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Love Poems

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Springtime In Paris

We first met entirely by accident On a lovely bright sunny day in Spring, It was the first of May as I recall; Even now I remember it clearly, Although almost four decades have passed by. Strolling along the Boulevard Haussmann, Just outside the Magasin au Printemps. I wasn't looking where I was going, Daydreaming as usual, distracted By the pretty girls selling their bunches Of lily of...Read On


Between You and Me

That's between you and me, I whispered, smiling; But others can guess That I find you beguiling. Your kindness and caring, So boundlessly expressed, Aren't likely to cause Any feelings repressed. I look here often To see if there might Be a note from you To make my day bright. But when there's not, I still know, you see, That you're out there Thinking of me. When that note is here, A...Read On

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Moving Through You

I heard your name inside a dream, it seemed to gently trace the seams of everything I've ever kept inside, secrets you thought I once implied, but you don't know it all just yet, how my heart was left in debt. But I'll always be moving through you. And what outline the moonlight drew, the glow of when I last touched you, but even in that frail silver light, we ached for a much deeper...Read On


Vast as the ocean

A very small poem about something very big

When our hearts are apart With an ocean between When our only connection Are some words on a screen Still the love that we share Is as deep as the sea And as vast as the ocean That's between you and me...Read On


It's Love

Your mind is gone and you can't breathe; you're so confused you start to seethe. Your head is fogged, your eyesight dim, you start to giggle on a whim. Now nothing seems to feel the same, you can't remember your own name. Your stomach heaves, your chest does too. You're lost and don't know what to do. You hear but you don't understand. You swallow but it feels like sand. You try to talk...Read On


Good Ol Fashioned Love

simpler times

Tell me about the good old days When promises were made and kept, And passion grew with every day, with every little touch.   When forever meant forever.  When love was all you needed and wanted. Making love was slow and never rushed because of work coming first.  When couples prayed together.  When faith and trust in someone grew every day. When love was forever.  I just want a...Read On


Always With You

I wish I could unravel, the fabric in-between, and tear away the distance, to bring you close to me.

With every ephemeral glance within, I've wondered how to piece together every molecule of your ceaseless beauty, how to imprint you into my very core so the entirety of you can remain inside of me.  I've tried to write what this means, describe the fluttering remnants  that draw our coupling closer  to create some fragrant essence  that will bloom out of love.  But feelings are not meant ...Read On


What You Have Become

Borne out of a painful break up. The loss of that first love has lingered for me.

  you are a shard of glass, cut between the palms of my hands. cutting deep, and surging into my veins. the bitter smell of blood ... haunting my taste for reality.   you are a scar, white, sensitive to the touch. pure as the sleeping child who still dreams there are, places she can run to; hide, with monsters who comfort her.   you are a memory, encased in my imagination....Read On

A Lovely Journey

A beautiful life together A journey until the end Man and wife who are lovers This pair unique friends Vows in front of God and family In church for all to see A wedding filled with love and beauty Thank you for loving me So many fond and special times Lots of memories made Love making that's sublime We both have never strayed Special time that is spent Laughs that fill the rooms We're...Read On


Your Heart's Coordinates

Your hand softly squeezed mine and the dark seemed to pulse around me with what we both  just could not seem to say. Maybe my love passed through you, just a bright temporary river, its memory will be mostly forgotten  but will warm you from time to time.  We left something of ourselves behind in that tangled and warm bed, and I was like something extinguished... There has to be more to you....Read On


Our Story

This story doesn’t have A true beginning And I don’t know if it Will have an end   With love it is hard To pinpoint the exact minute It surpassed lust and Encompassed your heart   We were close friends Who had never met Then we were lovers Who had never touched   Soul-mates But living separate lives Perfect together But a million miles apart   In the middle of the  ...Read On

Devil or Angel

She is my seductress, my muse.

I'm your devil, dressed in silk and lace. Placing loving kisses all over your face. You're my angel, seducing you is fun. Seduction of another's mind's no pun. Just like you're seducing me to do good. I would love to be your devil if I could. Strip your sexy body of its silk and lace. Lie naked with you, staring at your face. You are an angel true, and so much fun. Singing songs of love,...Read On



When I misses you and I'm blue ... I think of you

I want to memorize your smile Freeze them to a photo album Look at them when I misses you. I want to memorize your scent Freeze them to a perfumed bottle Smell them whenever I misses you. I want to memorize your touch Freeze them in every inches of my skin Play them whenever I misses you. I want to memorize your kisses Freeze them to the locket of my heart Feel them whenever I'm blue. I...Read On


Bewitched and Beguiled

The world revolves my angel, and once more  The time is coming when the days grow short, When happy thoughts of summer flee away,  And all around is desolate and bare.  Come fly with me to some exotic shore,  Where bathed in golden light, we two can sport,  Dancing naked on the strand all the day,  And through the night mount high into the air.     O cruel lady, tell me what I've...Read On


Love Sonnet

Love is not sure unless it is felt.

