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Love Poems


To Have and to Hold

How do I compare you to the warm summer's heat? Your skin clings to mine as it moulds into me The mid-summer night's storms send shivers through my body  As you hold me close to you in your strong arms Holding me in a loving embrace. Your warmth spreads through my body like a burning inferno As you trace your warm hands over my glowing face. You've never shown such fiery thirst, But...Read On


And She Breathes

The world continues to spin Even when you ache for peace Nothing is static or still Tightening your grip is frivolous Time does not stop passing So curled under the covers She finds her own calm And she breathes Needing just a moment to exhale To let go of all the pretenses A moment to just be free But the brain can't cease to think Nor can the heart cease to feel So head on her pillow...Read On


Until The End

If ever there was a time for you to fight for us it's now We've lost the light that burned so bright somehow The sparks are dying out Strangers in the night-time, strangers in the day So many things to talk about But there's nothing to really say You were my best friend I thought we'd be together until the end We used to talk for hours about our favourite things You'd tell me pretty...Read On



My soul will always search for you.

I woke today, it was dark and grey, the sky matched my heart. Broken now and torn apart, nothing left. I sit on my bed, my hands on my head, face down staring at the ground, I see nothing. I tore it down and wrecked it all, now I lay in a ball, I hear nothing. Time stands still, my world at an end, caused by my sin, I feel nothing. Emptiness, covered in dust left to dwell, I scream and...Read On


Heart's Desire

Afraid of the unknown Dancing at twilight Red moon above Lonely, alone Entering danger Quiet peace gone Giggles exciting Darkening clouds Lightening flashes Ocean line high Getting up Fear no more Heart's desire Freedom...Read On


The Moth To Your Flame

The look that I notice, When I’m stroking your hair, That moment of wisdom, You give to my ear. The boy that was hurt, But grew into the man, The rage that you feel, That I now understand. The touch of your hand, As it brushes my skin, The tremble you give me, Comes deep from within. The darkness that takes you, Quiet tears that you cry, I wipe them away, But inside I...Read On


Sunshine And Leather

Souls always searching one another.

Upon my porch I stand, coffee in hand, I look out over the land. Flowers in bloom, I look up at the full moon, stars shining bright, what a beautiful sight. I breathe in deep, his scent hits me causing a smile, I knew it all the while. Sunshine and leather, the scent gives me such pleasure. Through time he has traveled seeking my heart, we will never part. Closing my eyes, memories alive...Read On


The Pencil

Something so insignificant Can create too much Can create Can destroy Can write stories Can draw masterpieces Can spark new conversations: Love connections; Hate filled letters... Can turn thoughts into something tangible, Hopes and Dreams Become real! But, In an instant It can be all erased In a flash! So many different things Can disappear....Read On


Little Acre Composed

The woos of still in silence, awakening thoughts As I reflect on the hollowness of my life, The millstone of my mind grinding poetic prose As you rest in a little acre composed.  Shedding the cider of my tears,  Genuflecting at the Midnight Mass, And the chorus raining downs halos,  As you rest in a little acre composed.  God's going to give me a searchlight, To lay a wreath...Read On


Lost Love

For the one I lived for.....

My mind is restless it is Longing to be with you You came like a cool breeze, left like a storm Withering my soul and my form I am searching for you day and night I am fighting this battle with all my might Beguiled by your charm Ignorant of your adultered love I loved you like there is no tomorrow Now left heart broken, in deep sorrow I know life is not the same anymore ...Read On


A Once Empty Whole

With her I've become whole

Nature abhors a vacuum Yet this whole remained unfilled Sapping the strength I muster Testing the endurance of my will A need long left unanswered Reassurance continually sought Persistent emptiness prevailed In spite of all I had wrought A certain caring unattended In unintentional neglect In opposition of the need Love hoped it could correct One heart found that heals Calming turbulent...Read On


Piece by Piece

Sad moods overwhelm me sometimes, The ache of the loneliness I feel, Covered up for my friends, If only they knew. I have an emptiness inside you see, Always present, always there, A wound so deep it can’t be healed, But I hide it well with a laugh on my lips. I see couples holding hands, Kissing as I wander past, I smile to myself but cry inside, Why can’t I have that? ...Read On


Wrapped Up In You

The precious joining of two hearts…

I'm all wrapped up in you babe As we're lying side-by-side Our arms and legs entangled There's nowhere left to hide Tender words are being spoken As our hands pet every curve And our hearts are pounding wildly Our passion's touching every nerve It's here alone that I’m at peace When the two of us are one All the world just drifts away And every angst becomes undone When our...Read On


The Loneliness of Solitude

The solitude of one man's desire to be with a woman for the first time!

Sound of silence all around me Tears upon the fringes of my sanity So alone on this path I walk Searching for a partner to ease my soul Lost in wilderness In hope of finding someone To hold me, caress me, play with me To ease these emotions of sadness Tears that fall from these crying eyes Stain the cheeks upon my face Imperfection is my gift in this world Ugliness to some, freak to others ...Read On


The Great Asterisk

It wasn't but a lyrical, When I had but a thought unwritten, By the tides of the moon, I embraced you, Yet I still loomed, the great asterisk. A verse, a stanza, anything admitting, A comma of true, Wishing you to stay the course, Of this poet, a dark choice. When I was but ink in the well of the quill, Something for me to eye before I inked, I was but a lowly noun, a...Read On


He's Not Mine

That time of morn again, The time when I wake up, Just for a second I think he’s next to me, And then I remember, He’s with his wife. He’s with her, Waking up next to her, Her skin warming his, His lips kissing her good morning, Touching her when he should be touching me. That time of day again, The time when I have my lunch, The stolen calls he makes, Telling me he loves me, ...Read On



Have you met your Destiny?

