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Love Poems


Love's Destruction and Question.

a poem about loves aftermath and questioning it.

A Pit of despair, Is it worth to repair? Mend it, Make it whole. Is it worth more, Broken or fixed? Shattered into Pieces, Waiting til it ceases. Ceases it beating, With pain Fleeting. Love bring Pain. Which the heart Causes. Is love worth the Pain? Can it be healed by the Rain? What can heal the Heart, Surely it can't be Love. Which is a pain from the Start....Read On



A willing submissive describes sensation while blindfolded.

  Shivers course through me As I try to gaze through the blindness I can feel a caress, a tease I try not to call out for nearness.   A block of frozen delight Guided by a mouth and hand And on my shoulders, love bites. My mind adjusts and I understand.   Fingers tangled in my hair And fingers massaging a tingling clit My body thrashes eagerly, but only grasps air ...Read On


Seven Whole Days

Make love to all your five senses, all at once; Every second of every minute of every hour of every

Don Abdul ©2006 There is something wrong with my eyes I cannot take them off you It didn’t take me a moment to realise How my soul yearns for you From your little actions to the complex The beauty of your soul reflects The twinkle in your eyes Soft feminine strength in disguise If I had a week to live and dream with you To act out my passion so deep so true I would spend 2 days licking...Read On


At First Sight

At first sight, I become intoxicated by you.

  At the first sight I beg you for the sweet release That drives me at my core I fall desperately to my knees To be initiated as your little whore.   At the first sight I slide my hand around for all my worth In motions, along with my tongue's heat Around your magnificent girth, Devouring every inch desperately.   At first sight I feel the wetness between my thighs ...Read On


Scent of A Woman

I crave the feeling, the tasting, the eating, and the doing.....

SCENT OF A WOMAN Don Abdul ©2005 Laying out here by the pool Soaking up the sun Drink by my side so sweaty cool From deep within my mind From that collage of smells Perception of smell to the blind It is the one The scent that stirs me to arousal Venting erotic memories of times long gone Heightening my thirst for raw she-juice My hunger for wet swollen lips Letting my desire loose...Read On


Can't Leave Him Alone

Will I Ever Leave?

Sometimes you only love a person when your fucking them... .So you stay just because the sex is good... I've been loving him for years. And it feels like I can't stop loving him, even though I know he's bad for me. I'm addicted to him like a crack head addicted to crack. He's oh so wrong for me & I know this but some days I push the thought to the back of my brain, especially when...Read On


In The Mirror

  She sits in the darkness trying to be free how can she ever tell anyone what she's done to herself? She feels like she has no worth, no value to her name. All because of a little girth, her heart is filled with shame at that girl in the mirror. She's trying to cope with low esteem and doesn't realize that she's loved. She feels like she needs to scream but like no one will hear, it's a...Read On



This is to someone.. and he knows who *winks* my grapey

long ago I was hurt pain filled my heart i felt like dyeing my past seemed to be a mistake mistake that haunted me then something happened i met you now all I can think about is how you make me feel how you make me smile laugh, and giggle my heart is pounding when I think of you i get a big smile on my face and all my bad thoughts seem to melt away all I can think about is you i get tounge...Read On

Audio version available

Dream Eternal

Dream Eternal Don Abdul © Shh!! Say not a word Leave outside, worries of the world Sit back and relax Let me spoil you to the max Candle light Soft music, what a delight Chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream Tonight is the night, baby let’s make a dream Close your eyes Let your imagination soar Your anxieties, your inhibitions lower Part your lips, taste this chocolate Its sweetness,...Read On


love, respect kindness pt 2

The feeling still there getting stronger

It only took one day for things to change. You didn't know my true feelings. We spoke but yet nothing... No love? No joy? No happiness? You wanted to try again. I was so happy, But I knew you didn't love me. You only said it to make me happy. So the pain is still there but now it is worse. The love I have, Getting stronger every day; The pain getting worse. I am reminded of the night...Read On


Let Me

Let Me Don Abdul ©2006 Let me feast My eyes on the magic triangle That is your heavenly loins Let me admire, its beauty, obvious from every angle ‘Tis worth much more than notes or coins Let me sniff the sweet essence of you And catch a whiff, of your forming honeydew The aroma of your wet, warm cream That I may revel in it in my every wet dream Let me into that majestic place ...Read On


Inner Demons

I cranked this poem out so late, I can't really remember writing it.  It has many contexts that you may take it in.  I welcome your feedback.     Lilies and moonbeams Twisted by pain Erupts from agony's screams Hope now slain Writhing toward the starless sky Dancing in insanity Hearing music only when innocents cry Setting the maddness free. Shedding light holds no sway...Read On


Cruel Love

About how loves is cruel and can hurt

Love, Cruel Love. Crushing from Above. Stabbing my heart, Tearing it apart. Tearing it to pieces. Stabbing til it ceases. Ceases to exist, Clouded in mist. Love, Kills , Give pills. Pills to remove the heart. Making it part. Removing the Heart, Thats the great Part. Without a Heart, We'd...Read On


Passion Enfolds

poem about sex

Lusting for your embrace. Smiling at your face. Beautiful and sweet. Taking you off your feet. Collapsing as we touch, Never too much, Folding into embrace, While kissing your face. Our bodies Glistening, And listening. As we enfold. Are we cold? Passion alights , And takes flights. We are one, Will we be undone? ...Read On


