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Love Poems


Star Gazing

Star gazing with your love.

On the beach at night, the stars shining bright. Upon the sand we lay, saying goodbye to the day. Hand in hand we wait to start our star gazing date. The moon so bright to our delight, as fireflies take flight. Your name whispered upon my lips as my heart looses its grip. To you it belongs as you sing me a song of star light and kisses. We breath as one our souls undone as we begin to kiss,...Read On

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Arrange this Night

Arrange this night around us Its shadows and its lights Turn it into something Of which poets often write Add stars and gentle breezes That shimmer and that play And just a curve of crescent moon A bright slice left from day Stay with me while the phases Of varied darkness pass As we cherish our connection While dew forms on the grass....Read On



What's THAT supposed to mean . . .?

Perhaps just the way that you said it Perhaps it was just what I heard Perhaps what you meant Was not what you said Or I just read into your words Why must it be so confusing? Why can’t we say what we mean? Or when we do We don’t recognize truth And imagine it some other way Sometimes I’m tired of listening To things that are said in my head If I take face value When I’m talking to you  ...Read On


Waking to a dream

The gaping chasm beckons, tempting me to just lean a little, Feel the calm from below, the chill that numbs all thoughts and feeling. No more pain or confusion. What a blessing, no more illusions. The silence of emptiness creeps up through my toes, Starves my capillaries. My skin purples, and my heart slows. Catatonic bliss... My tired mind craves that gift. A familiar...Read On


Bed Of My Cries

Fractured memories make me cry, When the dew is on the yew And my tears have not dried. As your soul sets sail On a cold sea in November, Leaving me with fractured memories With no words to utter, but a prayer. But in dreams when I lay me down On bed of my cries, I count the memories In the vase of your ashes....Read On


In Your Arms

"You put the sparkle back in my eyes, your love has me feeling like I won first prize"

In your arms like branches of a tree I find refuge and I’m finally free Refuge from the sins of the past Free from the shadows they cast In your arms I know your soul I was shattered and now I’m whole Shattered from failures in life Whole again to become your wife In your arms that are so big and strong I found a home and where I belong Home where our love will thrive ...Read On


Answer to my Message in a Bottle

To my surprise, He brought back my message and gave me his heart.

A while ago This old bottle  I tossed. Sealed in it  My hopes My dreams. One day  Without a thought Your arms I felt. Encircled in your strength, Your soft whisper And breath on my ear. Lean on me I am here Let go. Closing my eyes, Without looking I sigh, and a tear. Blindly I trust  Wholeheartedly, I give in, I know you deep inside. Hand in hand, Heart to...Read On


Never Was

Never was there true love.

Never was there a love so true, in my eyes that was you. Never was there a love so right, I could feel it when you held me tight. Never was there a love so strong, in each others arms is we belonged. We shared it all, our hopes, our dreams, our laughter, our tears. Never was there a love so dear when you were near. As I lay, eyes closed tight, it's time to give up the fight. The day is done...Read On


Just Not Today

I’ll be okay, just not today I’ve lost someone dear to me Along with them love profound Entrenched in my heart Their love knew no bounds With loyalty and trust They stood by my side In their presence I knew I had nothing to hide I’ll cry and I’ll grieve For this is the only way And I’ll be okay, just...Read On


The warmth of your breath

All the things I love about you...

The warmth of your breath and a brush of your lips. The touch of your hand and your sweet finger tips. The smell of your perfume,  the smell of your hair. The sound of your voice in the cool night time air. The curve of your calf, and your confident stride. The soft subtle make up, so deftly applied. The sound of your laughter, the smile on your face. The...Read On


Who Am I

You lied to me, spinning tales so grand You treated me badly, leaving scars on my hands You promised me things you hadn't the right to You let me love, hate you and told me we're through You made plans time and again and never showed You tried to appease me but your excuses never slowed You made me laugh and once upon a time loved me You were smart and funny, and made me feel so free ...Read On



Moonlight on your skin reminds me of the coast, a Santa Monica winter where I grew up, the ocean sprawled Into those eyes edged with sunset flecks, that coastal shimmer ghostly and beautiful. You took the stars, made them your eyes when the sun fled, I wonder if you see me now as you once did through that celestial lens. Forever and reaching, always reaching for you. Our...Read On


Wants, Needs, Longings And Desires.

Not just a girl, but a woman

I am not what you believe, I am much more. I do not expect beauty, You make me feel beautiful. I do not want a look, I want a smile. I am not looking for just a hand, I seek to touch and be touched. I do not want company, I want presence. I don't want to cry, I want to shed a few tears. I do not seek moments, but expect events. I seek your laughter, I await your joy. ...Read On


Fair Token

If you would be so kind, take a moment, My fair token, loaned to me in longevity And poetically sway my way with verses. Taking my breath away with kisses, While dancing on steps of a dream, My fair token. If you would be so inclined, Your shadow would follow me true, Silently whispering, I love you, And caressing my sleeping flesh. As on tomorrow we wed, My fair token. The first...Read On


Her One

March 30, 2010

Once upon a time You promised to be mine And in my silly little mind I believed that you were kind Once upon a time Our love was so sublime So deliciously forbidden We kept our love well hidden Once upon a time Into my bed you’d climb I’d tingle beneath your finger tips You'd whisper softly on my lips I'd listen to you chime “This love is so real Can you really feel? How good it is, I feel?...Read On


