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Love Poems


Kisses On Dew

In hues of spiritual scent sharing our dreams In meadows of weeds and honeysuckle vines Laying we down under skies of halo lights Sweet confessions we fess Valentine's night As time has spent last hours of dusk Caresses are made in midnight shade Of the orange rind-moon and carnal desires Beneath the oak on sheets of watercress  Courting the hours and lighting our fires Like sipping...Read On


Valentine Amour

This is dedicate to all my dear friends

Valentine amour, is golden as the sun in the morning Precious as a child’s vision of life, so caring Valentine, is given to a special sweetheart The amour we impart Valentine proclaim, for all to see, Amour It float in the air so pure Valentine, say “Will You Be Mine” Life will be divine Our souls are entwine My Valentine Amour is thine Valentine, is true The...Read On

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Soft Lamps

We always knew it would come to this, the lost code sealed between our lips, the symbols along my pores should tell you that you're so much more than skin. Your eyes were like soft lamps sweeping over me then, stilled in travels once unceasing, I was a new terrain for you to explore. A valentine to carve and chisel a new home from, where your hands could excavate secrets, wander along...Read On


To My Valentine

To my Valentine, The one who holds the key for my lock, Whose name I dare not utter, Until I rest with you on that crisp, cold eve. To my Valentine, The hand that fits so perfectly in mine, As with the other I raise that most cherished of red flowers to your face, Each bringing out the beauty in the other. To my Valentine, Whilst we meet under the twinkling lights in the marquee,...Read On


Save me

You made me realize, That I have been moving along, As if on autopilot. Following the crowd, The flow of things. Trying to live each day, Trying to understand everything around me, Yet failing to do so. You made me realize, That another day has passed, A week, a month, a year. What the hell did I do, During each day? Why can I not remember? Can you help me? Do...Read On


That Moment

That moment I realize I belonged to you.

That moment. It was the playful sparkle in your eye. No, it was the way your soft black hair covered your shoulders. No, no, it was the alluring smile of your bright red lips. No, no, no, it was how you embraced life through your heart. Not one of those, all of those, all your beauty. Your beauty. I knew at that moment I called your name. I knew at that moment, when you...Read On



Impressive. I am trying to be impressive. I want you to be impressed. Please, understand. I need you to think highly of me. I need it so much, because you are perfection. And I want to impress the perfect lady, The perfect lover, The perfect one for me. I want to impress. It is not certain yet. Not certain because we just met. We are tentative, groping, and searching. Trying to find...Read On



And I knew…

You aren’t my type. Every time my eyes met yours, I felt like a mouse facing a giant snake. Yours were a vicious and beautiful green while mine were a meek brown. For a second, our souls touched, barely brushed, hardly shifted, imperceptibly so.... And in that moment I knew... But I was enthralled, fear true utter fear consumed me, …..I was intrigued. I was fascinated….. And I knew… ...Read On


Think of Me

I want to be the girl you dream about It is my name I want you to shout Touch yourself and think of me It is my face I want you to see Pretend that I am giving myself to you Think of all the things we could do Imagine your lips on mine Kissing me sweetly and so very fine Making love would seem so right Don't hold back these feelings. Please don't fight Just think of me...Read On



The flame flickering within is you,  stowed away in a precious corner where I feel your heartbeat vibrate  through the earth and into me. A thunder my bones will always succumb to,  the tapping along flesh before diving  and swimming in my blood. Too much springs from here to say out loud,  so you must know the aching when the universe pauses to narrow and swell,  reshape within the...Read On


...with scent

In words and in tomes There are feelings expressed  Love and sensuality Pressed flowers with scent Romance in Budapest On the river Danube And lost letters written In my dreams As you caress my pen Of tears falling my cry Between the covers Of my writ Loneness is but An ugly way to sigh...Read On


Meet Me

Meet me for an hour or two. Meet me. I'll know just what to do. I'm lonely. Please hold me tight. Make love to me all through the night. Take my face your hands. Look into my eyes. My heart drops to my knees. I feel the butterflies. Slowly, but surely he moves in for the kiss. I hold onto him tightly, feeling nothing like this. His kisses grow longer and deep. I never...Read On



No matter how far you've retracted into yourself, I can still see what you are in the dark,  all the ways we knew how to stay warm,  the stories that can no longer keep you safe. Things between us that remain silent like a reluctant pact. The name trying to imprint itself upon you  may be more sweet and pure,  but I never needed blood or ink  or to be inside you to stay devoted. I...Read On


My Star

You are my star and constellation I have been looking all of my life. I searched the horizons, My soul so alone. I longed for you all this time. Searching through every crack and crevice., Finding no one and nothing. I hungered for the impossible, the unattainable. I got lost in the shadows, Loving the darkness, never finding light. Drowning in infinite pain, ...Read On


Allow me to stimulate your mind's clitoris.

Allow me to: Intoxicate your mind. Inebriate your fantasies. Leave realities far behind. Feed your lust with sips of phrase. Sate your desires, permeate your skin. Observe as you perform your polonaise. Quench your thirst with nature's wine. Raise your soul above the universe. Blind your wits with psychedelic design. Hold captive in hallucinogenic haze. Separate you from your...Read On



Can you forgive me?

