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Love Poems



The feeling of that first time osculating

You Lean down, and softly bend my head back, placing your soft warm lips on mine. Me My hands drift to your face, holding your tenderly as your lips touch mine. Oh what a sigh. As I sigh my lips part, and for the first time the tip of your tongue touches mine. The tongues dance, discover and give, breathing each other in. My head is spinning, as you break the kiss, to pause and look...Read On


One And The Same

I know the power blooming  inside just a single whisper. The dangers awaiting beneath  the valleys of your skin, where handing over a heart and body  have become one and the same. And I never quite say your name,  I breathe and exhale it,  the letters of your identity  forever joined with mine. When I'm alone in the night,  you become an incantation,  a hushed prayer against the...Read On


Your love is gone

The day I submitted Was the day I gave you  My heart, body,  mind, and my soul You gave me your love You said you cared You said I was yours  You said I had your love I trusted you to protect My heart You were my lover and master too I gave you my love I knew you were the one You took me for granted You used and abused my heart I showed you the love I have for you And in the...Read On


In His Arms

Sweet and tender. Make me surrender. A kiss so hot. With all the passion he's got. Take my hand and I know where I will be led As he gently lays me on the bed. A song comes on as we make love so gentle and sweet. His hand on my face, looking in my eyes, making me complete. We succumb to the passion deep inside. A passion so deep. There was nothing to hide. Now it's calm...Read On


Lovely Finch

The Lady Gouldian is but a lovely finch on gilded pages I scribe loneness as silence of memories rings tears past like whispering soft breezes blow your kisses caress my crying heart It wasn't but an Autumn ago  as if weeks my yesterdays sew when sighs of leaves slid  upon meadows of merriment  and golden bands we wed Now toll of quiet my melancholia rest  upon the sunken soul...Read On



You're a song I've never heard but I want to play over and over. You're beauty unseen to me but felt in my heart. I wished to sail uncharted waters with you. Getting lost in one another. With Waves of passion hitting us again and again. Pleasure unending, words not needing to be spoken. I have loved you since I met you. My soul stirred and I gave you pieces of my heart. We cannot be...Read On


I'll Keep The Winter

I'll keep the winter with me,  each night you added me to your heart when I kept wanting to know more,  for you to tell me what you saw when  staring for hours out of the dark windows  of your bedroom while still in my arms. Maybe I already lost you by then, eyes transfixed on some secret oblivion  sweeping through those late hours,  tightly tied to places I could not reach. Maybe you...Read On



I wish there were things that I could rewind So much going on in my mind. My life seemed like a dream,  Now it is a nightmare, I want to scream. Figuring out when wrong, Trying to make it right, Beating myself up day and night. I look in the mirror,  I look at me, Not caring for the person I see. I know it is going to be awhile Before I can turn this frown into a smile. I have to...Read On


Fading Away

I feel you slipping away, Your love is disappearing with each breath I'm taking. I stupidly believed your lies and alibis, Mistaking everything you said for the truth. I gave you all of me, then you've left me with only heartache. Your love is fading away. My heart grows colder, beating slower. I believe that Love is a sick, cruel joke only for those who wish for torment. You never made time...Read On


To Have Loved, Then Lost

The absense of you...

A dark gloom lingers, In the place we called home. It hasn’t been the same since  My heart was given back to me in pieces. I wander around, unsure what to do  Without you; I am in pain. Emptiness is a deep hole; I cannot escape the feeling. To fill the void I would have to  Move on; I’m not ready. You visit me in my dreams, Cherished moments they are indeed. Please...Read On


Sweet Whispers

Things that make me weak

Whisper into my ear Sweet things to make me weak Looking into your eyes Your provocative gaze Touch my skin Feel the burning flames Caress me with love Kiss me I feel your wet eager lips Hungry tongues indulging in lust To feel the poison Blood boiling throughout Sending electrifying emotions Stimulating pure intoxication As your hands flow over me Touching every curve and crest It seems I...Read On


My Anger, My Calm

He knows and he listens.

Challenged what was my norm, I bared my teeth, and I was ready to strike. This has worked for me over the years. I stomp off, and find solitude, this pushed of many, and they disappear, and me back in my comfort unchallenged. I have become a pro at this. so much that no one recognizes it, but You did. A subtle word, a touch of sarcasm. I hide who I really am to anyone near, and that...Read On



It's cosmic, baby

In one breath that was ours I let go and fell away. I dipped into a dream From which I never wished to wake. Swept up into the breeze, On a warm summer afternoon A wish upon a dandelion Sent me drifting in the blue. Wings magically appeared,  So I soared into the ever high, I skimmed the soft horizon, Moving swiftly towards the purple night. I'm floating past the clouds, ...Read On



I wasn't what you thought I would be when unraveling,  threads spilling and whipping violently in the cold wind  each one a contained frame in time. You may not be able to still them  long enough to truly see into all of me,  the stories you've written behind my eyes,  prologues and chapters you believe  I never held close enough to memorize. I've kept them entangled inside,  scenes...Read On


Eves Of Doom

Departed are the hours I can wile away the pale moon Now but wrinkle chin the coming eves of doom And tea leaves have all but been strained The wafting of my predicament In shadows my wasted old bones laying midnight winds  My musing crone gives me bless and kisses of dried blooms The frozen pond be thin the chill has left my quill Leading me to my forgotten prose other side window...Read On


Something New

Wide eyes, bright with hope for the future

There's Something new here and special A new light is shining on the horizon A fresh breeze that stirs the soul Wide eyes, bright with hope for the future With a wolf heart, strong, benevolent, and warm The outlook of a young one, in hope of love A spirit of youth, the joy of a child Carefree as the winds But desiring a leader, a protector and a soul mate To show...Read On


Love in Old Age

United in bliss, my lover and I escape to a world of eternal youth and rapture

I pray you, do not trample on my dreams. Though you may only see this outer shell, A frail thing of flesh; this outward reality, Is of no greater substance than the air, Masking the real truth that lies within From the unperceptive gaze of the world, Blinded by the harsh glare of common sense. Outwardly I may be on the dread path That leads to mortal decay and old age, My...Read On


Will You Gambol?

