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Love Poems


Unbridled Love

How a Valentine's Day begins a new life.

Long empty nights as late in life we met, our paths had been lonely that long time ago it seems as today a new life has begun. ~~~ Today I begin to feel, I feel your caressing hand, Your kisses write on my skin a book of love, You gift unrestrained passion, You gift infinite rampant emotions, They sedate me as caresses to my very soul, They give me peace, Like a child praying on...Read On


Love's Deception

How do we move on?

How to deal with love, life and time When the heart and spirit are made to pieces When disillusion breaks your world I never imagined crying such deception It is said time does not exist It is said it is all a process That everything passes us by That time is not consensual No more kisses and sweet caresses No more tender moments made No more love making in the rain The music from my heart...Read On


A Faded Valentine

A faded valentine. An aching memory in the shadows. Remembering when you were all mine. Your fingertips on my skin. Touching me in many places. Tender, passionate kisses missed. Tasting the faint sweetness of your lips. Longing for your closeness and caresses. Thinking of missed chances. Thinking of your angelface. Stolen moments throughout this day. Playing those mental "what if" games....Read On


I Always Return To You

I'm tired, sad, mad and other things I ponder ideas while I twist my rings Ritual, chores, boredom, what reason I'll be back, I have to leave this season Repeated time and again, months go by Needs, wants, I really do my best and try Pieces given away, expecting nothing in return Too many to count, when will I learn You need that, I have needs too, mine not found Staying, visiting, you wait...Read On


Ode to Glitter Cock

For my Dood....LOVE ya!

Oh my Glitter Cock My shining sparkle Cock This song is just for you You gorgeous prick You girthy dick Please don’t think I’m lame But I wrote your song, to the tune of Take Me Out To the Ballgame And here it goes….. OH I sat down on my dildo It was so cold that I screamed The glitter felt good, like I KNEW it would I just kept riding like you wish you could OH ...Read On


He sees something

Don’t look at the reflection in the mirror, rather see what is radiating from the one who loves you…

He sees something When he looks at her She doesn’t understand. The girl he lays his eyes on She doesn’t know Yet she knows it is her. She sees flaws Where he sees uniqueness, The negatives draw her attention, He finds positives, beauty. What she regards as weakness, He views as strengths. She has never felt pretty, Like a girl to be desired, Drive someone crazy with lust. ...Read On



Love through the years

When time has stopped forever, there upon your face, please know that there is no one that can ever take your place. You've always been my sweetheart and I just want you to know, my heart will always see you as you were so long ago. My arms will tightly hold you as we dance the night away, and then I'll nestle in your love as in your arms I'll lay. My eyes still see your beauty from the...Read On


Take My Hand

Take my hand and I'll be there.

Give me your hand and walk with me across the wild and storm tossed sea. I'll keep you safe as best I can, just reach out, hon, and take my hand. Your mountains may be rough to climb, you'll want to run away at times. Just strive to be what you can be. Don't be afraid, just reach for me. Give me your hand, I'll guide you through the trials of life, what e'er we do. I promise that I'll...Read On


You Are The One

My one.

Your smile so bright, it lights my night. When you pull me near it's your heart I hear. Your kisses make my knees go weak, it's your arms I seek. My true love, sent from heaven above. When you hold me tight it feels so right, the pull we cannot fight. Locked in an embrace, all our fears erased. You came along from out of the blue, I knew your heart to be true. The words I Love You upon...Read On


She Does Not Understand

Beauty is not always in the eyes of the beheld, but that makes them no less beautiful.

She does not understand how beautiful she is to me.  She does not see her the way I see her. The mirror shows her only age and flaws, Her focus drawn to visions  of self consciousness. She is not flawless in my eyes; She is not a vision of perfection;  She is much more real than ideal, making her no less exquisite. She blushes beneath my gaze. Her skin colors as her heart races. She...Read On


It's Valentine's Day Once Again

Sunday is Valentine's Day

Love comes in many ways Sentiments that you care Together enjoying the days A little romance in the air Perhaps it's just a look Or a passionate kiss Or that beautiful poetry book Romantic things that are bliss Those wonderful bear hugs Massages with warm oil You're each other's drug You both like to spoil A box of chocolates is sweet Or a romantic dinner out together Licking her pussy...Read On


Just Friends

Maybe sometimes "just friends" can be enough.

Banter across a room, developing interest  and mutual respect we became just friends. Tender smiles brighten, conversations enchant, feelings grow between  Those two "just friends." A few casual caresses, some shared embraces, more grows between  innocent "just friends." Magical moments, passions simmer, fought though they flare between two "just friends." Tandem...Read On


To The Moon

And if you said come with you to the moon, I built it right this time, our starbound vessel. Speech would flee, rainbows would burst and smear the dull canvas I have slowly become. I'd start remembering things, wedding rings and how to dance, the chance taken when I thought your touch would never last. You'd forget the vastness of the sky for a minute, it'll be there waiting,...Read On

Recommended Read

Carry Me Far Away

Further from the things of man...

