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Love Poems

A Better Sung 'Morrow

Gomen'nasai (I'm sorry)

In my visionary of passing I see,  Like a sparrow with a looking-glass. From atop a crest of a splendid alp,  A pantomime of a paper moon, In shallow waters of dreams, I rest. Beneath afar away pagoda, A path to eternal quest, With shadows in my tea, As light of my eyes swallow. In nearness I feel your caress, Sweet petals of my swoon, A pantomime of a paper moon. And...Read On

A Sad Existence

Sign the papers!

Twelve years you've lived with my friend However, we're still legally married This is ongoing and not the end This is a lot to be carried This broke me to have a break down While you and your whore play house You still always come around You're technically my spouse You and your slut never go away You still help to pay our bills You still cheat and you stray I think this gives you...Read On


First Kiss

Lost inside of the endless daydreams Evocative interludes Throughout the day Taunting each of my senses.  The look in your eyes says, "Follow Me". Your touch leaves no room for resistance I hear your heartbeat Palpations heavy.  Matched only by intense heavy breaths Your heart matches mine in sound Our passion is the same Your scent envelopes me and lingers long after you...Read On


Hide Away

It hit me in the night, I left every door open and still nothing, I’m such a bloody fool, To think he might, but no. I will remove myself from more harm, Cover my feelings and hide, It is the way to be safe, I’ve learned, No more, ever, ever, ever, never ever. Thought I was safe in my secret world, But it crept up on me somehow, Didn’t even notice til it was too late, And now it...Read On



As the summer draws near, the air thick with memory, I'm drawn back to you. The naked lines of your flesh, glistening from hot rain, sticky sweet lips hush me. As we pulled off the road, close to where you stay but never seem to live, fireflies swirled around the darkness gathered in us. Pulled so close to me, we emit our own kind of light, glows from trembling galaxies, your eyes were...Read On

Recommended Read

Treasured Dreams

I don't fear the night As it comes writhing in And embraces me  In its welcoming arms.  The whisper of darkness Anchors my dreams  When they're soaring Through the opaque Mist of my mind. Treasured memories Edge into my soul, Fueling dormant desires Aching to be set free again. I fear the light And its insistent sunshine As it kisses my body awake With warm strokes of a new day,  And I...Read On


How could you?

You're a lying son of a gun You said I was the one I see you're having fun We're absolutely done How could you do that With my best friend You're a fucking rat This is truly the end I caught you together You both deceived me I was under the weather Now I'm absolutely free A liar and a slut You two should be happy We were in a bit of a rut This is making me unhappy She bought me...Read On


I Miss You Crazy

Do you ever miss me too?

Do you ever miss me  while you're busy with your life?  Do you wonder if I miss you? I do and My Heart Breaks. Do you ever need me  in the middle of the night  when you can't sleep?  I'd hold you,  stroke your hair  until you closed your eyes.  Watch your sleeping face and  softly kiss your lips.  Then My Heart Would Break. Do you ever think of me,  want me by your side? If I could ...Read On


It Could Be Sweeter

I'll keep your touch like a secret sewn just beneath the skin, so when you run away, I don't have to be quite ready to go let you go. And I wish it could be sweeter, the taste of your kiss and breathing you in, I wish it didn't hurt us to be closer than this. I was too passive to chase and claim with the same raw force you could so easily sweep me away with, the force that others...Read On

Recommended Read

Your Final Gamble

The ranked outsider when we met, How did I earn your backing? Not believing myself worth the bet, My confidence too lacking. But you knew it was inside of me, That something others had missed. As they were all discounting me, I made your final list. My confidence still jaded, How could I be your one? With you my self-doubts faded, It was together that I won. I became the man you thought...Read On



Whatever you are,  however I flicker in you,  passions shivering down  to the barest root. The same animal broke us from each other,  one you've promised may come to help us  move openly together, fold into one forever. Raw joy streamed through our entirety,  gooselfesh resting still to naked eyes,  but even the most patient lens  doesn't glass everything or touch  some tiny contours to...Read On


Wisteria Drifting Down

Wisteria petals lately drifting down,  The past renews, the city draws me back To haunts, remembrance, loving aches resolved, And yet she still invades my fretful thoughts, A laugh that echoes off the stuccoed walls To fall among the steps we left behind. Tripping cobbled streets on skipping feet, That shared a space, embracing, dancing softly  As a treat, a joyous, sweet delight. ...Read On


Just Dare

Ever been scared to open your heart, To leap into that unknown place, Not sure to give your love away, To look in the mirror, a doubt on your face. Ever been addicted to a fainthearted man, To give your all with feelings of hope, Not ready to lose what you desperately need, To stay despite not being able to cope. Ever been hurt so badly your soul is scarred, To promise there won’t be...Read On

Until The Grass, Settles At Last.

...sorrow of painful cries.

