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Love Poems


Love's Shadow

For those who inspire and encourage me to write... thank you ...

Love is but a shadow  In the shadow of evening Where sunlight sinks Drowning In reflecting silver Of moon and stars Their light A beacon for Lovers  To begin Are you her? She who follows Silent Through cloister hall passage To my door Not a knocking enter Just a knowing glance Drawn in by our fire No words Eyes greet My blush glows brighter Than the candle's flame ...Read On



Twisting and turning, Longing, Her heart aching, Body restless, The bed too big, Too empty, Without Him. His protective arms Aren’t wrapped around her, His warmth, Big, safe body, Not here, Next to her, A shield against the darkness. Sighing, Every part of her, Crying out for Him, Missing Him, Needing, Not sure if she can sleep Without Him. Tomorrow, He will hold...Read On


Thief of Hearts

Sonnet #4: In tetrameter and Spencerian rhyme.

Stroke of genius, delirium, The map stained by a final hex, Delicious pandemonium Flows like rain... The perfect annex- Launched on a navy of shipwrecks. Treacherous, wild, desperate, Beholden to an ancient lex; Each moment blurred, yet separate... Every friend a confederate. In outlawed kisses, voices found Chatter soft, dark directorate; Vertigo of the blossom-crowned. ...Read On


His Love

Looking into his eyes she can see and feel his love and desire moving onto the tips of her toes she leans in softly brushing her lips against his, As she wraps her arms around him Holding, pulling him close. Knowing he is the only one that truly understands her and knows her completely. For her, he is her everything and she trusts him completely.. When she gets nervous or scared ...Read On


Where Were You

Where were you  When the love died Did you notice Did you care We are passing like ghosts  Unaware An empty hollow feeling  An echoing shout of sorrow Of loss Fills my very being Bounces off the chambers Of my abandoned core. You encompassed Inhabited Were indwelling for so long But have now vacated And the source The reason The purpose for the change Escapes my vision My seeking My...Read On


All of you

In praise of the larger lady

Watching me, admiring you, your pink lips part in a smile and round hazel eyes gleam. When I gaze in hungry wonder on your voluptuous shape I truly cannot help but gape. So, my lady bountiful and sweet, let me speak of your opulence, tell of how you sweep me off my feet. From lustrous chestnut locks that fall gently like autumn leaves onto fleshy shoulders so silky...Read On


A Life Of Wondering

Lots of different feelings

Sometimes we laugh and everything is great,  Other times it's silence and moods. It's a crap shoot to try to relate, I don't ever want to intrude. I then feel like it's some how my fault, You don't want to talk to me. You put your feelings into a vault, I just want to run and be free. I sit here and wonder are you okay, I smile and give you a kiss. Everything is okay today, We're back...Read On


Journey with You

Out there, somewhere, our destiny did wait, For me, for you, 'twas our inevitable fate, Disguised in the veils of a distant light We searched, and hoped, two hearts burning bright. For over that time, and within that space, A crossroads was reached, was our time to embrace. In search of that star, its rays be our guide, Taking us here, then there, over sands rising tide. ...Read On

Recommended Read

A Winter's Day

A Winter's Day That winter's day was pure and white,    A nip of cold in morning’s light.    The chimney’s smoke was twisting high, Reaching up into the grey blue sky. It took me back to our faded youth, A less complex time of trust and truth. The days were long and filled with joy, Our love was fresh, not brash and coy. The still air was broken by icy chill, ...Read On


Love Through The Wires

Sometimes, dreams come true, People find each other, Across the wires, That connect them over the distance. They fall for each other, Head over heels in love, But they will never touch, But their minds will. Where hands can't touch, Skin won't meet skin, But minds will find solace, Together deep in love. This love is the case for us, We lovers over the wires, Feeling...Read On


Spring will come

Random, changing, free Fragile, so you see Her fairies blow in the wind Your wishes fly in the breeze I'm a broken winged bird A wet little worm A colorless nothing In this wide fleeting world But yet, The pulse of our blood The beat of our hearts The heat in our veins Replicate nature and art Rich fertile earth You into me Legs intertwined Like the roots of a tree Seeds fertilized...Read On


Let's chase the shadows away

You hurt me, made me blind  So I made up my mind Enough hurt and offend  It must come to an end Sometimes I lose control  As I feel a fire in my soul Will I ever learn, I don’t know I forget everything when winds blow I’d never be able to resist you Oh, how much I've missed you I’m blue since the day I let you go I’m down, why did I ever let you go I was mad about things that...Read On


Heavenly heights

Feel the love

Your fingers on my cheek Softly, gently moving Now feather-light on my lips Brushing my moustache. My hands stroke Silky shoulders Descend to caress Orbs so succulent. Your fingers on my chest Tip-toeing down, teasing Circling my navel Seeking my root. My hands stray From fleshy hips, Glide to clutch Buttocks that yield. Your fingers on my groin Tickle...Read On

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If your words are painted across my heart,  if your face is drawn along every wall I'll go on to build around myself,  then I could still hold on to  some semblance of you. Some parallel echo I may be able to record and mimic,  create from scratch again and build any way I want,  but each one of those possible timelines  would always carry a flaw sewn in somewhere. The color of your eyes...Read On

Recommended Read

Love’s Pleading Salvation

A poem of love and passion.

The labyrinth of the heart  is full of hopes and dreams,  entrapments and schemes, and dances to a blues harmony. The heart bleeds and scars, it writes the novel of life of defeats and victories, and sings an ode to the soul. I feel a hot breeze burning, conflict of power and submission, blood sizzling through my veins, conquer and be conquered. Lost under a black moon, ...Read On


Caring for her Sir

With a soft whisper into the night, Feel better, my Sir...

