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Love Poems


My Christmas Wish

My Christmas Wish It’s the most wonderful time of year The air should be filled with Christmas cheer Trees and houses adorned with lights The twinkle of children’s eyes so bright Santa knows who’s naughty and nice He has his list and checks it twice If only he and his magic reindeer Could bring you to me, so we could be near I’d wrap you tight in love’s warm embrace ...Read On


The Meeting

A meeting of one sided feelings.

The waiting is always more than I can stand. I yearn to see his face, to touch his hand. I need to hear his voice and see his smile... just to spend some time with him awhile. He dare not ever know how deeply I feel because my love for him is very real. I yearn for his touch, his lips, his eyes. He is so passionate, so caring and wise. He is engaged to my dearest friend so my love for...Read On


The Underlying Need

Words of encouragement for my beautiful princess...

There it is, Hidden in the dark recesses of your tender heart. Yes, it is there that you find the craving, the absolute need. It has held you captive since the very beginning, When you were but a fragile, little girl, This vague yet overpowering desire for something just beyond your grasp. The years have flown by And my girl has blossomed into a beautiful, vibrant woman. And yet...Read On


Heart Of Gold

You have a heart of gold Your love is pure Your touch so real Dreams of you lying on the beach You are my lover You are my husband You are my beautiful world You are every breath I take I look for you in the horizon You are the sunset You are the stars I am proud to know that your heart is filled with gold You touched my heart with yours Turning my heart...Read On


On Amorous Occasions

Like a porringer my mind ladles verses of chowder, Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, Over wallops in the road and all things told. As the quill spoon-feeds my quest, At hour I lay me down to rest, When my eyes fall bleary  Searching for pages of my chatterings. And with a harbinger of thought I caress, The hollow in the well of my chest As you kiss me upon the cheek. In...Read On



My insides are bruised, Slightly twisted and abused, As I take another drink, I get lost, turn around, I get found, Trying to heal, looking everywhere, I take myself to the brink, to the edge, Still believing in illusion, Trying to forget everything, Wipe the slate clean from start to finish I am paranoid and dejected, A loose end unprotected, A little wicked and unhinged. If I...Read On


Take Care Lover

My arms long to hold you My lips to taste And make you mine You are but a heartbeat away But yet so far So very far from me Make me yours Never leave me wanting your touch again We have found something special Take special care For it doesn't come often And is so very dear...Read On


Love In The Dark

We have never been 'together' But we have loved like the greats Never needing any titles to describe our love We are free and love with abandon Your heart beats against mine It feels like it's beating in my chest In this dark room we escape to be together Alone Ourselves No pretences in our hearts as we shed expectations with our clothes Naked I bare myself to you My soul to you The real me...Read On


A Friend's Feeling

I get so restless, thinking about you.  What we can be,  What we can do. It's crazy,  It's just wild.  When I see your name,  I smile. This has never happened before,  To me, it's new. But, I know what I want,  And sweetie, it's you. I'm glad you are my friend, I appreciate you.  Everything you did,  Everything you'll do. I tried so hard, to be just your friend.  ...Read On



The end That's where it starts At that moment you walk out of my life You look back at me Wanting me to stop you One foot out the door And the words get stuck in my throat. 'Don't go' I want to shout 'Stay just one more night' But how do I love you without losing a piece of me? You stand there still Wanting me to beg just one more time I turn away And one last time you follow me 'My other...Read On


Just Once

Meeting one's online lover just once

I often wonder How it would be To have our worlds  Intersect for a while Your world and mine This world and real life And to be with you To have us be as one Just once We'd initially meet In a public place Such a better idea, At least at first The conversation Of much more than strangers Somewhat awkward, As we introduce ourselves In a very different way Each searching ...Read On



I stand here empty I have given you everything All of me And now I'm empty You never asked I just gave That's just what you do when you are in love You give without expecting Take from yourself to make the other whole You take until there is nothing left Until you're drained Wanting Empty My love for you could move mountains Shake oceans Destroy the world But for once my love for me has to...Read On


He Runs His Hands Down My Body

He runs his hands down my body. He pulls at the ends of my shirt.  He pulls me close, kisses me lightly.  He pulls my shirt up and over my head. I feel light and heavy at the same time.  I kiss his neck lightly. I run my hands over his back  I pull at his jeans to bring him closer. He runs his hands down my body. He grabs my waist and brings me close. He pulls off my jeans and...Read On



Sometimes I wonder,  wonder if I'll always be alone.. Sitting somewhere, watching the people walk by with their loves with them,  yet no one is near me.. Is it my looks?  What makes me get skipped over every time? I ponder in my head, the things I could do differently, how to change the way I look,  then I decide - well, no,  if he doesn't like me for me,  then screw him... ...Read On


Whispers Of Vermillion

Erstwhile, but a thought, A shenanigan ago, Without least the jargogling, On my window pane a quiet still, A carousel doily of frost. Like a shadow passing over my sill, Whispers of a vermillion fly-away bird, With verses for my inkwell to be heard. Silently stirring curds and whey of memories, Of how we danced winter's chill, And with thunder of baton, Croutons of rain...Read On


Words and A Thank You

A heartfelt thank you to everyone here, both authors and readers and those who run this site

The power of words, an often very familiar subject matter for poetry and prose. The choice of words and the community of Lush is what I wish to examine for a short time here. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, the choice is a never ending list. For from now I'll just use the word rose. I know some words have power over me, my feelings, my mood and can even incite some fear. How has this come to be?...Read On