Will you take my hand, Help me to fight, When dark clouds descend, Obscuring all light? Will you stay by my side, Weather the storm Of fragile emotions, Smashed, ripped and torn? Can you ever forgive My spiteful tongue, Spitting venom at you Over deeds you’ve not done? Could you hold me close When I’m lost and scared,  Smothered by sorrows That live in my head? I...Read On


My Destruction

In my garden, Flowers dance, Under the bright warm sun, And I get lost in my dreams. Dreams of my one and only, My love. But in my garden, Temptation lurks, The snakes slither near, Causing my thoughts to stray, From here, where I belong, To there, a place of sin. My heart breaks, My soul cries, Heartache descends, On me, As I walk exposed, Knowing my loss, Is at my own doing. I beg...Read On


Just Imagining

Imagining US

Just imagining the sound of your voice makes my heart beat faster. Just imagining the thought of your breath on my neck sends shivers up and down my body. Just imagining the thought of being in your arms around me weakens me at my knees. Just imagining the meeting of our lips for a passionate kiss gives me goosebumps. Just imagining your hands caressing my body does...Read On


Rushing Blue Waters

Over sandstones of time and rushing blue waters the rosette of falling leaves willing away hours poetry like mountain streams flow how quiet the serenity of noon autumn Sweet maple sap drips like pastry of quiche as you kiss away dandelion seeds with gentle breath and I with quill and brush painting prose of smiles and a lovely wench in your pose Fingers in slow motion sighing...Read On


Dire Need

My need for you is really dire Your kiss is what I desire Making love so passionate and sweet Filling me with your seed, making me complete When you touch me it's a true work of art Taking over my mind, body, and heart I want you to touch me. I am yours Our love can open so many doors I want to be the one that remains in your head When you make me yours and take me to bed...Read On

Recommended Read

Disappearing Act

In love, in pain, a lonely pearl lending voice to song; twisted and bent, and not so slender. What can be done for a girl with self-image gone wrong, caged forever in blurry gender? Blank stare, hypnotic whorl, shattering passion, loud as a gong... Her hand raised as her only defender. Authoritative, humbling, governing churl, enemies gouged upon a vicious prong... Neither...Read On


Becoming yours

You knew I would be yours You knew I would belong to you In my heart I knew that was true I was stubborn from the start I denied the feelings of my heart For I knew I was yours I thought I was in control I willing submitted, you established your rights You gave me time, to clear my mind I listened to my heart, and knew I was where I belonged I took my place under you Safe...Read On


Passions Compliment

In my oblivion nestled beneath sanctity The quarters of my composing waters And ink of the Dahlia my compose Beautiful enchantment wooing my prose Like petals caressing my finger tips And arabesque on my hungering lips Silently she smiles in devilment Arousal twines deep passions compliment As the flowers bloom on coming of Spring Twisted stems we sing in our bed ...Read On


A flame

A single candle Flickers in the dark, Its mesmerizing dance Drawing her in. Memories Of her lover’s touch Evoked. The warmth Reflecting off the candle, Like the skin Of her lover, Pressed against hers, Warming her. The candle’s heat And brightness Only paralleled With what she sees In his eyes, As their bodies join In unison. Strength of memory Almost too much To bear,...Read On


Torn Apart

So wrong. Not right. I feel so weak. I just can't fight. Like a rag doll being pulled. Not wanting to do what I am told. Deep down I am torn apart. Can't get rid of the ache in my heart. I want to run, but I don't have a choice. I am out of words. I feel I have no voice. All I know is I am hurting inside. That is one thing that is difficult to hide....Read On


without your love

You are my heart You are my love I long for your touch and Your loving soul I close my eyes  I feel your strong hands Your soft touch Caressing my face Touching my heart Touching my mind  Touching my soul I belong to you And no one else Without your love I would be lost Proud to say I am yours Proud to say I belong to you You have my heart, body and soul ...Read On


The Morning Sun

Sometimes it takes losing someone to know what you really had

Bright eyes they flicker and burn before they fade and dim I try to hold on never wanting to say goodbye how can someone who was so alive and free be gone today I'll love you forever like the morning sun You are forever etched on my heart My sweet, sweet girl who brought me so much laughter, love and joy Every evening as the sun goes down I look for your shadow, I know you are watching,...Read On


Skarlett Lost

Summer gone, nights grow black, Dying embers of Skarlett lost. I lie awake watching the decay, Here in my darkened, dark world. Sunday evening in a bed of faded memories, Teasing those warm pink petals, wet Like the morning dew in spring. A shallow reflection not here anymore. I put you on a pedestal, my queen. On my knees, my queen, suffocating, In the embrace of first true love. Young...Read On


Rattling Windows In Winter

Windows tend to rattle When the frigid winds of winter arrive. Sycamores waving limbs While seasonal change is stirring the air. Glistening whiteness drifts As fallen snow spreads over the rooftops. Bright sunlight gleams briefly Peeking through the gray clouds floating above. Watching our breaths puffing, The city sounds and smells are now muted. Skipping through clinging flakes...Read On

Recommended Read

Warm Sunshine

As we drink our fill of the warm sunshine

We linger awhile upon the grass Where chequered shadows of clouds doth pass, Shrouding the sun and its warming rays reach Before passing on to let the summer heat preach. How quiet it is, this peaceful scene, As though all were lost and no longer seen. Washed away with the last heavy rain So that you and I are all that remain. A sight more beautiful could not be seen Surrounded...Read On