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Love Poems


Double Dawg

All smiles from my easy chair, Double dawg by dogs that dare And strings from my heart. As my soul inclines on the wicker straw, Four letter words from chirping sparrows. Beneath the image from my pane, Drawing a hand of a Yarborough, And there upon a lead of glass,  Your eyes observe. Double dawg by dogs that dare, As you wander about my mind's tomorrow, A sachet...Read On


A Letter From Amelia

I'm sorry I left you this way, still asleep and dreaming of our plans for the evening , that late night drive you love best because of the way the moonlight strikes me and some memory you never mention. But after all this time, I just had to touch and know. And you say all the right things, words strung together that can break any lock, hands and kisses to loosen the tightest,...Read On


A Character in My Story

Truth is lovelier than fiction.

A character in my story; Given to her own life; Her own thoughts; Her own dreams. The most beautiful; Most incredible Character in my story. I could never write her Better than she is. I could never understand her Better than I do. The true beauty lies In knowing I Did not write her; Did not create her; Did not even imagine. She entered my tale Of her own will. ...Read On


the candle

last night I lit the candle, the one that you sent me. as I inhaled its fragrance I was drawn by the soft light to where you were waiting within the flame. yet you did not burn for you were the source of all light there. cautiously I reached out to touch your face and saw your smile dancing within your eyes. it was then I felt your arms wrapping around me. pulling...Read On



Emotionally I'm broken, Tears falling freely, I wonder why me. Why can't he love me like he loves her? Oh, he says he loves me, but does he mean it? He can't mean it when he tells her the same. Emotionally I'm broken, Where did I go wrong? Why does this happen time and time again, doesn't anybody want just me? When will they see that my heart is too broken to touch? ...Read On


in retreat ....

when you did not return all the Flathead recoiled in horror its glacier formed valleys could not bear the pain that radiates from this point icy fingers grasping across the winter range shattering rock and tree the elk herds left for there is no grass left to feed on the river itself speeds up as it passes as not to absorb a single poison tear that lines the shore ...Read On


Lying low in Tupelo

Lying low in Tupelo and listening to the rain, Feeling no pain as music caresses my blues. It was there that I found her, Through the fog of my mind, As she was dancing on the window pane of my soul, Wearing nothing but high-button shoes and a smile. It took me by surprise, my idle while, But I had a bottle of booze, And weeping through my stain, I had nothing to lose. Lying low...Read On


Running Late

As the man in my life, stands in the shadows Looking around the smoked filled room  After a long day, looking forward to a night out Running late, I tried to call  Just getting your voicemail Getting home I called again  As I ran up the stairs Opening the door to our bedroom  Laid on the bed was the outfit you picked Grabbing the dress, stockings, and heels Rushing to get...Read On


Beneath the Blue

To burn for another is delicious, when they burn for you as well...there you find ecstacy.

Beneath the blue, the green, the swirl, I know her passion lies amidst the tangled thoughts that whirl, in the land behind her eyes. With tender touch, with subtle grace, through doubts and fears I weed. In her fragile mind I place a thought of me; a seed. A seed of thought, root taken, soon wood to fuel a fire. Alarms ring loud to waken hidden, uncontrolled desire. With heat, as...Read On


White Charmeuse

Your arms about me as if a life's halo, my beautiful muse of the midnight show, as stars like cotton fall about the window, and the moon rest it eyes upon your shadow, in a field of white charmeuse. What, not a carousel? Then it must be a dream, a beautiful if, or maybe a calliope, in my sleep, and the keys of rainbow play a serenade,  on a pillow, resting my noggin,  ...Read On



While you take whatever time you need, I learn how a name can crack and warm the heart in equally unquantifiable measures, and I try to make pages that will cut deeper the more ink pours out what my tongue hasn't been able to articulate. I follow the possibilities, the tangents flowing and split like infinite intersecting rivers, the worlds I dream of with you. It hasn't...Read On


Safe In Your Arms

Eyes focused on the clock Time slowly ticking away Minutes seem like hours Hours like days Waiting till the clock strikes five An hour passes, oh my god It's only been an hour Since I pried myself away From your strong, loving arms Seven more hours and I'll be home Drifting off into outer space Thinking about when I reach home Another hour ticks away One...Read On



I never believed you Anyway And that’s why I am safe I gathered coins A few each day Stowing them away You said you loved me I just smiled And stroked my secret coins Surely whole  And near unfazed When the world falls down Watching, waiting Vigilant Everything’s a sign Words are easy People change Later will be now....Read On


You Can't See Me

Love needs more than eyes to see.

“You can’t see me” I heard you say True my eyes alone do not see You present to the world What the surface reveals What lies beneath interests me To know I must listen Your words I must hear To catch a glimpse of your soul Words you have written I read time and again Until the map of your heart unfolds The sound of your heartbeat Speaks clearly to mine I hungrily consume every word More...Read On


A Fair Exchange

An ailing old man trades his wealth for a predatory nurse

"You won't feel a thing," Said the nurse, Smiling at me. Then, I was cursed. Groggy from deep slumber, I awakened. Unlike in my dream, There was no bacon. She patted me on the shoulder, "Are you OK?" "I feel perfect," I replied, Much to her dismay. "I think you need looking after," she said, "You seem quite poorly to me." In my moment of madness, I took her home. We became the missus and me....Read On


Arcane's Achoo

My words at times may seem arcane, Before the call to 911 came, But I am the one to blame of my chosen core, The indigenous harp of the glockenspiel wheel. My mind's disclaimer as your tits lie-away still, I am not delirious, just a tad below my lawn shed, Dressed in a rubber room jacket, Scratching my head and pompadour. Squeezing the mustard from my sausage, And stirring...Read On



Worth is not found until the thing is lost; Love not known until too dear the cost. El Dorado was a myth to cheat the hopes of man; Treasure lives so close, not in a fairy land. I left our home “to strive, to seek, to find”; No Ulysses, I left your light but soon turned blind. Losing you taught me what I should have known, The greatest happiness is home sweet home....Read On



Have you found yours.....

