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Love Poems



For my inamorato for reigniting the flame within

It is hard to remember my life before you  Back to those days that were tough to get though  Claiming nothing was missing was clearly untrue I now see I was blinded by a distressed point of view When we collided I was shocked to realize  Feelings I missed now took me by surprise Promised love unable to get past all the lies  Hope now appeared mysteriously before my teared eyes  ...Read On


She Wakes

Watching his love wake.

I watch you stir from slumber deep, a kitten rising from its nap. The flutter of your eyes in sleep, as from your dreams your mind unwraps. Your eyes watch me as you awake; you stretch as though to claim the sky. You move so slow as in you take a cleansing breath ... release a sigh. Your face, it shines, so soft and fair, I reach to gently rub your cheek. You watch me as I touch your hair....Read On


He is who I want.

He was the only one who kindled an inferno inside my heart that could burn through the stone cold wall I built around myself as an armour.  His eyes looked at me with lust that even Danté couldn't compose in his writings. The way they pierced through all the filthy thoughts I could conjure up in that moment; telling me– in it's own cryptic way– what he would do to me. His lips...Read On


Shattered Heart

My crazy love...

When I look back I feel I shouldn't have let you in You made me feel wanted You held my hand in my miseries I felt I found the one I craved You rekindled in me the lost passion Together we dove into the infinite ocean of love Finding in each other our refuge You meant the world to me I only saw you in the crowd Every second I think about you Without you I couldn't survive Why do I always...Read On


My Glasses

From a True Event... Perhaps this will be the last of these.

Such a simple thing, almost beyond notice. I saw my glasses lying on the table. My thoughts wandered to how they were always there as we exchanged our words. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of words. The first, tentative, flirting words in a chat room. The light-hearted banter through email. The growing frequency of "black boxes". The many, many invocations of "our room" where we built...Read On



Passion, Love

I don't need you. I desire you! and when I say I love you, it is like namaste all that is good in me salutes all that is good in you and you already know what my favourite part of you is... Everything! No puppy’s tail ever wagged hard or fast enough to express the exuberance I feel each time I see you I love you - all of you - just the way you are! ...Read On

A Poetic Flair

When stanzas of love Cleanse my shallow soul The cinders on the grate will flare And to those I have offended Leaving suspended by string With a poetic flair I make my amends Now washed of my sins With non toxic words And romance on the horizon  I'll be writing new letters With a poetic flair...Read On


Christmas Letter

Another piece in the Muse files, Dedicated to my heartbeat Deana.

Dear Santa, I need a moment in time. A Christmas Miracle Searching my soul, Finding the words this is no traditional Christmas request I am not traditional guy My time is short My pain is high Doctor said I should make it But this is not a chance I will take If this be my final words Let them be true Please don't check your list I do not know where I stand Naught or Nice upon...Read On


Heartbeat's Destiny

Second poem in my Letters to Deana. I love you baby, now and always.

Passion arrives upon a starlit night Here we stand together as one Passionate and intertwined Naked in bliss Clothed in love A dance of endearment An endless waltz of obsession Sways the heart to beat in beautiful progression Shaky hands placed upon supple embodiment Confidence gives control Control gives opportunity Opportunity demands action Action demands movement ...Read On

Memories In A Box

A pressed flower in a box Memories stored away I opened up the lock All I see is that day Everything was great We were two of a kind Meeting you was fate Our love was hard to find Moments shared together Our love was such a pleasure Life couldn't be any better These thoughts I did treasure You gave me a ring that night I accepted and we shared a kiss Everything...Read On


The Misunderstanding

She misunderstood from the start.

My love and I were bathing in my heart shaped, o'er sized tub... I squeezed her breasts and held her tight and tweaked a little nub... I tried to tell her how I felt- of love I had for her. Somehow, she mixed up what I said. What happened was a blur. Compared our love to open sea I said was deep and wide... just like the famous poets do, their knowledge on my side. I got so darned...Read On


Beautifully Broken, Perfectly Imperfect

"They make you fear your imperfections, but in fact, they are the diamonds of your being".

Love me, not for beauty, love me, for my deformity.  When I'm... Blanketed by darkness,  traversing sorrow's cavernous depths - a transmission of once healing light  now punctured, weeping silence. Love me,  could you still? Love me, through self-loathing, imprisoned by vulnerability and despair.  With your adoration, extinguish disparaging belief. Love me,  when cold...Read On


Dance Me

Please, dance me to heaven.

Come dance with me one final time; I'll dance you up to heaven's door. We'll waltz around the moon and back and tip toe o'er the stars that soar. The lightning will enhance our steps as thunder rolls to set the beat. The Milky Way will be our guide while gentle breezes lift our feet. Come dance with me, I'll hold you tight in love's embrace, you'll never fall. One last love's glance,...Read On



Descriptive tale of our love making

I long for you To hold you Your naked body atop mine My hands need your bum My hands knead your bum Your thighs hug my hips Our lips pressed together  Rubbing intently  as if savouring a sweet wine  like physically clinging to the memory of the last buttery scrap of prosciutto fat  the vague recollection of the finest Taleggio just swallowed  Tastes like passion  My...Read On


Shifting Focus

Free(sia) to love!

in the corner of the room  my beautiful flower stands proud in a simple crystal vase on a marble pedestal the world glances at her beauty her bright petals wandering over eventually leaning to inhale her intoxicating scent I see your beauty too... fantastic when one focuses on the whole your beauty much richer than your tender, delicate, gentle petals alone ...Read On