Roll On

As the dust gathers on my valiance of life, And the sun falls between the shades. I have given my best to rest my laurels Before the the last encore of my breath. And when they carry me away After your kiss, "Roll on hearse, keep on rolling," Until the shovel fills my cold oven. And after a few words of Proverbs, I will return to you between the shades....Read On



She longs to be back with him, Safely curled up on his lap, Feel his warmth, Safe and soothing, As he holds her close, Whispers between them, Secret words of the heart, Little events of the day, Thoughts, hopes and fears Shared. With him, She finds peace, A place to call home. He always looks At what is behind the outer shell, Seeing her as she is, And better yet, Never...Read On



In my borderline-blue as teapot whistles, On a winter's morn of winter's cold And frost on the prose of last night's quill, My thoughts of killer-green eyes As a simmering steam shows A shadow of you, To cast out my melancholy. With a kiss of the scent And a wild lemon zest, You caress the old bard's soul  With a wisp of a daydreams mist,  On the shores of borderline-blue....Read On


Servant's Quarters

Forebidden rendezvous surfices and satiates the servant's ache.

Comely ye oh fair thee be Commingled glee flows free, My weld to you grandiose, complete Cum well thy maiden sweet. A purposed duty undiluted, This swelling staff non-concluded, Mi eunuch saber, yours to whisk Undo mi brooded, odalisque. No high reigned tyrant's need to know, What in mi breeches grows then sows, Yours wench, when needed, heat be heeded, Pearly dew drops neatly seeded....Read On

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We Smile In Photographs

Remember Donnybrook in the dark? We wandered around the park Looking for sticks for battleships or Toy soldiers you painted line-perfect stark. Remember Chinese food and Chilean wine with TV? The shows I watched you hated. "The Hills," the thrills, the ups and downs. We were rollercoasters, but we made it. Remember zombie movies watched with guns? "Imagine if you tugged...Read On


You Gave Me Hope

Your love made me whole.

I was living a life of which I was so tired. You lifted me out of the muck and the mire. You gave me hope of a bright new day, you took my hand and showed me the way. My feet became light with each step I took. I started to see rainbows wherever I looked. I could hear breezes whispering...just calling my name. My wild heart's beating, you started to tame. All the dark shadows that I feared...Read On


It's Different For You

It's different for you, wanted just as you are, believed just as you are, but would never once let me be set in stone. You'd rather examine from a place of cold calculation, cutting into the angles you thought went unexamined, even when such surgical perception became a dangerous beacon to us. We clung to the signals sent from unidentified stations, editing epilogues to soften...Read On


Far, far away

Across seven seas and over the rainbow is where her dreams live...

She wishes She could escape to a place Far, far away, Beyond the woods, the seas, Beyond high mountains, Beyond the edge of the world, To Wonderland Or Neverland, A place of magic, Where reality makes no difference. Only her and him, The hero of her fairytale, He who protects her From the demons Who come to take her, He that keeps her warm On stormy nights When the wind howls,...Read On


Flyaway Robin

Those with wisdom beyond the sea, They are ones I feel most comfortly. When soft breath caresses my soul, The words of gospel I compose. Breaking bread with sensuality, And my swooning mind digest The beauty of your flesh. Oh what a bless on this earth, When a flyaway robin lay nest, And you grew into ambivalence, Before the wind took you away. And your sympathetic words of a bird,...Read On


Among The Stars

Dance me among the stars.

Oh, my darling, dance with me among the stars on bluest sea. Hold my hand and lead me on until the dark of night is gone. Oh, dance with me among the clouds. Life's symphony is playing loud. It drowns the bad for just awhile while through your eyes reflects my smile. Oh, dance with me and hold me tight around moon's glow, it feels so right. The rainbows make our bridge of light while...Read On


My Bad

Far more pain Than currently prescribed Thoughts and emotions Impossible to describe I’ve tried Damn the pain Over and again Stuck on repeat When will it end? I pretend But what the fuck Am I supposed to do? No, it’s always me And really never you Look, a clue I’ll take the blame It’s all my fault Now can we stop? This mental assault Yes, my fault Get outta my head ...Read On


Love, The Other Story

Up to this point...

Up to this point I've lived more than I have loved. Because in some situations love can be treated as a part time endeavor and not as a mutual endeavor.  For sometimes love is more about the "music" of a moment, and less about the words that found two people to that music.  Some are more about presenting an image or a temporary facade and paint into the scene some fake love. Thus in...Read On


You will always be there

I've lost my friend

From the very beginning you have always been there. With your flashing brown eyes, bright smile, And shimmering auburn hair. The album is filled for all to see. With the history of us, Of you and of me. Look, see there you are. At my parents wedding. The flower girl a star. Look at you with that gapped tooth grin. Me on your lap, Teddy tucked under my chin. As a babysitter you were...Read On



When she loves, It's terrifying and absolute, It wraps around you like a fog. And when he loves, It's possessive and demanding, It swallows you whole. But when they both love, It's unlike anything they've ever felt before, Like shooting stars across an empty sky. Like fire spreading through a forest, Like rain hitting the pavement for the first time in years, ...Read On


The Simple Truth About Love

why do we complicate love?

The simple truth about love, the more you know someone intimately, the clearer you see their faults. It's that simple. This is the simple reason why so many marriages fail, why children get abandoned and why friendships do not last. Intimacy goes beyond sex, it is a simple touch of a hand, a caress, or the wiping of a tear It's that simple. This simple gesture opens doors, ...Read On