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Love Poems


The beauty of the Fall

The perfect autumnal walk

Come with me on my autumn stroll, And see the beauty that I behold; Summer’s love has taken its toll As Autumn’s tale does now unfold. Every colour, each coppery hue, Every tint fills me with wonder; They make me dream, think of you Yet the little leaves are cast asunder. From little acorn to rich ochre berry, I pluck a morsel for you to cherish; Yet while the colours are...Read On


Lead Me On

... I will come

If you lead me on I will come My heart will follow  There'll be no sorrow If you lead me on  I will come I will look into your soul You will see the heart you stole If you lead me on  I will come I will see your secret place  The one that can't hide your face If you lead me on  I will come I'll peel back the layers  While I say my silent prayers If you lead me on  I will come ...Read On



A short poem inspired by my real life Superman

I’m in love with Superman. During the day he’s disguised and fits in with the crowd, But I know his secret. When we’re alone at night he makes me scream out loud. Clothed in his well tailored suit, no one knows the power he holds, Bare and confronting, I see what lies beneath, as a night of pleasure unfolds. I’ve grown to know that once the glasses are off, ...Read On


Wild Heart

Looking for inspiration Only a few words  Listening to the sounds  Wobbling and shaking  There is music  In the wind  Songs of birds  Soft and sweet  The sun is shining  Bright and warm Wherever I am  Whether it is  Far or near  You are with me  Close to my heart  I am a dreamer  And you have a plan  For there is  A far better love song  Melodies of pleasure  For you and me Whisper softly...Read On


Right Behind Bars

Right now I'm stuck behind bars, Not the real bars, The stupid ones that are in my mind. The ones that it is harder to break through, The ones that need two, The ones that may need you. I know what you're thinking,  "How are you alone? "It isn't like you don't have people with you at home." But you see it isn't like that, They don't see the things I feel, Especially the things...Read On


Through Our Pores

Wanted to write something more hopeful than my last few poems

I've spent years trying to describe you,  the moments between us that are able  to halt all surrounding clocks. Hours, minutes, seconds,  and the smaller fractions within  that we should know better than  to try clinging to because They pour and cover us like rain soon to dry from fragile skin,  but just a little seeps through our pores  and it's more than enough  to...Read On


I read a poem

A tiny ode to the lovely poems

I read a poem, It made me laugh A clever, silly thing How I really wished that I could write like that I read a poem It made me weep Exquisite words, speaking to my pain I could only read it once, but I bookmarked the page I read a poem It made me sigh It spoke with rare and tender words I sat quietly in wonder, then I read a few more times I read a poem It made me feel...Read On


Beacon of love

Until now it's still you

It feels right Why does it? Though its not a matter of right or wrong In your own special way In my own damn way I fall Madly in love with you Will it be wrong If I fall  Out of love?  Will it happen?  That I don't know Will your spark be gone? Will this strange feeling subside? Can we hold on, Hold on to nothing? Our future  Will there even be one? Darkness That...Read On



Reflective Thoughts...

Natural light shines in, lending a soft warm hue The walls, a climate of cool, pale blue A reflection, tarnished and flawed Naked and exposed, there is no fraud Bruises are many, scars are more Healed, faded, mending but ever sore A friend of years, a lapse in thought All was lost, for a moment of naught A misguided trust, a lover untrue So many said, but who...Read On


The night is alive

The night is alive Our feelings laid bare. Many questions arise But they are for another time. I paint my name in the darkness A shimmering hue.  I pray it appears. Do you see? My sky is yours as I take you for mine....Read On


Light Reflections

a short poem for my mother.

The memory flashed in the mind, Glimpses of the truly sublime. The trickle down sensual effect, As recollections seem so perfect. If memory serves correctly, Time and place was a problem indirectly. But the perseveres kept them fated, As they tried hard but couldn't help but be mated. A sexy glimmer in his eye, Hiding hers, she didn't even try. Tentative fingers with a...Read On


Through His eyes

It is wonderful And scary at the same time When someone sees you as special, As someone of great value. On one hand it makes you fly, Find belief and joy, Pride in that you matter. At the same time, The worry is there, Of not being able to live up to it, Afraid you will fail or disappoint. He sees her In a way she doesn’t understand. She is a bit of a broken soul, In a broken...Read On



I have to learn how to let go,  unwilling to fade away with you, if this is how we'll scream,  pull the air from my lungs. I'd rather just be left alone  in the enveloping dark to no longer carry the flame,  the torch that could once ignite  entire valleys and mountains,  snuffed out the moment I could sense you Pulling away one fragment at a time, first noting...Read On


You Were Here

You were here, You were locked between my legs. Now spring has turned to fall, But the memory remains. My lips were swollen from your kiss, Stained from all our love, Now my lips are left to reminisce The sweetness of your thrusts. Making love out by the sea, How long ago it seems That you drove one thousand miles To love me in the spring. The rain drizzled on your face, ...Read On


Our World

I never expected to be a part of your world, for us to love one another. I can feel you slipping away, lost without me as I try to hold on to what we once were. Your world was most beautiful and I never wanted to leave. Our actions and time and circumstance have broken us, if only temporary. Never have I known such love until you came along, but Deepest heartbreak now cuts me to...Read On


