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Love Poems


Like a King

What she did for him.

Before you came into my life, T'was nothing to live for. I'd lost all joy and peace within; so empty to the core. But when I first laid eyes on you, I felt just like a King. You took the blackness from my heart and taught it how to sing. You set my feel on solid ground then let my lost soul soar. All sights and smells around my world gave something to live for. I promise you that all...Read On


O, What A Night!

I believe that the title to this one will say it all - and link it to the piece that came before it.

It was a night fit for a queen and king, The evening we shared everything. We held nothing back, We revealed it all, We shared our dreams, Both big and small. As naked as December's trees, sans ice and snow and Autumn's leaves, we laid together face to face, in a very sweet and special place, for a touch and taste of all we were, as she held me as I held her. As she held me as I held...Read On

Field of Dreams

Naked, souls bared, hand in hand walking together.

I was walking in my field of dreams, This place where I can be anything. Walking beside whispering streams, I love to hear those sounds it brings. Walk with me among the wild flowers, It is here I could spend so many hours. Dreaming that you are here with me. Birds sing sweetly in this field of dreams, But only we dreamers hear them it seems. In my field of dreams I can feel you close,...Read On


Only in my lonely I pined In my solitude forgotten 'Neath gabfest of perching fowls Whispering innuendoes Now as the time choir the hour Feeling you near, tenderly As your kisses take me away I disembark from a shroud As you lay your head on my chest Giving up the sheets To the zephyr of your breath Asleep in bed Feeling you near, tenderly ...Read On


The Trials of a Faithful Man

It's not always easy being always faithful

Loyalty binds me so say I, It defines me and guides me in everything I try. So what is left of me if I were to stray? How could I live with myself every day? Any yet I find myself constantly tempted and it’s not by the thunderbolt for whom I melted. No, it’s every fine lady that I come to meet, of every age, colour and creed. My desires become nightmares as I dare to dream, about each...Read On


Night Divine

The titie says it all, I believe.

I could hardly wait, tiI I knew you were mine, until we climbed on high, on a night divine. On a night divine, beneath a starry sky, I saw a gentle soul, reflected in your eyes. Reflected in your eyes, I saw what we could be, and that the finest prize, was what our eyes could see. What our eyes would see, in the days ahead, was not for us to know, as we lay in bed. As we lay in bed, and...Read On

On Our Pillow

A whispering pulse traced a path to my heart As the twitter-down of dusk fell And lowered its crown over the clover As your lips parted and warm breath touched And the cockle-shells echoed a rising tide As poetic thoughts lay easy on my mind In titillation of a summer eve As love and serenity lulled me to sleep And when the white clouds of Hanover Rained down a silent shower ...Read On

Against My Window

When I sent her a song of love She released a turtledove  Into the air it flew with a coo As she autographed my heart And when she sang a melody Her fingers played strings of harps  Beyond the sunset of her smiling kind As the turtledove nest against my window And in the melancholia of the dusk Everything was all starry-bright When I sent her a song of love Over...Read On


Never Finding

Biting steel but soft Are his eyes as they shine In the darkness where Wanting is still a Perhaps. Lips curved and strong, Breaking smile, Breaking me, Breaking heart When I wake to a room Without him. Lines of his jaw, Harsh and tempered with life Where the dreams of his soul Make their mark on my skin. Shadow tense on his turned neck, He weakens my gaze As he stares and examines...Read On



Love's predation can be cruel

Its covert voyage has disguise Under currents harbor decree Stalking flow to all the humbled Intent on catching those lonely Glimmer lures the weakened ones Hope’s reflection of what might be Cunning waves then crash down upon And pull all screaming out to sea Wicked tides rip each from their life Confusing ebbs quash their plea Tumbled drunk by teary oceans Much too salty to clearly see ...Read On


Sugar On My Fingers

She's always new and beautiful, When she holds me tight, At the break of day, In the dead of night. She wraps her legs around me, Leather, silk, and lace. When I've been a naughty boy, She puts me in my place. The lady is an angel, In a sensual state of grace, My essence and my Mistress, The one to whom I race. She's the sugar on my fingers, The honey on my face, OH how my body lingers,...Read On



"Forgiveness is the final form of love" ~ Reinhold Niebuhr

Imprisoned by a reign of darkness, a turbulent storm has breached our seams. I am enfolded in the echoes of these fractures, stranded in this bittersweet stillness, where it feels so very wrong to remain. Rolling thunderclaps have shattered the solace as faint shimmers of lightning arcs illuminate the sweeping chasm that separates us, a distance carved between motionless bodies once...Read On


Allow Yourself to Spin Widdershins

Release yourself into the winds, Allow yourself to spin widdershins. No better time to be alive, Allow the best to yet arrive. There is no fate, no destiny, Don't cast your lots, sing out, be free. Your sails unfurl and move you out To serve your dreams, to dance about.  Caressing breezes trace your face, You feel the grace in its embrace. Stay trapped in life as freedom sings About...Read On


New Love

Don't you wish you had a new lover if you don't?

When the deed's been done, it's fun to lay with you, in the afterglow, of what new lovers do. It's what new lovers do, every chance they get. and we do it too, so hard, so sweet, so wet. So hard, so sweet, so wet, is what we have become, ever since we met, joined at the hips as one. Joined at our hips as one, as well as at our thighs. That I love to lay with you, should come as no surprise....Read On


We Remember

When I am ashes upon the shelf Will you remember me When you feel your skin tingle Will you remember me When you sense a breath in your ear Will you remember me When you see my toothbrush by the sink Will you remember me When you see my pictures Will you remember me I saw your name written in a book And I remembered I inhaled the scent from your clothes And I remembered ...Read On



Only love can calm the beast within us all.

