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Love Poems


A Journey Of Love

Will you find the one?

Will you find true love Will it happen to you Somebody you're proud of A love that is true You look all over the place For that special person So many smiling faces Could be while you're working You might meet through friends Or a dating website Could be the beginning or the end Nervous feelings all through the night Lot's of different people you meet Until you find the one The one...Read On


Second Chances

Talking with a mutual friend he is told he can never speak to her again.

We begain with a simple conversation. Which turned into something more, Than it should have Sitting there that night, Placinng ice cubes, All over your beautiful body. Working on cooling you off, Which heated you up, Talking with a friend, Is all I wanted to do, I never thought, I would end up like this. I find myself now, Sitting here alone, Even in a crowded room. ...Read On


Come Take Me Home

Why stay for reason when reason is timeless?

I want God to come  And take me home Because being with you  Is better than being alone In a crowd, In a room, Or in my bed I would much rather be  With you, wherever, instead But now you are gone  Far away from me Against all my will  For us to be free Your starry soul  Spent and sent away To a world of secrets  No longer ours to betray How strange the...Read On


Afternoon Delight

The moment that I saw it A grin lit up my face  It was as if Across the miles I felt your warm embrace How odd and lovely To receive Some mail that’s not a bill What joy it sparked At long day’s end To garner such a thrill! Encased in thick cream envelope With three stamps on its front Smiling at the taped-down flap I opened it at once So sweet to see you write my name! The words...Read On

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I only go back later on, after a flurry of skin, clamoring limbs and lips racing to some unseen line. After you fall asleep is when I remember little things. I rewind again to see the way a smile in candlelight radiates your entire face, curves unnoticed before . A trick of the flickering light, a photographic anomaly, tiny pockets aglow in dimples bloom across brilliant irises and remind...Read On


I Just Want A Man

'I just want a man who cares for me' said the lonely little chickadee. 'I'm so alone, come live in my home and I will care for thee.' 'I need a woman but never a wife’ spoke manly Brutus through his bite, 'I'll live with you and all that you do, just love me tonight.' 'Then take me, sir, love me tonight. Help my lonely heart take flight. We'll make a home 'n' I'll not be alone the rest of...Read On


My Unfallen Soldier

Why do we hurt the ones we love

My wounded soldier so strong, You rise up again and again. The battleground is our deep love, Your wounds I inflict on weak whims. You say we'll grow ever stronger. You say it's alright, I will learn, How to trust and believe in us, love, That a flame like this ever burns. You're my person, my heart, and my savior, So why at slight chills do I quake? I collapse...Read On


You Are Gone Again

Sometimes breaking up is the right thing to do

You are gone again How many times will I allow you to stomp on my heart? When I see you with another woman my soul rips apart. I can no longer permit tears to fall from my eyes  Like drops of blood from my heart as it cries. You are gone again Your words flow like honey, thick, slow and sweet  You tell me that you’re sorry and that you will never again cheat. Why can’t I just say “no” and...Read On


I Want to Tell You

With a little help from my friends . . .

It is the hour When from the boughs The nightingale’s high note Damn it! Oh god! That’s Byron (I say) The words are not mine It sounded so good I thought it inspired Now I’m depressed I need something new To express how I feel Since I met you Yet each time I write And think “that sounds cool!” Turns out it’s something I studied in school I’ll try it again Breathe deep and stay...Read On


The Warmth

The light had all but gone, Extinguished by cruel words, And harsh moments. Her feelings numbed, And thoughts disregarded, The candle snubbed out again and again. Rare glimpses into her sad life, She hides so well, It almost doesn’t exist. Life is like this, she lied again, And took those lies in,  'Til they became reality. The smile she wears, Is open but darkly shaded, Ready...Read On



Time to pick up the pieces and move on

On the highway of life We have ridden for awhile But no longer do thoughts of you Make me want to smile Anger, pain and resentment As I see you sitting there Ignoring me and everything Anymore, I just don’t care I’m searching, seeking a way out To make this somehow fair Because thoughts of forever Fill me with despair How did we get here? To this angry place Now all I can...Read On


Will I Find a Mature Promiscuous Woman

Will I find a mature promiscuous woman if I search for one today? One who wants an elderly man in a bedroom kind of way?  I do not wish for fidelity, in fact the opposite is true, Are there women over sixty who have my point of view? Oh, to have a woman my age, as promiscuous as can be, One who loves the menfolk with velocity.  I would share her with other men of like-minded views,  And...Read On



You feed like I want to, air palpitating with signals, symbols that cannot be seen, only traced by curious tongues. I want it to be marked upon skin and bone, carve the runes out slowly before you go. So I know how to be taken. Have you noted the changes yet? The differences that are told, etched from beyond another's walls, the way a face begins to tilt like petals following the...Read On

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Forbidden Love

Once in a lifetime, a Juliet I must be.

A forbidden love Not meant for Hallmark many say its not sent from above labeling this type of love as Dark No binding ties no boundaries no barriers hidden, yet it flourishes as a sunrise all behind closed chambers A forbidden love distance, commitments stabs the soul of your ladylove yet both know no impairments Many times these sentiments are truer stronger than conventional...Read On


Love's Dance

"If you can dream it, you can deux it."

