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Love Poems

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There is something so elegiac, so darkly beautiful in the approach, elegant strings hovering softly, rippling through the still night air. I hear endless messages in the dissonance. I think of snowfall caught in your hair, moonlight glistening in silken strands, eyes aglow with some forlorn memory that ebbs away as your hand slips into mine. It's not so wrong to have met here, in...Read On



“To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.” Pablo Neruda

We are the slow burn. The sudden collision of our energies kindled the fledgling sparks, a convergence that made us hunger for a friction that would lead us to a luminous ignition. Alight with lustrous flare and nurtured with ferocious need, these flickers will cling, entire. Interminable heat building to a blaze that will consume. So when you ask me to never let...Read On

Anfractuous Twining's

For destiny will be in her green eyes On attic-salt of her anfractuous twining's In the still of the midnight choir  Over bannisters shining Flowing silently like soft waters In proximity of her sensuality On a pond of frozen dreams As breezes blow through her hair While she dances in meadows at dawn Until the morning's bell rung On attic-salt of her anfractuous twining's...Read On


What She Hides

She hides it well.

As her tears streak down her face she hides in her dark and lonely place. She has lost her way, can't see the light it's dark and cold her fears take hold. Never has she felt so used, lost, sad and confused. Looking back she knew it was wrong knew it all along. Her life is nothing but a sad song, it plays on and on never changing, the pain engaging. She searches for the light, it's...Read On


Love Dance

I believe the title says it all.

She's so warm this morning, Beside me in my bed, There's the scent of what we did last night, and the memory of what she said. Every movement's like a movie, Rewinding in my head, Every time we do the dance of love, I'm SO HAPPY I'm not dead. The climax is an eclipse, Of the sun and Of the moon, As we ...Read On

The Grievance

Though lovers be lost love shall not. ~ Dylan Thomas Read

How to deal with life? When a heart is made to pieces,  when disillusion breaks your world. I never imagined crying a deception. It is said that time does not exist. It is said that it is all a process, that everything passes us by, that time is not consensual. No more kisses, no more tender moments, no more love making. The music is gone. In your arms I felt deceptively happy, though it...Read On


Pretty, Little Flower

A sensual, romantic, and soothing shower for two.

Join me in the shower, For an hour or so, My pretty, little flower, Now is not the time to go. Scented oils and lotions, Await you on their tray, To scrub you with emotion, And rub away the day. Come sip your favorite wine, My pretty, little flower, To soothe your weary mind, If only for an hour. You know I have the power, To move you - head to toe, It's...Read On


Pure Platinum Pleasure

She'll lay your soul to waste.

She's pure platinum pleasure, she's a sure head of steam, a honest-to-goodness chest of treasure,  why, she's every young man's dream. She's topped off full of passion,  bound to make you groan,  she's in, chic, all the fashion,  her love is just for loan. Oh oh girl, you're such a cold gold digger.  Cold cold girl, you need your gold like liquor.  Broken hearts, like flames that...Read On

A Lifetime Of Love

A couple reflect on their life together.

A couple together for many years They reflect on their life together A life filled with happiness and tears A lifetime of being each other's lover Years of special occasions and holidays Children that are grown now Their love for each other fills their days Years ago they renewed their vows Sickness has entered their home But their love gets them through it Her husband has...Read On


Bless You

The sweetest love.

Bless you for true friendship, Bless you for true love, Bless you for forgiveness, For eyes like stars above. For blue skies over mountains, For tall ships on the sea, For all you've freely given, So sweetly back to me. Bless you for the spirit, For a soul that understands, He who walked on water, Truly loves this man. Bless you for your guidance, And for...Read On


She Cries

She cries silently in the dark, Holding her pillow so tightly. Husband sleeping next to her, oblivious to her heart. He forgets, he forgets that he loves her, forgetting to ever show her anymore. A part of her dies as she puffs on a cigarette, with mascara running and Hot tears burning on warm, pink cheeks. It was long ago when their wedding vows were said in front of all, a beautiful...Read On


Close To Me

Deep feelings and sweet emotions of love.

I can hear your heart beating. I feel the air you are breathing. I close my eyes and I see that you are close to me, and I can tell, as well, with just the slightest hint of a touch, just how much you need to be with me. I close my eyes and you are here and as we hold each other near, I realize the answer's clear, ...Read On



Walking on the beach hand in hand with the one you love can be sexual and o so sweet.

walking hand in hand along the sand a beautiful woman with her beautiful man. we turn toward each other. we hold each other. we kiss. it doesn't get much better than this. the ocean doesn't know what it's missing. we feel the rhythm of our two hearts beating as one beneath the jealous sun. after all is said and done in the universe no one and nothing is closer. but before all of this...Read On



One day spent with someone you love can change everything. Mitch Albom

You were born this way. You can try to outrun it, pointlessly deny the truth or make up excuses and mask the true nature. It is always present in you But it remains indefinable. You cannot, however, change who you are. You were born this way, fiery desire echoing inside, a constant ache within felt deep in the core. Passion burns like fire, a blaze seemingly foreign yet consuming your soul....Read On

One Stop Solo

Awake me from my last sleep While I rest on pillow-down Anointing me with your love Before the cataracts blind me Dimming the lights as I gasp So that I can see you As my breath becomes shallow And when the spirit at the gate Rings down for my number I will whisper with a kiss As I pass... To everlasting tomorrows For things will come to past When the Good Lord ask...Read On

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My Love For Simplicity

A poem dedicated to my love, Simplicity

How often does love confound us?  How often does love perplex?  How often does love confuse us? And how often does love cause stress? I've loved enough times to realize  It's often far too complex.  The battle of wills  And the pain it instills  Often turns joy into vex. What I long for these days is more subtle It's something so easy to say. I long for a love with no trouble  Just a...Read On


Sunshine On A Rainy Day

The beauty of a rainy day.

