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Love Poems


Servant's Quarters

Forebidden rendezvous surfices and satiates the servant's ache.

Comely ye oh fair thee be Commingled glee flows free, My weld to you grandiose, complete Cum well thy maiden sweet. A purposed duty undiluted, This swelling staff non-concluded, Mi eunuch saber, yours to whisk Undo mi brooded, odalisque. No high reigned tyrant's need to know, What in mi breeches grows then sows, Yours wench, when needed, heat be heeded, Pearly dew drops neatly seeded....Read On

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We Smile In Photographs

Remember Donnybrook in the dark? We wandered around the park Looking for sticks for battleships or Toy soldiers you painted line-perfect stark. Remember Chinese food and Chilean wine with TV? The shows I watched you hated. "The Hills," the thrills, the ups and downs. We were rollercoasters, but we made it. Remember zombie movies watched with guns? "Imagine if you tugged...Read On


You Gave Me Hope

Your love made me whole.

I was living a life of which I was so tired. You lifted me out of the muck and the mire. You gave me hope of a bright new day, you took my hand and showed me the way. My feet became light with each step I took. I started to see rainbows wherever I looked. I could hear breezes whispering...just calling my name. My wild heart's beating, you started to tame. All the dark shadows that I feared...Read On


It's Different For You

It's different for you, wanted just as you are, believed just as you are, but would never once let me be set in stone. You'd rather examine from a place of cold calculation, cutting into the angles you thought went unexamined, even when such surgical perception became a dangerous beacon to us. We clung to the signals sent from unidentified stations, editing epilogues to soften...Read On


Far, far away

Across seven seas and over the rainbow is where her dreams live...

She wishes She could escape to a place Far, far away, Beyond the woods, the seas, Beyond high mountains, Beyond the edge of the world, To Wonderland Or Neverland, A place of magic, Where reality makes no difference. Only her and him, The hero of her fairytale, He who protects her From the demons Who come to take her, He that keeps her warm On stormy nights When the wind howls,...Read On


Flyaway Robin

Those with wisdom beyond the sea, They are ones I feel most comfortly. When soft breath caresses my soul, The words of gospel I compose. Breaking bread with sensuality, And my swooning mind digest The beauty of your flesh. Oh what a bless on this earth, When a flyaway robin lay nest, And you grew into ambivalence, Before the wind took you away. And your sympathetic words of a bird,...Read On


Among The Stars

Dance me among the stars.

Oh, my darling, dance with me among the stars on bluest sea. Hold my hand and lead me on until the dark of night is gone. Oh, dance with me among the clouds. Life's symphony is playing loud. It drowns the bad for just awhile while through your eyes reflects my smile. Oh, dance with me and hold me tight around moon's glow, it feels so right. The rainbows make our bridge of light while...Read On


My Bad

Far more pain Than currently prescribed Thoughts and emotions Impossible to describe I’ve tried Damn the pain Over and again Stuck on repeat When will it end? I pretend But what the fuck Am I supposed to do? No, it’s always me And really never you Look, a clue I’ll take the blame It’s all my fault Now can we stop? This mental assault Yes, my fault Get outta my head ...Read On


Love, The Other Story

Up to this point...

Up to this point I've lived more than I have loved. Because in some situations love can be treated as a part time endeavor and not as a mutual endeavor.  For sometimes love is more about the "music" of a moment, and less about the words that found two people to that music.  Some are more about presenting an image or a temporary facade and paint into the scene some fake love. Thus in...Read On


You will always be there

I've lost my friend

From the very beginning you have always been there. With your flashing brown eyes, bright smile, And shimmering auburn hair. The album is filled for all to see. With the history of us, Of you and of me. Look, see there you are. At my parents wedding. The flower girl a star. Look at you with that gapped tooth grin. Me on your lap, Teddy tucked under my chin. As a babysitter you were...Read On



When she loves, It's terrifying and absolute, It wraps around you like a fog. And when he loves, It's possessive and demanding, It swallows you whole. But when they both love, It's unlike anything they've ever felt before, Like shooting stars across an empty sky. Like fire spreading through a forest, Like rain hitting the pavement for the first time in years, ...Read On


The Simple Truth About Love

why do we complicate love?

The simple truth about love, the more you know someone intimately, the clearer you see their faults. It's that simple. This is the simple reason why so many marriages fail, why children get abandoned and why friendships do not last. Intimacy goes beyond sex, it is a simple touch of a hand, a caress, or the wiping of a tear It's that simple. This simple gesture opens doors, ...Read On


To have and have not

When your meant to be is not enough to overcome your reality.

Divergent worlds collide in an unexpected thunderstorm of serendipity. Fated winds toss us giddily into the air, tumbling our tummies. Laughing 'til tears flow, limbs strain for whispers of touches. Hands finally clasped we spin through space, unable to discern up from down. Old is young and young is old, your thoughts stream through my pores. Dead concepts are pushed into...Read On


A Thought of You

In my mind you are...

Out to sea, You must be. My heart to you I will send. A white dove, A tiny note. An olive branch  At its beak. The branch To bring you peace. The note A small token of my thoughts. Be safe, The sea breeze To shore  It will bring you. To a warm heart A tender smile. Awaiting arms And perhaps......Read On


Catch 22

What do you do When someone offers you Everything you want, Need, What your dreams are filled with, The longing of Your heart, body, soul, But the price is higher Than you ever intended, The risks terrifying And you have to break The promise To yourself Never to do such a thing? How do you decide, When you tremble with fear At the thought Of accepting What is in front of you,...Read On


I'm Sorry

I broke both our hearts.....