I wish the tide would lift me up And carry me far away, Further from the things of man Than those who wish to stay. Drifting slowly from the shore Far out into the sea. No more broken promises, Now just the waves and me. No more pain and sorrow, No more footprints in the sand To fade away on the ebbing tide And leave my pain on land. Just a hollow vessel now, Floating forlorn on...Read On

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Door Ajar

A different format

Lost in the void Of what has been destroyed By those who have toyed With my mind With my soul This big gaping hole It seems it's time again to take control. Stop being so trusting Or you will never be whole Dammit! Shut up in there! You with the cranberry brown hair And that awful cold stare. Go back to sleep! Keep your words, Herd your sheep. Today, I will not weep. Today, I will not weep. ...Read On


Pendulum Still

In the swells of my compose, Be it near or distant shoals As I await a pendulum still. The prose of my spin yens On high tide of the inkwell, Memories of yester-sorrows, As my sins were forgiven.  And in the corner of your eye, tears. I knelt before your crypt, As the shades of gray moved on. Into an orchard of melodies and songs, As shadow of my love hung long.  Now...Read On


Years of Loving You Valentine

Our love is a roller-coaster ride

I remember when we met You were everything to me I knew we'd make a lovely duet You were the sugar to my ice tea We dated for two lovely years You presented me with a ring I was excited and brought to tears I'd be your queen and you'd be my king A beautiful wedding day A gorgeous honeymoon Love given in every way Making love in the afternoon We bought our first house Nine months...Read On



What is It?

You chased it away But it’s back You smothered its breath It just laughed You headed to sea in a boat But tossed overboard, saw it float You burned it alive but it rose You buried it deep, but it grows You prayed for relief No avail You reasoned and plead Keened and wailed What is this thing that won’t leave? Why can you get no relief? The reason there’s no place to hide?...Read On


Listen To My Heart...

Listen to my heart, my love...You live in my heart, my love...

Listen to my heart, my love  You live in my heart, my love  You’re the one for me  You’re everything for me  You’re my soul, my heart  It’s true my sweetheart  Life is more than a fantasy  Yes, our love is a reality  Stay, don’t leave tonight  I can't let you go tonight  Something is in the air tonight My heart pounding as I write  This night is yours and mine  Tonight we’re...Read On


To Love Beyond Love

A small Pantoum Poem... love is eternal

To love beyond love Beyond the sinister game Is the greatest gift from up above Burning inside as an eternal flame Beyond the sinister game We must eagerly each other claim Burning inside as an eternal flame To the winds scream with out shame We must eagerly each other claim To love entirely with out measure To the winds scream with out shame Eternally treat each other as a treasure To...Read On


It's Just Life, I Suppose

The needle point of your eyes, Pin pricks my gospel soul. Fair weather of the Spring And bare awakening of my prose, From the cornerstone of a bordello. It's just life, I suppose. Suffering not the collywobbles, Nor under the influence of a pint of ale, On a fast track to Hell, By a cock sucker with a clit in her puss', Wearing second-hand support hose. It's just...Read On

Recommended Read

Making Memories of Us

The way Memories are meant to be made

M orning dew, morning breath, after our first heavenly night from the soft swaying on the dance floor to the silk sheets being erudite and I, after this, would not fear death. E verything perfectly planned from our first dance, and kiss to our continued teases and bites caresses through uncharted bliss discovered I crumble at your command R endered or rather surrendered ...Read On



i am no one a disembodied voice calling endless through the night whispered from top mountain peeks to drift down the valleys only to settle  with the morning dew I am everywhere i fill the air around you cradle you in your sleep with sounds so soft they touch your dreams invading your waking moments with fleeting thoughts that can not be grasped within your dreams follow the river my love...Read On


A Waking Dream

A waking dream, I wait for you, A magic feeling all inside. Watching for you, Waiting for that moment, The one that we revisit every morning. That look in your eyes, That amazing feeling, That we look forward to start each day. The eye contact, The heart beat, The loving touches. The kisses, Oh, The sensual kisses. The growls, the words, The way we kissed, Made love and shared a hug....Read On


Love By Keystrokes

Romance by chance

Our love consists of keystrokes  From our computers or iPads You're the most amazing bloke These feelings make me feel glad Years now we're together In our computer thing We're each other's cyber lover So many emotions this brings Yet we've never met Only shared photographs Feelings of happiness and no regret We share tears and lots of laughs Sometimes there're fights Mostly days...Read On


Three little words

For you my love

Three little words from you sets things in motion, The wings I feel moving around inside. Do you feel them my love? As your head rests on my chest, They move so fast I can hardly catch my breath, Three little words spoken softly,  Just for me to hear, Breathed against my bare skin. Bodies intertwined,  Hearts melted together,  You must feel them, As we are but one. ...Read On


Atop A Tier Tasty

I slipped on a dream, it seems, Between the theme of a love song And stumbled on a rainbow. As showers fell on God's umbrella Catching prose, As if a peel of a banana flew my feet. I fell for you in a porringer of ambrosia, And now we wed atop a tier tasty, Dancing on the icing. As if a peel of banana flew my feet, On satin sheets of roller skates....Read On



Sitting in the dust, soul at a lean Heart blistered, eyes seep All her feelings, hopes and dreams Fathoms deep, hidden 'neath flutters of heartbeats. Whispers slice through her cellophane skin Tearing and gaping, flesh rattling in the frenzy Cobwebby thoughts stretch in the raging wind Acid tears of razor blades chafe skin dry and lacy. Dime store mother of pearl, fragile...Read On


Just A Girl

For Christina

To haunt me with your heart's coordinates, its quiet and drifting song that can never remain hidden with mine. I cannot tell these melodies apart, the rhythms are seamless and urgent. For such an inescapable need for another to map my every desire and secret, there has to be more to you. You are much more than just a girl. To feel this constant unseen ache for your presence and...Read On



The feeling of that first time...

You Lean down and softly bend my head back, placing your soft warm lips on mine. Me My hands drift to your face, holding you tenderly as your lips touch mine. Oh, what a sigh. As I sigh my lips part, and for the first time the tip of your tongue touches mine. Our tongues dance, discover, and give, breathing each other in. My head is spinning as you break the kiss, to pause and look into...Read On