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Love Poems


Lessons we share

From this moment

  Searching high and low, looking for answers  some clarification and understanding.  Then we met  and somehow you were different  you had something special, a certain kind of way. Each day still learning and fall even more.  The look in  your eye as you smile so bright Then you call me "Yours"  and that makes my heart soar. From this moment on  knowing my life will be different, ...Read On


After Four

Laying separately, with miles between. Staring up at the bare, dark ceiling. I have to wonder if you’re getting the rest you require. Silence can be the enemy. Creeping doubt and insecurities flooding all of your senses in the deep solemnity of the early morning hours. Emotions between two are never simple. How close you can be with another person, and yet how far you can be at the same...Read On


Voices of Love

Just a little something for my love

Kindle my world, gleefully say, Your loving heart lifts my spirit each day. Was painfully yearning, a deep dark hole, Now eternally burning, mending my soul. Name of yours, lips echo each night, Visions of us dominate my sight. In your arms, your soul cradles me, Hearts beat as one and forever to be. Vow is promise, lovers were blessed, Keeps us sane to forget all the rest. Numerous...Read On


Questions of the heart

Standing together....

I fall for you  a little bit more  with every kiss with every word But in that lies my greatest fear I love the look of your smile and the gentle way  your lips brush against mine  to say Good morning or Good night The way you look at me  making me smile wide  and causing my eyes to shine  Oh so bright... But still I question  why me and not her  because to me I'm not...Read On


I Want You

Chasing lil white lines in the middle of the night under the stars.

I sit behind the wheel, Watching little white lines, Following their every direction, Some take me away from her, Others take me to her.   Following these lines, Like check marks on a to do list. Telling me what I want, What I deserve and, What I got.   I deserve happiness, She gives it to me. I deserve smiles, She shows them to me. I deserve to be wanted, She wants me...Read On

Lifted Are The Clouds

Lifted are the clouds over our shoulders Like tides of pillows in a vast sea Easy to touch with God's step-ladder A far off horizon as the sun descends Like a Tierra with glinting jewels With a wink summoning the fall In a thistle's down of soft spores Of night's poetic shawl As a winds bring fragrant sins And with love we kiss A far off horizon as the sun descends In fields of...Read On



Breathe fire over me because I'm done, walk away like so many before you,  without a backward glance.  Sinking to the ground because no gravity remains, I won't make sound as my heart shatters within your callous icy palms.  Breathe fire over me because I'm done, I've burned into ashes right in front of your feet, the air around us starts to swirl as they  start to fly away as embers of...Read On


Found Treasure

Sometimes you just get lucky. Heaven knows it was my turn. Every star aligned, with the sun and moon. Instantly I was smitten.  Spontaneous was my joy.  My world exploded with light. Yesterday's darkness took flight. Sunshine, smiles, and laughter find their place. Optimism and happiness abound.  Unleashed and unfettered is my passion. Lending purpose to my life.  More than words or...Read On



A slow burn, soft embers; The beginnings of this flame So softly fanned by both. Carefully, and so tenderly. Your fingertips leave traces, Pathways invoking such heat. But we know better than to rush This palpable warmth between us. Just how can we know the pace to set? Or when the right time is? Even with all these questions, I know. You can never rush the build of this inferno. ...Read On



It is better to have loved and lost

Why did you go and hurt me so, That's  really all I want to know, I thought you were my dearest friend, To justify existence.   But life is short we cannot weep, Or think of love lost when we sleep, We just go on while shadows creep, And justify existence.   People come and people go, And through our life we struggle so, To make some sense of all we know, And justify existence.  ...Read On


Found Treasure

Sometimes you just get lucky. Heaven knows it was my turn. Every star aligned, with the sun and moon. Instantly, I was smitten.  Spontaneous was my joy.  My world exploded with light. Yesterday's darkness took flight. Sunshine, smiles, and laughter find their place. Optimism and happiness abound.  Unleashed and unfettered is my passion. Lending purpose to my life.  More than words or...Read On


Lost in you

The way you look...

  Quietly sitting on the window sill  Thinking about you  And the safe way it feels  to be wrapped up in your arms I look into your eyes  seeing them shining bright like stars The words you speak sing straight to my heart  of only your joy and love.     ...Read On



Can't get you outta my headphones ~Florida Georgia Line

Headphones The music coming through the headphones Bringing back memories of days gone by The sound track to the memories you make today Songs you dance to Songs you get drunk to Songs you make love to All the songs tell a story And make it where Can't get you outta my headphones But I don't want you outta my headphones The memories I don't want to forget **Let your heart sing...Read On



My magical powers tell me that the title to this one should put a spell on you to read and vote, etc

    Enchanted with your sexiness, Enchanted by your eyes, Enchanted by your touch and kiss, your lips, your hips, your thighs.   Enchanted by the way you move, in a horizontal dance, It's in the way you smoothly groove, that puts me in a trance.   Enchanted by the way you walk, when you step into a room, and with the way you sing your song, that's never out of tune.   ...Read On


The Sweetest Things

The sweetest things in life are free; the sweetest things were made for you and me.

