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Love Poems


Change Is Hard

Dedicated to those who helped me through this storm.

I'm starting to lose sight of all the things I changed for good, all those things I left behind are flooding back like I didn't think they could. I don't want to revert to the person I used to be, but it's hard to hold on when I have lost everything key everything that was worth fighting for, that meant so much A genuine smile will not my lips touch it's hard to laugh through tears that...Read On

A Soul's Fool Heart

Frittering not the tallow 'neath the fallen dusk As my prose fails to describe the silence of it all Shedding darkness of my soul's fool heart In a collection with my mortal perception With soothing touch and talc of heartfelt dust  Sweet as your breasts upon my chest With a brush of the feather I pen my sins As your lips touch my poetic immunity Drowing curses of yesterday's omens...Read On


Unconditional Love

A love like no other she had experienced...

She hid away from the world Protecting herself from pain  But life was passing her by.  But that was until she met him  Someone who dared to be different..  Strong in confidence, poise and charisma  Choosing to live by their own rules.  He made the time for her  Guiding Supporting  Protecting Generally just caring about her  His support giving her courage  Helping her become strong...Read On


Is it Better?

They say it is better to have loved, and lost, than to never have loved at all. Do our hearts have to choose?   It is better to have loved?   Loved the feeling of electricity from the first time our fingers laced Loved the taste of your lips when they melted against mine Fire in my eyes, as I looked into the lust and cherish in yours, the moment we became one Belonging to you,...Read On


First Contact

Longing for that first contact, first love, that I still seek to fulfill my lonely life.

My body aches Screaming inside Searching for that missing thing A human touch That feel of a woman's hand Touching my manly skin Contact from another Upon this lonely soul I've searched for so long In hope of finding someone Who'll look upon me With eyes of true sincerity Not see the disability That I hide with such shame Or the lack of self-confidence In my daily struggle to survive I...Read On


Forlorn Lover

When promises are made to be broken... A heart...

By the shore in the middle of the night, She always sits at the big rocks, Waiting for her lover to come,  Who promised to be there. By the shore in the middle of the night, She is always singing sad songs, That would make herself to tears, For the lover who never comes. By the shore in the middle of the night, She always looks up at the moon, Asking him of her heart's fears, For the...Read On

Moment's Interlude

With poetic encore and a moment's interlude I compose prose with sensual desire On green carpets of soft Fescue Before the dew and the haze of the sun   And as the symphony of musical sensuality Move my baton of spiritual host I feel your breath upon my script With a stanza of love like butterfly wings    Like a ballet on glass of a shadow's dance Across my inkwell of thoughts and recants...Read On


The Miles Between Us Are Just Numbers

Neither time, nor distance, nor anything can keep us apart because love is everything

The miles between us are just numbers, They are excuses to keep us apart The miles between us are just numbers, But what I want is your heart.   The land between us is rugged and far, I will travel though… travel to be in your clutch. The land between us is rugged and far, I will walk it my dear… walk it and feel your touch.   The sea between us flows and rolls violently, I...Read On


Shield On Her Heart

If all of us would only leave our hearts uncovered who knows what happiness and bliss we could find.

  She's kept a shield on her heart, for too many years, through too many nights, through too many tears.   There are too many times, when she wouldn't let go. Sometimes, it's a crime, when your heart tells you NO.   If she'd let me in, I'd heal the bruised heart, that was broken in two, to solemnly start, a new way of feeling, a new way to be, to muster her trust, and  to...Read On



Whatever guided you and I first  seemed to be simple chemistry,  tiny atoms immediate and forever,  seizing one upon one another.  Our secrets helplessly spilled,  not every one of them at first,  we were too careful then  at what we could relinquish  even though we wished  to just give it all away.  It was as if a little more pain would  make the entire heart follow next.  And we...Read On


Pains of Love

The one I write about and the one I don’t are still mine You were there standing tall and confident signifying the symbolism of sea The child that I am, I see and feel you in every wave Trying to reach me through waves Engulfing me for a moment of time in love with your wave I wonder, will it be mine to love? I reach out to hold, touch and love you I wake up from this dream only...Read On


The Moonshine

Let me tell you about the sun and the moon...

  The sun falls for you The moon falls for me It gets sad knowing The sun kisses you The moon knows the warmth The sun's presence beside you The cold it gives in her absence Knowing you'll wait for her coming Loving you is like going to the moon Knowing it's hard to breathe but Keeps going even without oxygen It's hard to breathe without you The sun rises for you The moon rises for me...Read On



The rush of a first date

A new day A new friend Smiles Blushing Butterflies Joy! Beaming! Flirting Invitation Anticipation... Preparation Lipstick... which shade? That shade! Dress... Little black dress? No.  White dress? No.  Purple? No.  Little red dress! Shoes... Which shoes? Those shoes! Mirror Perfection Ready... Check hair Waiting... Check time Waiting... Excruciating  ...Read On


The Venetian Map

"...for she had eyes and chose me." ~ William Shakespeare

You'll sail through my blood,  the first time I've ever  been so entirely consumed,  an exotic element to you as  you pulled me away from monsters  As if the telling of those tales  spilled war's memory from me.  There will be no solidarity to me, love,  no origin without cracks or foreign blood  coating my restless blade.  But you come to me without pretension,  with ceaseless devotion...Read On



Clinquant: glittering as gold; glittering with tinsel; showily ornate   I see you from a distance, Standing by the cinquefoil With golden circlet upon your head.   Cleanse me with your clemency, And let me see your heart, As I see your glittering soul.   Let clarion sound, Hear the coloratura, Coalesce with me and let us coruscate together, Let our dalliance continue evermore.  ...Read On


I Wish I Never Met You

A silly, little poem by a silly, silly girl

I wish I'd never met you, I wish you weren't still here.  I wish I didn't have these thoughts, I wish you'd disappear. I try to toughen up, And pretend like I don't care. But the truth is, I still think of you, In my mind, you're always there. How do I go on like this?  Wondering like I do,  Do you think of me at all?  Do you miss me, as much as I miss you?  My body still reacts, In...Read On

Your Baby Girl

To be His

Along came a... A thought of you very sublime In the stillness of morning light Then our first kiss through many tears and my mind as in a moshpit I found I need you here in my life Your mending words Set this soul of mine on fire As you got me on a Spell under the Moon Through reflections A whisper and faith I found the divinity within Making me feel like warrior of love Now my broken...Read On


Then There Were Two

When you finally get what you have been dreaming of...

