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Love Poems



I think we'll last

Fortune smiles on me.  I'm blessed.  Alone with my thoughts,  I peer at the image displayed  On my laptop; your smiling face  Calling to me from the glowing screen.   I study your features  For the thousandth time: Kind eyes that shine with inner radiance, Skin, creased from a lifetime of laughter. Lips that have whispered, "I love you,"  Then sealed the moment with a tender kiss. I love...Read On

Love Is Wonderful

When you're down  Everything is lost You wear that frown You feel double-crossed Your loved one is there They wipe away your tears When all you feel is despair They're with you for many years They comfort you in pain Make you laugh and smile They take away the strain Those other people are juvenile Other want to rain on your parade The love you share is just amazing It'll go on for...Read On

Deep Bend Willow

Penning your splendor with poetic ardor With a touch of a shadow's smile Kissing beneath a deep bend willow As the moon winks with an eclipse On a warranted token of our love As a picayune of locust fiddle A waltzing twiddle of our robust   As shards of stars blink   With a touch of crystal raining down    We dance on a luminous fescue crown   In the gardens of our sundown Kissing...Read On


"Without You, I Can Be Me"

You are dangerous and forever must remain an unrequited love...

When you entered my life I was lost Aimlessly wandering Confused, empty and afraid But from seemingly nowhere So effortlessly And oh so painlessly You filled me with your love I fell in love with you And you made love to me. You called to me And I could not resist You or your temptation For you did not hide from me  Who you truly were There was no dance of seduction It was plain to see The...Read On


In my arms

For you all...

Here I lay in my bed Cuddling up under my blankets Thinking about you... Wishing Wanting Longing to be near. Able to take your hand Then wrap you in my arms. Just so you know That some one is nearby And you're not facing anything alone!...Read On


You've Got My Number

You've got my number

You've got my number You know everything I love You know me so welll You drive me crazy with your touch You've got my number When it comes to passion You know my friends You know where I spend my time You know all my favorite things You do all the right things to turn me on You and I spending time together is a new experience every day  ...Read On

Old Thirst

As is the passion of sweet gilded flowers Dried petals pressed in my memories You tat lace with a figurine smile That can't be broken  And as I feel lust brewing my porridge With your kiss of scented musk And roving soft fingers foraging Your love fills my chest Inspiring my poetry's quest As you bring an old thirst Of years past          ...Read On

Each Other's Lifeline

My hand in yours We walk together Through life's doors Both our lives better Knowing we care In everything we do Together a unique pair I'm so glad I found you A bar out of the way Next to a jukebox Meeting you made my day It was about one o'clock I knew you were for me You were newly divorced A beer and a glass of Chablis A bit later there was intercourse I just knew you'd be my guy I...Read On


Chasing Blues

Rough fucking and dirty secrets.

You chase my blues away, along with the white fluffy clouds of self-doubt.   So positively and lovingly, I feel like I can’t live without. The sound of your voice, your vital presence and my heart bursting like I have no choice.   And then you drop me. No calls, no contact, leaving me to wonder where exactly I am at.   The power of a narcissist, another rocky patch. But...Read On

A Bit Of A Flirtation

Years of being together Love felt each day Each day is a little better That's why we both stay Helping when we can Listening and being patient For this is our plan This gives us motivation Love needs to be tended to You can never walk away This love is always true Our love fills our days Our hearts need affection We need love to grow Thankfully, there's a connection Our love never plateaus...Read On

A Spell Of Caffeine

At a phantom of the professing clock While falling under a spell of caffeine With a silkiness of cream moistening my lips As the aroma wafture a new day rising Sipping the joe with an eagering smile As I contemplate your rationally From swooning eyes and morn wise  Given my dubious past of obscurity   And as my phobias take a hiatus From the crumbs of day old dread And the nether lands...Read On



All was lost, I was undone

A thousand poets could endless write and never find words to capture the sight of heaven in eyes of deepest blue, that I adore and inspiration drew. They beckoned me closer to the edge of love's unstable rocky ledge, where my fate was sealed with a single kiss as I quenched my lips in clinging bliss. A smile as warm as the summer sun and all was lost, I was undone. I am yours, my maiden...Read On


Just A Dream

Am I just a dream Will I fade away Like the fog in the morning sun Or am I a lasting dream For many nights to come How I want to be real Only for you Be more than a dream More than a foggy mist How I long to be real Real for you To make your wildest dreams Come true I'm sitting here quietly thinking How your sweet words have played their part Somehow I knew that they would When I...Read On


The Elephant on My Chest

It's all about forgiveness

There is an elephant on my chest, where my heart should be. It sits and presses itself heavily on to me.   It’s trunk occasionally reaches down and pulls at my stomach, snatching away my appetite.   Before the elephant landed with a thud, we laughed, loved and enjoyed life a little more than we should.   Then suddenly the elephant shifts to one side. It slowly packs up its trunk...Read On

Cheer With Me

A watershed of my mind came to me in thought Immersed in wonder as I felt your warm breath  As randomly your fingers touched the bristles My heart quelled a love true With an amorous briar of scent as my credo Fire on my grate's libido kindled desires As your kisses rained down a summer's sweet Like a cacao And when the fire ebbs a midnight tide Surfing winds of lust poetically inspired I...Read On


Love Lessons

I wanna learn all there is

Smiling and remembering all the loves  I have had in my life Every love has brought something different to me  I've grown and discovered things about myself  The love making and passion was different with each one Sometimes soft and gentle  Other times rough and dominant Smiling at the many different types of relationships in the world ..  Love lessons come in different ways  Taught...Read On