He always looks after her, Cares for her, Making sure all her needs are met. Tonight, as His face is hot with fever, She looks after Him. It is her time to care for her Sir. Gently she caresses His hair, His head cradled in her lap, Soft words of comfort and love whispered. Hot soup, drinks, medicine and cold cloths, She gladly gets it all, Hoping every little thing helps a bit. ...Read On


Coming Home

Coming home The train trip has been a blessing. Each mile bringing me closer to you. Will you forgive me for leaving? I'm not sure what you will do. I sought my fame and fortune. Time and distances tore us apart. Now I know in you were my riches. Can you still allow me in your heart? My mind drifts to the magical times Where we walked and talked as one. How we'd face...Read On



Another Pretty Ditty from A certain Walter Mitty...

Butterfly. The birds sing sweetly in the trees, I'm bathed by a silky breeze, The sky above is a true azure blue. I feel happy... But I simply just can't fall in love with you... My love she is a butterfly And flutters fondly soft and shy So honest and so loving and so true. It sounds like an ideal world... Girl... But I simply just can't fall in love with you... And in my dreams we...Read On



All kinds of feelings

I sit here and wonder what mood you'll be in today,  It's exhausting trying to figure it out. Will it be a happy day? Or will it be gray? I try to be happy and not pout. I always feel so tense and always on defense, I give all myself to you. Of course, this is just my two cents, There is always two sides, but this is my view. A relationship that blossoms and grows, I love you with all...Read On

Recommended Read

The Fall

To take a leap and brave the fall

Lips to lips, a soul to kiss To rouse you from a peaceful sleep. I look into your quiet eyes And drink you in, but never too deep. For I could lose my steady footing, Precariously balanced, I risk it all. Should I step back to assured safety, Or take a leap and brave the fall? I feel a sense of vertigo As I balance upon the edge, Of whispering the three small words That only...Read On


Cool Embers

I must be more then a thought, am I not, in your soul journal and distant memories of the past? I must be more, why not believe  in such matters when you dream and sleep? I must be more, give me a glance,  as you go about your daily chore,  chanting songs that we danced? I must be more, then a mere shadow of last night when my spiritual being,  kissed you as you wept. I must be...Read On



If silence speaks volumes then it doesn't matter  how much oxygen is expelled from my lungs for you,  if one breath can strip you to the bone  and shake each monster you've molded my face to. Whatever you've shaped us into,  I'll be in the dark and would rather keep  the moments where I looked into the bare essence of someone,  someone who could return such a rare gaze,  and never flee...Read On


Just Another Wilted Rose

I hate becoming just another memory, Another person that you remember, But don't bother about any more. I remember the love that we shared, Strong and full of fire and passion, A youthful love under pressure. I consider our love a wilted rose, Taken by time and changed, The beauty lost and tainted. There were days I could just sit and survey your beauty, And days you would prick...Read On


Be Still

It is easy for chimes To whisper music  When the wind blows It is difficult  For music to overflow  When no wind is stirring No one can make  A song in the night  With a soul that is trouble It is easy to sing  When one can read  The notes by daylight When all things go well  You can weave songs  Of beauty wherever you go Rejoicing  In the flowers  That grow upon your path But,...Read On


A Deep Abiding Sadness

'Twas a deep, abiding sadness In a chamber locked away, And I took it out to ponder At the dawning of each day. It became my raison d'etre As my loss became my pain. Just a secret kept in silence, I would not display the stain. No one knows just what I felt When her life rejected me. But I can't allow my grief To keep sailing this sad sea. Watching frolicking and laughter, Children playing...Read On



Your love is like water, In a cloud casting shadow on the ground, Bringing life and love, The thing that nurtures and protects. It destroys in a tsunami, It creates in the monsoon, Refreshing and revitalising, Cleaning and making thrive. It flows and it floods, Trickles and runs, Unpredictable yet obvious, In an oxymoronic way. There are times when there just isn't enough, ...Read On


Me And The Moon

Another Three Minutes Of Power Pop

Soon so soon... And it bothers me that on the moon there Are only TWO colours, Bright and Black... And it Makes me swoon How bored the girl must be And how a simple sigh Feels like a heart attack... But lookin' back... On a snow-white wall on a waterfall on a night that's painted BLUE... I remember a Full Moon... And I remember YOU... A Pretty face a kind of grace...Read On


Sweet Summer Rose

Ode to a rose

Sweet summer rose, surviving autumn frost,  How come you hang on, when all the rest have lost? Why does your bloom linger so? You know it’s time to go. To spread your petals,  Releasing your soul, lying where they settle. I will tend and prune you in the morn,  Lest I catch my finger ‘pon a thorn. I know that drop of blood will feed you,  Bring out that deep, intense scarlet hue....Read On



She walks her life through light and shadow, Night and day, With His warm whisper in her mind, Her heart.  As dawn breaks, He is there, Greeting her, in her thoughts, Putting a smile on her face,  Her body on fire, Knowing she is His,  That they will talk later. Her good days get brighter, Her darker days vanish When she spends time with Him. Laughter and joy fills her Along with a...Read On


Tracing Explosions

I'll never learn anything about you by skimming surfaces, so I traced our steps to find what keeps tying you and I together, following the years back to a spark and a wick becoming one to light your home and cast out the phantoms that knew you more than I ever could. It wasn't wrong to want to be so close, to want your heart to encase mine when I've seen skin turn to stone from what...Read On