Times Gone

About an ex love

Passion gone, Like a fleeing dream. Floating on A cloud. The sky, calm And blue. Making me feel Lonely and free. The dreams are Of you. Someone I still love And always will. Regret in mind. Never should, have Let you go. Cause you, hold my heart. Forever shall I love. Forever keep my...Read On



A poem about one I loved

Shattered shards Of glass. Ripped through heart. Bloody heart. Blood cold, dripping From crumbled heart. Searing pain Of old. Shards of blood, Speckled with somber thoughts Of you. Love of you. Pain still held, But not forgotten. Love within, Of you. Always Love you, Never hatred. Life goes on Without...Read On


Imbedded in Heart

Poem about some I really loved

Shards of you, Splintered in heart. Wanting you Back in my arms. You hurt me, But that’s gone. Forgiven forever, Hoping for you. Hoping to hear, News of you. No news comes, ever. WILL IT? Love remains within Me. Love for you, Who betrayed me. Betrayal happens, But Love’s Forever, In the heart Of the Lost. ...Read On


Sappho's Curse

Males not allowed here

this curse known to men two against one silent by the whispers heat vibrates the room | the atmospheric lights silhouetted bodies | seduction in a dance a whirl | a cry exploring hands | experienced fingers | deep inside glow of the hungry seductress superior desire look at the moist open wings ...Read On



For him.

    I feel your hand caress my skin Something stirs inside Something ignites and awakens I cannot try to hide     I feel your eyes gaze into my soul And my fears are chased away. And something sweet finds its hold And my body begins to swoon and sway.     I crave the words I know you'll speak Or the way your lips may taste. Your voice alone makes me weak, A...Read On


Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed…

Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed…             Would my heart flutter like millions of butterfly’s wings brush against my flesh? Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed…             Would my soul burst like a star colliding into another? What do your kisses taste like Theo? Can I ever know what your lips feel like upon mine?   Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed… ...Read On


Sweet Rush

  Something courses through me A sweet rush, but violent thrill Rocks my body A pleasant chill I shiver with longing for your caress And it's torturing, arousing, promising Desire to feel mingling breaths To feel our hips rocking. I want to cling to you And have you envelope me To be without you was cruel. You've become a drug, something I need To sustain this...Read On


I’m Stripping Him Naked in My Wicked Dreams

I should be ashamed of myself. He is hot and sexy than most men I have ever seen, But He is out of my reach. So I am left with wicked dreams about him. He is the sun that would melt you like butter. Yet his charming ways are haunting like dream lover, who has come into your reality to grant all your wicked dreams life. Words and thoughts flow about my wicked mind, but he...Read On



I'm done dealing with this pain.

[For her.]     You've had your chance You and I are through I'm done with this manic dance I don't want to be with you. You've made your bullshit case I've made my points known That I never again want to see your face Your chances are blown.     I've moved on, I do not want you anymore You were obsessive, controlling I will not be your little bitch anymore I...Read On


Here Stops Love until You Are Back In My Arms

Lost from my reach he is now. Twisted fate has split us apart. Here stops love until you are back in my arms.   My tears flow for his trouble times. My heart burns forever with love only for him. Here stops love until you are back in my arms.   My dreams are lingering erotic hope one day we share together. Passion is lingering in the shadow of him and me. Here...Read On


I Love Him, He Loves Me Knot

Theo is about the world making hearts melt into his. Pictures float about magazines that stir world souls into his wicked will. How his picture with haunting green eyes made fall in love with him? But he loves me knot. I love him with such depth and passion; I find it hard to breathe. Theo moves about the world without care about my feelings toward him. I am here alone,...Read On


Bliss of loving you, Theo

My mouth is drooling.             How my mouth wants to descend down upon your wondrous cock?             My tongue is longing to probe your cock entire length like wondrous candy for my delight.             Teasing licks, soft licks, hard and fast licks about it, as you moan to delight I am giving to your cock.             Slowly my lips will move down it’s enter length and back...Read On


Where does an Angel go to Cry over You?

Must my tears always be hidden away from you and the world? Is my love just madness eating my heart and soul away? Why must this angel of endless love for you always be bound too dream that will always be out of reach? Must these heavenly blue eyes always be lost in emotionally rainstorm because you are not holding me or caressing my body? Under the moon and shining stars, I glaze...Read On


Body of Verse

Morning dew upon my cheeks is just my hidden tears away from Theo. Hoop dreams fading about me because Theo is not mine. My body is nothing but an endless verse of love for Theo. Why not me? Can’t Theo see my body is aching for him? The last knife into my heart and soul is Theo refusing my love. I want to be his, Eve. Passages I walk will lead me straight into his...Read On


Depth of His Darkness

Benighted is Theo dreams of fame and glory. Now upon his life and career is a shroud of darkness. My heart fears from him. My soul longs to save him. Now Theo mind, heart and soul lurk within the depth of a darkness that keeps him from the light of reality. How I wish I could appear in front of Theo to hold him strong? Does Theo care what he has done to himself and all those...Read On


Forbidden Soulmates

A poem about a forbidden love shared between soulmates that have to hide it from the world.

It is said, "Passion can never purchase what true love desires: true intimacy, self-giving, and commitment." I am SO in love and desire nothing more than to be your one and only. We have decided to follow our hearts and bring this to a higher level of commitment, giving in to our true feelings... Knowing... There is no going back, for our love is like a wildfire burning through acres...Read On