Come to me my love Whisper in my ear Words of love and secrets Meant for only me to hear Tell to me a sweet story From your lips to my heart Of a couple destined Remind me, how did it start? A friendly message sent About a poem I had written A few sweet teasing replies And by the love bug we were bitten Time flew by so quickly And yet before we knew Each of us...Read On


Gentle dreams

You're the future I seek As I left my past behind, Your love is like A mysterious dream, That's just out of reach. Do our futures intertwine? Or do we go our own ways? Like the parting of a connecting road? Your love is like a dream, I couldn't resist any more As my heart allows it in. I'm reaching out a hand Beyond the memories Gently inviting you To be where I am. I won't ever let go...Read On



A search for someone with compassion and understanding to share my first time.

For too long, I've hungered for it That sense of accomplishment The feel of the unknown I still await Only found locked in my own wild imagination To not hang my head, or hide Not be timid like a mouse That sense of purpose we all exist for That feeling of confidence I suffer badly within I've waited, and stood hidden in plain sight To search for that single person Someone special who...Read On

Recommended Read

We Are Not Poetry: A Sorrow Song

Life is not poetry.

You my love are so well read. And, you read me like no other. I was print Now I am the curls and curves of script Written across the sky. The words you speak reach out to me, As the movement of your lips hypnotize. Your heart’s sound next to mine Creates a loss of memory. I can feel nothing but The letters your tongue forms Against the delicate surface that is my skin. You...Read On


Like Two Birds

Lovemaking is like dancing in the stars.

Our love transcends all time and space, erasing yesterday as today blends into tomorrow. Like two birds in flight, his love lifts me above the earth to soar the heavens. He takes my hand as effortlessly he guides me upward to float over multicolored rainbows. Wordlessly, he quells my fears just from the sparkle in his eye and his tender smile. My feet leave the ground as he takes...Read On


The Silent House

At night the silent house isn't so silent.

How I long for the silence of the house, so quiet you can hear a mouse. The shutters hung tight, no banging in the night, to cause you a fright. In the country, down the lane, up close you can see the strain. Aged and weathered it still holds much pleasure, within the walls and down the halls. The graceful willow, the garden so full, the windows bright, bathed in sunlight. The porch...Read On


Puzzle Pieces

As I lay here and dream about the way you'll hold me, the way your body fits  just right against mine Like two puzzle pieces,  we are perfectly matched. Our souls reaching out  to intertwine together. Your hands holding me close,  I've never felt more loved,  never more wanted or needed. My heart calls out to yours  and your rhythm answers,  not missing a beat. ...Read On



When one is not enough You lie Fearing commitment Wanting less Lonely Wanting more Suffocated Excited by the new Afraid to lose the old Spread thin Juggling Never satisfied And finally Old ....Read On


The One Who Loves You Dearly

Poem about true love for my best online friend

I stare at the god reflected in the mirror The god is me, free of any single error Spartan muscled, Adonis perfection My body impales all apprehension None of this would even be  If I hadn't met you, as you guided me To really let go and live truly free Of erotic pretention, embracing luxury Schooled now in the sodomistic arts I tongue and plunge your nether parts Wetting...Read On


Wedding Vows That Bind

A marriage of a man and a woman.

A couple together for many years They're in love with each other Some obstacles and some tears A marriage made of two lovers Years and years they're in love A family they've made together Wedding rings that fit like gloves Together they've ridden stormy weather The relationship has changed Love is of course there Priorities have been rearranged Each of them still care They still make...Read On


Dream Walking

In my dreams I come to you.

As she lays down at night, her soul takes flight. Through the night sky she flies, oh so high. The world below in midnight slumber, my soul begins to wander. Over hills and through trees, searching for the one she longs to see. To the place that she has been before, she settles upon the floor. To the bed she walks, to his mind she talks. In his sleeping state, to kiss him, she cannot wait. ...Read On


The road untravelled

Sometimes I look down the road untravelled, The one I didn’t pick, That day I started this path I am on. There are times I wonder If I made the right choice, Would the other road be less difficult, Be wider, smoother, have fewer curves? Perhaps it would. I opted for the unknown, A path I knew would hold its challenges, Be hard to walk at times, Steep hills to climb, Bumps to avoid,...Read On


Trade Wind's Ballast

Te quiero pase lo que pase

In the distant caravel upon a sail The trade wind's ballast, As silence of dawn spawns, Footprints on my shadow.  I give thee alms of far reaching prose, On parchment of my soul, Your beauty be-told. And like the combs of the bees, Succulent sweet you bring me, As soft breezes sow your pollen of love, The trade wind's ballast. Te quiero pase lo que pase. (I love...Read On