Simple Ceremonies

Shall I pour or shall you A cup of shared  remembrances or renewing  an old affair A simple ceremony of life and loving We have so many do we not So many simple ceremonies in our lives Sharing good times and bad Sharing the ceremonies of hope and fear and death and joy Such joys we share in simple ceremonies A welcoming hug a kiss a sigh a loving embrace as we live and before we die ...Read On


Our Firsts

I remember every word Of our first conversation Giggles and blushing Accompanied by a swarm Of the first of many butterflies You would make me feel Eventually the first flutters Became the first "I love you" Saying goodnight impossible Leading to the first ache As we wished for more time Though distance hurts Our time will come If we never lose hope We will share our first kiss And...Read On


A Wish For My Lover

To be with you this holiday

Here we are at the holidays Even though you’re an ocean away How I'd love to be with you today Thinking of you on Christmas Day I see us in our house by the sea Snuggled in front of a fire You drinking wine and me iced tea Holding you is all that I'd desire We'd have a small tree And exchange presents This would be our reality This would be pleasant I’d be in a dress with heels...Read On


Only Me

I couldn't decide what my heart had wanted, I couldn't multiply and divide myself into two. I'm only me. I love you both so deeply. I'm so sorry for the mess I've made, My heart's been bleeding. I see a monster when I look in the mirror but I'm only me. Maybe I am the fucked up one and I don't know shit about love. I thought I had found my safe haven with you, Now it's gone forever. I...Read On



my goodbye

Goodbye my love,  Goodbye my heart... I hope that she will love you like I do... Goodbye to my soulmate,  Who made me open my eyes,  Who taught me where I stand... Who showed me what it means to feel beautiful,  I hope that she sees,  Just how wonderful you are,  I hope that she understands you... But most of all I hope that she shows you just how special you truly are. ...Read On


Mark The Horizon

Mark the horizon with your light, a glowing note I can always read and keep with me. Because when I look at stars, I never see the math or the science explaining them, much like your cheek pressed close to mine as we dance away the night beneath this clear and vast sky. I don't need explanations for what is beautiful. Glow for me alone, because even if we part We'll never...Read On


Dancing With The Truth

A dance partner is loved despite her lies

She sailed across the ballroom floor Her v-back dress showing off her form With perfect curves, no Frenchman could draw And slender legs that kicked up a storm She spun and twirled elegantly Even balanced above my head Between my outstretched arms, she'd lie Then tell me tall tales in bed...Read On


The Lighthouse

The loneliness of the lighthouse keeper

I watch the waves crash against the rocks, feeling the spray on my face, It's nice to stand here, to listen and contemplate in this deserted place. The sky is blue and grey, the sea reflecting its angry stare like a mirror, A flock of ducks haunt the waves, drifting, waiting - a lonely flotilla. My thoughts turn to you, my dear friend and love in so many tales, Come with me to this...Read On


A Toast to Cyberlove

A pantoum (Malay verse form) celebrating the wedding of cherished friends who met online.

There’s something to be said for online dating As this day’s joyous nuptials clearly show. Let’s not be backward in our celebrating; Let plentiful libations freely flow! As this day’s joyous nuptials clearly show, Two souls have found each other captivating. Let plentiful libations freely flow; Let’s drink a toast to cyberspatial mating. Two souls have found each...Read On


Paint Me

Paint me into your life.

Paint me a new beginning, paint me a happy ending. Paint me a smile, hold me awhile. Paint me a dream, make it as real as it can seem. Paint me love, sent from heaven above. Paint me desire, make me fly higher. Paint me in red, my heart no longer feels dead. Paint me in joy, like a child with a new toy. Paint me with grace, paint me in lace. Paint me in white, for our special night. Paint me...Read On

Recommended Read


By the morning, your image will be everywhere, smiling in the pixel of every screen, traced into all tangible fibers that my curious hands brush along. I see flashes in your iris, memorandums to hold so I won't forget the longing that begins like candlelight, a faint glow to warm our pores before true fire licks flesh. And the way your lips reached for and so sweetly tangled...Read On

Bound No More

When Love Goes Away...

Numbed by indifference Can now see you go Were once right here That’s no longer so. In your bay of uncertainty You harbor distrust Only waves of displeasure Just ebbs of disgust. Heat and passion we had Our flame burned on high But you choked out that fire I still don’t know why. You once breathed life In a dead soul of mine Chased winds of desire Thought it was the sign. Blinded by...Read On

Recommended Read

Patchwork Quilt

Time is precious

She binds together, Squares of her patchwork quilt. Petals sway gently, Her loves rose starts to wilt. Broken bonds of love, Sweet romance of days past. Silent promises, Unfulfilled dreams still last. She knows his secret, Her quiet words cry out. Darkness falls around, Of which, she has no doubt. Pale lips remain closed, A blind eye to the pain. His fun carries on, His addictions remain....Read On


Becomes The Dew

Where trees stand tall, I am but a shadow small, In meadows where dandelions blow, Resonating in a place Cardonnacum of thistles. And where the forest grows the waters fall, From high above a cascades tower, Like an acorn you caress woodland flowers, Where trees stand tall hour of showers. And there upon I gazed on you, A landscape in a shade of hue. And on your chest a...Read On