Two paramours deeply compelled A love story they imbue  Fears are effortlessly quelled  As they engage a Pas De Deux Serenaded by subtle charm Echoing across the abyss Cautious, shattered selves, disarmed Partners submerged in bliss Often full of fright Does this not seem surreal? A true love only experienced by ‘site’? Await for time to truly reveal Initial feelings,...Read On


Stepping Stone

I know of what you speak I have been there you see. There was a day not so long ago when I looked like you as he looked at me.    Our eyes caressed each other gently and his world is what I was. I remember it so clearly he could never get enough.   Standing in his presence as he tended to his business. He would glance across the room it was me there in his vision.   He could guide me...Read On


One More Question

Leap of faith

Time is drawing closer Will eyes stay blinded by fear Reality means full exposure Second thoughts may appear Ready to remove our masks Once caused by distance Too much love to leave this task Undone in the hour of coexistence Setting sail to where tangible meets fantasy Will dreams wake to true faces A bold plan, is it just fallacy Excitement abounds as a heart races ...Read On


Princess K

You'll forever sparkle in my heart

For my little glitter princess, read it to a beat. Can you feel that? Why does it take a tragedy? To make us finally see What we may have missed. Unity. Tranquility. How does life get so crazy? That we forget about we? That we forget to be Us. Ourselves. I just wanna scream Wake me from this dream I just can’t take it Pretty. Vacant. This hole in my soul Continues to...Read On


Someone Who

Never stop searching...

He wanted Someone who, with one kiss, could read his thoughts Someone who, with one glance, would turn dreams into reality Someone who, with one touch, would make the moonlight shine with electricity Someone who, with one breath, would give new life Someone who, with one dance, would walk through fire Someone who, with one whisper, would call only one name Someone who, with...Read On

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True Love Prevails

Our life together.

Funny how true love prevails Even after those dark days Back to our life fairy-tale In bad times, I did pray We're both in a better place Love is back and here to stay We now always touch base We can talk and have lots to say Laughter fills our rooms  I feel I have my friend back No more sadness or gloom Our love is back on track Seventeen years this September I've loved you each and...Read On


G Spot Minuet

My sonnet to the female orgasm

Laying before him, showing sweet glory Like a flower to the sun, lay opened Body now the instrument, only one plays Now hands playing notes, new desire a thirst Fingers seeking the perfect pitch in cries Crescendo of need, serenades pure lust Pink petal opening watery gemstone gleams Moistness portrayed, lips riverbank overflowing Magic of the moment a liquid pool Last...Read On


It's Natural

Because I love Him.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, Then distance makes me adore you more. If love as it is said truly conquers all, Then the world is ours of that I am sure.  If night follows day and the moon follows the sun, Then it's as obvious to me that you are the one If the year needs its seasons, if the day needs its hours. Then to me, there can be no love as natural as ours If there's...Read On


Sweet Thoughts of You

Sweet Thoughts Unbidden

Sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today, Chased my melancholia away, Sunbeams reigned and the blues fell away, When sweet thoughts of you came unbidden today. Oh, the sun was the same, Same was the day, Same was the work and the time frittered away, But somehow they were different in no discernible way When thoughts of you came...Read On



Thump Thump.....

Thump Thump A silent echo Beating deep within  Easy and gentle Until there is need Upping it's tempo Body in motion Knowing desires call Will now be fed Joined together Beating grows bold Bodies response Linking us Sinful intent Inner bells chime Pulses rise artfully With each purposeful thrust Heartbeat's the music With this mesmerizing dance Chemistry in unison ...Read On



You sit across the table Not looking at my hand Which rests upon formica Revealing upturned palm Sweated glass of water Drip-stained coffee cups Congealed fat drops on a dish Witness us discuss our love Your words amid the clatter Of cheap silverware and plates Fall in with that background In an undistinguished way I see you catch the server's eye A check in tray arrives You reach into...Read On


A Public Flirt

A Public Flirt... and you know who you are

She has captured my attention but I don’t her name, She adds a little extra to keep me in the game, I might call her Amy (her personality's organic) But then I think that Campbell fits (a delicious romantic) While I never met her, she forced me to bended knee When she told me her alphabet soup’s secret recipe In true British colour, no doubt learned in a fairies’ ring, She saucily places...Read On



You have your lash and I have my own, marks and stings blossom across your flesh in order to make a home. A little more pain would make the whole heart follow next, veins would surge to the ghost note, pauses amplifying the impact in between. Mine always goes inward, some dark quiet inverse that would be a mirror to yours if you could still peel beneath. Our darkness would...Read On


Rites of Spring

I loved her dearly, And, With each passing spring the time went by with a lazy, careless ease. In March, the westerly wild winds roared and howled, Bringing her closer with each passing storm. "Love me," she chanted, "Want me," she screamed, And I knew more as time ticked, I would never be free. April came green and glistening gold, The smell of rain, the smell of hope, ...Read On

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One Year On

Think back, remember...

Think back one year, exactly one year. Do you remember where we were? Do you recall the tremble inside when our eyes met?  Or nervous smiles that asked, Is that you? Do you remember our first embrace? The warmth flooding through us, the instant connection so pure and natural, it simply felt right? Do you marvel at what happened next? How we talked for hours: eyes locked,...Read On


Kissed You Naked

I kissed you naked

I kissed you in the hallway and kissed you naked on the floor, I kissed you in the kitchen and kissed you naked near the door, I kissed you in the morning and again by silvery moon, Kissing you naked always causes me to swoon. So leave your scanties in the hallway and your bra upon the door, Place your nipples on the counter and your feet upon the floor, Sex me in the evening beneath a...Read On