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Love Poems


Pendulum Still

In the swells of my compose, Be it near or distant shoals As I await a pendulum still. The prose of my spin yens On high tide of the inkwell, Memories of yester-sorrows, As my sins were forgiven.  And in the corner of your eye, tears. I knelt before your crypt, As the shades of gray moved on. Into an orchard of melodies and songs, As shadow of my love hung long.  Now...Read On


Years of Loving You Valentine

Our love is a roller-coaster ride

I remember when we met You were everything to me I knew we'd make a lovely duet You were the sugar to my ice tea We dated for two lovely years You presented me with a ring I was excited and brought to tears I'd be your queen and you'd be my king A beautiful wedding day A gorgeous honeymoon Love given in every way Making love in the afternoon We bought our first house Nine months...Read On



What is It?

You chased it away But it’s back You smothered its breath It just laughed You headed to sea in a boat But tossed overboard, saw it float You burned it alive but it rose You buried it deep, but it grows You prayed for relief No avail You reasoned and plead Keened and wailed What is this thing that won’t leave? Why can you get no relief? The reason there’s no place to hide?...Read On


Listen To My Heart...

Listen to my heart, my love...You live in my heart, my love...

Listen to my heart, my love  You live in my heart, my love  You’re the one for me  You’re everything for me  You’re my soul, my heart  It’s true my sweetheart  Life is more than a fantasy  Yes, our love is a reality  Stay, don’t leave tonight  I can't let you go tonight  Something is in the air tonight My heart pounding as I write  This night is yours and mine  Tonight we’re...Read On

To Love Beyond Love

A small Pantoum Poem... love is eternal

To love beyond love Beyond the sinister game Is the greatest gift from up above Burning inside as an eternal flame Beyond the sinister game We must eagerly each other claim Burning inside as an eternal flame To the winds scream with out shame We must eagerly each other claim To love entirely with out measure To the winds scream with out shame Eternally treat each other as a treasure To...Read On


It's Just Life, I Suppose

The needle point of your eyes, Pin pricks my gospel soul. Fair weather of the Spring And bare awakening of my prose, From the cornerstone of a bordello. It's just life, I suppose. Suffering not the collywobbles, Nor under the influence of a pint of ale, On a fast track to Hell, By a cock sucker with a clit in her puss', Wearing second-hand support hose. It's just...Read On

Recommended Read

Making Memories of Us

The way Memories are meant to be made

M orning dew, morning breath, after our first heavenly night from the soft swaying on the dance floor to the silk sheets being erudite and I, after this, would not fear death. E verything perfectly planned from our first dance, and kiss to our continued teases and bites caresses through uncharted bliss discovered I crumble at your command R endered or rather surrendered ...Read On



i am no one a disembodied voice calling endless through the night whispered from top mountain peeks to drift down the valleys only to settle  with the morning dew I am everywhere i fill the air around you cradle you in your sleep with sounds so soft they touch your dreams invading your waking moments with fleeting thoughts that can not be grasped within your dreams follow the river my love...Read On


A Waking Dream

A waking dream, I wait for you, A magic feeling all inside. Watching for you, Waiting for that moment, The one that we revisit every morning. That look in your eyes, That amazing feeling, That we look forward to start each day. The eye contact, The heart beat, The loving touches. The kisses, Oh, The sensual kisses. The growls, the words, The way we kissed, Made love and shared a hug....Read On


Love By Keystrokes

Romance by chance

Our love consists of keystrokes  From our computers or iPads You're the most amazing bloke These feelings make me feel glad Years now we're together In our computer thing We're each other's cyber lover So many emotions this brings Yet we've never met Only shared photographs Feelings of happiness and no regret We share tears and lots of laughs Sometimes there're fights Mostly days...Read On


Three little words

For you my love

Three little words from you sets things in motion, The wings I feel moving around inside. Do you feel them my love? As your head rests on my chest, They move so fast I can hardly catch my breath, Three little words spoken softly,  Just for me to hear, Breathed against my bare skin. Bodies intertwined,  Hearts melted together,  You must feel them, As we are but one. ...Read On


Atop A Tier Tasty

I slipped on a dream, it seems, Between the theme of a love song And stumbled on a rainbow. As showers fell on God's umbrella Catching prose, As if a peel of a banana flew my feet. I fell for you in a porringer of ambrosia, And now we wed atop a tier tasty, Dancing on the icing. As if a peel of banana flew my feet, On satin sheets of roller skates....Read On



Sitting in the dust, soul at a lean Heart blistered, eyes seep All her feelings, hopes and dreams Fathoms deep, hidden 'neath flutters of heartbeats. Whispers slice through her cellophane skin Tearing and gaping, flesh rattling in the frenzy Cobwebby thoughts stretch in the raging wind Acid tears of razor blades chafe skin dry and lacy. Dime store mother of pearl, fragile...Read On


The feeling of that first time...

You Lean down and softly bend my head back, placing your soft warm lips on mine. Me My hands drift to your face, holding you tenderly as your lips touch mine. Oh, what a sigh. As I sigh my lips part, and for the first time the tip of your tongue touches mine. Our tongues dance, discover, and give, breathing each other in. My head is spinning as you break the kiss, to pause and look into...Read On



Was it that I thought it? Or was it that it was? Cement it to my conscience Remind me of your love Constantly assure me One moment to the next That your feelings haven’t faded Don’t make me have to guess I love you with such passion But doubt and fear slip in Even when you’re next to me My hand within your hand Even when you kiss me I think your lips misguide I’m sure that if you loved...Read On


A Fairytale Ending!

