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Love Poems


Sweet Nothing


Do you love me Or just the idea of me No communication Misdirected hostility We don't love Unconditionally That's too much You'll never admit That you love me But don't like me one bit I annoy you Your feelings are legit You lead me right And leave me left Your anger growing With every step My fear consumes me I've become unkept I don't need you I can do it alone You can go ahead I'll wait...Read On


High Heels

Let's forget about these hills of bills and get down with some juicy fucking and sucking.

We work too many hours, For very, little pay, With a giant hill of bills, Growing higher everyday. We'll never reach the summit, Regardless what we do, So let's do something better, Something good for me and you. We won't need these clothes to do it, But you can keep your high heels on, Your garter belt - silk stockings, Your legs are strong and long! It won't cost...Read On


True Love Conquers All

Confessions of a disordered and unruly mind.

Inexorably I can feel myself falling  Into the darkness that always lurks, sinister  And out of sight, there at the corner of my mind,  A place of demons and unnameable horrors,  Where my worst nightmares wait, eager to claim my soul.  Like a condemned man on the way to the scaffold,  I see the leering faces of the mocking crowd  Calling on me to save myself, their jeering taunts  ...Read On

Tap The Pane

With still... Nearing rest  A moment in lieu And lips on cue While sand closes our eyes Sharing a kiss And whispers of the rain  Tap the window pane Of days falling leaves Being our autumn craze With still...  Nearing rest Feeling your soft caress Touching my chest In comfort time to sleep  And dreams to digest As whispers of the rain  Tap the window pane With still... ...Read On


The Test Of Time

All for the love of writing fine and forever lasting poetry.

One poem that stands the test of time, Outshines tons of mediocre ones. Heartfelt, soulful, and divine, that won't fade like a photo beneath the sun. A million in a million years, may give birth to a few. I'll be happy when I'm done, with one fine one or two. When an artist paints his masterpiece, does he know what it is? Is it just a painting to him, or  his muse's sweetest kiss? ...Read On

Stone-Cold Mind

When the grit unravels my stone-cold mind On a flat rock of a poet's writer clock And my reflections echo my hue Dreams will tell if my emotion were true Between the mist and a siren's kiss With ring of a bell in the buoy's swell As if my words became a Mandelson tune A desire of my love naming a stanza's song When the grit unravels my stone-cold mind Settling down with a smooth porridge...Read On



Falling in love once again with the coming of Fall.

Falls here and I'm falling like autumn colored leaves, for a lovely lady, with nothing up her sleeves, but joy and bliss and gladness, for sadness don't live here. Falls here and I'm falling, like a tender tear - a tender tear of sweetness, as she holds me near. It's emotional completeness, with nothing left to fear. Falls here and I'm falling and the reason why is clear. ...Read On



You left and I cried tears of blood. My sorrow grows. It's not just that You left. But when You left my eyes went with You. Now, how will I cry?...Rumi Unspoken emotions emit vibrational frequencies my heart hears How else to explain that ache in my soul The blinding and debilitating realization that I knew before I knew My eyes blink faster and faster Drying unshed tears of...Read On


Beyond saving

I stood there under the stars, where the night sky meets the ocean, the angry waves crushing against my body; time, space, frozen. My hideaway, my element, keeping me safe and sane. Why do I need to come here Again and again and again? Here I stay, this time I'm not going back. I came to ask the questions, I need to ask. 'We are just the victims of connected circumstances,' he said....Read On


No Barrier Will Lie

I'll find my way back home to you, no barrier lying between our communion. The first touch of winter air meets your soft fair skin, lamplight faintly washes over your form in a snapshot. A slight curve about to overtake your lips, the premonition of a loving smile, but it still remains frozen in time like flourishes of unfinished calligraphy Everything about you tells a story. How...Read On


Poetry Reading

When weekend is calling .... laundries forgotten...

Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a phrase for you As you touch me with your hand Tracing every word within every curve. Let's read this poetry book I can turn every page And read a stanza for you As you caress me with your lips Trailing every line within every slope. Lost in the valley of every word as I climb Every mountain within our own world And dive to the...Read On

Treehouse Of The Round

'Neath shadows and shrouds  As we share dalliances of sin In my ebullience and moment of truth Given my proclivities of poetic couth A new found vigor poetically sound With silent moments and my pen Bopping' in your womanhood In a treehouse of the round While sipping hot ginger gin Giving you all-my-got As we share dalliances of sin While our feet hit the ground  Running...Read On



She heard footsteps In the hallway of her heart Someone had entered and stolen A part she never knew existed Never claimed as hers To begin with. And to begin with She never started this guarded Until a fireplace – ill-tended – Went up in flames. No warmth here Only vestiges remain Begging the question: Which of these is treasure. For beauty In the eye of the beholder Is not What you see...Read On



Two become as one

It is the dawning of a new day As we stand hand in hand Watching the sunrise Both barefoot in the sand Tendrils of love From your heart to mine Are strengthened each moment Now forever entwined Arm in arm we stroll Down the sandy shore Loving each other Always and forever more As the sun begins to set And the day is nearly done Two sets of footprints Become forever one...Read On


Never-Ending Romance: A Sonnet

The world has recognized the love I feel And so they wonder at my constant sighs. They know I love my lover, that's for real, And weep whene'er I win, then lose, the prize. I simply must believe they understand That no one ever loved like this before. Accepting that it's true, they think it's grand, And know such passion lasts forevermore. No one will criticize the things I write. No...Read On

