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Love Poems

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Twin Flame

“Lovers don't finally meet somewhere, they're in each other all along” ~ Rumi

I wonder if you too recognised how effortlessly we breached the surface, burrowing into more intimate clutches as though we had always belonged. How we danced beneath a curious calm during the swift but gentle tensioning, finding comfort in the magnetism  that enraptured us – a balance of delicate forces to which we beckoned no resistance. As we strayed across the threshold we...Read On


The Empty Shape of You

haunted by memories...

In you I always lost myself but I never knew A heart could turn to blackened dust and I’d be losing you The feather touch of memories that swirl around my head And there’s an empty shape of you lying in my bed Where once our hearts were synchronized Our promises were atomized A love that turned to empty words When once your voice was all I heard Our fingers...Read On

Froth On My Beer

For the good of my mind And poetic atmosphere In my writing creativity I raise a good cheer For the love of a woman Bringing omens of lust And froth on my beer As she mellows my ambiguity Untangling my words And wetting my taste With a caring orderly Blowing the froth off my beer While the shadows of dusk Play heavy on my soul With a walk in the dark On the good...Read On


Dawning Day Draws Nigh

The tempest stopped, our doom has passed us by,  Strong winds now die and leave the world at peace. This storm has ended, dawning day draws nigh. Through thunderous lightening, flashes in the sky,  We weathered all the gales and dire caprice. The tempest stopped, our doom has passed us by. Flood waters drain away, the lanes soon dry, And streams are waning as the rains decrease. This storm...Read On


Thursday's Trilogy of Love, Love, Love

1, 2, and 3 makes a trilogy of love.

1. Clear As A Bell It finally dawned on me, why I feel this way, since I heard her voice, just the other day. It's a feeling that stays with me, regardless what I do, both concealing and revealing, antediluvian and new. Clear as a bell she told me, "Man, you look so fine!" What I'm feeling is a feeling, as old and bold as time. Feeling cold when I first saw her, I feel forever young....Read On


Rosemary Jones

A great granddaughter of a Confederate General and his maid, who he married.

I didn’t know her well, but no woman has ever impressed me more. There are many forms of beauty: One is physical, Another is emotional, And there is the internal. Facially, she was gorgeous. Even at one hundred and four, She looked forty years younger. Physically, she was impressive. Standing erect and proud. Moving with style and grace. Performing beyond her years. ...Read On



I asked what you wanted and you said ‘everything’ I gave you my brightest smiles my deepest secrets my happiest moments my darkest desires my hand to hold and when I thought I had nothing left I finally let you have ...Read On


Fisher man

The ocean made me do it, my muse 🌊

She was falling from the sky He was fishing by the shore  Casting nets for fish Hungry for a score. She dropped into the sea Mingled with the sharks  Swirled along with eels A sparkled fallen star. Long and lovely fingers  Reaching for the twinkling cast-out. Dark and lonely fingers  Dipped deep and pulled her out. Night sea air encompassed her Breath filled her sparkled lungs ...Read On

Dew On The Thorn

When the dew on the thorn cried And my breath gave up to the earth As life had gone to wilted But the Devil dared In my thirst of everlasting For the love of Lola Ferloin 'Neath a summer's moon As the swallows sang a Capella And she loosened her hair As ratchets of the wind sent On a woven forgotten When the dew on the thorn cried And my breath gave up to the earth A fortnight ago...Read On


Love to Love

And you'd love to love her too - if you only knew

There's a lovely lady here, that I'd love to love. that I'd pay to endear, to cuddle, kiss, and hug. Snug as a bug in her arms, this grateful man would be, like a lovely sailing ship, cradled on the sea. Cradled on a velvet sea, as gentle as her hands, that is how I'd truly feel, to be her only man. To feel her near when I arose, in the morning with the sun, my reason to be here o so...Read On


She's My Lady

She's a lady My lady each day Every way She's always known What she wanted And for so long that's always been me She's a lady My lady each day  Every way She's always known What she needed  That's the passion she gets loving me She's a lady My lady each day Every way Kneeling down before me Then rising up to embrace She's a lady My lady each day Every way Kneeling down before...Read On


What You Don't Know

When all that we have is my love...

You may not know   for I won’t tell just how much you've cast your spell   Stolen moments borrowed time shared jokes happy lines   Thoughts of you makes my heart race awake and alone I imagine your face   With just your presence makes me feel anew for all I want is a moment with you   Each word you sketch a perfect reflection who can blame those that steal your affection...Read On


When The Light Comes In

When love is shared, It is a gift not easily given. To show yourself blindly, To the one you love is always a journey. My body is yours... My eyes are captured... Are you sure you love me? What makes intimacy real? Is it the instant connection, When you are nude and bare? Or is it the soft collection of memories? My body is real, And you... Standing right in front of me Makes me anew......Read On


Most Precious Little One

Something I put together for my newest Lush friend - and I hope she and anyone else here enjoys it.