Life goes 'round in a circle Never quite complete Then one magical day You find the one you were destined to meet Fate brings you together Two halves of a whole You'd always been alone Now forward you both go Two hearts to beat as one Two minds in perfect sync When one would possibly fall The other pulls them from the brink Your names are now written Upon each others souls...Read On


On The Cusp

I'm on the cusp of whatever you really are, the truest center, the barest particle. I've been close before, but never like this, where all my secrets are yours and each one disrobes me, leaves me naked beyond clothes just carelessly fluttering to the floor. You stay beyond the fleeting, the mystery of contact after searching past skin, the heart's often intangible realm. I...Read On


Cease To Be

Today I cease to be.

What happens when you cease to be, fade away into the grey. The world goes dark, you lose your spark. Your dreams fade away, into the dark they stay. Your heart stops beating, the words repeating. Your body shakes, your soul aches, your world quakes. Your breathing quickens as you feel your soul slipping. The shattering sound as you hit the ground. Upon your knees you cry, feeling like you...Read On



God of light Whose ego shone Boasting of his strength God of love Who with his bow Plots now his revenge Which power greater Gold or lead? Desire or to despise? Arrows do their targets find Pierced hearts must now comply One chases while the other shuns Entreat; retreat; pursue Matched equally Her fragile lead Holds between the two Yet passion’s heat cannot be quelled Light’s...Read On


Soft, So Soft

Soft, so soft the skin on your cheek, with the down of desire so silky smooth to the touch. I lightly stroke you with the tenderness of a lover transforming your tears to smiles, tracing down your face from each bedewed eyelid to your lips, tasting the salinity of loss. I fulfill. I am the one to bring you forth and bear you up into the heights of passion, with a forgetfulness of...Read On



I feel them begin in my spine traveling up Sometimes black and sometimes brightly hued Days cold, my soul safely shriveled in its cup I need you more than ever to keep me glued Feet planted, purple painted toes dug into the earth I feel, hear the wind blow through trees bleak, so cold My mind often like a ship out at sea, it just needs a berth Some say I was born this way, a soul that...Read On


The Death Of A Friendship

A friendship dies.

The death of a friendship is an ugly thing, you feel its cruel sting. The spot they held feels empty and cold, missing are stories untold. The times you shared, the way you cared, memories lost, all just tossed. The death of a friendship is hard to swallow, it makes you want to scream and holler. Everything undone, as you watch the setting sun. Promises made, promises broke, the...Read On


I Love You

I love you for the man that you are and for all that I have yet to see, I love your precious heart that loves me the deepest I've ever known. The heart that loved me when others left me cold, Those who left and never looked back without the slightest thought. You saw my beauty and my flaws as well, Kissed them and held me and comforted my broken heart, We forged a friendship dipped in...Read On


Word Songs

When the quill sings my word songs, And the heavens bless me, night long... Whispers of ghost I have toast righteously As the verses define me in slightly undress. With raw nakedness of my poetry, I wish you my fond adieu, And may you walk in my shoe, Feeling steps of raw emotion. ...Read On


Only You

One day you'll tell me softly, Tell me the rest of your dreams. What kind of world is waiting At the end of this dark path. Will the voiceless voices Disappear when your love appears? Laughing when your love Shines upon my wounds, And continues its endless journey. I know of the headway, Yet I still have a reason To keep on going, As I embrace you in my arms. When I let you go, Something...Read On


This is Love

"We are not a riddle to solve, but a puzzle to complete"

Spending all my weekends with you Is like a dream that has finally come true You dramatically changed everything in my life I can’t wait until we become husband and wife You are a man with a giving and loving heart I find it difficult to function when we are apart My life without you was just so mundane With your love it is now like a runaway train Every day it races and picks up speed...Read On


Cowboy On The Horizon

Thanks for always coming back.

You came along one sunny day and swept my tears away. You shared a song that I new along. In my heart I knew your words to be true. You keep coming back to me, you say that you are drawn. I am drawn too and look for you, my cowboy on the horizon. In our past we have met, in our past we were one. My soul, your soul, my heart, your heart, my dreams, your dreams. In this place so dark, you are...Read On


Where Have I Gone

I have gone.

I have gone away, I no longer play. Left behind, my eyes are blind. In the dark, without a spark. The tears they come, my soul undone. This empty place as not a trace. I've gone away to hide my heart, the pain it can't abide. I don't sleep at night, the feelings I cannot fight. The pain so raw, my breath I cannot draw. I laugh but don't smile, looking for you all the while. The covers over...Read On


This Violence of Affection

How I long for you, my sweetest thing. Only your balm of love, might ease the sting. My trembling heart, such a sweet affliction. It's the price I pay  for my new addiction. No time that passes, no distance travelled, can make me whole. I've come unravelled. What have you done  to touch me so? Might I beg a kiss  before you go? Now, alone to think, questions abound. Have I lost...Read On