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Love Poems


Sappho's Curse

Males not allowed here

this curse known to men two against one silent by the whispers heat vibrates the room | the atmospheric lights silhouetted bodies | seduction in a dance a whirl | a cry exploring hands | experienced fingers | deep inside glow of the hungry seductress superior desire look at the moist open wings ...Read On



For him.

    I feel your hand caress my skin Something stirs inside Something ignites and awakens I cannot try to hide     I feel your eyes gaze into my soul And my fears are chased away. And something sweet finds its hold And my body begins to swoon and sway.     I crave the words I know you'll speak Or the way your lips may taste. Your voice alone makes me weak, A...Read On


Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed…

Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed…             Would my heart flutter like millions of butterfly’s wings brush against my flesh? Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed…             Would my soul burst like a star colliding into another? What do your kisses taste like Theo? Can I ever know what your lips feel like upon mine?   Tell me, my sweet Theo, if we kissed… ...Read On


Sweet Rush

  Something courses through me A sweet rush, but violent thrill Rocks my body A pleasant chill I shiver with longing for your caress And it's torturing, arousing, promising Desire to feel mingling breaths To feel our hips rocking. I want to cling to you And have you envelope me To be without you was cruel. You've become a drug, something I need To sustain this...Read On


I’m Stripping Him Naked in My Wicked Dreams

I should be ashamed of myself. He is hot and sexy than most men I have ever seen, But He is out of my reach. So I am left with wicked dreams about him. He is the sun that would melt you like butter. Yet his charming ways are haunting like dream lover, who has come into your reality to grant all your wicked dreams life. Words and thoughts flow about my wicked mind, but he...Read On



I'm done dealing with this pain.

[For her.]     You've had your chance You and I are through I'm done with this manic dance I don't want to be with you. You've made your bullshit case I've made my points known That I never again want to see your face Your chances are blown.     I've moved on, I do not want you anymore You were obsessive, controlling I will not be your little bitch anymore I...Read On


Here Stops Love until You Are Back In My Arms

Lost from my reach he is now. Twisted fate has split us apart. Here stops love until you are back in my arms.   My tears flow for his trouble times. My heart burns forever with love only for him. Here stops love until you are back in my arms.   My dreams are lingering erotic hope one day we share together. Passion is lingering in the shadow of him and me. Here...Read On


I Love Him, He Loves Me Knot

Theo is about the world making hearts melt into his. Pictures float about magazines that stir world souls into his wicked will. How his picture with haunting green eyes made fall in love with him? But he loves me knot. I love him with such depth and passion; I find it hard to breathe. Theo moves about the world without care about my feelings toward him. I am here alone,...Read On


Bliss of loving you, Theo

My mouth is drooling.             How my mouth wants to descend down upon your wondrous cock?             My tongue is longing to probe your cock entire length like wondrous candy for my delight.             Teasing licks, soft licks, hard and fast licks about it, as you moan to delight I am giving to your cock.             Slowly my lips will move down it’s enter length and back...Read On


Where does an Angel go to Cry over You?

Must my tears always be hidden away from you and the world? Is my love just madness eating my heart and soul away? Why must this angel of endless love for you always be bound too dream that will always be out of reach? Must these heavenly blue eyes always be lost in emotionally rainstorm because you are not holding me or caressing my body? Under the moon and shining stars, I glaze...Read On


Body of Verse

Morning dew upon my cheeks is just my hidden tears away from Theo. Hoop dreams fading about me because Theo is not mine. My body is nothing but an endless verse of love for Theo. Why not me? Can’t Theo see my body is aching for him? The last knife into my heart and soul is Theo refusing my love. I want to be his, Eve. Passages I walk will lead me straight into his...Read On


Depth of His Darkness

Benighted is Theo dreams of fame and glory. Now upon his life and career is a shroud of darkness. My heart fears from him. My soul longs to save him. Now Theo mind, heart and soul lurk within the depth of a darkness that keeps him from the light of reality. How I wish I could appear in front of Theo to hold him strong? Does Theo care what he has done to himself and all those...Read On


Forbidden Soulmates

A poem about a forbidden love shared between soulmates that have to hide it from the world.

It is said, "Passion can never purchase what true love desires: true intimacy, self-giving, and commitment." I am SO in love and desire nothing more than to be your one and only. We have decided to follow our hearts and bring this to a higher level of commitment, giving in to our true feelings... Knowing... There is no going back, for our love is like a wildfire burning through acres...Read On


Depth of My Heart Desire

I hold my tongue. I stare the blank screen. I begin to weep to my heart pain over Theo. How do I say words to embrace Theo’s heart with warmth towards me? Should I speak what stirs within my essence for you? Can I see the truth flickering in your haunting sultry eyes as I tell Theo all from the depth of my heart and soul? Will Theo smile to the news of my love depth for him? ...Read On


A Moonlight Waterfall

A vision that has occured in my head a few times.

A Moonlight Waterfall The moonlight finally moves above the treeline, Its silvery light reflected by the calm waters, Bathing you in a soft glow, Illuminating you from behind. The cords holding your wrists to the tree become a silver line, your hair glowing now as the moonlight hits it, the pale light giving your body a unearthly sheen, a pale silvery nimbus about you. The glow, and the...Read On



Here is one poem I wrote a long time ago, hope you enjoy.

