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Love Poems



I feel them begin in my spine traveling up Sometimes black and sometimes brightly hued Days cold, my soul safely shriveled in its cup I need you more than ever to keep me glued Feet planted, purple painted toes dug into the earth I feel, hear the wind blow through trees bleak, so cold My mind often like a ship out at sea, it just needs a berth Some say I was born this way, a soul that...Read On


The Death Of A Friendship

A friendship dies.

The death of a friendship is an ugly thing, you feel its cruel sting. The spot they held feels empty and cold, missing are stories untold. The times you shared, the way you cared, memories lost, all just tossed. The death of a friendship is hard to swallow, it makes you want to scream and holler. Everything undone, as you watch the setting sun. Promises made, promises broke, the...Read On


I Love You

I love you for the man that you are and for all that I have yet to see, I love your precious heart that loves me the deepest I've ever known. The heart that loved me when others left me cold, Those who left and never looked back without the slightest thought. You saw my beauty and my flaws as well, Kissed them and held me and comforted my broken heart, We forged a friendship dipped in...Read On


Word Songs

When the quill sings my word songs, And the heavens bless me, night long... Whispers of ghost I have toast righteously As the verses define me in slightly undress. With raw nakedness of my poetry, I wish you my fond adieu, And may you walk in my shoe, Feeling steps of raw emotion. ...Read On


Only You

One day you'll tell me softly, Tell me the rest of your dreams. What kind of world is waiting At the end of this dark path. Will the voiceless voices Disappear when your love appears? Laughing when your love Shines upon my wounds, And continues its endless journey. I know of the headway, Yet I still have a reason To keep on going, As I embrace you in my arms. When I let you go, Something...Read On


This is Love

"We are not a riddle to solve, but a puzzle to complete"

Spending all my weekends with you Is like a dream that has finally come true You dramatically changed everything in my life I can’t wait until we become husband and wife You are a man with a giving and loving heart I find it difficult to function when we are apart My life without you was just so mundane With your love it is now like a runaway train Every day it races and picks up speed...Read On


Cowboy On The Horizon

Thanks for always coming back.

You came along one sunny day and swept my tears away. You shared a song that I new along. In my heart I knew your words to be true. You keep coming back to me, you say that you are drawn. I am drawn too and look for you, my cowboy on the horizon. In our past we have met, in our past we were one. My soul, your soul, my heart, your heart, my dreams, your dreams. In this place so dark, you are...Read On


Where Have I Gone

I have gone.

I have gone away, I no longer play. Left behind, my eyes are blind. In the dark, without a spark. The tears they come, my soul undone. This empty place as not a trace. I've gone away to hide my heart, the pain it can't abide. I don't sleep at night, the feelings I cannot fight. The pain so raw, my breath I cannot draw. I laugh but don't smile, looking for you all the while. The covers over...Read On


This Violence of Affection

How I long for you, my sweetest thing. Only your balm of love, might ease the sting. My trembling heart, such a sweet affliction. It's the price I pay  for my new addiction. No time that passes, no distance travelled, can make me whole. I've come unravelled. What have you done  to touch me so? Might I beg a kiss  before you go? Now, alone to think, questions abound. Have I lost...Read On


Fast Forward

The shots in porn that I like best Are not the frothy explosions of cum.  (The money shots, for those in the know). Rather, I like the bits most opt to ignore. Those segments of film,  Oft seen on fast forward, That contain much mystery. When the pizza guy knocks, I am rapt! What toppings inspire degenerate acts? --I'll have what they're having. Take my order, please. And about that...Read On


Sealing Wax

What wiled me to failing life's gait, Wandering words of conscience prose, Has brought me to this faith. And when echoes fly me away as dust, May fleece be with you, another betroth. As in in life I failed my obsidian moth, And now as my flickering lit doth. Forgive me my misgivings of sin And acid stains of poetic pains, Like dew on a yew I seal my rest, With sealing...Read On



Sometimes old haunts come back for more....

I bought into a lie because I needed to believe, Everyone needs a reason to go on,  Something more than just an unknown unproven God. The truth is, you're just the ghost of a girl I buried a year ago,  I tried so hard but in the end, Like in the song, It doesn't even matter. I am feeling strangely numb,  Couldn't find it in me to love what wasn't real,  So when you walked right out...Read On

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A Growl And A Kiss In The Wind

No full moon in the sky this night. A growl rumbles deep in my throat. Hairs on end, skin on the back of my neck, tight. My reply to the howls of lamentation in the dark. Why do wolves and beasts howl? A call? A warning? Do they feel distance? I ache from this distance between us so foul. My growl is my call to you, my love. Did you hear it? Did you feel me? Perched high in...Read On


A Piece

I want a piece of you to stay with me forever, I want a piece of you to carry in my soul, I want a piece you because you make me so much better, I want a piece of you because it makes me whole. I hold you tightly so that you will be forever Imprinted on my body and my mind. I hold you tightly so that I will never ever Be able to forget that you were mine. I breathe you deeply...Read On


The First Dance

My first submission - feedback greatly appreciated!

