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Love Poems


The impossible dream

I have been “not enough..” I have been “too much..” I have been “if only..” But deep within my very core I always longed to be “just right..” Becoming his opened my eyes To something new, Made me see what I needed, What was possible, Giving me what I thought only lived in dreams. He touched me and my body ignited,  Flames flickering over my most intimate parts, Want, need, a...Read On

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Staying Inside The Storm

I lived in your heart when it was shimmering with rainbows, pumping life's stream through veins I could've swam within forever. I stayed when all within began to rage with dark storms, new torrents pouring, obliterating a sacred harbor . There's a price when we promise to stay. A silent contract signed with ink that is too unique to know how to fade away. So after all the storms...Read On


Such Beauty

Beauty makes me feel,  Makes anyone feel who is human, Who actually feels as a human, Makes us feel. Music makes me feel, Makes anyone feel who is human, Who actually feels as a human, Makes us feel. Beauty and music. Together, As one thing. They are one. We sense them. We sense them with our eyes and our ears. And our noses, Bringing to us the wonder of odors, perfumes, blossoms on...Read On



Your silence screams so loud......

Your silence screams So loud in my heart You know it pains me When we are apart   Yet day after day Here I wait For a word for you For a sign of faith   I gave you my time I gave you my heart I gave you my love You have torn it all apart   I thought you were different I thought you cared All those words were so empty And now you're not there   Yet still here I sit With tears on my face...Read On


Simply Red Confessions

Almost a year ago we met, good friends we became, conversations we exchanged, admiring you in the distance. Pleasantries between us became our norm Complimenting each other but never more than that. In a place of words, statuses and appearances are "Taken" just like you, so I remained silent, until now. A chat window appeared, our cordialities were exchanged, Until the words I longed...Read On


You Just Walked Away

How could you just leave......

You just walked away How could you just leave After all we have shared After the relationship we made   I guess I shouldn't be surprised It's not the first time Though this time seems so different This time seems oh so real   So here I sit Alone and sad I've been here before  These feelings so bad   I don't think your coming back My texts you just ignore You know how much this hurts me...Read On

Where Did You Go?

No goodbye just gone.

We met online and had a thing One day you just left We never ended our fling I'm really not impressed Emotions you let decide Your decision had no regard for me No more sadness or tears cried I suppose we're both now free I loved you each and every day Today perhaps a bit less I wish you did it another way I guess you were stressed Each day we chatted about life Sweet words crafted...Read On



All just lies.

Nothing but a liar, that is what you are. This time it's gone to far. A liar a fake, causing hearts to break. When you look in the mirror what do you see? I hope you see what I see, a liar. Lies and pain, all the same to you just a game. To others tears and pain, heart ache and strain. Someday you will pay when everyone has gone away. Alone you will sit with your own regret. ...Read On



A curve of moon Cast shading Across your sleeping face A distant train Was whistling Sound alone through space Awakened deep in nighttime A chill slipped in the room I pressed myself against you To chase away the gloom And just by merely sleeping Lying next to me My fears evaporated Almost magically Relaxing then beside you The train whistled once more I drifted back to sleep...Read On


Present Perfect

She's just too pretty to unravel

My lovely little present Your look so innocent In your flutter bra and panties I'm feeling quite content My eyes rove over your body Every curve in perfect form You smile at me seductively Are you ready to perform? You flick your curly blond hair And wiggle your sexy hips Sparkles in your light blue eyes Blowing kisses with your lips Nothing could be more beautiful Don't jump into bed...Read On


Can We Be

Sometimes I look around And the only thing I see Is the hate and the pain Self created imagery Jealousy Insecurity Please love me What is it we want? Are we here to be free? To love and have fun? To truly be we? Oh I see Jealousy Insecurity Please love me Can we be ourselves? Do we know who we are? Can we simply let go? Wishing on every star Can we? Jealousy Insecurity Just...Read On


And All Others

Out among the glittering stars, the plumes of clouds touch the sky like sleepy ghosts. I'll find you there, in this life and all others. Out among an ocean of spirits flying soundlessly skyward, cascading glows cover endless flight. Lives flash through me the closer and closer I get, every song and dance that lovers found the other half of a heart in. I'll find you there, in this life...Read On


Caress Me And Undress Me

Lovers at night

Caress me and undress me with a lover's gentle touch, Tell me that you want me and whisper just how much. Arousing, carousing in gentle merriment Passion grows between us until we both are spent. Caress me and do not dress me, once is not enough, A lover's touch is thrilling, two bodies in the buff, Let me bring you pleasure until you cannot stand, Whispering desire with a kind and gentle hand....Read On


A Love That Never Ends

Sometimes you have to look to the past for hope

Grandpa loved Grandma, He gave her his heart and got everything the world promised in return, Grandpa never wished for anything more, because he had everything he wanted anyway. I want to be loved like that, a love that never ends, A song that never goes unsung, And a dream that never ends. Something more than just illusion - something real that I can hold on to. Grandma met Grandpa and...Read On


Love Is In.......

For my friend, who I'm lucky to have. Such a special lady to all who know her x

Love is in her sweetest smile, Easy on her luscious lips, Always ready, pucker up, Her bite it gently nips. Love is in her open arms, Every sizzling squeeze she gives, And hugs for all who have a need, Her sweetness there in which it lives. Love is in her sexy ass, Each wiggle as she walks away, All eyes are on that gorgeous tush, Her jiggle that will make men stray. Love is in...Read On


Lost But Not Forgotten

You will always be on my mind.

