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Love Poems

1st Response, Accepting Your Gift

The first letter arrives in the mail...

Oh my lovely ND, Life a complicated adventure always rewards our ongoing effort to reach our goals we sometimes need to give the best of ourselves and know the fruits of our harvest will pay off in the end. In love, I happen to be in, because sometimes we fall, we give our heart, our kisses, our desires, the best we have to offer, and when we realize the pain we have endured is nothing,...Read On



As I think of you ...

I said it was only lust as we walked hand in hand. The feel of your palm against my palm melts deep within me. Makes me rub my palm to yours even harder.  As I wanted more. I said it was only lust as we kissed lips to lips. The feel of your lips against my lips ignited a fire deep within me. Makes me kiss you even harder. As I wanted more. I said it was only lust as I wrap my arms around...Read On


Myths and Reasons in Everything?

Time has its right to youth Even if gods tell half-truths Destiny damned Lost in karma exposed senses Chockfull of carnal knowledge A nuance deciphered Praying upon simple sexual yearning ...Read On


Cabaret Girl

A predatory stripper uses young men

The backstage pass Came as a surprise You wanted to see me I had to surmise Our eyes were locked During your set While you stripped bare My appetite, whet I was only eighteen Never been to a show You, twenty-three Used to the flow Young men were your passion In cabaret bars Where you'd flaunt your wares Building memoirs I pushed through the curtain Of your dressing room You stood...Read On


Time Enough For Love

There's time enough for love If we but savor what we have. One life to live, So much to give, Why fear what might be lost. The past is safe inside us, Still echoing its joys. The future bears a few more tears, Wrapped up in rapturous song. So love me now my dearest, Don't worry  It must end. But not before we spend this life Ascending true love's heights. We loved before, We'll love...Read On


In Hope!

A poem about betrayal, sacrifice, deep pain and hope of forgiveness one day from a stupid mistake.

Like a wounded animal Limping through the dense forest I search for somewhere to fall down To rest my weary soul, and painful heart This once proud Lion that roared Becomes a gentle animal that whimpers Suffering in silence From pain I brought upon you Watching the suffering I caused From my own unforgiving reasons For my own cruel actions Of acceptance in this world Thoughts never crossed...Read On

1st Love Letter, The Key to My Heart

The first in a series of love letters

Love of My Life (LOML), Today I want to open my heart. I want to gift you the key, Not just any ordinary key, But the key to my very being. I want you to understand How special you are to me, Regardless of all the damage Our hearts have endured; I know very well We are made of the same soul. Just imagine that every tear we shed for love Is a physical sign that what we feel is entirely...Read On


The Reckoning

I could not pay

Indict me, then, in love’s court To answer accusations, true And terrible, by hearts starved On rations of mere passion. You, My love, who sought a fair share Of heat that I conserve For poetry, philosophy, Shall testify that I deserve No mercy for my careless lust— That all that I have offered you Is my enduring rude desire For only what the flesh can...Read On


Let Go


I desperately want to let her go Just can't summon the courage To face that lonely demon Her soft seducing whispers Still echo in my memory Opening old scars on my heart Friends asking what happened Fractured broken reality As sharp as razor cutting new I am trying to move on Mired deep in the muck Of my unwanted emotions....Read On


A Fleeting Love Lost

A moment that could have changed everything

Warm air blew through the Underground It was frightening but somehow soothing Knowing that death was only a gap away At the time, I had to keep moving Riding the escalator from the depths of the earth Walking through tunnels in vain London was an unfamiliar place to me Yet happy memories haunt me again The girl in the kiosk was beautiful In a way that only love knows She was pretty and...Read On


Eden's Wildflowers

On a template of my shadow, Words in passing a distant far. Pressed in memories between pages, Like a faintness I caress, Among Eden's wildflowers. As a soft breeze crosses sleeping eyes, When you wink in boudoir rest. Whispers of murmurs I'll sing for you, Tantalizing hums upon your chest. And now that the cello bow on cue, Has laid down a sonata of blue. Seeds of thought will...Read On


Poetic Archer

With the tallow melted and the wick nil, Jack frost tat lace on the window sill. Woos plant a swoon on this bard's poetic archer, Last breath of verse for this scorcher. As the ashes on the grate kindle a spark, On the nib of quill before final dark. Bellows of the winds carol sweet delicacy, Like a lute with a spot gin in my mediocrity, And as I scribe last my spoken token. ...Read On


WWW Are No Longer Free

For the love of the internet

Nothing can ever last In the time of an era All sound bites and glib Laughing on Yahoo Idling night and day too Killing time with nothing extra Eating snacks, gone too soon Searching for manna for the Id Bored with funnies and kittens too Internet decaying thought every hour Games within frontiers for I Carnage as fingertips on keyboards run Orgasms on...Read On



Stop talking Enough Your words are Too much I hate them As though They lived lives of Their own Your creations Destroy They siphon Off joy Now soldiers With guns Once were boys With peach fuzz Dandelion shy Adoring Wide-eyed Somewhere They learned And this, How they’ve matured What part was mine? Was it set By design? The lads going Awry From those dear Little guys We can...Read On



The end of everything

The universe no longer expanded. Galaxies, nebulae, even the stars themselves, Gone in the blink of an eye, Or the meeting of flesh upon flesh. Once there had been a world and people, Now in the last minutes they had evaporated from my mind,  Gradually diminishing. The town and people I knew. Gone. Faded along with the neighbourhood. Relations, friends; melted to nothing. ...Read On


My Mind is a Mess

My mind is a mess. Everything I do I think of you.  I need a distraction,  just to get me through. You are different.  You are unique.  When I'm with you,  my emotions sneak. My mind is a mess.  My feelings grow. When I'm with you  I lose control. I'm happy with you.  The chemistry is strong.  I know you can feel it,  this can't be wrong. My mind is a mess.  There's something about...Read On


Be My Valentine!