I walk alone along The sandy moonlit shore Wishing, dreaming Longing for something more   The full moon Shines brightly above Almost mocking me Here without my love   Always so far Seemingly forever apart From the wonderful man Who holds my heart   Listening to the waves Crashing against the rocks below I wonder, will I ever Get the chance to know?   What it feels like To...Read On




It all seems silly now Where I once stood firm It's not a place at all It took this long to learn Perhaps with jaded perception I created an alternate state A place that withstood time And so I was never late Doesn't that sound great? But something happened I allowed myself to love I nurtured and protected Despite words said above I made so called friends And I let my love show I...Read On


Paintings In My Mind

Cherish the ones you love

Cherish the memories  Hold your friends and family close  Tell them every day what they mean to you Tell that special someone how much you love them every day I went from country princess to a pop princess with one song  (but found my roots again) I'll Be Your Everything  was the song That changed everything The night was magical  for a first kiss  The lights low the music soft...Read On


Like A Rainbow

Your friendship is like a rainbow ...

Like a rainbow I watch you come to life With such vivid colors Shining brightly over us all The fiery strands of your auburn hair A ruby smile upon your luscious lips Your bubbly cheeks slowly turn a shade Blushing from my sweet words Your true beauty lies elsewhere Within those deep soulful eyes So big, beautiful and captivating Calling to me without words Your voice is that of an...Read On


Rainbow Teardrops

True love of kismet across the ocean waves, descends into a broken heart and loneliness for one.

I thought it was kismet Two souls finding one another Across the ocean waves A connection of true love We laughed and talked Enjoyed one another's company Sharing a bond A feeling unlike any other But I was not alone Others sought your comfort To be bound in your arms Wrapped around the world Words became walls Cracks appeared over time Crumbling by force Pushed from the other side What...Read On


Never Spoken

Don't take your love for granted or ever go astray if you don't want her or him to go away.

    "Could I have just one last shot, I'm not the man you knew. I promise I would love you, if you could love me too."   Those words were never spoken, but I often wish they were, when she left me forty years ago, when I truly cherished her.   I never should have let her go. I still haven't in my mind. She's a memory in my heart and soul, that's withstood the test of time.  ...Read On


Finding Love Again...

It always returns to find you...

Our hearts feel your pain, yours is filled with regret Their corrosive words, tried their best to beset. Duplicitous ways, easily got you down More effort’s needed, for a smile than frown. Don’t give up my friend, don’t let yourself cower Too many turn sweet, into undeserved sour. You will love again, so be patient and wait It comes by surprise, so leave open your gate. Your words now...Read On


Soul Keeper

Love can touch you in ways you can never fathom. Yours forever!

I remember the day we first met, your smile caught my attention  It was like a fairy tale not written yet, our chemistry sparked tension   From that moment we knew, we can't do without one another Slowly shedding my fear to start anew, I waited for our time together   You were different from others, you made me realize my worth We became friends and then lovers, I didn't have second...Read On


If Absence Makes The Heart Grow Strong

Hoping and Praying that the saying in the title and in this rhyming song of a poem is true.

If absence makes the heart grow strong, you should really love me now, for I haven't seen you for so long, even though I still know how.   How I've missed your bedroom smile, and your eyes of cobalt blue, and even though it's been awhile, since I've made my bed with you, I still long to hold your feet, against my chest and heart, if it's only for a single beat, before we come apart....Read On

You're My Guy

Every day I love you more My loving and wonderful spouse You're who I adore Thank you for our house I love your green eyes And your laugh makes me smile You're my wonderful guy I love your incredible style I love going to the beach Spending time with you Nothing with you is out of reach I love everything we do We agree on most things Happiness fills our walls Happily I wear my wedding...Read On


My Angel

Found by a beautiful woman, taken to a promised land I'd hoped to find one day!

I struggle to find myself in this world Laying there in the dark, hurt and curled Holding myself tight, in fear of rejection Too scared to look up, and see my own reflection I shake, I'm cold, I'm wet laying there As all people can do is stop and stare Pointing at me, like I'm some side freak show No one wanting, just to say hello Then one day you walked past, and stopped to look down...Read On


I Wish

Wishing someone was near

I Wish Wish you were with me this sleepless night.  Wish I knew what you thought in dawn's light.  Wish I was in your arms that held me so tight  Wish I can honestly believe we will be alright.  Wish you were not gone so far out of my sight.  Wish I knew if I still bring you so much delight.  Wish I send above to the stars shining bright.  Wish we were dancing under pale moonlight.  Wish to...Read On


Last walk

Come take my hand and walk with me. Through the sun kissed meadow where the wild flowers grow.  Down to the creek where the laughing waters flow.  Let us sit one last time under the giant oak tree.    Let me stare into your eyes so bright and blue.  Tell me your dreams in words whispered low.  Share your fears, your wants, just bare your soul.  Hold nothing back,  just please be true. ...Read On