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Love Poems


June 15

Short n sweet

15 Jun 2015 "Trust me" You whispered Upon my trembling lip "I want to And am trying" As I further slip Exploration Of body and mind Our souls now combined Short breaths And deep moans Inhibitions left behind Hair pulling And nails scraping Penetrating so deep "I trust you" I scream "I am yours to...Read On


Molly's song

A journey well travelled

Set adrift, I was lost in the roiling sea. No consideration for any, I could only see me. My thoughts look inward, dark as the night sky. Still deeper I dive, searching blind for the lie. Long I dwelt, in that Stygian hell. Drowning in sorrow, till clarity wrung the bell. Like a light in the dark, that glimmer of proof. The torch of love wasn't a lie, but the only real truth. The...Read On


Dance Me Around

Hold me through life

My life is full circle, my love is profound, so please hold me close as you dance me around. I remember the time that you first held me tight my heart skipped a beat cause it just felt so right. You asked me to dance as I stood to the side, not knowing my thoughts as I silently cried. Accepting your arm as I moved to the floor, you couldn't have known how you made my heart soar. As...Read On


Moonlight Confessions

Pain unimaginable Steals your breath For tonight I find no rest Like a thief in the night Casting your glow Come to me moonlight My innocence you stole Captured by love's essence Tender and sore Moonlight confession Wanted no more Conquered by feelings Heart full of pain Moonlight revealing Forever stained Shamed in the night You helped him in Fuck you moonlight Thieves best friend ...Read On


The Best of Me

So much to consider . . .

I cannot bear to see you Hurting in this way Come here and let me comfort you And chase your fears away You must know I love you Why do you doubt me so? I have been here by your side When it matters most Don’t I show affection? Provide stability? Remember anniversaries? Furnish all your needs? The others? They mean nothing Just foolish wild oats You know I’m never gone for long I...Read On


New cut/Old wound

always be willing to try

A new dawn, a new beginning, sensations and emotions awaken. The taste is similar, and yet different. Excitement flares, cascades us forth, knowing not where we are taken. The days are good, the sun shines hot. The flavor is ambrosia, strong and alive. The old loss is past, though never truly forgot. The nights have come, cast into the dark. The food turns to ash, putrid and dead. ...Read On



Love isn’t always pretty Or polite, Nor is it easy. Yet within the depth Of the very soul There is nothing we crave more, Need to be fulfilled. Lust is a force of life, Of nature, In essence the survival Of humankind. Desires drive us, Give new energy, A release of power. Two halves of a whole. As love and lust meet, We find our peace. Two pieces of individual strength, ...Read On


Dawn of Love

a lesson in the flesh

It was ages ago, In days gone past. Outside the memory of man, Or even recorded time. It happened on a chance encounter, Twixt these two solitary souls. His radiance roared hotly, Her waters serenely absorbed. In the ebb and flow, they became mesmerized, While their bodies sang loudly. He sought to take Dominance, She submitted to gain control. Was it seconds, or eons,...Read On


Spell Under the Moon

Under the moon a loveaffair to remember.

Night fell and the sea made of my poems the solemn waste for moon which looked radiant in the sky the reflection converting grass turning it matt olive and stars flaunted of their charm while he with each kiss encouraged me a long romance that my soul did enter a trance delirious it was the night of our love affair. ...Read On


Disposable Plaything

I hate you, but I love you

Well I guess it didn't take you long to forget, Everything that we shared and knew, I dare you to try to replace me, Because no-one is going to put up with your shit, I loved you, but all I got in return was a slap in the face. How much time did I waste, believing all your lies? It is a hard pill to swallow, see the truth is a bitch. Fuck you and the games you play, Fuck you and everything...Read On


Beauty Of Us

The downtown skyline is beautiful, but it is nothing compared to our love. There is nothing on earth , I have seen that is, more beautiful than the love we share. It seems to reach across great distance, and it seems to pull us together. We have seen our share of problems. We have overcome them each time. You have helped me up from the darkest places. You keep me strong when I...Read On


Dancing Life's Hall

You taught me how to love again.

My life I pledged, my love was yours, my heart forever bought. You brought me from the depths of fear. Your love is what I sought. While burdened down with deep despair and no where else to hide, you offered me a hand of faith to walk close by your side. My step felt light, my soul found grace, my eyes shed cleansing tears. Your arms around me, oh, so tight, then chased away my fears. ...Read On

Summer Night

In the silence of the summer night

In the silence of the summer night  I love the way you look at me  Your eyes deep but so bright  If I could have just one wish for me I would wish to be with you day and night  I love the way you kiss me  Your lips so luscious, I want to bite  I love your heavy breath over me  And the ways you show delight  The warmth of your lips on my cheek  I love the way you make me flight  I...Read On


Music of the Dance

the solo, becomes a harmony

I drift through the moonbeams, On the periphery of sight. Words sung low, I cast hither and fro, The gossamer strands, that satisfy the night. A web of dreams, myriad and full. The net of cravings and desires long sought. I've no interest in a bountiful harvest, Only the one, the elusive honeysuckle blossom. She is fragrant and light, in the summer sun. Singing softly, she...Read On


Day of the Flower

a single bloom, is beautiful

A flush cherry blossom, so succulent and bright. Awakens to the dawn Sun's kiss, fresh dew alights. Petals shudder softly, in Morning's first breath. A chilling tingle, from a gentle caress. Bud swells in tense anticipation, the afternoon to greet. The perfumed nectar, releasing from the heat. Stalk and bloom tremble to the pull, Of Day's long embrace, satisfied and full. ...Read On


