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Love Poems



my goodbye

Goodbye my love,  Goodbye my heart... I hope that she will love you like I do... Goodbye to my soulmate,  Who made me open my eyes,  Who taught me where I stand... Who showed me what it means to feel beautiful,  I hope that she sees,  Just how wonderful you are,  I hope that she understands you... But most of all I hope that she shows you just how special you truly are. ...Read On


Mark The Horizon

Mark the horizon with your light, a glowing note I can always read and keep with me. Because when I look at stars, I never see the math or the science explaining them, much like your cheek pressed close to mine as we dance away the night beneath this clear and vast sky. I don't need explanations for what is beautiful. Glow for me alone, because even if we part We'll never...Read On


Dancing With The Truth

A dance partner is loved despite her lies

She sailed across the ballroom floor Her v-back dress showing off her form With perfect curves, no Frenchman could draw And slender legs that kicked up a storm She spun and twirled elegantly Even balanced above my head Between my outstretched arms, she'd lie Then tell me tall tales in bed...Read On


The Lighthouse

The loneliness of the lighthouse keeper

I watch the waves crash against the rocks, feeling the spray on my face, It's nice to stand here, to listen and contemplate in this deserted place. The sky is blue and grey, the sea reflecting its angry stare like a mirror, A flock of ducks haunt the waves, drifting, waiting - a lonely flotilla. My thoughts turn to you, my dear friend and love in so many tales, Come with me to this...Read On


A Toast to Cyberlove

A pantoum (Malay verse form) celebrating the wedding of cherished friends who met online.

There’s something to be said for online dating As this day’s joyous nuptials clearly show. Let’s not be backward in our celebrating; Let plentiful libations freely flow! As this day’s joyous nuptials clearly show, Two souls have found each other captivating. Let plentiful libations freely flow; Let’s drink a toast to cyberspatial mating. Two souls have found each...Read On


Paint Me

Paint me into your life.

Paint me a new beginning, paint me a happy ending. Paint me a smile, hold me awhile. Paint me a dream, make it as real as it can seem. Paint me love, sent from heaven above. Paint me desire, make me fly higher. Paint me in red, my heart no longer feels dead. Paint me in joy, like a child with a new toy. Paint me with grace, paint me in lace. Paint me in white, for our special night. Paint me...Read On

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By the morning, your image will be everywhere, smiling in the pixel of every screen, traced into all tangible fibers that my curious hands brush along. I see flashes in your iris, memorandums to hold so I won't forget the longing that begins like candlelight, a faint glow to warm our pores before true fire licks flesh. And the way your lips reached for and so sweetly tangled...Read On

Bound No More

When Love Goes Away...

Numbed by indifference Can now see you go Were once right here That’s no longer so. In your bay of uncertainty You harbor distrust Only waves of displeasure Just ebbs of disgust. Heat and passion we had Our flame burned on high But you choked out that fire I still don’t know why. You once breathed life In a dead soul of mine Chased winds of desire Thought it was the sign. Blinded by...Read On


Becomes The Dew

Where trees stand tall, I am but a shadow small, In meadows where dandelions blow, Resonating in a place Cardonnacum of thistles. And where the forest grows the waters fall, From high above a cascades tower, Like an acorn you caress woodland flowers, Where trees stand tall hour of showers. And there upon I gazed on you, A landscape in a shade of hue. And on your chest a...Read On


Waiting in the Wings

Sing me tuneless comfort Cradling my pain Help me bear the sadness  Burdening my brain Hold me while I remember What can no longer be The unthought thoughts I daily Try so hard not to think And while you act as sentry I can bear to feel The feelings begging to be felt Press forward urgently With you near, they lose danger A beast without its teeth A snake without its poison A fire...Read On


The Dance

A first encounter, but not to be the last.

The music begins. The room now alive with motion. Colored gowns and dark suits, twirling, swaying, rhythmic. A stillness. Beautiful stillness. Standing aside, letting motion flow. Lost alongside a sea of movement until his eye catches hers. No longer invisible she writhes under his gaze. Her body motionless, Inside, simply swooning. A hand extended, offered with silent command....Read On


The Gift

A priceless git is received.

She held in her hand a box With red ribbon tied just so “This is yours,” she smiled kindly Her face warmed by candle’s glow She placed it gently in my hands Finger tips brushing in exchange I felt a heaviness in my heart As the rooms were re-arranged The box was fragile and delicate Seeming to weigh nothing at all Its content, I felt, is remarkably strong That even the strongest could fall ...Read On


Light in the dark

Every night has its dawn, Light follows darkness. There are moments Where everything feels wrong, Overwhelmed with sadness, Worry and fear. But at the darkest hour, It can only get lighter, When you hit rock bottom, The only way to go is up. For her, He that holds her heart Is her lantern on stormy nights. When she falls, Spins into a negative spiral, Crushed under the weight ...Read On


Your Perfume [poem]

I’m thinking of last night and this in particular: that kiss under thread-swinging mistletoe just after you were the last to say you had to go. Our lips touched and held a second too long, I felt. Lips unpursed I could tell this meant more. I drowned in the smell of your mulled breath and the wet taste of sugar sweet on your lips. Haste forgotten in the perfume of that embrace. ...Read On


Spirit of Someone

Yet another scribbled entry in this diary of lies, Paralysed, in this pseudo world of one. Whispers, whispers of near naked misunderstandings, Sometimes hard to breathe through invisible tears. Safe warm worlds under cold silken sheets equals, Refuge. Curled up tight, yet tap tapping on the smeared glass. Morning shadows flicker through swollen tear stained eyes, To enlighten, or darken,...Read On


Wings Of Time

The silence wakes me in the early morning hours As the moon shimmers through my window  Listening to the wind softly crying  Whispering gently in my ear Sitting beneath the stars, sparkling and so bright  Sensing the mystery on this silent night  My thoughts running endlessly  On the wings of time Let us take this moment  Maybe I can make you smile  Bring a sparkle to your eye  And...Read On


My Lush Haven

Sometimes Thank You seems so inadequate.