My Promontory

It was in my coronation of a scroll  When my thumb sought out goth  And dark dreams I beheld Yet I was blinded But now that I've seen the truth With my eyes of Godspell's cue A love has called me home No more my lust to roam And with touch of your compassion  A new dawn on sun's rising crown  Will lead me to my promontory  As we lay down on bed of round...Read On



These richly complicated tapestries and their intricately woven threads have been effortlessly loosened, as if each strand was composed in error or missing some vital precious element that we neglected in the weaving. It is in this gentle undoing that I am only beginning to understand the vast irrelevance of time, and how the continuum of our story has no tangible end...Read On

Love Flowers

Winter draws down first green appears. Displacing the frown as renewal nears. Seeds from ago on fertile ground. They begin to grow. Optimism found. Sun warms the earth life takes hold. A living birth, escape from the cold. Spring advances; late frost, hard rains. Turbulent chances, typical growing pains. It was fate this seed should take root. Something so great will bear delicious fruit....Read On



This is where I put things  Everything that has no other place  Here's a tiny spate of gentle rain  Coming at the end of a hard spring  And here's that moment  I sat beside her  Studying the lines of her face  While the world was burning down  To nothing we could use anymore Here are all the silences  Between the words we gave away  And here are the remnants of my heart  ...Read On


Separated for a Moment

My love and I will never truly be parted in this life For our love is true, and too secure ever to be shaken By the caprice of storms and tempests that toss us to and fro. Even though there will be many times of sharp pain and sorrow, Casting a doleful shadow across the landscape of our joy, The sun will eventually return, with its promise of life, And delicate shoots of...Read On

Once Was Golden

As the autumn leaves fall, like a chronicle of prose on earth's seasonal solstice,  and my aged eyes. Where once was golden, my pen has turn to rust, but your love remains  as if it's eternal spring. And in my ancient tea cup, I see your beautiful shadow when my memory slows, vaporizing into dust. With life's little quibbles,  while my sanity dies, in my eyes I cry as my...Read On

Recommended Read


"How we danced..."

Our loop is much like faith, invisible yet painfully palpable. But when freighted with the knowledge that the fluttering of the smallest wings can send immeasurable cracks through time, I have to close this dangerous circle. I have to learn how to let you go How it once went... A bullet took you, your eyes still brilliant in defiance of the dark, a dimpled smile before whispering...Read On

Uncontrollable Emotions

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power,but because of its persistence. James N. Watkins

I'm as a flowing river crystalline, and calm or turbulent and murky yet uncontrollable You are as a mighty mountain the rock which cradles, guides, and contains the flow of my journey Sometimes waters rush as a kiss in a frenzy as the rapids, or a waterfall as my feelings come crashing The rocks, and the waters keep each other's secrets, caress each other in a dance, give and take,...Read On


Twirling on the Edge of a Dream

My image of her is there Twirling on the edge of a dream Whirling about in a mist of urgent devotion We've crushed from a distance Both of us sought truth to that vision Lost in a world existing out of our time Where arms encircled each other Trippingly moving our feet in rhythm To the music that plays only for the two of us Nimble fingers pluck the guitar Urging our fervent dedication...Read On

Breath Of The Equinox

The nomenclatures of words  Are written in pages of books  But the emotions I share with you Are gently scrolled from my soul With a scent of bliss  Giving thee my heart With an effigy of a pin Feeling warmth of our sins As breezes blow so do my stanzas  With a falling of the autumn  And frost on the window panes  In moments of devil's wonderment I print a poetic hue of love  ...Read On


My Fourth Trilogy of Love, Love, Love

Just as the title says this is my fourth trilogy of love, love, love for your reading enjoyment.

1. Love Sweet Love. love sweet love is so elusive. so damn hard to hold on to. lose your grip and she will slip away and make a fool of you. let down your guard for just a moment and she will steal away. set free from selfish boundaries she's the devil's child at play. love sweet love is not exclusive. what's a human being to do? turn around for just a moment she will ...Read On



Have you ever been fortunate to feel this way?

Are you a dream Or are you real? Do you even realize How you make me feel? Loved unconditionally It is in your every touch, every kiss How did I get so lucky To get to experience this bliss? Protected within The strong circle of your arms I rest easy Knowing you will allow me no harm Cherished forever Loved for all eternity That is how I feel When you look at me Desired...Read On


Perfect Love

Our flesh comes together. His body is close to mine Lips on lips. Our hands intertwine We are one as we make love Two hearts that fit like a perfect glove Wishing the moment wouldn't end Being with a lover. A very best friend It doesn't have to be perfect. I just has to be ours A kind of love that was written in the stars A force between us that we can't explain A feeling in...Read On

Walking Hand In Hand

Walking together on a beach.

As they walk together hand in hand The sun setting in the distance tonight Enjoying the moment as they stand Holding each other feels just right Hands are locked, fingers entwined The waves calm and in their reach The waves rush together and collide They walk together on the beach Summer nights dwindling by Fall days on the horizon Walking together with her guy Her boyfriend proposes with...Read On

A Wisp Of Mint

As if a dream, an opus it seem An opus of romance we shared In haze of summer daze Now I suffering melancholia For it wasn't but a fortnight hence Before the calling of last tense And sometimes past I gasped Of times together we spent  And now all is naught  Hovering above my closing eyes The shadow of a broken halo  A lost breath in disguise As love cries, my balling sighs Now...Read On