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Love Poems



The other woman's shoes...

How I wish you could be mine. But you're a most expensive red wine and She drinks you better than I do I wear white, spilling like a fool. You want me for some kind of exquisite fun Then leave me for her once we're done. To me you simply are the one, but Don't say you love me when you cum... How I wish I was like her Maybe then I'd be your girl... Why does day break...Read On


Across the sea

My mind can travel where my body can't

I send my heart across the sea It's yours to have and hold My body may be stuck right now But there's no lock or bolt That keeps my mind from wandering From being close to you Because you're always on my mind No matter what I do You fill my heart, my mind, my dreams My being to the core And every word you say to me Will make me love you...Read On


First Kiss

Do you remember that feeling of the first kiss?

The affectionate feelings, as you walk side by side. Wondering if he will do it, and how it will feel if he does. Daydreaming, wishing, attraction. The stop at the front door, awkward pauses and fidgeting. Unending conversations, actually talking about the weather. Heart pounding, nerve racking, anticipation. Not wanting to be too forward, not wanting to leave without it. So nervous...Read On


Hold Me Tight

Dance me to passion.

Please hold me tight and dance with me 'cross heaven's gracious open sea. We'll stroll across the galaxy my arm in yours, just you and me. So take my arm and dance me on straight through the night to break of dawn. My eyes on yours, with all fears gone, my love grows more, upon yours drawn. Then lay with me and hold me tight; our passion grows with morning's light, Each kiss is deeper,...Read On


Migraine Treatment

Your head throbs.  The pounding sapping your strength. We know the only treatment that really helps. I take your hand and we head to bed. I help you off with your clothes and remove mine. Cloaking the room in total darkness. Your soft cheek rests against my bare chest. Our naked bodies nestling. I kiss the top of your head. You sigh and I can feel your tensions easing. You've told me...Read On


More Than Love

If you feel time stop in your veins, an echo of when you once called me a heartless stray, fold the moment and press it close to your cheek. Close your eyes and peel everything away, every crease and line that made me. Nothing more existed for me then, I promise that someday I'll be something more than love. If you feel some nocturnal yearning rise through your skin as if carried ...Read On


Out of the Hard Day's Light

Alaskan doctor loves Australian student across ten thousand miles -- more or less.

Out From the Hard Day’s Light (revised)  By Fritz2011 Suggested by “A Hard Day’s Night” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney     A fantasy song about a woman hoping to build a relationship with a woman she loves deep in her heart. Out from the Hard Day’s Night  The sun comes peeking  Through the fog The sun is never bright  And off -road driving Is like a bog. But when...Read On


Just right

One touch And her world changes, Bursting into colour, No longer gray and dreary. His warmth Fills her body, The light reaching every corner, No darkness for demons to hide. Caresses Brushing away any sadness, Embracing arms Creating a place of peace. Soft kisses Awakening her desire, Growing in passion As they explore each other. His voice Like molten chocolate, ...Read On


I Lurk in the Darkness

The heart of your angel.

I lurk in the darkness, out of your sight Watching for dangers in your path. Every day and every night Trying to protect you from life’s wrath. I lurk in the darkness, not for you, but for me. Your beauty more than a person like me deserves. I just wish through my eyes you could see. The woman that I yearn to serve. I lurk in the darkness, listening to words escape your lips ...Read On

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Another One Off The Cuff!!!

I've never seen a sound quite like the color of your sighs. I've never felt a sight just like the sparkle in your eyes. I don't believe I can recall (and this before I started to fall...) Somebody just as perfectly so nice... Sugar and spice like white on rice Like beauty on my girl... Your magical is accidental; give the boy a twirl. What am I supposed to do with somebody...Read On



I saw you weak And hated you The way you clung to me Your need so claustrophobic I could barely breathe And yet I felt responsible Not able to break free Each time that I would take a step Your grasp dug into me As though I held the key to you As though you lived through me You feared that I’d abandon you You said you’d take your life I’ve become indentured To care for you just like...Read On


My Drug Of Choice

A sweet fragrance Swirling around  Filling the air  That I breathe Your scent  Makes me wild  Your kisses  Make me shiver Thirsty for your loving touch  Your gentle arms providing comfort  Filling a deep desire from within  As we melt into one another Weakening to your embrace  Feeling your breath, your warmth  Leaving me breathless  And overwhelming my senses Our bodies absorbing...Read On


Her Photographs

She touches the photos with gentle caresses Remembering every moment Taking her time with every one Feeling the emotional torrent Time has flown so fast Taking its toll in years Most were so happily blessed Others caused tears For every mile she's travelled She took the memories along Facing new battles and blessings Singing her own song During the darkest moments She found a...Read On



I went away today Driving in my car I thought of you against me How strong and warm you are I went away today Talking on the phone Gripped by those blue velvet eyes Yet I was all alone I went away today Going through the mail Thinking how you tie your tie Your collar slightly frayed I went away today You never left my mind The way you call me "lover" The way our thoughts entwine You...Read On



Please, Take me into your arms, Into your warmth, Hold me close, protected, Because tonight, I need your care. I just want to disappear Within you, Your scent safe and familiar As I nuzzle your neck, Rest my head on your chest, Listening to your steady heartbeat. Whisper with your soothing voice All those words You know I long to hear, Stroke my hair And caress me softly,...Read On



It's a fact of life

Unless you hide yourself away You’ll likely meet one on most days You know the kind - they seem quite nice If not, then they are harmless types You share a laugh, a latte, lunch Or if online, you talk enough That you think this person’s cool And you’re no rube You’re no one’s fool They share with you their history You start to wonder “can it be?” That your new beau, a decent sort Can hate...Read On


Holding On

Feeling alone, sad and blue Feeling alone and it's over you I need to get you out of my mind Trying to put the past of us behind I don't want to. I want to hold on I want to keep us together. Don't want this love gone I'm so confused. I'm so torn Making me tired. Making me worn I can't move past any of this Can't move on thinking of your kiss I need your love, I need it now I...Read On


A Beautiful Silence

As requested by Kinkyk, I've uploaded this poem.

