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Love Poems


The Cusp of a Breaking


In love - feral, unbroken, and unaccustomed to your ways of thinking, of loving, of being, my resolve is suffocating - drowning in a sea of assumptions. Assumptions, sorted presumptions have a way of distorting what is true. What may be true turns into misconceptions, misapprehensions, and misinterpretations. Ultimately, Miss-Understanding stands strong at the threshold. ...Read On


She Got Highlights In Her Hair

Her lover is thrown into doubt when she threatens to cut her hair.

“I’m going to cut it all off!” My girlfriend said wearing her spicy saucy grin. As she headed for the top beauty salon My nerve-wracking hair anxiety did begin. I love my baby’s long thick brown amorous hair I nuzzle and I stroke her cute abundant curls I grab luxuriant fistfuls when we make hot love As a fevered passion for my alluring girl unfurls. I love my darling’s special...Read On


Nightshade and Blackberry

Sonnet #2: In hexameter and Petrarchan rhyme

Hunted in starlight, haunted, consumed by shadow; Night overwhelming, all bodies awakening. Fluttering eyes blink like butterflies, blackening- Onyx with enlarged pupil, piercing the window. Darting swift, sharp like icicles, through ebb and flow, The storm has come, and the ropes are fast weakening. Gasping, grasping, and breathless efforts quickening... Awake again and twice...Read On


Upon the Strand

Next to the strand, upon the tortured shore, I wept the tears of wretchedness once more. His faithlessness had me bereft and torn, While wavering be-chilled beside a bourn. A wistful face was drawing him away, She did not care that he was drawn astray. Delighting in seduction and deceit Her deft destructive power was complete. My lot was such that life felt drear and dour With nothing left...Read On

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In the wake of eruption, your embracing heart dances with mine in the depth of our fiery souls. I want to fall into a joyous slumber with your arms entwined with mine, as our bodies connect with an unspoken bond. I sense your gentle smile against my soft skin as you inhale my scent and your trembling fingers seek my shivering heat. Our consuming lust ...Read On



Here at the helm Surrounded  Laughter and jubilation Sweeping the halls I stand eternally  In thought. Maning the helm Companionless Unattended Unchaperoned Alone Without  Your embrace Your kiss The inner reaches Of my mind Have yet to prepare me For the sublime  Organic touch that you Provide. Twisting and turning My heart strings  Broken upon...Read On

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After the spark

I can’t be what you need. I watch your lips as they form a smile, tell a story. But I will never kiss them For I am not for you. My heart is not only mine. I gave it away long ago. Wrapped it in colourful paper and laid it at the feet of my lover. Freely. Willingly. It has been tended well, nurtured and allowed to grow. How could I do any less with his? People talk about the...Read On


November rain

The cold November rain hits the window, Drizzling down, leaving trails Drip... drip... drip... Her fingertip follows the water Until it disappears Into nothing. The outside, bare, cold, Nature gone to sleep. Naked branches of the trees Whipping in the wind, The unforgiving chill Freezing the living to the bone. She curls up, Watching the scene before her. Not that long ago, ...Read On


To The Moon And Back

How do I tell you how much I love you? What way would you understand? If I were to write you a sonnet, I don't think you'd comprehend. I would take you to the moon and back, To the stars you love so much, I would show you the wildlife in the wild, The way they were meant to be. I could hire a plane and write letters in the sky, Declaring my love for you, Or I could buy you diamonds,...Read On

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Now that I'm gone, would you be  so inclined to read, spending memories in dreams... would you be? My old love letters from me to you, turned yellow  from times ago  and midnight kisses of November's snow... would you do that for me? Will your tresses, in nocturnal moments of your spirituality lay on my chest and caress me in my rest... as I compose poetry? Would you be ...Read On


For You The Snow Is Always Falling

For you the snow is always falling, As it was on the day you died, You had passed through basic training, Even though about your age you had lied. The sun shone bright upon that morning, The air cold, calm and crisp, Out there in the trenches, A moment of quiet bliss. The guns had stopped for a little while, The bangs and bullets stopped still, But you all knew in your hearts, ...Read On



This was a poem I wrote for an ex-lover. You will always be a part of a special memory.

Inside your heart, Feel my voice, Beat like a teardrop, "You have a choice." Skills of a juggler, Arms of some Hindu deity, Multitasking, Losing reality. End of the tunnel, My Silverlight, Let me go, While love still burns bright. ~Roxy...Read On

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Swans Danced

If only my words were true and swans danced  on mirrored glass, visions of scent wafting there. If honeysuckle grew in fields of smiles and dew of kisses all the while. If only beauty dared  to grace your wiles and crochet love, like harp strings, on halos. There would be  no need for dreams, or me to write sad songs  of swans and psalms. If only, I would open my eyes....Read On


i want you

I want you, No I need you, All I do,  Is think of you. I want to be there for you. I want to care for you, I am ready, To be with only you. I want to make this work, I will do everything in my power, To make you happy, In every hour. I will give you my heart, Please choose me, And give my lonely heart, Some company....Read On


Through A Glow

Through a glow cast by dreams,  words will slowly bloom your heart open,  leave me wanting nothing more than to know the next line of your story. Formless we first meet,  unraveling in the dark until  finding the other's light,  unstoppable once those unique  illuminations circle and join. You'll touch upon the places I've built gates around,  guards standing silent and as tall as the...Read On



He may not be mine yet. But I love him so much

Am I drowning? This feeling has come anew I can't breathe when you're here My heart is beating in my throat This isn't the same feeling as before No, I'm completely awake and alive I don't feel sorrow dragging at my heels I feel warm and safe Oh, what have you done to me? I've fallen, but I didn't break I'm caught in a net of confusion and happiness A net that is so close...Read On


She Wants Me To Ravish Her

A young brunette needs satisfaction.