The Gaze A connection that can only be described as electric. The Desire A need that draws our bodies closer. The Curiosity Questions both carnal and platonic that must be answered. The Touch Skin touching skin. A fire ignited. The Kiss Lips meeting with a taste of forbidden fruit. The Arousal Nervous excitement building exponentially with every passing second. The Disrobing Passion unfolding...Read On


Just so you know

Just a little note to that one special lady

I just gotta tell ya How much I'm in love And that you're the gal That I am dreaming of The one that I'm longing To hold and to kiss And when I'm alone You're the one that I'll miss Don't know if you stole it Or if I gave it away But you have my heart now You're in there to stay...Read On

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As the year turns over and some things are put to rest, I made a list just for you. You always did love the things that were just ours to hold, beautiful vignettes that lit your eyes, dark scenes that clipped your heart. I'd list last new year's eve, your finger hushing my lip before saying what can't ever be taken back. "Let's keep this simple and just enjoy this...Read On


Not Always The End

Wait for me, and I'll see you again someday~

The crimson and orange sunset made me think of you the waves crash against the shore, binding my memories I’ve drawn two hearts in the sand, and linked them both together but the waves washed them away, removing them from my sight I fight to remember your face, your voice and laughter A cool breeze comes from the north and I shout our your name Yelling, screaming at the sky, but no...Read On


Is It Wrong

Inspired by some amazing masterpieces read on lush

Is it wrong to love another, Both with jealousy and rage? Is it wrong to want another, Both their future and their past? Is it wrong to want to own them, Both their body and their soul? Want to fill their very center, Be the meaning of their world? Be the first, the last, the only One that makes them feel a thing? Be the one that owns them solely, Is that really such a sin?...Read On


I'm Home

I’m Home They met in the April, And fell deeply in love, Their paths came together, As two became one. The brush of his lips, Woke a desire deep within her, The touch of his hand, On her breast. He was gentle and tender, Made love with a passion, Their innocence given, To each other forever. She murmured I love you, He whispered me too, Forever my sweet, Til death...Read On


Arrivederci, Rachmaninoff

If I were to run from myself,  Where would I go to lay low? A shadow of my contralto,  In a crescendo, dare I say. Arrivederci, Rachmaninoff,  What better keys to tickle ivories. And what better words to crow, In my betterment if I cry, Infatuated by beautiful eyes,  A symphony of bliss. All things told a world of sticks  And the went of the nigh,  Like a hush of a heavenly host,...Read On


Dancing Under The Stars

Hold me close and dance with me.

Please take me on a starlight cruise and dance with me beneath the moon; then, hold me close, strong arms entwined and kiss me deep until I swoon. As stars shine down to lead the way, my body begs for passion's flow. I step in time as you move on where e'er you lead is where I'll go. I love you more than life itself, and trust you in our dance of love to guide me in your sweet embrace...Read On


She Waits

She waits for her man whose gone to sea.

She stands on the hill overlooking the ocean deep. The tide rises slowly as over the rocks it creeps. She keeps watch for her man, he's a long time out to sea. She blessed him as he left saying this is where she'd be. She pines for his kiss as she yearns for his loving touch. Her heart breaks every day because she misses him so much. She longs to be in his arms, safe and secure again....Read On


Stay With Me

Begging him to stay the night.

I took a chance, professed my love, my heart beat fast and free. Tomorrow will decide our fate... tonight you stay with me. I feel your arms encircle me, your lips so close to mine. I trace your hips, your back, your face... remembering each line. My spirit soars, my mind now laughs, as happy as can be. Tomorrow will come soon enough... tonight you stay with me....Read On


Broken Again

The pain of losing your love

Boxed up and forgotten, A passion neglected for so long. Un-used and alone, Worthlessness took over. Then I met Him. The softest kiss upon my lips, I felt his strength that moment. His words unlocked hidden desires, Doubt crept in. Then I accepted Him. He opened my eyes, Gave me my value. Opened my soul and poured his in, My wall came down. Then I adored Him. Your heart is mine he...Read On


Walk With Me

Take my hand and walk with me Along paths we’ve not yet covered Destinations of which we have dreamt And hope one day to discover. Cadillac Mountain overlooks Frenchman Bay Acadia’s carriage roads call The Merced River flows past El Capitan And Yosemite’s Upper and Lower Falls The Grand Canyon’s floor becomes our bed Under a blanket of stars in the sky The expanse of the heavens laid...Read On


Love Is...

Love breathes life into me, And makes me feel alive. Love is a friendship, a union. Hearts bound for an eternity. Love is waking each morn, To your kiss which brings me comfort. Love is wanting to know and hear, Everything about my day. Love nourishes my soul and warms my heart, As we waltz together through life. Love is knowing my faults, And never pulling away. Love is not saying a...Read On


My Private Getaway

When I am sad or scared I go to a private place A cabin I visit often with you To talk or play Sometimes just to sleep the day away As we snuggle and cuddle and smile and talk You behind me and me wrapped safely in your arms The fireplace so warm The soft music playing We watch the snow falling The lights twinkle on the valley below We lazily hug and share soft kisses ...Read On


Those Two Words

Those two words, how often have I heard them and felt relief? How often have we all heard them and been brought hope? The pain each time I hear those words, they sear my heart with grief. Thoughts of beginnings and ends, my soul I twist into a killing rope. I swim out beyond the shore and waves, now beyond your reach. Salt water fills my ears, the sound of your words I try to drown. I look...Read On


Welcome Home

I sit very still and not make a sound Trying not to let my breath show How he effects me How my fingertips burn How my body shakes How wet my pussy is dripping How badly I need his touch When he walks into the room I continue to try to read Knowing how he is making me feel How much I need and want When he comes to me And I look up into his eyes He smiles and winks ...Read On