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Love Poems

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In Winter Seek Your Passion

Considered one of the most difficult forms of poetry, the villanelle is a challenge.

In Winter seek your passion long since passed,  And know that what you sow you often reap. Your life dreams may yet come to you at last. Though ancient hills cache secrets cruelly vast, Inside their rock strewn oaken hollows deep, In Winter seek your passion long since passed. Don't worry that her leaving seemed forecast, Just know as Winter drowsing brings on sleep, Your life dreams may...Read On


The Idea of You

A poem about falling in love on Lush

I didn't come looking for this, I'm a grown woman, not a teenage fantasist. I almost gave up, I've been living so real I forgot how to dream, Then suddenly: treasure. I tread carefully to get all the good out of it, like I always do. It's so easy to suspend disbelief. I look for evidence that you're perfect and find it, And ignore anything that disappoints. I build a picture of you that's...Read On


To Kiss or not to Kiss

Slowly I approached her, My eyes softly laid on her figure. Ash she stood there, looking at me With undaring eyes... My hand reached out for her, To feel her skin, To feel her warmth. Yet I withdrew my hand Centimeters from her cheek. A sigh left her chest with frustration Making me smile, as I walked towards her, Slowly. Torturing her with expectation, with...Read On


Love Is Not For Me

Love isn't for everyone

Love is not for me, I cannot be loved nor can I love. Every path I cross, I come upon a certain someone. Connected are we, but You’re here a moment, and gone the next. I will never know why, nor will I ask. You have your reasons, It’s safe to assume that it is I. One thing is for sure, Love is not for me So here I am, again History repeats. ...Read On


My Karma

How are you able to do this, Push my buttons  And make me scream  In frustration.  I can not understand this,  It makes no sense.  When did laughing  Become screaming,  Digging nails into palms,  Deep breaths needed to calm.  A smile beginning to form  Through the anger.  Confusion.  Mixed feelings,  Like a crazy person.  Must I endure this?  My curse,  Or my blessing,  I...Read On


I'm not perfect

I'm not a perfect girl I do, and will, fuck up I'm never going to stop trying Nor settle for half-filled cups Don't bring me your garbage I'm too old for that shit I need a real man Not some limp dick If you want me... tell me Don't hide behind forced charms Because once the fog settles The real you will be disarmed I don't need fake love Nor the same crappy lines I have a real heart...Read On


The Power of Love

Yep. Still here.

Change me, damn you! Change me! Why am I still me? I thought that love transformed you Into some mythic being And then my fears and troubles Would lift off and be gone My life would be a marvel The way they sing in songs As much as I do love you I’m hating I’m just me I yearn to be another But you haven’t made that be Here I am this person The me I always was The only thing...Read On


The Key To My Heart

I give to you this gift...

The Key to my heart is yours For I've gifted it to you Please treat it reverently Me as well, in all we do My love and this key Are not given so easily So I hope you know by this How very much you mean to me My past is full of hurt Others have caused me pain And yet in your arms I've learned to love again So you have also Given me a gift Of trust and of hope ...Read On


Last Issue

Let's call the whole thing off

Cancel me I've had my run I offer nothing new Between my glossy covers Little interests you You've been skimming over me For months and months, it seems Or leaving me abandoned While you do other things When you first discovered me You grabbed me off the stand And anxiously awaited My pages in your hands Each time that you saw me Another true delight And so overcome were you You felt it...Read On


My Pledge of Love

My pledge to my lover.

My life, my love, I give to you, to do with as you want to do. Just love me hard and love me long, please help me keep our love life strong. I know we are like night and day, that's why we work to make love stay. Together we can do our part if we keep truth within our hearts. Keep faithful to the vows we give, and grow together as we live. We work to keep our love life pure, there's...Read On



There's evidence left behind, I wish there was more that I could hold on to. A memory's surge is sweet, flashing with intimate stills that only you and I know exist, but sometimes recollection isn't enough. I've already curated what I can. Your smile as I opened the door, the intensity shimmering in your eyes when you began to unfold before me, the warmth that hung in the air after,...Read On



Together is a journey in life

A wild and crazy ride, A journey of a million years, Our happiness as one. Together through troubled days, We sit together, Talk together, And play together. Our souls are intertwined. We love together, We moan together, Hardly ever fighting. Continuing our journey Of togetherness. Understanding is forgiveness, Our written words entwine, Our...Read On

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You have always been a galaxy to me, seen as a beautiful mystery from afar, named and catalogued by guesswork but never truly explored before. And when pulled into this orbit, there can't really be any return, any mortal that has traveled past our vast atmosphere to pierce through the heavens would tell you the same thing. That seeing a world turn on its axis and grazing the fires...Read On


Cruel Duress

She won't accept cruel censure by duress. Bestow it not upon this priceless jewel Who fills my soul with happiness and bliss, And will not be denied sweet love's renewal. No other lady shows such strength and charm. No gentlewoman holds my heart's delight. We shall rise upward never knowing harm Because our love is pure and knows no blight. Her sword of power forces cowards out, With every...Read On


She needs

She needs to be held, But not just by anyone. She needs to be held By him that wants to hold her, Keep her close, Protect and care for her. She needs him to desire her, Not be there out of obligation Or for a brief moment. She needs him to miss her Like she misses him And hurry back when he can. She needs to feel safe with him, Know that he holds Both her heart and body with...Read On