Like things lost but never searched for Cast aside in an attic somewhere Teatowels bought but never used I wait for the validation that comes from you I wrote your name upon the sand But the waves swept away our promised land Once upon a time when we were fine I bestowed on you a dreadful crime Shattered your heart into a million pieces Bit from an apple filled with leeches ...Read On


A heart to heart.

“Unchain me! Set me free!” Are you talking to me ? “Pleas and cries, you ignore .” Sounds that I do abhor. “Kindness please, end my pain?” “ I won’t. Don’t ask again .” “I suffer so! Mercy!” None for you, no reprieve. “I am used and broken.” You are her last token. “Free me, find another.” None compare. Why bother? “Pride is a deadly sin.” Heaven will not let...Read On


My heart belongs to Daddy

A gentle, loving, sensual and tender tale of a Daddy Dom and his baby girl

From the first day we met, our souls have been wed. Yours spoke and mine answered, instant kismet. My tears and my trembles, peacefully dissembled. Dream kisses we tasted like sweet, magic symbols. The calm in your voice, the peace in your spirit, I constantly crave, and only wish to crawl nearest. On my knees I will worship all parts of your being, The bliss of our pleasure; so freeing,...Read On


Friends, Good Friends

Always here for her

She knows I am always here for her When she has had too much and needs me Needs what only I can give It would seem What I am always prepared to give She knows We cannot be together As a couple  That would never do Could never be But I am here for her When she needs me We have promises to keep And people with whom  We must be But I am always here for her Good friends Always And so...Read On


My ABC's

lessons learned.

A - rms that cherish and protect B - DSM a lifestyle not a game C -ontrol is given freely D - ominance thru Deliverance E - arned not taken F - ulfilling a hunger a need G - ood Girl is what I long to hear H - andcuffs and blindfolds I - nhibitions abandoned J - ust belonging makes me soar K - iss me deeply L - imits need to be pushed ...Read On


A Peace of Something Lost

Comfort is not always easily found.

There is a peace of something I seem to have lost It was not kept in a trunk with a latch It had come to me once at exorbitant cost Though you see there’s no price tag attached It had lived in a room and was kept under guard In the arms and the heart of one dear To have purchased escape it had toiled quite hard No longer found in this place I most fear It is kindness and comfort, love...Read On



my secret

I met you and knew That your loving heart belonged  To another, love. If only you were  Free, she does not yet know that I too, love you so. The flames go higher, As I became one with you,  My unyielding heart. You are the fire,  That burned for that one moment,  Over and over. Chest cavity caves In where love should lie and my Heart breaks silently. The fire burns ...Read On



Curled up in a large bed In the darkest hours of the night, She wraps her arms Tight around herself, Trying to ward off The chill in the air, The sneaking feeling Of the corner shadows Being more than a trick of light. Perhaps there are no such things As ghosts or monsters, Hiding in corners or under beds, Only tales from younger days. In reality, They are manifestations Of...Read On


How I love

A self promise, and a total surrender

 How I love, with waiting in anticipation. Who I love I give, Understanding. Consideration. Humor. Adaptation. What is love for me, Respect. Acceptance. Exploration. Patience. When making love it is with, Abandonment. Tenderness. Desire. Sensuousness. Where love meets, Truth. Responsibility. Fantasy meets reality. How I want love, Joy. Closeness. Ecstasy. Completely. ...Read On


I Cried Again Today

I cried again today I do most days as I awake Questioning why I stay Tethered unhappily to life Tears and panic set in I struggle and thrash about Trying to quiet my mind I listen to the calming sound Your voice whispering the words Calming the inexplicable anxiety I feel I hear those names and feel safe Tears and shaking soon abate I remember why I wake Hearing the names of those...Read On


Warrior of Love

"I am a warrior of love and light, fighting lives battles and not just surviving but THRIVING!"

From the depths of my soul, with every fiber of my skin,  with all my passion ...  the fear of your rejection  makes me the shadow of what I was in your life, so there in my words you never tell. Today I want to tell you, just you ...  that despite the distance and everything that separates us, my heart belongs to you, nobody and nothing can get you out of my mind You may never...Read On


Sweet Words

Whispered notes upon your shirt Speaking of my touch Murmurs linger on the sheets Reminders of our lust Our passions of the night before Trace my name in air Your lips again pressed to my neck So warm beneath my hair Each hint of scent a mention Bringing me to mind My presence in my absence An aura left behind Soft, yet with such power You feel me in your arms Telling you I love...Read On



Through the eyes of love, we all become perfectly imperfect, unique pieces of art

A paradox of contradictions, Fragile but strong, Emotional yet an intellectual, Fiercely passionate, But quiet and shy. A caretaker, Always looking out for others, Secretly longing For someone to take care of her, Though never wanting to rely on others. She yearns to belong, lose herself in Him, But treasure her freedom. She is way too stubborn, Yet her willfulness Has helped...Read On


I Never Cried For You

I never cried for you. You knew me the best, the ache that always flared when I slept the wrong way, your soft hands would find it, body draped and spooned to mine as a living thermal blanket. You'd quietly touch in the dark, soothing that spinal ghost without request or a signal because I could not cry. You knew the unseen constriction buried within the plane of my chest, ...Read On

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Break this down  Particle by particle  Compare the matter  To the grand scheme  And blow it away To wherever dust twirls  In a snowglobe of memories Like how my mouth brushed  Your rough cheek,  Or the satin of your lips,  My fingers running through  That crop of soft hair  And over your smooth skin Blink. See the moments  Where the sun Caught the stars  Burning in your eyes,  Licking...Read On