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Love Poems


Mirrored in White

The mirror shows her form all dressed in white, So soft, demure, and precious as can be. Reflecting back her beauty, pure delight,  My secret knows just what she means to me. With glowing face and smiles to warm my heart, With words assuring me she's always near, She makes me feel we're one though we're apart And lets me know there's nothing we need fear. We walk our path and trust we'll...Read On


Beautiful Like Spring

Beautiful like spring, And how a dozen roses sing Of adoration of the one I do so love.   For your smile I'd wait a while, A tender dove, a sweeping love, The type that could ne'er go out of style....Read On



Addictions that take over

I never wanted this suburban negativity. All I ever wanted was just to be me. But my Hunter plucked me down from an ancient cloud. I forgot my addictions, he made me feel proud. But I guess my dreams of domesticity Would always come to an end, As the drugs pulled me back, on them I depend. So ruby red lipstick is this evening’s selection With black liquid eyeliner applied with perfection....Read On


Always I

I write an email that will never be delivered. I continue the story that I know will never get an ending. I think of you each day though it breaks me a little more each time. I pray for the day you return, while knowing you never will. I wonder if I ever cross your mind, then doubt I ever do. I know I should forget you but it’s impossible for me to do so. I said I couldn’t forgive you...Read On


Dream Lover

Confessions of a Heart Searching for a Home

The vision of her loveliness Means little to me. The things I need go deeper, Than simply what you see. I need someone to love and trust, Who never leaves me in doubt. Someone who will stand by me Through the highs and lows, Because isn't that what love's about? Someone to overlook my faults And expound upon the good. To help me with life's hard road, A partner through and through. My...Read On

A Poem For My Valentine

Will you be my valentine My husband of eighteen years I'm yours and you're mine A lifetime of happiness and tears Just knowing you're here for me To laugh with and to cry Remember the proposal on your knee That night I felt incredibly high A beautiful diamond ring worn A family made together Remember holding our firstborn Our lives were truly better All the happiness along the way We have...Read On


Love Hides

A valentine poem

I sleep  And you are there I breathe And you are there I dream And you are there I cum And you are there I sing And you are there  I bathe  And you are there Do I need to get a restraining order?...Read On


Be My Valentine

For Simplicity, My one. My only. Forever

I asked you to be mine Not just you heart nor simply your soul I wanted all of you, from your blond, tussled hair  To those cute little toes.  I wanted your love, your passion, and your devotion when all others who claimed to return those things failed you.  I wanted your trust. Your belief that I would stand by when all others fled. I wanted you to know I would not be like them. I...Read On


My Turbulent Heart

The river slowly slipped between banks of dappled green, Oblivious to the noisy world of men, The sibilant sound of its sojourn among the reeds Like kisses in the air or the swish of skirts, Its comforting sussuration, gentle counterpoint To the clamour of my wildly beating heart. In its long journey from the excitement of its birth Long ago in the cool of alpine meadows, It must have...Read On


Shamus O Hara and Powder Blue Knickers

Shamus O Hara takes her virginity

  Snap, her innocence pops as Soft as pink bubble gum, there’s no going back. The elasticity of emotion tight and then slack.   His grunting and groaning appalls, excites and scares her in equal measure as Shamus steers his hardened body upon her youthful hourglass figure.   Shamus O’Hara, a gypsy carefree. His morals as loose as her powder blue Knickers seem to be   It’s...Read On


My Yearning

I yearn for something, someone, to help ease this pain within.

A feeling inside causes my fingers to gently quiver A search for a deeper connection with someone, anyone To have actual physical contact with another My manly rough skin still awaiting to be caressed, or even touched A heart inside that beats irregular Missing that singular extra thump Handed to me by another, to protect and watch over Lips that have never been kissed, in any show of...Read On

Recommended Read

All of You

To my Valentine; Love means wanting to know all of you.

When I say I want you  I am trying to say… I want all of you. Not just the jagged bits Or thread worn pieces Left like debris in a storm I want your whole heart I want to know your soul I want all of you Not just your lips But your deepest kiss Not just your limbs Intertwined within mine or your arms and hands Interlaced holding mine I want to feel the weight Of your body pressed Fully...Read On

Recommended Read


I can now pen words from a place that is neither poisonous or far too sentimental, I can narrate with precision  and tell you what I hold close. How I never drew my fingers through your windswept locks, slow enough to count the strands, the seconds between each breath drawn as long as the whispering of your name, the one that no one else ever calls you. The one too close to my heart, where...Read On



So be it

Behind a quieted content I found things may be relevant It seems this feel betwixt us began Long before I held your hand To stop it now seems so silly Let us continue willy nilly Chancy endings in spiteful grief But I believe what I believe This has no definitive word Nothing said is nothing heard I do not think there will come a day Or night we'll fight and push away But I guess we...Read On


Soul on Fire

As I stare into the abyss  I am reminded of the struggle  The insecurities of this world frustrates me Twisting my soul forward and backwards  A pain everlasting. Your love for me frees me Your love is a currency of passion  A cure for a diseased world of judgment  A dance with you, forbidden because of color But made possible by your love  Makes us Overcome that hate that binds...Read On


My Secret Love

My secret love, companion of my nights, With her beside me, I forget all cares For in her arms I know such sweet delights, And joy profound that she so gladly shares Her life with mine, two hearts that beat as one, Forever bound by ties so strong and pure, True love more constant than the noonday sun, That 'gainst all odds it will for aye endure. Whate'er life holds, she is my truest...Read On


Watching You!