A short poem about my search for someone to be my Valentine!

I find myself alone A King, sat on his lonely throne Continuing to sit and pray That she will arrive one day A woman whose lips I can kiss A memory to forever reminisce A body to hold close to my own Instead of feeling cold and alone To hold my precious heart in her hands A woman who cares and understands To offer love and compassion till the end A broken heart, I'd hope she would mend To...Read On

Unbridled Love

How a Valentine's Day begins a new life.

Long empty nights as late in life we met, our paths had been lonely that long time ago it seems as today a new life has begun. ~~~ Today I begin to feel, I feel your caressing hand, Your kisses write on my skin a book of love, You gift unrestrained passion, You gift infinite rampant emotions, They sedate me as caresses to my very soul, They give me peace, Like a child praying on...Read On

Love's Deception

How do we move on?

How to deal with love, life and time When the heart and spirit are made to pieces When disillusion breaks your world I never imagined crying such deception It is said time does not exist It is said it is all a process That everything passes us by That time is not consensual No more kisses and sweet caresses No more tender moments made No more love making in the rain The music from my heart...Read On


A Faded Valentine

A faded valentine. An aching memory in the shadows. Remembering when you were all mine. Your fingertips on my skin. Touching me in many places. Tender, passionate kisses missed. Tasting the faint sweetness of your lips. Longing for your closeness and caresses. Thinking of missed chances. Thinking of your angelface. Stolen moments throughout this day. Playing those mental "what if" games....Read On


I Always Return To You

I'm tired, sad, mad and other things I ponder ideas while I twist my rings Ritual, chores, boredom, what reason I'll be back, I have to leave this season Repeated time and again, months go by Needs, wants, I really do my best and try Pieces given away, expecting nothing in return Too many to count, when will I learn You need that, I have needs too, mine not found Staying, visiting, you wait...Read On


Ode to Glitter Cock

For my Dood....LOVE ya!

Oh my Glitter Cock My shining sparkle Cock This song is just for you You gorgeous prick You girthy dick Please don’t think I’m lame But I wrote your song, to the tune of Take Me Out To the Ballgame And here it goes….. OH I sat down on my dildo It was so cold that I screamed The glitter felt good, like I KNEW it would I just kept riding like you wish you could OH ...Read On


He sees something

Don’t look at the reflection in the mirror, rather see what is radiating from the one who loves you…

He sees something When he looks at her She doesn’t understand. The girl he lays his eyes on She doesn’t know Yet she knows it is her. She sees flaws Where he sees uniqueness, The negatives draw her attention, He finds positives, beauty. What she regards as weakness, He views as strengths. She has never felt pretty, Like a girl to be desired, Drive someone crazy with lust. ...Read On



Love through the years

When time has stopped forever, there upon your face, please know that there is no one that can ever take your place. You've always been my sweetheart and I just want you to know, my heart will always see you as you were so long ago. My arms will tightly hold you as we dance the night away, and then I'll nestle in your love as in your arms I'll lay. My eyes still see your beauty from the...Read On


Take My Hand

Take my hand and I'll be there.

Give me your hand and walk with me across the wild and storm tossed sea. I'll keep you safe as best I can, just reach out, hon, and take my hand. Your mountains may be rough to climb, you'll want to run away at times. Just strive to be what you can be. Don't be afraid, just reach for me. Give me your hand, I'll guide you through the trials of life, what e'er we do. I promise that I'll...Read On


You Are The One

My one.

Your smile so bright, it lights my night. When you pull me near it's your heart I hear. Your kisses make my knees go weak, it's your arms I seek. My true love, sent from heaven above. When you hold me tight it feels so right, the pull we cannot fight. Locked in an embrace, all our fears erased. You came along from out of the blue, I knew your heart to be true. The words I Love You upon...Read On


She Does Not Understand

Beauty is not always in the eyes of the beheld, but that makes them no less beautiful.

She does not understand how beautiful she is to me.  She does not see her the way I see her. The mirror shows her only age and flaws, Her focus drawn to visions  of self consciousness. She is not flawless in my eyes; She is not a vision of perfection;  She is much more real than ideal, making her no less exquisite. She blushes beneath my gaze. Her skin colors as her heart races. She...Read On


It's Valentine's Day Once Again

Sunday is Valentine's Day

Love comes in many ways Sentiments that you care Together enjoying the days A little romance in the air Perhaps it's just a look Or a passionate kiss Or that beautiful poetry book Romantic things that are bliss Those wonderful bear hugs Massages with warm oil You're each other's drug You both like to spoil A box of chocolates is sweet Or a romantic dinner out together Licking her pussy...Read On


Just Friends

Maybe sometimes "just friends" can be enough.

Banter across a room, developing interest  and mutual respect we became just friends. Tender smiles brighten, conversations enchant, feelings grow between  Those two "just friends." A few casual caresses, some shared embraces, more grows between  innocent "just friends." Magical moments, passions simmer, fought though they flare between two "just friends." Tandem...Read On


To The Moon

And if you said come with you to the moon, I built it right this time, our starbound vessel. Speech would flee, rainbows would burst and smear the dull canvas I have slowly become. I'd start remembering things, wedding rings and how to dance, the chance taken when I thought your touch would never last. You'd forget the vastness of the sky for a minute, it'll be there waiting,...Read On