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Love Poems


Soar Like An Eagle

I soar like an Eagle High above the spectators below Giving them nothing but a simple hello Watching as they look at my regal splendor   I soar like an Eagle Looking for my prey But knowing it is the wrong time of day Hoping beyond hope, you will be online and not hide in shadows like Smiegal   I return each day like a Swallow Having seen a glimpse of your name flicker and not stay...Read On


Once blinded

Today I glimpsed a vision, Of a love beyond my dreams. My eyes, once blinded by her form Did glimpse her conscious stream.   The joy and innocence I saw, Did touch me to the core. The more we spoke, The more I saw, The happier was I. That she could be for me the one The one, that hears my heart.   This angel is not mystical Yet, magical is she She weaves a spell so powerful ...Read On

The Cognac

In the shadows of an orchard's still From the stem of a fluted glass With the effervescence of a Bellini Tasting nectar of your sweet puree And the pomace of your lip's extract As spirits play host in life's reveille In transparency of our intimacy And we making love in chaparrals Through the eyes of a demitasse And the heart of the peach blossom In distillation of the cognac      ...Read On

Of Tea Water

In a condensation of the tea water with a fragrance of pekoe, in evaporation as if a scent, like a landscape of Claude Monet's. As we kiss with love's extract beneath a trellis of the stars, in my poetry of memoirs, my impression of sunrise. The scent lingers, the hour feigns as the moment's pleased, and the brush falters. Now the sunrise on the canvas, the stars fall, the sun rises, and...Read On


The Moon

As I drift off to sleep While the dark orchid falls over the moon Kissing me with his petals In the shadows of dreams  As it's pollen covets my soul   Chilling me beneath my angora  Feeling my soul blooming Searching for the sun  With memories deep within the sea Your voice is calling to me As if the dark orchid captured the moon Holding on to ransom  Will I find my way out of the...Read On

Recommended Read

Found Me Wanting

You measured more than a heart and soon found me wanting. But last night was so different. When we were far past the slow dance that would lead us to this dim room.  Your hand wrapped around me, it was like fiery rivers buried and rushing beneath the earth and a mutual shudder jolted us when you began to squeeze, to stroke hard flesh so vulnerable except when in your hungry grasp. And...Read On


Huckleberry Wine

In huckleberry wine they soared  Serenely and rhapsodically Among the gracefully delectable scents of lavender Tripping in pulchritude laden steps of bliss Singing out melodically trembling notes Spinning stunning arabesques of wonder Sipping ambrosial offerings From the goblets of the gods Touching hands Fingertips Beatific smiles of serenity To the veneration of all future desires ...Read On


The Virgin Queen

Extracts from a fragment of Rahab's Red Book

As pools are deep, So her eyes. As fire is hot, So her touch. As rivers flow, So does she. As the apple and the tree So her and me. As time passes, So the memory lingers. As a virgin intact So we were. As I recall So I smile.  ...Read On


Your Love

Your love is my favorite place to rest  When the day is long and grueling I find solace in your warm embrace  Your hands have captivated me  Sculpted by the gods  Rough yet so firm and gentle Your soothing voice comforts me  Temps me out of my shell of silence  And soothes away my daily burdens I get lost in your deep dark eyes  So many stories behind your loving stare  My favorite...Read On


Endless Summer Nights

endless summer nights are magical

Endless summer nights Stretched out before us Moonlight and summer breezes Danced across our skin Nights of endless passion Lost in the moment Our hearts beat as one Our bodies intertwined Time stood still Our love never-ending Just like the Endless summer nights...Read On


An Ephemeral Love

Oh, such sweet satire! The tease which frames This amorous pyre, Becomes the most precarious of games. And we, now engulfed in the flames, Play along with unchaste desire. And, speedily the moments drip past, With unyielding, passionate decay. Even the words of love seem crass, Till there is nothing left to say. But, these feelings won't go away, And the heart shatters like glass. Then...Read On

Poetic Vicar

As I kiss endlessly, your lips of crimson hue, embellishing. stars fall a distant tiara, with spirits whispering, as sleigh rides are for lovers with mistletoe in tow, bells of blue on snow, with Cupid's arrow in trousseau. And with wonderment of castles in snow with flame aglow, with an apotheosis delivering champagne with candle's flicker, in who's name we kindle love, when...Read On


The Flame

I'm going crazy I'm losing sleep Missing you like crazy Watching the clock Waiting to see your smile Craving your kiss Needing your touch My body aching for you The passion is building You're the flame that ignites my passion You're my heart's desire I'm the passion you crave I'm the flame that Woke up your sleeping soul Our flames burn brighter together  ...Read On


Lost But Never Forgotten

Like Autumn Leaves My tears fall to the stoney ground. Your picture shivers in my hand  And I find myself smiling, Awkwardly at first, But seconds later with reverie. My mind floods with memories Of times gone by, Of laughter and joy, And of those tender moments That remain hidden between lovers. The arguments concealed forever  Like they have been for the last ten, years. I look on your...Read On


Laying gently as the moon swoons to an eclipse As my breath echoes a silence of my lips, In dreams of dreams, of our youth and lust, When we were but snuggle-ups. And now that the sands script our time, With the climbing vines of our sweet thyme, Give meaning to the herbal chime. As we ascend a circular staircase, Of memories sublime at our bedtime, When we were but snuggle-ups.  ...Read On