“Hey tall dark and handsome,” I see her hazel eyes flare wide. My rugged visage seems to inspire, Carnal needs she cannot hide. The trim young brunette beauty, Flicks ands twists her hair - a flirt. But her eyes tell another story, She wants to rip open my shirt. The lass pretends non-interest, looks away, Fluffs her frock, acts all coy and tres-demure. But in her sensual voice...Read On



I am stuck in a world of confusion, Not knowing where exactly I stand, You tell me you love me, Then go and leave me, I don't even know which way is up. The things that I go through, On my never-ending roller-coaster with you, A million highs and lows, Twists and turns and sometimes a spiral, Relentless and leaving me blue. I'm bouncing around like a rubber bullet, Ricocheting...Read On


Blow The Bubbles Away

Though we've never met I've seen your pictures online, and my girl to my way of thinking you're mighty fine. I've seen all the pictures and they all are just great, but most of them seem to just frustrate. I have no problems with you wanting to be clean, I could wash your back or shampoo your hair, I could wash your whole body if I dared. Your body is covered by a whole bunch of bubbles,...Read On


With You

If you could see inside my heart

If you could see inside my head You find out just how much in love I am with you If you could see inside my heart You find out just how much in love I am with you Inside my head you find The beauty that you bring to the world Laughter that you share Life is so great with you Inside my heart you find That life mean so much The world is brighter Sweeter,...Read On


How come?

How come when you said the vows you said them lovingly with a smile? How come when you broke them you did it angrily with a scowl? How come this difference from there to here? How come you’ve changed and I live in fear? How come I used to be your rock? How come you now despise my cock? How come you no longer want me? How come you insist on being free? ...Read On


...and Floe On The Yew

The raining of snow crystals, Blowing in your auburn hair, Like lights of a carousel blinking, Beneath winter swoon  And floe on the yew. November's love songs, And scent of the pine, Your beautiful eyes twinkling, As if musical winks in green  And beaucoup of kisses. Sinfully, enticing with a smile,  Like plum pudding in sensuality, Caressing my soul.  In sight of...Read On

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Fit of Dreams

Hissing waves of sea foam fatigue Slip through my coiled spine, shattering the bones into anemic flesh I flail through the violent surface, spitting lungfuls of torture, my blind eyes open wide as slumber’s suffocation scrapes for my flesh Twisting from its grasp, I awaken to your warm breath strong fingers at my breasts satin lips on my neck and your soft murmur ...Read On

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The light your presence made pulls away from my heart, lingering inside and swelling for years, the spaces between promises growing like rings loosening from our fingers. This ghost knows me well, so please do not reach for me anymore, the trails I've made are not yours, your steps only make tremors when walking along darkened roads. In the distance there are still glimpses at the edges,...Read On


My Darling Sent Me A Collage

A rather beguiling collage sets a man's mind a-spin.

My darling sent me a collage It made grin and tingle is all that I can say It made me rather giddy, sort’a jumpy, Okay admit it now: it made my day. My darling sent me a collage Of her ponytail, her beauty bright I tried not to look, I really did, 400 times later I had lost the fight. My darling sent me a collage A picture of soft brown eyes, heavenly lips, But out of all the...Read On


Love On The Rocks

You would think from the title, That my love is at an end, Facing a difficult situation, Honestly, that is just pretend. My love is like bourbon, Aged to perfection over time, High content making it bold and spicy, But still, distinctively smooth. The clean edge that the world sees, The fantastic flavour we hold, With a smoky barrel backbone, We are more ready now than ever. ...Read On


Swan Song

This is my swan song I'm singing tonight, Making one last call to your heart. I have searched high and low for you and not a word, I only hear the deafening sound of silence As my heart breaks into more tiny pieces, too many to count. I shall preen myself while waiting for a sign To tell me if I should finally give up Or continue to love. I need to know if this is all been in vain Or if there...Read On


Remembering Symmetry

Put your face to mine and you may feel yourself  somewhere along the contours that shape  who you once fell in love with,  the lips that part as if by instinct to entwine with such a fateful symmetry. Autumn will soon fold into winter,  so remember me when the chills graze your skin,  when the grass and fallen leaves are covered with frost. The ache in my bones will pull me out of...Read On


Can you not see?

Why do you make me feel this way?

Why, am I feeling this way? Feeling blue, because of you? Can you not feel my despair? Do I not mean anything to you? Is this the result of a one-sided love? One feeling a lot of emotion, And one not feeling a thing? You're human too, aren't it? How can you be so heartless and cold? How can you not see me, when I'm in front of you? I'm dying inside. Do I have to die? ...Read On



Love you baby

Each day for the past few months we come together Talking Playing learning how to pleasure each other.  As we share our lives the good and bad and everything in between. Being each other’s comfort and joy as we grow stronger and closer morphing from friends into lovers...Read On