All I want is to be touched, to be loved and accepted for who I am.

I feel it deep inside Like a burning sensation Spreading through my chest A deeper desire for acceptance and love To find someone to share my life To spend nights between the sheets To wrap me in her arms, or vice versa And provide kisses with whispering words we'd both long to hear I have so much to give A true Gentleman with a caring nature While my body and looks may be my downfall to...Read On


The Flutter

His love rescued me, From a life of emptiness, A thought of resignation, To my married fate. His love is gentle with me, It learns my weaknesses, And builds them up, Opening my eyes to his world. His love is patient with me, Arms steady as I doubt, Standing firm, never leaving, Waiting until I am there. His love is strong for me, When I have no strength of my own, It holds...Read On


Thousand Hands

They whispered softly in my ears "You're so cruel"...But aren't all beautiful things?

Thousand hands roaming all over my body caressing Sighs and moans whispering all the sweetest words to my ears. “So beautiful you are” “A woman of my dreams” “Such a pleasing little vixen” Thousand hands roaming Caressing and holding my waist tightly whispering their deepest desire “Be mine, forever... I am falling for you” Thousand hands roaming and caressing bringing me...Read On


On The Way To St. Paul (Top's My Ala Mode)

On the road to St. Paul, highway sixty-five, I pulled into a truck stop just north of Louisville,  and got out my atlas. There I met a zephyr... a zephyr named Desire, she was kindling fires among eighteen wheelers, and recapped tires.  Between the eggs and bacon, her tits scratched my grits on top of the ala mode...  just as well I suppose, on highway sixty-five. At the cashier,...Read On


Afraid of falling

Sometimes you have to fall to be set free...

She had been hurt Again and again, And she grew scared, Afraid of falling, Of being bruised, Become broken and crushed. She tried protecting herself, Built high fences, A thick wall around her heart, Keeping others at safe distance, Friendly, but guarded, Not daring to let anyone in. She was in a prison Created by herself, Existing, but not truly living, Always wearing a mask,...Read On


across darkness

Tonight, I called you  across the darkness. Could you hear my voice? Drifting over the valley, floating along the river, in search of you? Can you feel the presence of my thoughts? They seek to entwine with yours and fold around you. As would my arms, if only you were here. I shall fend off sleep once again, so that we may be together  before the light invades. And separates...Read On


In The Distance

We wrestle with our dreams into the night, Our bodies never touching while we sleep. Off in the distance everything shines bright Beyond the barricades we've built so steep. Forgotten lives we lived in days gone by And missed emotions drifting far away. Our seeking hearts are lost and gone awry,  So now we question all we think and say. Meandering these loveless paths instead Of traveling...Read On



A poem about someone special

Her hair flowing and fragrant; A field of lavender swaying under the wind of my breath Her eyes, mysterious and deep; An ocean so grand, Twenty Thousand Leagues with just one glance. Her lips, soft and delicious; Champagne and strawberries tasted in every kiss. Her voice, melodic and seductive; The harps of angels draining my worries with their embrace. Her skin, colorful and delicate;...Read On



Glitter water flowing Sun flecks on her skin Dancing with the river As graceful as a nymph Free from care and troubles Smooth unfurrowed brow The visage of an angel Whose serenity is found On land her heart weighed heavy Life’s burdens bearing down Afloat, her tresses streaming Dressed in her aqueous gown Moving with the current Cleansed of tragic stain Watching her is joyful...Read On


Northern Lights

performing  their dance  atop the mission range. ever shifting,  ever changing,  in swirls of colors  like phantoms  in the night. reaching farther  and farther,  as if to capture  the stars. as I would  reach for you. their ghost like  fingers clawing  at the night. stretching into  infinity as they  fade into the  darkness. as I fade  away from  you....Read On


Double Dawg

All smiles from my easy chair, Double dawg by dogs that dare And strings from my heart. As my soul inclines on the wicker straw, Four letter words from chirping sparrows. Beneath the image from my pane, Drawing a hand of a Yarborough, And there upon a lead of glass,  Your eyes observe. Double dawg by dogs that dare, As you wander about my mind's tomorrow, A sachet...Read On


A Letter From Amelia

I'm sorry I left you this way, still asleep and dreaming of our plans for the evening , that late night drive you love best because of the way the moonlight strikes me and some memory you never mention. But after all this time, I just had to touch and know. And you say all the right things, words strung together that can break any lock, hands and kisses to loosen the tightest,...Read On


A Character in My Story

Truth is lovelier than fiction.

A character in my story; Given to her own life; Her own thoughts; Her own dreams. The most beautiful; Most incredible Character in my story. I could never write her Better than she is. I could never understand her Better than I do. The true beauty lies In knowing I Did not write her; Did not create her; Did not even imagine. She entered my tale Of her own will. ...Read On


the candle

last night I lit the candle, the one that you sent me. as I inhaled its fragrance I was drawn by the soft light to where you were waiting within the flame. yet you did not burn for you were the source of all light there. cautiously I reached out to touch your face and saw your smile dancing within your eyes. it was then I felt your arms wrapping around me. pulling...Read On



Emotionally I'm broken, Tears falling freely, I wonder why me. Why can't he love me like he loves her? Oh, he says he loves me, but does he mean it? He can't mean it when he tells her the same. Emotionally I'm broken, Where did I go wrong? Why does this happen time and time again, doesn't anybody want just me? When will they see that my heart is too broken to touch? ...Read On