A beautiful silence is all that is needed, To touch someone's heart my guilt is remitted,  Everyone longs for someone to hold,  Made to feel special with a love that's untold. How do I feel whilst I sit and I write,  This poem to you with tears that I fight,  A feeling of sadness it's an honest confession,  It’s hard to describe the feelings I mention. It can mean nothing and not touch a...Read On


His Light

Time stood still as she watched her past fade away. Relief and sadness washed over her. Too many tears have drowned her voice, But she will always remember. There's never a moment in her days she doesn't dream. Not a single night floats by she doesn't hear his voice. Will this too fade into the darkness? For if she could choose this would be her choice. Time is never one's friend when it's...Read On


Where We Kept A Secret

I can turn everything over now, the list I've held so closely, close to me like a second skin, a record for what never happened, for what may have been lost. I'll just leave it all with you to do with what you will to separate the fiction and truth. It made more than enough sense that your eyes mirrored the sky, that the shade of your hair matched a sunset's final flare Before the dark...Read On

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Silent Scream

Was it worth it? ...Yes I whisper

In the silence of the night I wake with a fright. The dream I had— was it real? I smelled you, touched you, felt your breath, heard your voice. Then I scream quietly, muffled into my pillow. It was all so real; the dream became my reality. The touch; the smell; the voice; your breath. And yet, it wasn't me you touched. It was another. It's all so clear. Then I scream quietly,...Read On


My Love Gave Me A Flower

These are presents from my love.

My love gave me a flower, he compared it to his thoughts. He said 'twas fresh and open just like his love for me. My love gave me some water, he said 'twas clear and deep, just like an oceans volume that never will run dry. My love gave me a stone so hard yet smooth across, he said 'twas like a mountain, unbreakable and strong. My love gave me a crystal, said 'twas like a precious...Read On


Your Words

I found myself alone Beautiful love stories Are not immune From the laws of nature Not all meant to survive Numb as my heart Spilled onto the floor A garbled heap of Puddles and pieces Unspoken words And broken promises Broken heart healing I realized I had needs As a woman I craved The touch of a man But knew I was not ready I could not seem to quiet The ache building in me Fueled...Read On


Fighting for Love

I am impatient thinking of you I am impatient and there is nothing I can do I need your love. I need it now Figuring out a way to get it somehow It might be wrong or right But I am not giving up the fight Call me a dreamer, call me insane Being away from you causes me so much pain I love you, and I want the world to know Getting stronger. Letting it grow Making it understood ...Read On


When it's Time

It's time to go, it's time to say goodbye. When it's time to say goodbye, tears will fall from my eyes. When it's time for goodbye, you'll wipe tears from my eyes. When it's time for goodbye, I nearly want to die. When it's time for you, I lose my head. When it's time for goodbye, I want to lay down next to you. Coming back maybe one day, take me in your arms. Forever this way, ...Read On


Day Dreaming

I'm sitting looking at my lap top, But yet not really seeing it. My mind is racing through The many conversations we've had. Some long and Some just a hello, how are you. I've only known you a short time. Yet it seems like I've known you forever. We met by pure accident, Or yet was it meant to be. We became friends instantly And began to chat every day. Some conversations were serious,...Read On


More Than Enough

I would say that even one second  in your eyes would be enough, one more moment of the way  your gaze meets and still mine like light held in a prism's chambers. But neither of us would believe  that a fraction would ever suffice, it would only accentuate any absence,  it would make us treat hearts as currency. And at times you may want far more than I am capable of giving you, at times...Read On


These Hands

These hands feel empty Whenever you leave Making my arms heavy Wanting to cleave Missing your warmth They are so cold Until you return Making me whole My handsome brave lover You are my other half I'm completely in love Sometimes feeling daft I'll make mistakes And get angry I'll turn you upside down Driving you crazy But in the end Before we sleep I'll give you love ...Read On


Your Hands Your Eyes

I watch your hands as we talk I watch your eyes as you look at me I watch your hands as they reach for mine I watch your eyes as they look through me I feel your hands as they touch my face I feel your eyes as they follow me I feel your hands move along my body I feel your eyes as they undress me I feel your hands remove my clothes I feel your eyes as my body unfolds I...Read On


Moments Of Woo

In a distance of a circle And the lap of the woods, Like bees buzzing in honeycomb trees A scent of hush falls over me In moments of our woo, Shooing the briars away As whispering boughs sway And shadows fall on pinecones, Your eyes of evergreen Like beacons of the night, On carpet of moss we soon lay And I embracing my Carolina swoon, In moments of woo....Read On