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Love Poems

Otto Of Rose

Taken by a nectarous hint With otto of rose And the blush of morn dew  As grapes on the vines sweeten  Craving a little sunshine In the vineyards of the valley  Twixt Beacon's Straight and Shiloh  With a scent of chardonnay Inspiring a poetic basket As I pluck fruit of the loam  And you sigh with swoon tones  Whispering to you my love  With two flutes of a kiss And a faintness of...Read On


On Fire

Whenever I think of you...

You whispered my name My heart beat faster The hairs on my skin rose My nipples hardened I turned Knowing you'd be there Standing so near You were intensely looking at me My heart skipped a beat My skin heated up I quivered I raised my head  Looked into your eyes You moved closer You stopped an inch away From my lips and whispered My Heart My gorgeous heart Kiss me My...Read On


Be Mine

Be mine, forever and always, be mine

Be mine Forever and always So that I can hold you and never let go So that I may cherish you every day Be mine Be mine Forever and always So that through the tough times we can be strong together So I can look into your eyes every day and be comforted by your gaze Be mine Be mine Forever and always So that I know I can rely on you to see me through So that you can rely on me Be mine Be...Read On

Keeping Quiet

these words are from long ago

If the sound of me saying, I love you, will make you angry,  I prefer never to speak of my sentiments. If the feelings cannot be returned, my heart will also let you go, and I will forget the beauty of us. Others said this can not last, but to my regret, I turned a deaf ear, the thought was imperishable. Although, I must admit circumstances have always made this bitter sweet, and caused...Read On

My Five Senses

She enters the room all senses become focused. Pleasure enfolds me. Nerve endings respond synapses, neurons alive. Burning with desire. I smell her perfume redolent of spring flowers. I breathe in her scent. I taste her lush lips a tantalizing sweetness. I savor this food. I touch her tan skin pure, yielding to my fingers. I gently caress. I see her beauty deep, present in body and mind....Read On


Too Much To Say

You were still stunned with release, electricity ebbing from soothed limbs, bare skin flushed with the brilliant hues that only bloom after the intense flash. It may have been too much to say then, everything was still trembling with intimacy, anything spoken aloud may have tangled what we have so effortlessly woven together. I would rather rest your head upon my chest, ...Read On


Why Her?

She asked me why her?

She stares at me intent eyes pleading, question lingering and her very core hanging on my answer. Why her, she'd asked, her gaze unwavering reading my expression, looking for signs of truth? Of hope? In silence I search for words to capture the surge of bliss that rises within me because she asked. How do I describe such a visceral response I feel in...Read On


Under The Settign Sun

Undone under the setting sun.

Bowing my head in defeat, picking up the pieces of my heart, fleeing in retreat. Placing them in the trash where they will stay, never to see again the light of day. Wiping my eyes, trying to hide the ache I feel, my tears I can not hide. Crying for what has been lost, what has been tossed. Turning my back, can't go on, the ache I can not hide, tearing me up inside. Lost now and so unsure,...Read On


Time Rhyme

Ticking away

I've heard it said All things take time Healing a heart Filling a mind But in a second You are left behind Forgotten alone Love is a dream Friendships faded I silently scream Someone wake me What does this mean? Perhaps time changes Who we really are And wishes are wasted On shiny falling stars Catching fireflies To keep in a jar Wondering why And who we've become Will we ever be That...Read On

She is Sunshine

Like the sun above spirit of energy, life warming and healing. At Helios' reins driving the gold chariot her aura enfolds. Brightness exposing Banishing darkness and gloom Bringing hope and joy. The vigorous rays cleaning, nourishing, soothing purifying the soul. A radiant smile illuminating the world as shadows retreat. Luminous and sharp lifting the curtain of pain liberating the truth....Read On


The End

When the nights are endless and the days are over, When the moon doesn't glow and the sun stops shining, When eternal night falls and the blue sky darkens, When the birds stop tweeting and children stop laughing, When conversations end and deals are closed, When the flowers stop growing and the leaves all fall, When the wind doesn't blow and the waves stop crashing, When heavy hearts break...Read On



NOT about Verbal . . .

A rctic Frost B astard Cold A che of Empty N adir Soul D eath Knell tocsin O pen Wound N umbing Vacuum M ental Tomb E nd of Something N ever More T oss the Key, and seal the door....Read On


Desires Of The Heart

Kissing hello to the moon A loving breeze lingering  Swirling in and out of leaves  Playfully in the evening light  Setting up the mood  Giving a thrilling sensation  Passionate and tender Surging in the lover's heart  Revealing the inner hunger  Swaying slowly  Into its seducing delight  For the fire inside  Wild and teasing  Dancing in places Reflection of shadows  Brought out by the...Read On

Celestial Music To My Heart

You are someone unique and very special, so never let anything or anyone change you.

Long ago I sat on the roof Listening to the stars' melody My heart, I thought was theft-proof Until you sang your rhapsody Turbulent was my very essence I now grow in peace and tranquility At the very thought of your presence my inner song plays with certainty The stars above shimmer brightly As a kiss we share with simplicity I feel my heart burning ardently Cocooned in your arms safety...Read On



I was never closer to anyone before, both light and immense with your presence, certain we turn as all planets do, beyond our dense human understanding, rotating alone through immeasurable space. Adrift and finally aware of our own frailty, even the slightest touch is enough to promise us we are never truly alone, that some core in us always remains aglow. And carved through it all, ...Read On


The daisy

A sweet summer dream...