While clutching a broach to my chest, skirmishing with the Johnny Rebs at the battle of Shenandoah Valley, near the Blue Ridge mountains... 1864. As tall as I could, I stood among fallen comrades, in meadows of shadow woods, tasting the blood being shed and the sorrow of painful cries. The burst of cannon rolled like thunder beneath a noonday summer, with the breeze of a...Read On


The Raspberry Farmer

You were a man Of average height Light green eyes And thinning hair Light green eyes And bitten nails She was slight Her flowered dress And knitted sweater Soft curled hair So ladylike She was your second choice She knew She never was, would be the one Life, not death would part you In some ways Far more cruel Leaving her With the pretty little house Worth $4 million Or so In those...Read On


Shared emotions with the moon

I watch the moon through the window, and the moon looks down and sees me, I raise my hand and with it my glass, showing to him my whisky. His face has always looked so sad, its scarred surface portraying,  a loneliness I understand, our joy for life delaying. He used to be part of our earth, before we were separated,  remembering the comfort of being whole, not fractured and...Read On


When Is It Time

When is it time to walk away, when he ignores you for days? When is it time to guard your heart, when he would rather talk to someone else? When is it time to give up,  when he treats you like you're nothing? When is it time to take things at face value,  when he steadily walks away from you? I wish I had the answers to my questions,  I wish you'd see how this back and forth...Read On


Gazing Hell

To gaze upon hell as your deliverance.

Heaven was sold as a beautiful place;  filled with the golden light serene.  I travelled there with the fullness of grace;  ready for places I was yet to have seen. Heaven was there as a shining testament; to all I had done and all I had known.  Heaven was there as a glowing reminder;  of all things that I rejected once grown. I was never a dangerous sort;  heaven was made for girls like...Read On

Recommended Read

That Something

There’s something about your face  That makes me want to laugh  In a kind of mean-spirited way--  Maybe the freckles half-obscuring your skin  Or the fluffy uni-brow  Perhaps also the distinct crook in your nose  They make me want to giggle and poke at you  Like a child fascinated by something ‘different’  I don’t know why, but I want to laugh  When I see your face. There’s...Read On


She who?

It never fails...

Why does it always have to be That other she instead of me? Or anyone really Why's it gotta be she She is not nice She is not mean She is the past Our future is unseen She's not your Queen. You take the blame At every false claim You played the game And changed your name And now you know It will never be the same. But you try. Why? You try, fail, cry, And I want to know why! I...Read On



We seemed to be words and skin, just seeking passage, some part of you may never return to me. It could have been no other way, our roaring need, this incandescent edge. Something opens in you when longing grips, clenches around so tight, I can only answer the call in shivers. Even with the knowledge that I cannot be touched the same afterwards. To see you glow so bright as you...Read On

Old Pewter Can, 1862

In a tin can is a letter I penned, On the Tennessee River near Shiloh, While laying mortally wounded.  Shot by a Yankee in uniform of blue, In a peach orchard... 1862. As I cast my eyes to Heaven above, Waiting for the last twang of a harp,  I feel your breath upon my soul, Carrying me home to Old Dixie  And the pecan fields of home. And when the good Lord has roll call, I'll...Read On


It's okay to be me.

An attraction between individuals. May it be GLBTQ. A man. A woman. A transgender. Or all, whatever. Shouldn't matter. A heart connection. Is a heart connection. An attraction. Is an attraction. There is already too much control... Humanity is not really free... Who has the right to say for me? What is right. What is wrong. My thoughts and feelings are mine. Mine alone, not yours or...Read On

Recommended Read

Are You Ready To Dance?

Are you ready to dance? Allow me to help you up, Your steps will be unsteady, Do not fret or worry, I’ll let go when you are ready. Are you ready to perform? The lights are bright, Shining in my eyes, I look to him for support, As he’s helping me to rise. Are you ready to dance? A smile upon my face, Raised on pointed toes, Taking a deep breath, My eyes begin to close. Are you...Read On


The Barrel Key

A home for an old key.

Discarded, thought lost One time it meant more Presently old and worn Cast aside in a drawer Forgotten through years Its value diminished Tarnish eclipsing A once lustrous finish Stem and shoulder chipped Bow battered and worn The latch set corroded Long since forlorn Unexpectedly found Warmth comfort and trust Held now in her hand “Keep it safe please, you must.” My guardian, she...Read On

Recommended Read

The Wait

Dreaming of a lover...

And so on, towards the year’s end, Time devours all, And lovers seek salvation, in the arms of lovers. The grandfather clock in the hall ticks, And she sips tea, through scarlet lips, An auburn curl, loose across her cheek; She watches raindrops, Running down the pane. And somewhere he, To the roar of breaking waves, And the light of a guttering candle, Writes...Read On


My Vow

I pledge my love.

I will follow you through the trials of life and walk right beside you as your loving wife. I have seen your strengths and your weaknesses, too; and, I hope all that I am, I will compliment you. I hereby accept your token of love, blessed by our Father from His throne above. I take your arm as I face life with you; becoming as one where we started as two....Read On


Drunk Sentry

"Mixing memory and desire..."

Drunk tonight, I see Memory will not be still— As desire will. Desire silent, I thought myself free awhile— Of your departed smile. But you are there, love, For memory, drunk like me— Yet sees more clearly. That Boston evening, I half-tricked your bra away— Baez, Dylan, play. Your young professor Sucked each secret, perfect breast-- How could you protest?...Read On


Gone Alone

It happens too often

Something happened today, Strange in every way, You up and left, You’ve gone away, Again today. What did I say? Why didn’t you stay? Was it all pretend? No beginning or end, I should have known, You weren’t my friend, You weren’t anything then. Who are you? What did I do? Will I ever find out? What filled you with doubt? Did you know all along, What this is about? Imaginary clout. ...Read On


Love poem

There are a few lushies, who found their way into my heart. I hope they realize, this is for them.

You have entered my life Through a keyboard and screen And you've entered my heart Before I even had seen How you look on the outside But I really don't care For you showed me your soul By the things that you share And I think you are awesome And I know that you will Be around when I need you When I'm feeling a chill That you'll hug from a distance But the warmth will...Read On