Dancing In The Moonlight

We dance so freely neath a gibbous moon. Your pliant form yields softly to my will. Sing out on starlit nights a haunting tune; That wistful song you warble with a trill. Each twinkling star is smiling at our fun,  As waking birds start chirping as we play. With fingers twined you giggle as we run, And festive acts of love complete the day. Erasing barricades that bound our hearts. And...Read On


My curse

Don't you get it? I feel too much, I jump too soon. Even when I know That the ground will hurt. That there won't be water, Nor will there be a soft bed For me to land. Even when I know, You won't be there To catch me when I reach The end.  I will still jump,  Because you  Whispered sweet nothingness  That sounded like heaven.  Because your eyes  Seemed to pierce through me, ...Read On


Love Letters

Once long ago, I wrote many many letters, a journal, and now... I reminise on the foolishness of it

My dear love, my beautiful destiny: Today I want to imagine a new day, no matter if it is with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine, or delicate gray clouds with raindrops born of them... but I imagine that all day with me you are. Today upon waking, you provoke in me a smile, remind me of what we have, as I think of you in every little thought of the day and every tiny moment...Read On


For Mine

A silly sappy love poem

I only came to have fun I was not looking to find Someone so perfectly beautiful The one I now call Mine We danced all night long Staying up far too late Just talking and laughing It must have been fate And then something changed My passion and trust too real I could no longer hide These feelings that I feel Admitting to you my love Expecting you'd run far away The warmth of...Read On


I Have a Girl Crush

For my bride DivineDiva

She is my beautiful soul mate. She opened my heart to love again. She seduces my mind and body. I Have a Girl Crush She is kind with a tender soul. She is my best friend. She is adventurous in every way. I Have a Girl Crush She supports me in all that I do. She is sweet, sexy and spontaneous. She can turn me on in a millisecond with just a smile. I Have a Girl Crush ...Read On

Recommended Read

Dancing Upon The Clouds

In nightly joy, my love and I take flight on wings of love, and dance upon the clouds

Come stand with me on the cliffs in early morning As the sun rises over the edge of the world, And watch as the sea birds leave their rocky perches High up on the crags, to soar out over the sea, Floating in wide lazy circles on the warming air, Or skimming just above the waves, free as the wind, And tell me that you do not envy their freedom, Unbound by those forces that bind us...Read On


Flavors of the Storm

every season is different

I am the storm. I can be gentle, I can be torrential. I have many flavors. I am the gentle summer rain, The light soothing breeze, The warm embrace That brings peaceful friendship. I am the refreshing spring shower, The tingling chill, the sudden wetness That licks and tantalizes the new buds Into a luscious and vibrant flowering. I am the hard winter downpour, ...Read On


The Vampire

The vampire tried to bite me, in a dream I had once  Instead, he bit my finger I woke up with my heart pounding  My finger hurt The vampire was someone I adored  He glided through my days like a slim, dark silhouette  He was always quiet – quiet, I thought Because he was elegant and reserved  But quiet he was, because he had no soul I tried to kiss the vampire one night  We...Read On



In the dark, I found my light

Tears falling down my face, and I feel like a disgrace. It is dark, cold and lonely. Feeling the monster inside me, it's killing me, and I am powerless. The dream that never was. This killer taking my soul, my faith in love, I want it back. Screaming but not heard. I hate having you near, and not be able to say the words. A bottle stronger than me. Now, in the corner I only guess,...Read On


Love's Zenith - an acrostic poem.

A song of eternal love

What can I say about my darling love? In beauty of form, beyond divining, Lovelier far than the fairest flower, Like Helen, she could melt the hardest heart, And her dear face would launch ten thousand ships. Nowhere have I seen wonders to compare, Dull he would be who could remain unmoved, Even the birds sing of her divine grace. Life in her presence is true happiness, ...Read On


Into the wind

What the wind took... wont ever be the same

Every time things seem serious, we pull away. Yet we know nothing is serious. nothing in this place is real. Meeting you left me in a dreamlike state. always in a daze... then I woke. Scared, with a monster under my bed, shivers up my spine. Being with you faded away, into yet another dream. Let's cast this into the wind and live once...Read On


I Feel Loved

I feel loved, whenever I receive a text from you. I feel loved, when we go on long walks on the beach. I feel loved,  when I smell your aroma. I feel loved, when your warm breath caresses my face. I feel loved, when your arms wrap around my waist. I feel loved, when you treat me like your princess. I feel loved, when your kisses smother me. I feel loved,  when...Read On


The Other Familiar

One last companion piece, this time for my second Lush poem

My touch once turned you to stone, folded the intricate universe within you when longing couldn't keep me here anymore. I still read your pages by candlelight to see if the words revealed more to you, golden glows flicker against ink that may as well have been blood. You wanted me to memorize every night, to see my own silhouette in loops, slants and hexameter flows. But this map is a...Read On



Do we?

Do we now know When passion has passed After unwinding Our limbs’ tangled mass? Long after the lure of the words To and fro The mental gymnastics Propelling us prone After seeing the image In each other’s eyes Through a mirror of fantasy Step into life What we’ve created By acting it out Do we want to move forward Now that it’s now? What do we know, and What more is there? But harder...Read On


One Love Only

A few lines to the one who lights my world and gives me joy

One Love who Gives to me Such joy and more, The one for whom I've Sworn to cross the dark Styx Else grow wings, and fly to heaven, To rest beside one, who most gentle fate So kindly has sent, from henceforth to be mine. My angel, in her dear arms alone can happiness again Light my dark world. Humbly I crave some sign That she returns my love, my own true mate ...Read On