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Love Poems


Your Hand

When the night comes for dreams...

Tell me what to do, My hand is your hand. Where do you want them, Touching, Caressing, Grabbing, Rubbing. Tell me what to do, My body is yours. To command. Do you want it, Aching? Wanting? Needing? Cumming? Tell me what to do, I am yours to command. Say the words I am longing to hear. My body moves to the sound of your voice. My mind reaches yours. My body aching to...Read On

Down From Above

Walking the brook stones wading up to my knees Feeling the cooling tingle the coming of breeze While sipping the broth of amber tea With a sweet essence of you As ripples of love ring down from above For whom the boughs brings pinecone words Aerating a poetic umber of forest leaves...Read On


The Train And The Tunnel

A metaphor of erotic sex and love

The train had been coming for years, always passing through the tunnel with loving care. Its steam and smoke adding to the tunnel’s love for it, hugging the walls near. It passed so close to its walls it seemed to be scraping them, and providing them with noise, rubbing and loving the tunnel. The tunnel loved the train. When the train entered the tunnel, its big round light was bright,...Read On



Maybe I see things differently

Perhaps I told you This once before Perhaps I love you Perhaps nothing more Perhaps I forgot to say This isn't a game Perhaps you'd hear me Perhaps without blame Perhaps one day You will understand Perhaps there's much more Perhaps the Master's Plan Perhaps next week You'll see he's not man Perhaps I will wait Holding Master's hand Perhaps my Master Is simply the Tao Perhaps you'll...Read On


Liquid Love

She melts more than my heart.

My inner self, liquid, molten, warmed to the furthest edge of comfort. My skin, a thin cool shell, contrasting the heat inside. Blood no longer courses through its graduated paths. My heart, the only solid substance still within my shell. Beating, pounding, throbbing, causing everything to move within, all circulating, flowing, wave after wave. Bones melting, unable to stand, Collapsing...Read On



Maybe I was never inside of you. We rush past and back through ourselves, reaching for some mutual light, some radiance that will not let memories turn from nectar to poison. Even if we leave, I'll hold on to some things... Kissing where scars made signatures on skin, a deep story told through each one, it doesn't matter how they came to be, I still jealously cling to the taste. How each...Read On


Just A Few From Me to You to Shake away the love stuck blues

ISN'T EVERY BODY DOING IT We do it in the garden, In the bushes - In the shed, In the attic - In the cellar, On the floor & On the bed, On the dinner table, WHAT A LOVELY SPREAD! While the wine's fermenting, Someones baking bread. We do it at our neighbors, And in our old homestead, Walking on a wire, Hanging on a thread, Pressed against the wall, And standing on our heads, In a van or car...Read On

Six Degrees Of Imagination

In six degrees of this poets imagination But a moment apart in separation And a decimal's breath from a kiss  With a phantasm cubic equation  Using a geometric T-Square In lassitude seeking your touch  As the sand rings down my eyes Rowing gently in my dreams  On the wings of enchanted love  In six degrees of this poets imagination...Read On


Careless Whispers

when one is heard amongst others

They laugh and smile, All talking about life and loves. They talk to others, while they glance to another and wink. Showing their falseness to another. While they look to another. They smile and giggle, they wink and stare to each other. While others unaware of their betrayal. Others whisper and mock them. Nastily they talk between them. The hate they hide. Though...Read On


Away For Days

I know the reasons you had to leave me Maybe it's the best for now, I can be free I look over at your side of the bed At first I cried, then I let myself be led I'd known him for years, he's a good friend I wish I could tell I thought about it in the end Sad and lonely, missing us, I tried I was weak, gave in to a need, I lied When you'd call, ask was I sleeping well I'd tell you no I...Read On

...of a by-and-by

With a landscape stretched on a taut canvas  A poetic dimension in lyrical verse As a thousand ardors bring me to this place With a gilded sonnet tied in a bow To paint your portrait with a soft touch While the crickets play their cellos In four strings of a concerto As freckles smile on your lovely face Wiggling your hips in Belgium lace A romantic swoosh of a breeze blow For that's the...Read On

Meeting at Last

They knew each other for ages though they had never really met. The relationship moved in stages; would there be any regret ? He walked up to greet her their eyes fixed on the other. If any doubts there were erased now when they saw their lover. Their embrace was long coming they held each other tight. The electricity was humming, everything felt so right. They paused and stood silent...Read On


How beautiful you look today!

There is resolution in communication

How beautiful you look today! Your hair just so and tucked away; Your face is beaming, your smile is bright, Is it because of something that happened last night? How beautiful you look today! You glide just so and you sway; Your touch is loving, Your kiss is light, Is it because of something that happened last night? How beautiful you look today! You look just so.... Wait! Please look my...Read On



When we are apart time,Ought to go with the speed of lighting to match our spark.

Time Time, what is it? Is it the time we spend apart? Or is it the time we spend together? Time is meant to be cherish, Relish with delight of sweetness. Time should be guarded with zeal. Time that we spend with dreams of, What is to come. Time in dreams spent in past Love of, Life, each other, and sight sounds, smells, tastes. When we are together time, ...Read On

From the Depths of Night

It's two in the night, very dark. No light, no stars, no moon. Shadows are deep and stark everything is hung in gloom. I look out through the glass the world before me empty and bleak. Memories of hurt from the past making my faith in others very weak. Time moves as a snail the clock is my foe. My mind is my jail to love again I may never know. The blackness a shroud smothering all feeling....Read On


We Really Should

After a bit of reflecting....