The Lying Continues


The Lying Continues Like an onion peeling the layers; Your lies continue and are found. I ask myself again; how can I trust you? Or should I; that is the big question. Every day, I find something else; Every day, another event not shared but done. Can I, will I forgive you this time? I fear the end is near; for you tire me. I can't live like this; not knowing who to believe. I can...Read On


Life's A Dance

the song may be over

Life is a dance  You search high and low for that forever love you read about  Then he comes out of nowhere and steals your heart from the word hello  You pray he is your destiny part of the grander plan Then suddenly you watch him walk away ,breaking your heart as he goes  Yet, you wouldn't regret a minute of the dance you shared for a brief minute in time  You learn from...Read On


Cool as night

A lovely evening reminds me of a lovely lady

I walked out into the cool night  And thought of you My lungs filling with fresh air My skin pleasantly startled Like the cool breeze, you refresh me The moon dipped behind the clouds  but not before I glimpsed her beauty The image remained though her countenance was obscured And the light she reflected made all the clouds more beautiful Strong enough to shift...Read On


Dia De Los Muertos

A celebration of death of an old life

Staring at my own reflection  The face revealed is dead inside  Eyes have become cold and shallow  The spirit that lived there has died  I've let you do this to me  There’s no one to blame but myself  Believing in what should be love  I put my own life on a shelf  You took all I had to offer  And gave it a sly little nudge  But it wasn’t you loving me For it’s only you that you love  There...Read On

Gorgeous Dreams

I ran away in my sleep and dreamed of you.

When I dream of you, knowing you dream of me. I see your wholesome beauty. The love in your soft brown eyes, captivates my heart. I dream of your warm embrace. I hear your lovely voice, singing love songs to me. I dream of placing, kisses upon your loving face. Images run through my mind, of us together. Letting our finger roam, whispering words, sensual words,...Read On

Yesterday's Smile

Like the steps to the rising dawn I'll be with you in song Bear with me my earthly wile As I reset the memories Of my mind's kaleidoscope With a fragrance of a dearin' smile And would thee seek a morrow's kiss If I sought your verse bliss On the other side of yesterday's sun As I reset the memories With flowers upon your pillow When the sun shines, my sweet fawn...Read On


Over The Sea

Over the sea Awaits his love Steadfast and unchanging Her word of loyalty A comfort to him Through the darkest of times A Northern Star One fixed point throughout the instability Over the sea Awaits his hope The promise of a new love and a new life Ever present and patient Whispered promises of fidelity and loyalty Through the rugged landscape And the elemental mistress that is...Read On

My Mind's Tree

As my fingers give me the rhythms 'Tween my old writing sings In boughs of my mind's tree As our love thimbles a poetic reel And your smile cants a throbbing As you rest on a cushion of willow In my dally as I riddle A lovely poem for a season With love's incense A forever homily And a entwining sublime In boughs of my mind's tree...Read On


The Lie

Why did you do it? Was I not enough for you? The things you did and said, Hurt me so I must go through it. I gave you my all, My love, my life, and you took them. Only to stomp on it with your words and actions. You claim to be my best friend and my lover, But you are my enemy, my enemy of my own feelings. I love you, I want to devour you; I want to sink my teeth in...Read On


Our Candle

True feelings...

So long ago, my Love, it seems that we lighted our candle.  Tentative at first we were, as was it's fragile, flickering flame which could have been so easily extinguished. Yet, it stayed alight, growing stronger and steady, a brightly burning blaze, a symbol of our love. True, there were the gusts which sometimes caused it to flare and gutter. Still, it survived, returning to its...Read On

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A Soldier's Memory

He lay stretched out on the narrow iron framed bed, Idly staring at the cracked and blotchy ceiling, Its surface resembling a map of no man's land, A senseless wilderness of craters and barbed wire. Unthinking, his mind was empty of all feeling, Other than a sense of utter futility, A weariness that had seeped into his marrow, Like the water bleeding from the walls of the trench ...Read On

A Collage Of Love

I Love You

Love is so wonderful It's not just about sex It's about a life that's just colorful Love can be quite complex Looking into each other's eyes Sharing problems and thoughts I'm your girl and you're my guy Life is not like connect the dots So many wonderful times shared Laughs that fill the rooms Knowing that we both care Nothing is just assumed Just a smile or a look Can make one...Read On



obsessing over his girl

She gave me a look A look that can melt anyone A soft and a seductive look with the eyes gleaming, Where one can see the realm of the universe, A look one can be so obsessed with The red lips, soft as cherries And opened so little Awaiting to be tasted Eyes so deep and cheeks so chubby, Where one can get lost with And never care for a home. I don't know what's there in her That I'm so...Read On

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i dont know how to say these things that the diamonds rolling off our skin are only rain, crossing us in tiny rivers of light that we are always rising but never weightless that she steals into my dreams to light quiet fires I dont know how to speak of dry leaves lifting off the pavement on a carpet of wind or how the sun only loves us a few hours at a time and how my...Read On



If I am dreaming of you ... Are you asking me if I do?

Not just in my dreams, In every waking hour Thinking and dreaming  Of you, yes I do. If you are smiling, Drinking coffee or Working and just stop To look something a far. If you are writing A new story or a poem, Who inspires you To put words together. If what we are to me is How you see as together Just being friends or Sexual as you put them. Never labeled them as such But the only thing...Read On