Society tells us even when we're sad to fake a smile.  But, even when I try tears still  run down my cheek,  the fact that I am  sometimes sad is appropriate.  It in no way means that  I am a coward or weak. I have been blessed with true  happiness and love,  yet in the quiet of night  these are real tears I cry.  My hands sometimes shake,  overcome with dark fear,  I can't help but ask...Read On


Through Any Division

I feel you through any division, oceans, cities, secret tracts and tunnels, cables that bind an entire planetary canvas. Your heartbeat plucks at them, sings to my bones with a language made of vibrations, of subtle codes that gradually race beneath flesh. Each chord struck tells me that something stronger than distance or time is at work to bring two halves closer to being whole. ...Read On


Sunrise Delight

Morning afterglow soothes me Rousing from my doze Shower running Steam escaping under the bathroom door Thoughts of our early morning hours A walk up the windy beach Getting our feet wet in the surf Kissing. Laughing. Holding. Seeing the beach house in the distance Racing playfully Giggling more than running I let you win and we embrace on the front porch Not wanting the hug to ever end...Read On


You are my life

I wish I could tell you what I see When I look into the eyes of thee. A loving heart, a warm touch, A kiss to my lips that I want so much. A gentle voice, a smile so sweet, A dozen roses at your feet. Confused look on your face, I know you're not sure of the time or place. To be recognized as my love, To be told this is my soul from above. Take my hand, hold me tight ...Read On


My Heart

My Heart for you

My Heart for you It is cracked and may never be new It never lied, this is true It's all I have To give you I love you xoxo...Read On


A Christmas wish

Not just for the season

Christmas Eve, Feeling homesick, I miss you in life, Restless in bed. Christmas day, love remember that in the distance there is a person who loves you, thinks of you, and misses you. A dream, seen you by my side. I would give my life  to see you happy and always smiling. My love  you are my complete happiness, my greatest gift,  my best inspiration. A rose for the times...Read On


How to Find True Love

I'm totally serious

Try it, you might like it It’s really not so rough Once you get the hang of it And practice just enough To some, it’s second nature Others search the net Still others look to guidance books (Mine isn’t written yet) People will be drawn to you Friends to you will flock Your social life will blossom Of the town, you’ll be the talk I know what you’re thinking Old habits hard to break But...Read On


Twilight Beggins

Twilight Beggins going to sing a song, Of carousels and swirling whirls. With hurdy-gurdy girls and golden curls, And musical fingers dancing, On the keys of a calliope. Twilight Beggins going to sing a song, In eternal sleep, a fantasy print of dawn, Of a hoofer with top hat and spats. Soft-shoeing on sand and smiling mightily. Scooting the Blues, stir dyed in memories, From so...Read On


I Love You!

A poem for a special person in my life.

I lay awake at night Thinking of you You're constantly on my mind A video playing on loop I never planned this I'd hoped one day to find that special someone Like a tidal wave You crashed through the barriers around my heart Walls I erected to protect me After so much pain I'd experienced Knives jabbed into my heart Ripping at it from ones I trusted Piece by piece You slotted it back...Read On


Strange Flowers

Through a coupling in which we opened like strange flowers, the moments after are pure, even fragile. Something that almost betrays the seemingly ceaseless frenzy from before. It's only love, this new stillness, this cloudburst of things too swollen to remain contained. To breathe you in, a pheromone haze guided by impulse's velocity, that same attraction becomes ...Read On


This wish I bring to you

Christmas time brings all that’s fine, this wish I bring to you. Happiness in all you seek and love the whole year through. Strength to help you through the roughest times and light to guide your way. It’s Christmas time and it’s love you find I offer you today. Everyday, just not today, these things then matter too. Find peace and joy and happiness in everything you do. Take time to tell...Read On



Whose fault is it, really?

You misunderstood  That's not what I said  Was not with my mom  I was out with friends You misunderstood I said I'd be late And we didn't confirm I miswrote the date This is all you  And your issues of trust You always blame me When it’s clearly your fault Your blame of me For what’s in your head Is unfair and mean And should stay unsaid Your behavior is really Kind of abusive  ...Read On


Kindred spirits

Somehow, It is like we just met, That it was only yesterday We started this journey we are on. Yet at the same time I can’t quite remember How life was without you, As if I have known you forever. A funny, little paradox, But perhaps that is why Our bond is so strong, Like old souls meeting anew. Though every day, There is also something to learn, To discover about the other,...Read On

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A List of Love

Have you ever made a list of all the things you love?

I love you, that is my first thought as I inventory all the things around me that my heart loves. I love things like surprise messages from friends and forehead kisses accompanied by bear hugs, warm laundry, wet puppy noses and spring rain. I love waking up and then realizing you still have plenty of time to sleep in. I love it even more when I am sleepily tangled in the sheets with...Read On