Perhaps I went A little too far But touch me not Keep me in a jar By the door Waiting for more Is it right Or am I wrong To sit and hum That silly song In my head After all I read I hate to admit You may be right With you in my head Dreaming all night I was wet But that's all you get Just a thought If you were near I would beg That you stay right here. Somethings growing Is it showing?...Read On


Someone, Someday

Sweetest darling, I hope that someday Someone will love you every bit as much as I once did. And I hope she'll give you the things that I wasn't able to. If doesn't work out and when you're gone from her, I wouldn't want her crying over you. Or not able to smile for days, like I did. But since I know that she will, I hope at least this time you'll go back to her. Saying just how much you...Read On

Poetic Incarceration

Seeking to break out of poetic incarceration  By approaching words most carefully As coffers of my mind dwell in archives  In my deliverance masquerading as a bard Yet desires of lust hold me in obsession As love takes shine with kiss and admiration Dancing on pages of this poet's imagination  Stored in verses the four suits of the year Autumn, Spring, Winter, and Summer near ...Read On

I, a Pillow

Tonight my sweet partner will we be together again? Me savoring the smell of your hair and caressing your skin. Perhaps I will be embraced or even absorb your tears. And whenever I am needed I will try to allay your fears. You whisper deep secrets of the pain, hurt, and more. You confess a deep love; none like this before. When we first met it was a special endeavor. I was taken to your...Read On


No Tomorrow

A day without tears A night without fears A moment of peace An orgasmic release Time to reflect To heal and protect Waiting patiently To see before me A glimpse of hope A way to cope A hug from anyone The barrel of a gun To do the math And find my path But not today You've gone away Maybe tomorrow I'll feel no sorrow Maybe someday I will find a way To find peace again In your arms,...Read On

Loving Our Life Together

I love our life.

When you take stress out of things Beauty and love all come back I glance down at my wedding ring Our life and love are back on track Seventeen years this September We've been married and in love We found each other in November Our meeting was arranged from up above I love you and our life I was lost for a little while I adore being your faithful wife You're the person who makes me smile ...Read On


The One-sided Love Story.

Maybe it’s just the air here. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s how you aren’t intimidated easily. Maybe it’s your boyish panache. Maybe it’s the overwhelming power of your confidence Curtained by subtle and deceptive modesty. Maybe it’s the idea of you taking over the world. Maybe it’s that infectious smile of yours over a hidden source of humor. Maybe it’s that mind-numbing energy...Read On


Always Alone

Don't want to be alone.

Absent again, I never win. Lonely and sad for what we had. Wandering alone to places unknown. Anyone there, does anyone care. You said it was us, now it's just dust. Sadly mistaken, I feel my heart aching. Always away, you can never stay. Lost in my head, nothing but dread. Only you, but you don't see me. Never my time, so unkind. Everyone but me, if only you could see....Read On


The Gift

Cherish love ...

When one loves and trusts One puts their heart on the line To hear these words each day The sound lovely and divine I give my all  my heart and trust Cherish it baby For if you don't  it's your loss I adore and love you true No other can give you  what I do Each morning I wake To those words so sweet If ever they're lost  I will hurt and weep But know in time I will pick myself up...Read On


He Touched My Heart

He touched me through love and taught me to love.

He touched my heart as he passed by, and brought me peace before he died. He rocked my soul and gave it life through future's storm and bitter strife. My heart was colored by his thoughts he shared with me through trials bought. He taught my voice to sing again which had been stilled from where it's been. My feet learned how to dance on air, he held my hand and took me where the stars...Read On


I Want You To Love Me.

A short poem that I recently wrote up.

I want you in every way I want to bring you joy and pleasure I want to send your mind into some sort of disarray I want to take you on an adventure I want you to enjoy every moment I want to give you something to remember I want to fill you with enjoyment I want to treat you like a treasure I want you to see my passion I want you to see the truth I want you to see that my love...Read On



Her soul, her world, her lose.

Her soul was fire and ash. Her touch hot and cold. Her story untold. Her pain was thick like Maine fog. Her blood fire, her eyes bright. Her feelings deep, her love strong. Her absence unseen as she slipped away. Her heart beat stills, her breathing shallow. Her life racing by in a blur. Her haste to love, to be loved has her weak. Her body like a storm, tossed and turned. Her life...Read On

No More Cyber Relationships

Cyber relationship ends

Not the girl to make you smile I don't even want to be friends Not going that extra mile There's no love in the end Days wasted in the shadows Not knowing the real deal This existence was shallow Thankfully it was not real Tired of being a door mat I'm real with feelings Tired of being picked at So happy I'm now healing We talked most days Hardly any apologies You were always...Read On

Otto Of Rose

Taken by a nectarous hint With otto of rose And the blush of morn dew  As grapes on the vines sweeten  Craving a little sunshine In the vineyards of the valley  Twixt Beacon's Straight and Shiloh  With a scent of chardonnay Inspiring a poetic basket As I pluck fruit of the loam  And you sigh with swoon tones  Whispering to you my love  With two flutes of a kiss And a faintness of...Read On


On Fire

Whenever I think of you...

You whispered my name My heart beat faster The hairs on my skin rose My nipples hardened I turned Knowing you'd be there Standing so near You were intensely looking at me My heart skipped a beat My skin heated up I quivered I raised my head  Looked into your eyes You moved closer You stopped an inch away From my lips and whispered My Heart My gorgeous heart Kiss me My...Read On