That little one's most precious, I think she's five foot two, So sultry, sweet, and sensual, Just four lines wouldn't do. She deserves a few more stanzas, of my heartfelt, soulful rhymes. To give her something less, would be a shame and crime. Yes, I would be to blame, If I didn't spend the time, to put these words together, for this special friend of mine. She's as fine as any diamond, or...Read On

Love In Many Colors

Love is so many colors Many different shades So much to discover The colors just cascade Love is so powerful It needs to be cherished It can be very colorful And even very blemished Finding love is a treasure It's like finding fine art Two people that find pleasure They've found love in their hearts Two souls who meet by chance They know they were destined to be They embrace their...Read On


Traveling with A Ghost

I travel with a ghost in my pocket, I have a part of her in my heart locket. I try to shy away, When times are tough. But, I have a ghost in my pocket... It's hard to fall in love with someone When you've only had hushed memories, That never happened. Kisses that were brief, Lasting lifetimes you've never shared. Imprints that never really touched the ground. I have a ghost in...Read On


Three to You from Me

I think the Fab Four would have loved these - while they were a-singing Love Is All You Need

1. Morning Star. The new light of the day, Falls across my furrowed brow, I hear a lovely melody, That's a part of me and how. I awaken from my dreams, And reach for my guitar, I play a song for Lucy, Who is my morning star. Soon she yawns and stretches, Rubbing the slumber from her eyes, Let no man put asunder, What a peaceful fellow tries. As she opens up the window, I bend these...Read On

Edge Of A Silent Tomorrow

Like a raven's breath I will pass On the edge of a silent tomorrow Into the jaws of inequity Before the shroud covers my gasp And when they carry me away Just whisper a loving kiss With no damp corsages And feeling no sorrows For I became a better man When embracing our life of sin...Read On


choose love above everything,

A simple meet in an unlikely place with many against them Two Hearts together united as one Two Lovers with the same destiny Two souls fighting to find one another for a kiss an embrace Nothing will stand in their way They chose their own path A white rose a red rose bonded thru fire cleansed with pure water One choosing to kneel the other to guide cherish and protect and in...Read On


To sink

To freefall To choke on your rivers To touch darkness To scream and be drowned out. To struggle against chains... To lash out, To whimper, To be broken... To feel defeated. To no longer be desperate for escape... To love , To hold, To release... To surrender, To be vulnerable, To be put back together. To have rebirth, To see light, To bask in your warmth To be bare, To...Read On


Give Me Your Hand

Know the power of your own touch

Give me your hand that I may bring it to my chest so you can feel how strong and how fast you drive my racing heart. Give me your hand that I may draw it to my cheek so you can feel how you cause my face to redden and warm with desire Give me your hand that I may place it in my own so you can feel how you cause my fingers to liven with tenderest touch Give me your hand that I may rest it...Read On


Master/Slave: Fuck Essence

He was like my God last night, Praising his cock, like it was meant to be worshiped. Bouncing up and down as I rocked and rocked Hissing orgasmically like a devil snake. His rod felt it was gonna split me open, Each thrust pushing all my buttons, I could but, whimper the whole time, Holding on to me like You were fucking me, inside my galaxies Cumming and making new stars for...Read On



More rhymes on love from me to you.

Love's the same in every language, A deep breath and a sigh, A beating heart of passion, A lovely butterfly. Let her flutter all around you, Never stutter - Don't be shy, Listen to her heartbeat, Or she may pass you by. Love's the same in any language, A sunny day - A clear, blue sky. It's a universal sandwich, And the only way to fly. She taught me love in Spanish, She made me laugh and...Read On

Recommended Read

As You Sleep

I wonder if this goes by in a blinding flash for you, the tranquil sleep gripping your warm still body now. How you rest here almost motionless, legs seamlessly braided with mine, chest rhythmically rising and falling like some beautiful engine I don't understand... I don't think I'll ever know. I know you more than anyone here, though. How you were pure motion earlier, wrapped...Read On


A Heavy Haze

Gypsy girl, Flirting with danger. Shy man, needing touch... Midnight moon, pussy wet, Clenching for a cock to ride... You, bulging so much That I can see your veins pulsing for my desire, My fuckjuice. It took one look Fucking like cosmos with our telepathic thoughts. Giant sunbursts easing my gentle whimpers... Silence. And then a cataclysm of waves Tsunami's of pleasure. ...Read On


Sweet Suzanne

Every good man should have a lover like this.

Music on my fingertips, Her perfume on my tongue, There are so many verses, Waiting to be sung. She brings sunshine in a bottle, Everywhere she goes, The Beatles - Aristotle, A Dandelion - A Rose. Eric Clapton - Leonard Cohen, She's Layla and Suzanne, She brings me tea and oranges, And spice from Pakistan. She brings philosophy and trinkets, From China and Japan, Chants and prayers from...Read On



Lust You're under my skin Inside my bones Gutting my mind  Lips on my skin as I fall apart for you Never knowing any end Your teeth against my neck and my jaw Your hands sliding over me So rough and raw Will this be enough? This volatile release... Will it be enough just once to scream your name? I give in to this obsession as you press me back and make me yours I...Read On



On the way to Springfield, to see a Harvest Fair, On my motorcycle, Wind blowing through our hair. Together like a spoon, Silk arms around my waist, Gliding on the wind, that stings my hands and face. It's early in the morning, The sun's about to rise, Mockingbirds are singing, Winging in the sky. A flock of geese above us, form a perfect V on high, and HONK like morning traffic, as...Read On



The pleasure of exploring ....

Craving for you, You mouth watering, So sinful thing. Yearning to taste you In my mouth Again and again. So many days wanting, Seeing you everywhere. My mind goes ballistic. The pleasure of exploring, Aching every minute. Needing to have you. Lusting thoughts of you, Just to have you For a quick taste. Greedily looking for you  everywhere. Disgusted not being  Able to have you. ...Read On


Into The Mist

The mist takes her.

The stillness settles in, the shadows growing long. Trees sway and dance, leaves tumble down. Her collar turned to the cold and dark she trudges on. The dampness gathers on her hair and face, cheeks a blush of soft pink. Arms wrapped tight around herself, holding on to all she has left. Her path growing dark, going deeper than she's ever gone. She shivers and shakes her bones rattle,...Read On