You swear to her your pure undying love; your vows you take to make a life with her. Your future planned around your turtledove; to fill her life with flowers, gifts and myrrh. The love you give must be secure to last, if not the heart you give today may stray, and, long to live the life that's in the past. 'Twill take a lot of will to make it stay. But if you have the strength to work as...Read On

Pledging My Love

To feel loved every day forever Is one of the nicest things in life Sharing many adventures Being man and wife Just to know the other is there Somebody who will always listen He's always there to care Always offering help and his opinion Sharing love for one another Laughing and enjoying time spent Being each other's lover Together feeling joy and content Just knowing your man is...Read On


Take My Hand Again

You should be able to see When I am struggling to be Cold winds howl and shake It's harder now for me to wake This year you've turned blind Leaving me to flounder in my mind Years past you've held my hand Don't leave me alone in this wasteland Back and forth, up an down, good and bad I can't have taken all that you had Reach for me before I fall into the abyss I'll try to catch your hand,...Read On


Let It Snow

A snowstorm wouldn't bother me one iota under the conditions below.

A cuppa Earl Gray Tea, A warm and cozy fire, Two cats and you and me, Snow drifts blowing higher.   We have nowhere to go. We have nowhere to be. Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow. It's a lovely show to see.   Looking out our window, we don't have to bundle up. By the fire we can get naked, No one's here to interrupt.   Come a little closer, and thrill me with your lips, ...Read On



The dawn breaks and the sun is slow to come out. The soft cool crisp air is blowing in the trees. The white snow falls slowly down to whiten the world. The breath of your body rises and falls slowly. The beauty that is in your hair, is draped sweetly of your cheek. The sweet heart I hear in your soul echoes the words you whisper to me in the night. The world slowly wakes as it lets...Read On



A poem to a powerful lover

I hope this cup is as blue as you riding me breathless and out of view Body of darkness, that is your place Hidden by vast eternity- that is your face; my love, thou are a lovely space.    To my love, I earn my right to stay true Though of your identity I had no clue.  I starved myself to call me to you Thirsted to death- alas- I did not know you were blue.   I long to die,...Read On

You're In My Life And My Heart

I'll be here for you Forever and a day My how the years flew Our love won't fade away Some days we may yell Most of the time we laugh Sometimes our lives are hell Most of the days we act daft We're here together always We're husband and wife Sometimes the clouds are gray I only want you in my life It's not good to be tempted In cyber relationships We must keep our life protected Our...Read On



It's always going to be you.

I see a pretty doll with a broken smile.  Sad 'cause she's been missing you for too long a while.  I respect your decision, and your reasons why.  Doesn't make this any easier to accept, though I try.  How can you just push me away? You too, must be hurting, a little more each day.  I know why you did it, although I think you're wrong.  I'm feeling so angry, how can you be so strong? ...Read On



Leave me breathless, getting all off my chest. Listening to your voice, gives me a choice. Wanting you more, right down to the core. Your words keep me going, for the love is truly showing. So simple and sweet, you're my special treat. Eating up your words, as long as you feed me. Don't stop listening, to the my heart's desire. Leave me breathless, because you're my fire. Burning...Read On


Warrior Angel

A classic struggle of love and belief

For every fallen angel Every one that is weak For every angel darkened There are a thousand or more That are tasked with mercy Each brimming with hope You are the enemy A trafficker of hate You are toxic evil Causing angels to weep A demon in disguise That seduces the weak You are not their love Nor are you their fate And you do not know me We have not yet met I am the fool that Treads...Read On



Or forgetting....

I stood outside your door Under the trickling rain Wondering if you'd remember me And if you would look the same I whispered your name Before I rang that bell I held my breath for an eternity As though I was under some spell I could not walk away I was too afraid to move Waiting for you to answer As if I had something to prove Something more than love More than hope and devotion Something...Read On


Our Special Ride

Going to take a ride and ask her to marry me.

I love my gal, I really do. Today, she told me we were through. I don't believe her, 'cause she's wrong for I have loved her all along. She's mad because I stay out late, she thinks I'm on a secret date. How could she think the worst of me? I love her so, why can't she see? I give her gifts and chocolate fare; I buy her combs for in her hair; I take her where she wants to go. She is my gal,...Read On


A New Years to Remember.

Nothing much better than ringing the New Year in with the one you love, adore, and so much more.

It was a New Years to remember, The best we ever had, I guess It’s because I love you so, and We are more than just a fad. We will always be together, That’s my hope with all my heart, That we’ll be together always, Even when we are apart. It was a New Years to remember, They’ll be many more to come, For as long as we’re together, Our hearts will beat as one. And our love will shine...Read On

New Horizons

I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe that's because I am. About life, about this moment, about you.

Letting go of dreams unexpecting, never searching, cautious but welcoming new and beautiful destinations. Long time of self discovery, of new adventures, of new beginnings, of new horizons. Storms, darkness, tears sadness and loneliness. Under the stars, hidden are the scars. The moonlight over my skin, high, lonely soft clouds. My mind adrift, lost broken into a million things. In...Read On


When quietness echoes a poetic still With pussy that sighs sounder Deep down to the piggy-wiggly of my toes As your warm breath touches my chest And I, nothing but an erotic hounder With and eye for nimble thighs As you caress my throb with scarlet tongue With lips of drool spinning my spool Atop the helmet of my jousting head On a mattress of soft pillow down With pussy that sighs sounder...Read On



Difficult times should embrace hope instead of fostering hopelessness

Lying By myself To myself Alone in our bed Lying Dying Deep in my head Dreams By you Of us Unspoken word Cherished Perished Only silence heard Addicted By you To you Fuck without touch Addicted Conflicted Love you too much Wasted By you For me Pray for relapse Lusting Thrusting Someday perhaps...Read On