Will you gambol along with me? Frolic with glee galore. Playfully romp across the fields of freedom. Frisk about with no thought of embarrassment, No blushes of shame, Cavorting with your lover, Liberated by eager spirits of joy. Will you? I am here and we could be open And happy once more, Just take my hand, We can be released from our existential Madness, Our emotions on exhibition,...Read On



never tell someone you love them.

Why did I have to meet you? There is no rhyme or reason, Save for the fact that I love you. It is my deepest joy and most bitter agony In doing so. I cannot be with you. I can only love you from afar. I must hide my feelings In places no one else can find them. Muttering them in the dark, In the cold. I must wait for angel wings And heaven's gate before I let you know. ...Read On



Addiction, it starts with a glance. It sometimes happens by chance. Goosebumps as eyes meet and lock. It's so hard to breathe. It's so hard to talk. We both feel the lust and primal need. It is a hunger we both want to feed. He is near. His mouth is on mine. A kiss long and hard. A kiss so very fine. Clothes come undone. We fall into bed. A lifetime of fantasies unfold in...Read On

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Fire breaks across a dying horizon, Riverfront factories and scrapyards Slipping down the bank Into the cold black waters of blindness. In a few minutes It’s going to feel like midnight again She’s going to come out of the shower In panties and damp hair And cross the room keeping to the wall She’s going to pause and turn halfway And lay eyes on you Narrowed...Read On

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I wish.....

Four leaf clovers and fallen eyelashes, wishes made on dandelions Birthday candles and copper pennies, shooting stars from the nightly heavens Fairy rings of cool grass tickling the soles of our feet, shimmering rainbows after summers heat Cardinal birds that fly by, wishing wells on cobblestone drives Falling acorns under oak trees, and lady bugs that land on your knees ...Read On

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In the small hours, you haunt me

Once again awake, Disturbed from fitful slumber. Images, visions, near memories Of something thought dead. Something that never really was. A ghost. I'm haunted by my own desire For something impossible; Like dragon's blood and fairy dust, Something beyond this world. A fantasy. I toss and turn And the ceiling shadows change. Lightening, brightening, As the hours play witness to my coveting....Read On



Without you...

You and I are but two sticks Cast upon the surge below,  Swept along at breakneck speed, Tossed around by powers untamed. You and I traverse the rapids, Swirling eddies, jagged rocks,  Fighting the current, battered, bruised, Trusting each other we journey on. You and I are two sticks plunging, Hurtling onward, braving the worst; Calmer waters surely follow, A widening...Read On



Hot, sticky, and so very sweet. It is in me. I am complete. Thinking of the amazing love we made. A perfect moment that is portrayed. It begins with a kiss that is a true work of art. Making me want you right from the start. Clothes come off. Your hands roam me. You enter my body. I am free. Bodies pressed. We move in a steady pace. You hold my head. We are face to face. ...Read On



There are moments engineered by things beyond us,  there's no other shape I want to be near,  no other form I want to know all of me. Earlier in the dark falling snow,  it was almost like soaring through stars,  it all makes a pattern I can almost decode,  assemble to see secrets always moving  just underneath every living surface. In tangling bones,  in the muscles they cage,  in...Read On


For A Moment

for K

Let me love you for a moment, For an hour, for a night For all time. Forget everything else, It's just you and I In this moment. Please let me have this With you. Let me be yours and you Be mine just for right now. I won't tell anyone, This will be our secret. Let me love you The only way I know how. Let me love you, Just for one moment. Accept it, cherish it. ...Read On


Silence Quite

It wasn't but a fleeting still A moment of silence quite I felt the kiss on my cheek As if a brushing breath And rushing of my pulse Arousal I embraced Sensual creations in mime Of shadows and bliss Weeks and years have fallen  Memories remain the same Gone are my summers Yet Spring is your name...Read On

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Say it slow Whisper your love Say it Mean it Please... I'm drowning in unsaid words Unsmiled smiles Unfucked fucks Unloved love Say you love me Whisper it Mean it Save me From this lust This uncontrollable ache This insatiable craving I want you On me Near me Under me Save me From this insanity that is 'us' That is this These midnight calls 4 am walks of shame Calls in hushed tones...Read On


The girl with the brown eyes

Sometimes it's just not meant to be

Each morning on the bus we pass You get on as I alight, alas Then one day I decide to wait, Even though it makes me late A spare seat I save, hoping you will see, Then you come and sit next to me I gasp as you demurely glance, Your eyes meeting mine just by chance My heart’s a flutter as our fingers touch, I’ve wanted this much too much ‘What now?’ I think, now I have you here...Read On