Petals of Love

Unconditional love was in the air, with a scent of the potpourri kissed by an angel. Petals sailed like gliders with butterfly wings straight to his heart.  Like  whispers on fallen snow,  passing the engraved moments in the stone of memories. Their passion is a rose planted near their window, where love forever grows on a rusted iron trellis. An undying love that will forever...Read On


Heart of Gold

Her heart is made of gold

She is so truly amazing, Her heart is so very pure  Just as if it was dipped Into a pot of gold. She had a flower, Deep inside her heart  That needed space to bloom To be set free. When she opened up her heart, She showed me that sometimes The most beautiful of things Can grow without the need of light. But once she’d burst into the light, As the golden rays of sunlight  Pushed through...Read On

The Red Eye

It is the arrogance of ink, my words of dark quill, possessing my mind's love affair with the twilight, in the pocket of my id. As sure as my humble pie, in cauldron of dreams, I stir the woo, caressing your mortal delights,   with a poetic adieu, before saying goodnight. With kisses from my lips and itty bitty bites, and heart's fondness, lusting palpitations,   before the Red Eye...Read On



A radiance touches your skin and I can read everything now as simple as words on a page, I was missing the point. Seeking to mine answers from that which shouldn't be understood. I could've broken you to know more, trespassed through the sacred, pressed far beyond the threshold to see what you really waited for. But it never went that far. Your fingertip met my lip and sealed the entirety...Read On

A Kiss, September

The stain of a rose that gave me life, as I dream of petals with fingers and lips of velvet potpourri, with kiss, September. A blemish, I suppose, but it rose to touch my specter, as a thorn tattooed a stain with kiss, September.  ...Read On

Morrow's Moth Flicker

Shawl of clouds over my mind, lover departing, shadow ghost, and I with a heavy heart. As my midnight cowgirl adios, leaving me, feeling my oats, in retreat of my bellicose. Now tears, shedding fears, I bid my quill somber rest,   as valance hung, lover's moon. In the catacombs of my chest, until a morrow's moth flicker,   lover departing, shadow ghost.  ...Read On


The Wind Moved Through Us

The wind moved through us before bodies speak in the most human language, your hand clasps mine and we watch leaves funnel into the darkness, the faint starlight has yet to reach us. And you draw the map that may as well be carved for the last time that my hands  gather on your body. We will always get to keep that. The moment where we breathe the night and each other in, your name...Read On


I Miss...

Just some thoughts. Hope you enjoy.

A short poem. Been quite active in the submissive aspect of my personality, but it seems it had a cost I wasn't expecting and this is an expression of that feeling.   Fingertips down my spine Then tracing softly down In a continuous swirling line Out to my arms. Fingers laced, hand in hand Heads on pillows, softer still Quiet moments in simple silence A kiss against my lips And my...Read On

Sleepy Eyes

Cuddle me a little against your breasts, 'fore sleepy eyes nigh. As I rest a sigh against your thigh, 'fore sleepy eyes nigh. And kiss my lips until they cry, 'fore sleepy eyes nigh. With a song of lullaby, from my sweet Lorelei, 'fore sleepy eyes nigh. Will you, eh?  ...Read On

Bringing Purity

Shooting the rapids of my mind over stones of gins and tonics,   as the pen has been so kind, mellowing my recitations, of vermilion Gothic, Middle Ages. And now that you bring purity, ridding my soul of dragons   and flagons of the ale wagon, I betroth, you my paragon, of a fugacious smile.    ...Read On


Special One

The fire of my love  Burns deep in my soul  It burns for one  My special one  The fire of my lust  It rages in my heart  It rages for one My special one  The fire of my heart  Demands my all It demands for one  My special one  The fire of her passion Burns in her heart  It rages for one Her special one  The fire of Her will In submission given She kneels for one Her special one  She...Read On

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Songs We Forgot to Sing

If she were standing naked by the window Staring off at the light of concentration yards Across the river and the same light were dancing Like blue savages down the lines of her body Turning just so while tin music of a distant radio falls Like snow falling through the weary radiance of street lights – If I could walk down that dangerous alley between her arms Drawn to her mouth as if...Read On


Sunshine and Whiskey

Every time you kiss me its like sunshine and whiskey--Frankie Ballard

Every time your lips touch mine I get drunk on your kiss and can't think straight Can't get enough Every time you look my way The butterflies take flight You look at me and my day gets better You say I'm your ray of sunshine When the day is too hard You warm me with a kiss When we touch Our bodies mold perfectly together I crave your touch Can't get enough of  Sunshine and Whiskey...Read On


Cum for me

Life begins

Cum for me. I long to feel your seed vibrating in my pussy. Warming me from within. Squirming its way to my awaiting eggs Bringing forth life Creating a new piece of you and me...Read On


Moon Goddess

oceans can't seperate us mountains can't hold us the first touch then that kiss mark you made I wake knowing your visit to my heart as you feed me your love drink your sweetness swim in your love gives me pause purely only ours you in my eyes forever in my heart  ...Read On