Recommended Read


Missing you

I'm not sure what woke me,  Not certain I was asleep.  Eyelids fluttering, fighting fatigue, I strain to see through the gloom,  Unfocused eyes merely picking out  Shapes skulking in the shadows;  Silhouettes devoid of colour and texture, Lacking substance.  Awake or dreaming?  Still, the uncertainty. The softly purring central heating  Lulls me, luring me towards sleep's abyss, Until...Read On


Wilted Rose

Like a rose

Our love grows, Ever so beautiful, Bright and full of color, Nurturing it, Feeding it, Watering it, Giving it everything, It needs to survive, And thrive. Then, we stopped, Once it peaked, Becoming complacent, As the petals began to wilt, Turning brown, The stem curling upon itself, It began to die, More and more, Each day, Starving for attention, Needing love and...Read On


What Is It?

Some things you just can't deny

What is it about you? Why am I so tangled in your web?    What is it about you?  Why do I always come back for more?   What is it about you?   Why does my mind wander and find its way to you?   What is it about you?  Why do I shiver when you're near?    What is it about you? Why do my knees turn to jelly at the sound of your voice?    What is it about you? Why does my heart...Read On


Her Sacrifice

If only her life was different...

All over your body, she runs her eyes attempting to remember every inch of you.  Concentrating on your face etching every detail into her mind.  Each wrinkle, mark, and blemish  and every hair on your head. No longer will she stay to be your sub lover, call girl  or real blow up doll,  she has to move on  not that she wants to but needs to in order to protect you both from pain....Read On



Doing it together is much better than doing it alone.

    When we come together lust is in control. It's a sweet explosion of two bodies with one soul.   Forged from pure emotion love beating in two hearts. It's an elixir of devotion greater than our parts.     One look the start of something we wouldn't dare to stop, even if we could for we covet every drop.   Every drop of bliss and every kiss of ecstasy, is like an old...Read On


Redeemed By Love

Sliding slowly towards the edge of the abyss, My mind begins its descent into the darkness, The pit of hell that constantly lurks out of sight, Like a shadow on the edges of consciousness, A nightmare place of unutterable terror, Where jeering demons await, hungry for their prey. Like a condemned man on the way to the scaffold, I see the leering faces of the mocking crowd Calling on me to...Read On


The Day Is Done

A romance in blank verse

The day is done and we are still yet one The sun sets soon and roams its way to dawn When we may once more feel our love renewed Enraptured by the passions we've both shared To watch the setting sun with arms entwined Is heaven down on earth when you are near We nod our heads together once again And murmur verbal bouquets to our ears No question that our lives are bound today And have...Read On


Just Want To Know

He drifted in her life and made her feel whole, but grew silent like a lamb.

Just want to know if you still care Removing my blindfold, how do you dare. Letters stopped coming, how can that be My mind is telling me what I can see. Just want to know if you still care You were always excited knowing what I would wear The excitement drew as you had visualed Seems as though, everything fissiled. Mornings together brought each of us pleasure A life full of love to...Read On


No One Dies Of A Broken Heart

It was a heart attack the doctors said, Brought on by overwork and too much stress; He was never going to die in bed, It is true, but I would hazard a guess That this was only part of the real truth, And there was much more to it than they thought. Of course, he wasn't in the flush of youth, And at times seemed a little overwrought, Always burning the candle at both ends. He had been so...Read On



Passion, Burning, Fervid flame, Hungry, Thirsty, Knows no name.   Life with zeal, Hear the bells peal, Dedication, Devotion, Everything real.   Will nights of lust, Chaotic desire, Wondering, Waiting, Fuelling the fire.   Nights of anguish, See it languish, Lost among the flames, Burnt too far, Cinders.   Angry shouts, What went wrong? Tell me, Can we mend this song?...Read On


A love resounding

Wrapped up in her love, where did it come from?

I hadn't noticed her before, So busy was life around. And so we talked, flirted and more. We chatted. laughter abound. Waiting for her to arrive. Not something I had planned. Looking at her and feeling alive. Dreaming of walking hand in hand. Dressed as she likes. Lingerie partly hidden. Up her thigh her skirt hikes. Touching, not unbidden. Her lipstick loud, scarlet and shiny. A finger at...Read On

Symbolic Things Prepared

A diamond is a girl's best friend It's given when one gets engaged A diamond worn until the end Worn forever during each stage Marriage vows tie a couple together The ring symbolizes their love Their love will be forever The rings worn fit like gloves Symbolic things prepared A service filled with love Vows that are declared Arranged from up above Cherished words said Their lives begin...Read On


Madness or Passion? EPIC It became

He loved her until the very end whether he got her or not

The mango grove with a lass called Paro perched on a tree among thick bush of leaves that Devdas could not see bleeding she came down as a stone was pelted sweat and spattering rain divulging her femininity fully wetted sweetness exuberant youth and defiant peaks of two about to mature fully globes,  areolas and perked up nipples too un-kempt hair and a cut on her forehead Devdas...Read On


A Girl's Lesson

In Memory

You bring fireworks with sparkling lights That seem to last the entire night As you take me round the stars so many times If I beg you stay till morning? I just hate to face the dawning Of another day without you in my arms You know secretly I ponder That there really is such wonder In all that you are teaching me to do As you take me this way that way I scarcely find a breath to say You...Read On