Laying on my bed my windows open, watching the rain fall. The drops landing on the crops that surround my farm house. The beauty of it all astonishes me, nature at its best. The thunder softly echoing across the sky. If I close my eyes tight I can hear your voice riding the wind. Calling out to me in the form of the lighting that zig zags across the cloudy gray sky. As I peer out...Read On

The Seasons of love

Winter enshrouds, the world's pulse near dormant. Harsh cruel winds cut and blow. A question of hope and even survival. Time seems dead; it moves so slow. Spring hearkens, signs of rebirth, renewal in the moment. Buds swelling, inner forces start to warm, rise, and flow. An initial whisper of a promising future; the planting of seeds is more than vanity though. Summer broadens, as light...Read On


Thank you for ...

Sweet Lover, Thank you.

You took me into your life, took me into your heart, took my love and made me believe, That you would hold me close to your soul, keep me safe in the knowledge I would never need to leave, Leaving me bathed in the strength and scorching heat of your Love, You give me everything my heart has ever dreamed of. I crave your mouth on my body, your fingers stroking my skin, your body...Read On

Soft Side Of A Dream

Blinded by a moment's heavenly spent Daydreaming optics nearsighted I vent While in still waters of a poetic ripple A silent soliloquy of a wood thrush While on the soft side of a dream  In the wind chimes of my mind With sentiment of love painting with a touch  On the canvas of an easel with a blinded brush...Read On


Your Hand

When the night comes for dreams...

Tell me what to do, My hand is your hand. Where do you want them, Touching, Caressing, Grabbing, Rubbing. Tell me what to do, My body is yours. To command. Do you want it, Aching? Wanting? Needing? Cumming? Tell me what to do, I am yours to command. Say the words I am longing to hear. My body moves to the sound of your voice. My mind reaches yours. My body aching to...Read On

Down From Above

Walking the brook stones wading up to my knees Feeling the cooling tingle the coming of breeze While sipping the broth of amber tea With a sweet essence of you As ripples of love ring down from above For whom the boughs brings pinecone words Aerating a poetic umber of forest leaves...Read On


The Train And The Tunnel

A metaphor of erotic sex and love

The train had been coming for years, always passing through the tunnel with loving care. Its steam and smoke adding to the tunnel’s love for it, hugging the walls near. It passed so close to its walls it seemed to be scraping them, and providing them with noise, rubbing and loving the tunnel. The tunnel loved the train. When the train entered the tunnel, its big round light was bright,...Read On



Maybe I see things differently

Perhaps I told you This once before Perhaps I love you Perhaps nothing more Perhaps I forgot to say This isn't a game Perhaps you'd hear me Perhaps without blame Perhaps one day You will understand Perhaps there's much more Perhaps the Master's Plan Perhaps next week You'll see he's not man Perhaps I will wait Holding Master's hand Perhaps my Master Is simply the Tao Perhaps you'll...Read On


Liquid Love

She melts more than my heart.

My inner self, liquid, molten, warmed to the furthest edge of comfort. My skin, a thin cool shell, contrasting the heat inside. Blood no longer courses through its graduated paths. My heart, the only solid substance still within my shell. Beating, pounding, throbbing, causing everything to move within, all circulating, flowing, wave after wave. Bones melting, unable to stand, Collapsing...Read On



Maybe I was never inside of you. We rush past and back through ourselves, reaching for some mutual light, some radiance that will not let memories turn from nectar to poison. Even if we leave, I'll hold on to some things... Kissing where scars made signatures on skin, a deep story told through each one, it doesn't matter how they came to be, I still jealously cling to the taste. How each...Read On


Just A Few From Me to You to Shake away the love stuck blues

ISN'T EVERY BODY DOING IT We do it in the garden, In the bushes - In the shed, In the attic - In the cellar, On the floor & On the bed, On the dinner table, WHAT A LOVELY SPREAD! While the wine's fermenting, Someones baking bread. We do it at our neighbors, And in our old homestead, Walking on a wire, Hanging on a thread, Pressed against the wall, And standing on our heads, In a van or car...Read On

Six Degrees Of Imagination

In six degrees of this poets imagination But a moment apart in separation And a decimal's breath from a kiss  With a phantasm cubic equation  Using a geometric T-Square In lassitude seeking your touch  As the sand rings down my eyes Rowing gently in my dreams  On the wings of enchanted love  In six degrees of this poets imagination...Read On


Careless Whispers

when one is heard amongst others

They laugh and smile, All talking about life and loves. They talk to others, while they glance to another and wink. Showing their falseness to another. While they look to another. They smile and giggle, they wink and stare to each other. While others unaware of their betrayal. Others whisper and mock them. Nastily they talk between them. The hate they hide. Though...Read On


Away For Days

I know the reasons you had to leave me Maybe it's the best for now, I can be free I look over at your side of the bed At first I cried, then I let myself be led I'd known him for years, he's a good friend I wish I could tell I thought about it in the end Sad and lonely, missing us, I tried I was weak, gave in to a need, I lied When you'd call, ask was I sleeping well I'd tell you no I...Read On