Lips Lips of a Angel Eyes of the Ocean Blue Hair of Spun Gold Skin of Soft Alabaster Your lips taste of ambrosia Your eyes deep enough to drown in Your fine hair moves with the slightest breeze Your baby soft skin Smells just like a field after a fresh rain Your lips drawing me in My whole being drowning in your eyes The soft feel of your hair The sweet touch of your flesh My Angel...Read On


The Undeniable Truth

Another day and no word, how can the man I love not send word to me? How could he not know what he means to my heart and soul? I stand in the shadow weeping my tears as the cold rain falls upon me like knives ripping my heart and soul over his lack attention towards me. My life is like a shatter glass upon the floor of life with no meaning. Desire I had to reach out to him is...Read On


My Unrequited Longing

Discovering a long lost passion

I've always handled you with kid gloves but I think I need to take them off once in awhile. Especially because you are a rude bad little boy. Always keeping me waiting for you guessing what your thinking or wanting, never letting your guard down. Forever a great big tease! Enticing me making me want you again more strongly than 20 years ago. The sounds I'm addicted to are your voice that...Read On


Lost Angel of Mine

The long endless journey of love, I must wonder forever in. My heart and soul can’t deny what’s lurking within the depth of them for someone out of reach. I hear the echoing sorrow of his wrong choices and pathway he choose to walk upon. I feel his breathe upon my neck like haunting memories that will never be real. The beating of my heart echoes like thunder to my emotion...Read On


Theo's Sinful Drinks

            Theo ’s Sinful Drinks His looks upon you are like Liquid Marijuana that will consume you like wild fire. His smile and haunting green eyes are like Liquid Cocaine flashing wicked desire at you. His kisses are like Patron wooing you into submission. Kiss in the Dark room is like shock therapy on a sex ward where he is the playing your personal and private doctor. ...Read On


Did I fail Love?

Did I fail the man I am in love? I refused to run to him, when I had a chance to run to him. I weep and torn apart. I failed love.   I longed to dream of wicked dreams of me and him, Theo asked me over and over to come to him. Now I am sitting here in tears to the news. I failed him, but mostly I failed myself.   I hate myself. I hate the choices I let be made...Read On

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Editor's Pick

Darkness of Lust

                        Darkness of Lust            Walking with no purpose. Endless sidewalks that hold no reasoning to why or what I am searching for. Nearer I feel to something that should be around the next corner is getting farther and farther from me. Waiting for something to hit me and wake me up from the endless wandering around, But My feet...Read On


Can This Be Love

                        Can This Be Love   Flames are ignite within me. Desire is now screaming out your name. My body is trembling and aching for your touch. Can this be love? Does dream come true? Your eyes, your smile, even you haunting words stir me into believing this is love.   Waiting for you to caress this body of mine. Hoping one...Read On


Pure Insanity

                        Pure Insanity   I see you…                   Walking by me on upon the streets of endless heartbreak. Now my desire are rushing within my heart and soul like wild fire. This is…               Pure Insanity Me wanting you so fast to be all mine.   I hear you…                     Saying...Read On


Night Time Dreams

                        Night Time Dreams   I lay down upon a emptied bed. Why did I say what I said that sent you away from my life? Here I go… Another day passing by me. Another night here without you. Memories of you, I fight off. I welcome my Night Time Dreams of us. I will not call you. When our friends ask about you, I will not break...Read On


Hardcore Love

                        Hardcore Love   A door opens. One heart dances wildly within wicked desire, while the other is unsure what is about to happen. Here begins the Hardcore Love. Will you enter or run? Should I just slam you with all my hidden passion before you can turn around and run away? Will you hate me? Will you tremble with fear of what...Read On


Haunting Love

                        Haunting Love   Desire within a single tear drop Escape from my lost passion. Here I am, But Forever lost to desire for love. How my heart and soul is cold like the distant star soaring about the endless heaven? My body is a temple from heavenly divine for any man to worship like his personal Goddess, But I can’t...Read On


Get Down


When you look at me Your eyes are hazy I wanna get down When you say my name You drive me crazy I wanna get down When I think of you My head spins I wanna get down When you touch me I fell like sin I wanna get down I wanna get down Get down with you I wanna get down And do the nasty too So lets get down All the way down I wanna get down Get down with you      ...Read On


The fly

It's summer

I'd be that fly on the wall, that tiny little fly that sits and waits for you to do those naughty things. I'd be that fly on your wall, watching you perving for you, just looking at you as you undress I'd be that fly on the wall -for you, walking across the monitor over the text you should read to get heated, walk over the spots of your body that I want you to touch make you get...Read On


The lyric of my heart

Written on my beating heart, lyrics in perfect script,

Written on my beating heart, lyrics in perfect script, When thoughts of you consume me, the beat so offen skips, Confessining sins of love, my heart does offten rush, A beauty such as yours causes my skin to blush.   My kisses upon your velvet flesh, with fire on my lips, Longing to caress with tenderness across your thighs and hips, Soft whispers and cries...Read On