You once were here, but now you are gone The days drag on when I think what you have done. Your countless hours with me were never unnoticed Our endless time together will always be buried deep within my heart as you enticed. Where did you go, you couldn't take more The solitude that we both shared was greater than we had, left us both sore. May you find what you are looking for...Read On


The Goodbye Cry

We have all had it.

We've all had it, the goodbye cry. The cry that makes you feel you might die. Tears down your face, leaving their trace. The deep sadness you can't erase. You tremble, you shake, feeling you might break. Your breaths grow harder to take. You feel the dread, like your heart might be dead. The tears they fall as you climb the walls. Searching for answers you can not find. Your heart in...Read On

Without You

Finally Free!

You can say what you will please 'bout me... but, be that as it may, what I made you feel, no other will achieve. Remember me, when you look in the eyes of the past, when dawn hits, your arms are empty will be, you're invisible to me... You look in a mirror and your stare becomes paper thin, there is not much more than an empty heart, I ask the heavens above mercy for you. You deserved...Read On



Something blossomed in your eyes, the spark that all poets know, chase syllables for lifetimes in order to describe it... The beauty and ache of knowing, of breathing in another to hold an essence inside until it becomes words. I loved you without touching you, our maps never crossed for you hid in the dark too long. But words are oblivious, able to travel without light and touch us...Read On


The Girl In The Yellow Dress

What would you do? I stopped to stare. There she was, leaning, Against the bright blue door Of the balcony on the second floor Watching the people pass her by On that Sunday afternoon At the harbourside. Blonde hair, wavy and long Flowed around her shoulders Framing the beauty of her Bright blue eyes, and  Those bright red lips. Her breasts, pulled closely, Her body, pinched at...Read On

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Fallen Angel

An Angel above rescues the broken hearted.

~Fallen Angel~ This fallen Angel in disguise, Witness the haunting in her eyes. A heart full of fears that cannot be shaken, Born of a precious love forsaken. Dreams that were so full of hope, Became nightmares in which she could not cope. Shattered reality within her stirs, Such bitter, twisted thoughts of hers. Trapped in the hell of her mind’s torment, Enduring long, dark days...Read On


I Choose The Moon

Why do waves make people love? Rushing always to the shore. How can no one hate a dove, or Solomon’s romantic lore. Horses, hearts and Hemingway always leave a trickling tear. Sunsets, stars, the newborn day, will vanquish every ounce of fear. But why do you refuse to know, that every blade is doubly edged? Waves can murder with a blow. Doves will wither on their ledge. ...Read On


Removing the mask

She wasn’t looking, Not expecting anything, When she found him, Or perhaps he found her? Maybe it was meant to be, Maybe a mere coincidence, Whichever, it changed everything. He broke down the walls Around her fragile heart, Tearing apart pain left by others, Erasing the power Of old words spoken, Leaving them meaningless, Replacing them with his own. He simply wanted her, ...Read On


Just Close My Eyes

Just close my eyes and she’s here with me now, Just close my eyes and I’m with her somehow. Washed into my life like a wave rolls to shore, Her softness enchanting, touched deep in my core. The beauty she held was without any limit, She gathered me up and surrounded me in it. Safe in her arms I learned she was mine, Her warmth and her wisdom, her gift over time. Slowly I loved her,...Read On


Shaded Blue


You have so many shades of blue I never really know what to do When the blues have gotten to you What shade of blue Has today brought you? Is there anything that I can do? Is there anything I can say? To make todays shade Of blue go away? Who am I anyway? Just a girl you let stay, While waiting around for her all day? It may seem unfair You allow me to care Yet you're fully aware You...Read On



One day after You had left My mind still black And blue I stood beneath the shower spray Erasing thoughts of you Circling now Just waiting To try to slip back in Block it Stop it Make it drown Again Again Again The stall is thick With shampoo steam Fragrant cloying heat My stomach twists With fresh disgust I pull in air to breathe The tile is warm I feel the grout Roughness on my back...Read On



You found me when I was down and out Slowly seducing me until I couldn't do without You seemed to offer something better Your touch as soft as a downy feather I loved to feel the rush through my veins Even as I ignored the warnings from my brain But as each day passed, to get my kicks You always demanded a bigger fix We always used to laugh and giggle While I ignored that sometimes...Read On


Lost In A Daydream

It's easy to get lost in a daydream of you and I. Imagine just the two of us in an exotic setting, wearing just a sarong around our hips. The sun empowering our bodies and the nature around us. The ocean and island sounds that send harmony to our ears. As amazing as it might be, My favorite fantasy doesn't need a beach or a backdrop. All that I need is you. Just you and me and...Read On


Your One

He is unaware but he has my heart, A pulsing, singing piece that is his, Pounding out how much I feel, To my ears only I guess. I watch from a distance as he goes through pain, My arms want him there to hold, Why can’t people see he is so much more, But then again, why can’t he. To make him feel something, to know there is love, If only he’d turn my way, I can be strong for a man...Read On


Like Pebbles on a Beach

I feel your touch upon my skin A breath escapes my lips A sigh of pure pleasure Seizes your attention, as we Are lost within our kiss. Like pebbles, touching, on a beach. Your fingers find my weak spot  The hairs on my neck, stand proud With tenderness and love I feel your tongue caress, and Over sensitive skin, it trickles down. Like water, over pebbles, doth flow. ...Read On