A short poem about falling in love with someone from afar.

I fell in love the first moment I saw you Captivated not only by your true beauty But enslaved by those alluring blue eyes Caught in the web you'd sprung upon me Just one singular look melted my beating heart Drawn into your warm embrace Those red ruby lips that quiver with each word whispered That sensual sweet tone of your voice, like a songbird calling to me You possess a thriving...Read On


My Aching Heart

Some days my soul rises up with the sun, Filled with the wild elation of loving, And knowing that love is returned by one, Whose heart belongs to me, and this proving By her deep devotion and caring words. As my heart takes flight, words flow from my mind And sing their joy as they soar with the birds. But there are other days when she seems blind To my fervent declarations of love And all...Read On


Twenty Fingers/Crystal Clear

A sensually sweet of for Valentine's Day which is just a hug, a kiss, and a shag away

  Valentine's is nearly here! It's another day to hold you near, to my heart and beating chest, when it's crystal clear we'll reach the crest.   It's a treasure chest enhanced with love, that I have been dreaming of, when I gaze into your loving eyes, a mountain summit, deep blue skies.   A mountain summit, deep blue skies, when we reach the top - true love's the prize, a prize...Read On


Butcher's Hook

A knowing look transmutes Sally's Saturday job into a frozen, swollen meat-fest.

Hacking bones, I glance askance At Graham in his bloody apron Sawing through a clump of muscle Trimming fat and severing tendons Oh, those hands! now gloved and crimson Skillful as a slaughtering surgeon Operations never ending  Always reaping, never sewing Grisly gristle, loathsome lites are Minced for barbecue delights; I Stuff obscenely swollen skins Hope Graham sees me tease the meat ...Read On


When finally I met you

Finally they meet in person

When finally I met you All those hours of agonising pleasure The tortured, teasing words without half measure Were torn asunder in fierce storms of  pleasure.   When finally I met you We barely spoke before our lips entwined One second in that lift, our passion blind Our bodies finally joined our febrile minds   When finally I met you My hands roamed over you just as I'd dreamed ...Read On

Memories In Your Mind

I loved you for a lifetime  We were two of a kind Our love always sublime Now I just live in your mind Precious memories stored One spouse needs to let go For the other heaven is the reward Our love will continue to grow I'll wait for you here Your book is still being written You must not cry any more tears You can meet other women My life is now in the light Your book still not...Read On


John Loves Lorna

John Loves Lorna He came into her life, she fell for the master he is. Every day they talked each day growing closer. She started to become his, the sub she craved to be. Then Saturday came they spoke on the phone, little did she know they wouldn’t speak again. Sunday came along with the unwanted note. Lorna’s heart was broken as she slowly read the note. Lorna was left wondering...Read On


Dark Matters

Something familiar hangs between us, a certain palpable charge hinting at a wealth of untold histories, a spark that becomes a violent light. Perhaps too beautiful to last, too far away to hold, but I still see all of you, I still know you in the dark. You'll hold on long after we part, I'll feel it all over my flesh like beautiful phantom limbs, something too sacred to let go of. A mark...Read On


Morning Glory

Good morning  Morning glory My cherished flower child. Eternal In your glory My ageless treasured one. Exquisite In your glory My burning dancing heart. Electric In your glory My precious joyous dove. Majestic In your glory My laughing soul's delight. This morning May your glory Betoken what may come. The lustful passions spreading From dusk until the dawn.  The earnest loving laving...Read On


Broken Strength

Forward you go. Shackles of the past weigh heavy.  Still, forward you go. The pain you endured could not compete  with the will that you possess. You are a Goddess. A diamond among thorns. Tears may enter in your heart. Yet they shall never reach your soul. A guiding light, With a beauty that eclipses the north star. With you my pride turns to thankfulness. You turn my worst...Read On


As He Sleeps

As he sleeps next to me I wonder, Does he understand what I see When I look into his gentle eyes Every time he says he loves me? As he sleeps next to me I wonder, Does he realize he rescued me, Not from the perils of the world But from hurt even I couldn't see? As he sleeps next to me I wonder, If he loses himself in our embrace? Does he feel butterflies like I do  As his kisses trail along...Read On


Care Or Sell

Round and round

Have you heard the news? Are you still amused? Or maybe still confused? Lies about lies Messenger's as spies I hope you realize I'm not your kind You claim I am lost My heart covered in frost Hurting all I have crossed Little do you know You reap what you sow It's almost time to go Are you ready for the show? Can you be a man Without controlling the plan Will you ever understand? I...Read On

Red Socks

I felt the winter's chill As frost lay silently on my window pane In condensation with my conversation I spoke to your shadow as you refrained  But as the tallow spent And the humidor of the hearth warmed Your breath raised the hackles of my lust About the nether parts of my mortality As moans sighed from the campanile And your thighs gave rise I gathered from the embers Moments to...Read On


Inhaling the tranquility of the setting sun Its rays a beautiful twilight sings The breeze a soft caress it brin gs You are there, but here with me The sunset whispers the promise of a love that is ever more A love that stretches beyond time with depths that only our souls understands and hungers for The light and darkness in our lives a delicious and delirious struggle culminating in...Read On