The Geographer of Souls

The paths of love can be most hard to find  When hearts have lost fidelity once known. So many routes have hindrances unkind That trip you up and turn your trust to stone. Each person wants the sureness of love's touch That leads the way through trackless wilderness, And gives each lover one more needed crutch When life has dealt the blows of harsh duress. But we shall always have our...Read On



Listen closely for the sound of my name  passing through your lips,  you are every note,  every thread holding me in place,  unraveling would only turn me into  a shadow and locking doors. If you look close enough you'll eventually see  each hair on my skin swaying from your breath, my voice forming and reflecting  our need to join as one being As I see the...Read On


In Time It Flew

In time The bells rang Birds sang And in time... We fell in love The trees grew Pollen blew And in time... Time went by Like a carousel On wings It flew In time We aged gracefully  Grandkids swung In backyard swings And in time you past The trees cried Leaves died And in time... Time went by Like a harp it played  Shadow of you I caressed...Read On



Let’s find a new world with our hope and dreams

When I sleep you are in my dreams So real I can touch your body Feel your arms wrap tight around me As you tap dance on my mind It's hard to tell if I am awake or not Then there is the day dreams See you smile in all the faces I meet Hear the song of your voice from the radio The flash of color that bring you to mind Sweet smells open up memories Dreams come to you at...Read On


A dream come true

Awakening, She pinches her arm. Was it all just a dream? A moment of perfection, Only to be found In the castle in the clouds, In Neverland, The places she only reaches in sleep? She checks her computer, Her heart races. It is real! There it is again, His sweet words for her, Wishes for a great day. Memories flood back, All she can do is smile. How did she get so lucky? ...Read On


Because of spark

The way you love

Spark that's what you call it, Strange it's what I feel So it is true Between you and me, we have that And yet you chose to be with somebody My world brighter with your smile Warm with your hug How dare you, let me feel this way Crushing my heart in to pieces Am I not meant for you? Looking in your eyes, I'm damned I see that glow I've fallen deep, in a trance Scared...Read On



There are terrible ghosts in you and I, nameless specters that learn how to wear our faces and relinquish interlaced fingers in the night's most silent hour, the one where nothing but the essence of our dreams and wandering anonymous spirits Stalk a touchstone to inhabit, even if only for a moment to once again know the memories and longings that swept through others, flashes of warmth or...Read On


Morning; My Lover

My lovers reflection is shown in my mornings

Morning O Morning, How I love spending time with you As I wake soft and slow. The crispness of your air contrasts my coffee perfectly. Moisture on the grasses absorb into bare feet as I walk down to the lake to Watch your still waters. Living sounds everywhere Fill my ears with your song: Birds and crickets chirp away, Trickling water from a quiet brook, Splashing fish eating...Read On


Why is the Coffee so Bitter

Its sometimes hard to decide to re enter into that relationship isn't it.

Why is the coffee so bitter,  Morning light so very stark, Why do dust modules dance and flitter, And the dogs do that morning bark? I look across my empty bed, No sign of weight on the pillow, Not a hair from your handsome head, Only the leaves brushing against the window from the willow. A single tear always forms,  The aching emotion hiding behind the eye, As a memory of the...Read On


Happy Birthday, Buttercup

You wake up. Well rested after a restful doze. No alarm clock today for my gorgeous birthday girl. You hear me walking down the hall with your breakfast in bed. Our tradition. A gift we give each other. As you nibble your scrambled eggs and admire your single purple rose, I tell you of our day ahead. A short walk to the park. A little picnic and a Paisley concert. You grin all...Read On


Here Be Dragons

"Here be dragons." Ancient maps lack these words. One globe contains the words In Latin form. From the sixteenth century Of the Common Era. But what a great descriptor Of the unknown And the mysterious. Of the dangerous And the treacherous. These words came to mind When I thought of you. And I did think of you. And then rejected the words, And remembered the beauty. ...Read On



Woe be gone melancholia Casting sleepiness in my merlot Truth of my swill I confide 0f dreams on tomorrow's bye and bye  Shadow rainbows and love of life  Whimsical is the wildwood crier Chasing melodies 'neath boughs of trees As you lay yonder in silent sighs Woman of beauty My Lady Apropos  Muse of darkening scribbling scripts Enlightening me my composing sensuality Setting...Read On



If home is where the heart is, then my home is always with you. It doesn't matter where you are as long as we come together. Your heart is beautiful, I've made it my home forever. Let me cloak you with my love until eternal slumber. Don't be afraid, come and take my hand, It doesn't matter as long as we are with each other. I want to spend my days and nights with you, Drowning you in...Read On

Recommended Read

Dishevelled Silence

I stumbled Through the cobwebs Of unforgiving darkness. Writhing Under the full moon, I slowly awoke From a deep slumber, Finally alive under your Searching hands. With you, I soared on Heated breaths And whispered words. Feathering kisses Lit my hunger, As your voice Lured out My dark secrets And forgotten desires. You shattered me With understanding And made me accept My faults And...Read On


Sleep, My Love

Sleep, my love, for you do not yet know the storms gathering just beyond the shore,  the sweeping violent tides that are oblivious  to flesh and our fragile ties. I can see the clouds reaching,  joining one another like disfigured lonely hands and limbs finally finding a home. The way such gatherings perfectly merge  together often makes me wonder  if nature imitates us or...Read On