“He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not…” She smiles secretly, playing the game of childhood years, Petals of the daisy falling to the ground. The evening air still warm As she waits for him, He who makes her heart race, Her breath tremble and core moisten. “He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not…” She has loved and lost, But he makes her...Read On


The Sound of a Heart Breaking

Have you ever heard the sound of a heart break?

Have you ever heard the sound of a heart break? The silence of it all is deafening, so hard to take. The sound of tears splashing down over your soul, you can't stop it, you have no control. The sound of the end coming out of nowhere, knocking you off your feet. The sound of your breath exploding from your tight constricting lungs. The sound of leaving, lying, crying, the sound of your...Read On


Third Glass of Wine

In vino veritas

Oh, how I wish you were here with me, The perfect girl of my fantasy, Lover of books and lover of mine, Sipping our third glass of wine. We cuddle and converse until we kiss Seeking hours of unmeasured bliss. To be in that moment of undress, Each of us feeling blessed. Oh, how I wish that I could be The perfect man in your fantasy. That you would see me as someone divine Cradling a third...Read On


A Goddess of Love

The Goddess

She was a beauty, a goddess of love. Holding out her hand, with the sign of a dove. She wanted peace, we had a fight. Now we were talking again, we had seen the light. I am sorry, we had both said. We were not thinking, not right in the head. Kissing and holding, trying to make up. Trying to avoid the worst, not wanting to breakup. I missed her dearly, as...Read On

Recommended Read

So Gone

I found an email Yesterday That you had sent to me A party Some festive affair With date and place To be Four years ago You sent it I remember the event Even down to what I wore The evening we had spent There were so many nights like that Attended through the years But they tend to run together Without reminders near Time has passed And so have you I stop and think How long ...Read On


Black Silk

Once Again

Once upon a time Here we go again Once upon a time This song will never end Just another white lie Spun from blackened silk Words now mean nothing Spawned from selfish guilt You promised too much I felt you too deep All alone again Sowing what you reap Once upon a time Here we go again Once upon a time I wish this song would end Yes, there is pain But nothing like before This cut’s...Read On


Baby steps

Maybe one day...

Heartache. Heartbreak. Lost and broken On the floor, Not knowing where to go, Where to turn, How to breathe. Friends gathering, Showing support and concern, Giving space, yet staying near, Ready to lend a hand When I feel ready To get up and take a deep breath, Move on. Working on finding a place Where pain is not the only feeling, Somewhere each step Will be a bit easier...Read On


Into Blue

Head back Sky above Gazing into blue Resting arms Sweet air Lying next to you Summer day Breeze stirs Clouds drift into view White and green Tatting leaves Charmingly askew Afternoon No plans Nothing we have to do Fingers touch I turn and smile Gazing into blue....Read On

Sir, my love, my Master

Beautiful girl of mine in the palm of my hand twinkle in my eye Sir, my love my Master Come to me to my darkness be my captive Captive I am willingly Come My red rose as the blood in my veins boils I want and crave you as moon wants the distant sun My darlin' if you hunger for my power my manliness my strength be mine again and again I come to you as...Read On


On My Arrival

This is for Kay... though i think she left

The trans-Atlantic flight, the cabs, The buses, and all that carries me To your door step, to recite what Must be said, to you my love. With tears filling my eyes, And my words large on my tongue I gasp when our eyes first meet, And I take your hands in mine. “I know only this Kay,” my voice soft “There’s nothing you can’t do, no one You can’t love, not if you want...Read On


In the Beginning

In the beginning we were unsure, feelings they are all so new. Fate drew us together, the path to where we are going. Our hearts are surely growing, falling quietly and slowly. It is building into a fire, the embers are brightly showing. Holding on for our passion, it's like lighting glowing. Our hearts racing, as we are in this place. Our bodies intertwined, caressing every line....Read On


Safe Harbor

Always tried to be my baby's safe harbor

With a whisper, a touch, a kiss,  I broke through her defences.  I became her first. I became my baby's safe harbor. Strong and independent,  she needed time to grow.  I pushed and she flew from baby's safe harbor. She was betrayed by others,  left broken and alone.  She ached to return to baby's safe harbor. Not knowing it was still there,  not knowing how to get back,  she...Read On


Set me free

Set me free From this prison Of my own emotions, Locked behind bars Constructed by pieces Of a broken heart. Caged by the chaos Raging in my mind, Feelings shattered Like broken glass, Mirroring the sadness Tormenting my soul. Hopes and dreams Crushed into nothingness, Small specs of dust Forever blown away By storms raging Deep within me. Trapped by sorrow,  Longing for...Read On



When you asked me...

I would gladly  Be here with you, Be anything  You want me to be. I'll be your friend I'll be your baby I'll be your lover I'll be your cunt I'll be your slut I'll be your whore. In our kitchen counter In our shower In our garden In our floor In our room In our bed. Just love me, Please be mine....Read On


Inexorably Pulled

How can a woman so strong ever be submissive?

You are proud, headstrong, resourceful even fierce when that is needed. No tolerance for bullies or fools. No compulsion to kneel to any man. Then you meet one, different, unlike others you've encountered. You get a glimpse of his world and summarily dismiss it. His world is not for you. The women he attracts must be broken, needy or badly damaged. Yet a part of...Read On