We are animals with urges, and desires we can't control. Everything about us, completes our heart and soul. Not whole until we know, what we are is true, and our urges and desires, can be kind or sad and cruel. What gets us through the night, or through a long, dark day, is bound to be alright, to keep Hell's hounds at bay. A man is incomplete, when defeat's a breath away, and there is...Read On


First Whisper

Dedicated to Enchanted1

Ever since that first whisper, you've been hard to resist The love that nourished from our friendship ended up difficult, to consist Our love grew strong and without boundaries when you came to me with just a whisper I have now followed you and gave you my mind, body and soul, and that will never be a blur.  We burst into energetic lovers, enticing, mesmerizing... sensual love making. ...Read On


Winter's Stillness

Why weren't you my destiny?

She's stuck in winter's stillness, stalled at Christmas time. Fog wraps its wings around her and hugs her while she cries. The love she found, she'll never own.  The Christmas gift she craves.  Destined to be without her.  To another, his love, he gave. Another already wore his ring. She'd arrived late to the revelry. Seemed someone else was living her life.  Why couldn't he have been...Read On


Beside You

She sleeps like an angel in the early morning after.

Lying still beside you, in the early morning hours, my love for you is blooming, like a field of wild flowers. Like a field of wild flowers, swaying in the breeze, my heart and soul is dancing: mind and body are at ease. Mind and body are at ease, with the perfume of last night, when we did the dance of love, and got the movements right. We got the movements right, each and every one, as...Read On

A Full Moon's Harp

Letting loose with a chortle of glee Of happiness in our martial whimsy Like life's carousel spinning our love And acorns falling from a tree As you hug me beneath the blowing leaves When the honey bees hum most tenderly I'll be kissing your lips to catch-me-up And with a gifted line we will twine our time As our love of life takes a shine Feeling the vibrations of the full...Read On


Every Day's Thanksgiving

I give thanks everyday for her love sweet love.

I'm thankful for the love, I've known through the years, and the passion I've been shown, to love away my tears. She kissed away my tears, my fears, my pain, my doubts. Giving thanks for all her love, is what today's about. What Thanksgiving is about, is giving back to her, tenfold what she's done, for what we are and what we were. What we are and what we were, all comes down to love, and...Read On


What is a Friend

A friend is there for all you need In both the good times and the bad. A friend is the one you go to whether you're happy or you're sad A friend will be the one that loves you no matter what that day has brung A friend brings the lyrics to music from the song that's not been sung A friend will hold you close to them drying your tears and listen to your fears A friend is the one...Read On


So Much More

A love that never quits.

Her smile, her touch, her breath, her kiss - is what I'm longing for, But all of her is what I miss. She's so sweetly so much more. She's the one who can complete me, when the pieces just won't fit. And did I forget to mention, I'm in the thick of it? I'm never going to quit her. Bit by bit we're growing strong. Whenever we're together, we sing the sweetest song. A song of love and...Read On

In Cahoots

In my bedroll with poetic aspirations 'Neath a starry sky and blanched moon All alone with hardtack and biscuits In cahoots with shadows on the plains As the sage blows across the lands Listening to my mind as I define Cowboys and Stetson hats As the prairie dogs bark While chanting a yippiee-ki-yay Breaking a string on the fiddle An the cactus flowers blossom I'll be...Read On

Recommended Read


You move with a grace I could never possess, the hem of a skirt caught in a faint breeze, bare legs revealed as the wind rose in its almost silent seasonal symphony. And as where my heart is fitful, drawing restless thunder, yours is the calm before every storm I long to know. You can summon hardness from the soft, find smoothness along stubble with delicate wandering fingertips...Read On

Believe In Soft Winds

I believe in soft winds and hat pins to stick Wind up widgets and gadgets that click And scratch off lottery tickets I believe in love words and incense scent With little soft kisses and silly sniffles And an embroidered hankie I believe in love and conceptual sins Making whoopee in compilations And harken the herald to the Man above I believe in wedding bells and wishing...Read On

A Candle's Reflection

With a candle's reflection in the mirror of my mind If I could see you now and feel your blush That I would raise the curtain for all to see A metaphor of an angel that you bring to me And with a whisk I would stir distant trails Of sleigh bells and good eggnog cheer  On fallen snow and mistletoe With a candle's reflection in the mirror of my mind Flowing softly like a...Read On


Sonnet — Heartbreak

Tell me truthfully how it came about, Explain to me where things went so astray, That joyful certainty should turn to doubt, Those bright flowers of love stained by decay. My aching heart is full of unnamed fears, Dreading to hear the unforgiving truth, Assure me that all will not end in tears That time itself will be unable to soothe. Speak words to prove my disquiet baseless, ...Read On


Spilled Champagne

Love kills softly and slowly, Like a disease it enters, Filling you with its ugly decay, Creeping and crawling away. Sheathed in concerto, Singing passion with gusto, Lying whispers to the heart Intoxicating your mind, until nothing sane remains. You fill your voids, and dig your hole, Like worms it wriggles into your core, It eats at your membrane, gnawing away, Leaving you with...Read On


Sixty Four

Even 100 years would be too short with a women as sweet as her.

I'm sixty four and I still want more, of her warmth and love. We've been together forty years, and still that's not enough. Another forty would survice, until we learn to fly, HIGH in heaven - from cloud to cloud, above a deep blue sky. She still tugs on my heartstrings, when she walks into a room, because of the pure joy she brings, that's never out of tune. Because of the sweet songs...Read On