost you yet But I cannot have you. Where I can tend to the unfinished list that will come to hurt too much to acknowledge. You never got to fall in love with my voice the way I fell into the sweet timbre of yours. Every beautiful sound and pause, inflection, break, and what went unsaid, I would have listened so closely, held tight to...Read On

I am in Love with...

Love is when someone's happiness is more important than your own.

I am in love with... your free self... you as just you. No pretenses, No masks hiding us. I am in love with... the light you bring into my life from deep with in your heart. The magic I hear in your voice. I am in love with... the warmth of your skin which radiates with all you give. The selflessness that you have shown me through all this time. I am in love with... you even the minutes...Read On


That Twisting Lane

An ancient hollow down that twisting lane  Damp mists caressed and kissed with early dew. Twas always such a deep and drear terrain Where dusty serrate leaves the oaks would strew. Bare feet were jostling piles as we would stroll, While touching sweating palms, along a path. Then innocently kissed upon a knoll And saw beyond the glen that far off strath. We dreamt of living where all joy...Read On


There is one...

She knows who she is....and I know, she will always be...the one...

There is one, who lives in my heart, who's voice lingers in my ear, and feeds my soul.... There is one, who I crave to touch,  to hold so close,  and desire to feel skin on skin... There is one, who at the thought of her name,  an uncontrollable smile emerges on my face,  that overwhelmingly captivates my mind, while a distant gaze sets in my eyes... There is one,  ...Read On


Autumn Splendor

Our day in autumn.

As we stand among the Autumn trees, the look upon you face, nothing but peace. The colors surround you, bringing out the sparkle in your loving eyes. I look upon you and wonder how we got here on this day of Autumn splendor. It's only us alone, we stand smiling at one another, everything else fades away. No fear, just pure love, joy and peace. As leaves cascade around you, I can...Read On

Little Shenanigans

When the dust of my shroud covers the smile of erstwhile I'll be over the miles, a distant prose. Traveling down a winding grove, up a staircase on life's banister,  thinking I'll pass this fork in the road. Moving on to a more poetic shoal,  and whispers from a musing's hiss, with a little shenanigan giving me kiss. As a damsel in a short dress awakens my bliss, my trumpet...Read On


The Women in my Email Box

Email seduction

Private pics, succulent lips, and naughty as can be, the women in my emailbox love me honestly. Oh, when was there such a time in all my history, when women were so available to mediocre me? Lauren tells me her body is heaven for any man, and Pat says she loves to live in eastern Spokane Terry Pie coos, “How do you do?” (She is my recurring fan.) And I reply that I always do the best I can....Read On


Not Much

I don't ask for much.

I don't ask for much, just a little touch. A little time, it's not a crime. A little love, a soft caress, show me that you care. Soft kisses, fulfilling my wishes. To be held, to be needed, in your lap to be seated. It's not much that I ask for, it's not much that I need. Just a smile, just a kiss, just to feel you near my dear. It's not much, just a little bit of you for a...Read On


Lessons Learned

When will I learn.

Lessons learned, pages turned. Tears cried, and wiped away. Stains on my heart, we always part. Lock it out, scream and shout. Promises made, promises broke. The pain so thick I might choke. Turn the page, step out of the cage. Head held high, I will not cry. Wondering why, never knowing. Just the same, some kind of cruel game. I didnt run, I was pushed away. ...Read On

And Stanzas We Sing

Using words, my wings, and stanzas we sing, crossing over life's pages of poetic sensuality, and my soliquey. Kissing your lips in rhythm and sublime, while in tall grass beneath honeysuckle vines, listening to a cappella rhyme. In shadows of the lunar moon, as loons swoon, the evening breeze rushing softly,  as you bring me love from an aria above. With scent of a golden rose in your...Read On

...of serenity

As poetry is my salt and life but a short visit, as fiddler bows last waltz. In still, I feel a quiver's breath, like a feathered swallow, at the sill of my gable. And with a silence of serenity, your spirit awakens me with a shadow of a kiss. As the sirens by the sea, lay down a bed of algae, as fiddler bows last waltz. Over half moon arising, my sweet lover, Galileo, ...Read On


She and He

it's been awhile. Just a little rambling ❤️

She was flawed Not yet bloomed  Charming pink  Scent of swoon He was spring She was dew He the sun She the moon He the bee She the bird He the seed  She the earth...Read On


Write About Butterflies

You wanted me to write something for you that could cut deep and soothe all at once, but you know that I don't ever believe in ever penning half measures. I don't want to write about butterflies or go on about how fates meet. You have loved me at my worst, that's exactly where I should start. How you saw something shimmering through the countless broken fragments that still...Read On

Happy Thoughts Again

Enjoying each other

I love that our life has shifted Things are so much better here All the stress has been lifted Now there's happiness and no tears We laugh and enjoy each other This is now where I want to be You're my mate and my lover I love you so much you see For a little while, I was sad Things are now on track No more feelings of feeling bad It's nice to have these feelings back Life is happier and...Read On


Relearning sexual chemistry

Autums last leaf fell Winters lies setting in Pretty white coat covering Lonely heart it's kin Burning embers lost spark Something lost in remission Spring trying to rekindle Pushing life in transition Distance between us covers More than just miles Talking brings no answers Distrust still causing trials Your loving touch has Turned into faded image Intimate...Read On


The Corners of My Heart

Excuse me please, but who are you to know the corners of my heart? Do you live in there and see it as each wall contracts endlessly? Who are you to say if I love so and so and what business is it of yours to judge me? Don't you know the universe hears each and every plea and there will come a time for all? My hope is that those searching will learn to love themselves first. You can't look...Read On


Another Night Without You

I slide into bed tonight The cool sheets against my skin I release the breath I’d held I roll onto my side The top of my foot gliding along my calf My hand rubbing the empty spot next to me I bring the pillow to me Tugging it up against me and into my side It does little to replicate you I rest my head upon it as I would your chest My arm sliding across it ...Read On


Time's Up

Many months have passed Since she went away Although she said goodbye When she did not stay This time I knew she'd come back I have been here waiting Wrapped up in your love I gave up on hating That woman You gave your promise "Till death do you part" But she doesn't want you And it breaks my heart And soul I remain beside you As I have done all along Reaching for your hand When they...Read On

The Essence of Me

In a world full of wrong, I give the essence of my love

Sometimes the hardships of love are countless But it is ever changing and always formidable Bringing a smile to the ones who are sincere It is not meant to overpower but to accompany To complement and allow to blossom To some whom engage in an unmatched love The ones that love with money and are frivolous and ignorant of the perverse reality they have created they are detached,...Read On