Paint my lips by kissing me Sculpt me in your arms This room shall be our studio Where we create our art Too fluid to be captured And set within a frame Too sacred to be noted Or garner any fame Yet lasting and indelible Throughout both our lives Each of us a masterpiece In the other’s eyes. ...Read On


Saucer's Quarters

Then I heard the chirping birds  in sink of saucer's quarters, a blue chill of cold waters and a sound I can't recall. Like a prima donna's aria in echo beneath moon bright and cello, smooth as silk and soft words evening breeze through her hair. The wind-sail of dusk's crown, harbor light green eyes of she in blue chill of cold waters, sipping Glenfiddich listening to birds....Read On


Love Collided

Not meant to be, so moving on

Love collided Divided Painful Not meant to be Clear for all to see Plus your dick is weeny Wonky also It aims to the left To this I can attest Men are silly Men are fools Especially those With wonky tools I'm done We are You pushed me Too Far Enjoy and have fun With whoever you cum Fuck their bum Have fun I'm going to play with my pussy ...Read On



When enough is enough

When after what feels a lifetime, Through the good days and bad, they tell you to go. When you're still standing, you're still fighting, And they just push harder, and tell you "no". What else is there to do, when they shut you out? Except to walk away, and try to move on. That hollow, dead feeling inside is your new companion. Days turn to weeks, and you feel you're finally...Read On


Morning Star

Looking into the horizon...

You are the magic, as the sun peeks in the east, and sweetness flows, You are my morning star. Illusions flying, between the stars and sky, lost in the heavens, as you are my morning star. Entering my life, solitude cast aside. Path illuminated, as my guiding morning star. Sincere, wonderful, simple and sensitive. Those are the words, of my morning star. Motives are plenty, to trust,...Read On



Storm’s scent informs me that it is time to go. Drops and drips moisten torn places barely dried-out, dampened,  drenched from the prior encounter... encounters. Pressures graduate from drizzle to downpour. In its midst, I wait for the  you in me to  un-claim,  unbind from the right now exchange... exchanges. Forces subside to a recurrent rhythm.  Your omnipresence is a whet ...Read On


Miles Apart

As I look into the sky I see your face in the clouds Wondering if I am really seeing you I look away And I see you right in front of me It must be a dream  It must be love Never have I felt this way Everywhere I look, I see you When I close my eyes at night You seem to slip into my dreams And oh how I love when you do You have touched my heart and soul An ocean...Read On



A meeting of minds that produces such fire  Friendship first, quickly turning To passionate desire The imagining beauty The immense mental thrill Feeds my addiction  My will bends to your needs As we satiate each other  From here to forever...Read On


The Words

I love you are not the three words that make the world go round

My whole life has been in search of the words We have all heard them We have all felt them They warm us, drive us, provide for us Pleasure and pain can be found in the words The peaks and valleys of life are filled by them We journey to the end of the earth because of them They push us, pull us, elude us I thought the words were, "I love you" I sought them out I fought them out...Read On



The late night reflected off of your eyes, soft lanterns to lead us through the dark to embraces that could hum in our veins, they're really tiny oceans and rivers and you hold full sway over the tides. It scares me to think that such complexity exists in us, that we can find one another, navigate a light I'm still trying to understand before vanishing into the ether. I wonder if...Read On


A Do Over

Lovers should never pay For the mistakes of our pasts Damage done by others Meeting you was by chance Finding a love so beautiful Was purely a miracle  Love is a gift given with care Sometimes opening a new world The possibilities seem endless Past abuse and unspoken fears Faded slowly thanks to your love Each kiss soothed my soul The past can not be changed Do overs are not promised...Read On


A lone companion

As nighttime falls And darkness surrounds her, The cold grasp of loneliness Grabs hold of her heart. Her life is full of things to do, People, work, chores and fun, Yet in the quiet dark, Loneliness often takes hold. Memories of nights of passion, Seemingly endless desire As lovers cling together, Haunting her. Those nights seem so far away Yet so near, The sounds echoing in...Read On


A Woman's Beauty

A tribute to visions lovely.

Whether short or long, those shimmering tresses. To frame a face, to inspire caresses. The sparkling eyes, a danger in the mist. Those luscious lips, that beg to be kissed. The shoulders and back, so full of grace. A spine that encourages, fingers to trace. Rounded butt wiggles and sways, as full cheeks dance. Those curvaceous hips, that speak of a chance. Whether large or small,...Read On


I am

When you cry I'll be your shoulder and kiss your tears away, When your hurt I'll take your pain away. I'm your friend at your side. When you feel lost I'll find the way out for you, When you feel the darkness closing in Just reach out your hand, I'll be your light at the end. I'm your sunlight in the sky. When despair moves into your heart I'll replace it with my love, When the river...Read On


An Ocean of Senses

She is loved by most

It is felt in the air, long before seen. This natural beauty, this force that's ever been. Her fragrance is alive, a tang with the salt. Breathe Her in deeply, there is no fault. Her flavor is fresh, a hint of what may be. Lick Her gently, before coming to the sea. Her voice is seductive, a passionate roar to caressing sigh. Hear Her longingly, it is a music to make fly. ...Read On