The sun creeping lazily through the window blinds,  Warming our bare skin, giving us a soft hello.  My arm draped possessively over you, so close. My heart beating against your back, as your does against my hand.  Whispered "Good mornings" and lazy smiles.  Tender kisses before leaving the comfort of blankets.  The feelings between two so natural, it shakes you to the core.  Another...Read On

Recommended Read


Fingertips graze your neck to touch a forgotten intimate frequency, I can sense the river rushing beneath the vast unseen world that your skin enshrouds. I've known this surface all too well,  the goosebumps that bloom in such a close proximity now, the invisible waves of heat rising like steamy mist after warm rain. I have to know all that lies beneath, what survives after the storm.  ...Read On


Crossing Hope's Line

Allowing hearts to mend so the opportunity of new love is not passed by...

We've been traveling The open road Windows down And our hearts outside  Our crying's stopped Only dried tears remain Salt and bitter mix Dusted on our skin It's not your fault Nor is it mine Yet guilt is felt Because we blame ourselves We both drive fast Fleeing from our pain Is forgiveness found In this whistling wind We both crest the hill Approaching from each side Leaving clouds of...Read On


Reflection v.2

A short sad poem I came up with.

I stand alone on a white sandy beach. The night sky looking down on me, as The stars sparkle above like a diamond in the rough. The moonlight shines down reflecting of off the calm sea night sea.   I lower my head to look down into the calm sea. Looking like a mirror to see A young old woman staring back, crying from the inside. I realize the young old woman is me.   Dropping to...Read On


Crumpled Letters

This poem was written a few day ago, yearning for his forgiving. Yet I still wait.

Mornings were always wonderful Our lust for each other was bountiful Always offering a cup of latte or black coffee with a hint of brown sugar Brushing his fingers while they linger. Tears have fallen and been stolen Writing letters with eyes swollen Dearest one I write you this letter today Early morning on a Monday. Stained and tears a muddled mess Words constrained I must confess...Read On


Chat and other bruises

A means to an end

I tried all sorts of imagery, To see if you would notice me, But you just chatted right past me, The point of least resistance. I really tempered my approach, Trying hard not to encroach, Keen to signal my approach, It barely made a difference. And then it came, that joyful day, You noticed me and saying hey, We chatted some, you liked the way, You said I was consistent. But you were...Read On

...of Dreamful Minds

In the twitter-light as the dusk settles And the sun curtsies taking it's fond adieu The stars wink in the sky's swinging hammock 'Neath the canopy of a night defining shade As God tips his kettle with a soft falling rain Benighted by a glinted moon of orange Spinning on an axis of sensual gravity As we kiss in meadows of dreamful minds     A pollen of snow falls on our poetic love   As...Read On



Asking for help...

  I am confused  and need your assistance  So please hear me  As I make this, my plea. I need your help  to know what I did wrong? As I ask for your guidance Understanding and patience. You know I have issues  Deep insecurities from the past I hope to save us  through working together.      ...Read On


You Laughed - I Cried

I want to know what love is - I hope you can show me

You lied to me Tim.  You told me that I would find love again.  It would be stronger and deeper than it ever was.  Dolly lied to me to, she told me that love was like a soft and gentle butterfly. I searched and searched but I could not find it.  I chased the bright elusive butterfly of love.  I found what I thought was love but that was just a lie.  I kept on looking.  Where was all this...Read On

It Started Out As Fun

What started out as fun To the little housewife She found the one How this changed her life He sang her sweet songs Wrote her lots of stuff This is where she belonged She could never get enough They met on a website How could this be He now was her knight With him she felt free They played naughty games Talked about their lives They knew each other's names He liked married wives ...Read On


Broken Promises

Wasted opportunities...

  Secrets  Lies  Deception  Broken hearts  Eyes brimming with tears  Lost friends  Lost loves  Neither needed to happen  If lives were lived Secrets were shared People fell equally  Promises kept  Questions were answered  Not simply brushed aside.    ...Read On



Once completely stripped down, you are even more fragile, more sensual than my hands could have ever realized. You somehow become everything once brought to a singularity. It's that sudden euphoria of being tied to another. A glowing velvet summer skyline right as light folds against the city, the radiance of something I once lost, you become an indelible landscape of the countless...Read On

A Secret Lover

You have a wonderful man And a secret lover too You do it because you can It's a little pleasure for you He's not like your husband He's completely different The secret lover provides loving This also can be significant You don't want anything to change However you like this secret game You don't want to be estranged You like the new nicknames A fantasy lover that's secret He too has...Read On



our goodbyes were spilled  gently  through  eternal pauses shattered syllables  and between breaths  screaming of weakness voices achingly wavered  some cruel balance of an immeasurable yearning and the bitter traces of deep regret that we must unravel  and so we clung to ideals held full of unspoken declarations  and memories never made sharing silent tears in the deafening stillness...Read On


Her Search for a Soul mate

Only wish her the very best...

  He was everything she wanted Kind, Thoughtful Passionate and made her feel safe! But why did people question this, Was it because they believed she deserved more than he offered? To be a priority a one on one instead of a second choice or fill in for someone else! Maybe they believe, she deserves a person who with each and every action makes her feel special proving...Read On


Finding Hope III Final

He checked his watch Time to leave He smiled broadly As he walked People he passed Wondered what Has made him So happy I'm going to spend The day with Hope My five year old daughter She is waiting at the park Rounding the corner He can hear laughter Being carried in the breeze He walks faster There she is That shoulder length Brown hair Those Hazel eyes Hey kiddo Where is your mommy Oh...Read On