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Love Poems


A love that was lost

You chose another love

I will always love you, this much is true How to do this, I haven't a clue, So here it goes, the only way I know how To put an end to our love, right here, right now, We could have been so good together I thought this love would last forever, We laughed, we cried, we played I wished this time could have always stayed, The fun we had, the stories we shared I thought that you would have...Read On


With A Spark

When the fire is burning we need to keep it growing before putting it out is what it's all about.

  Where there's a spark  in the dark a fire's about to burn, is what lovers know each in their own turn.   With heart and soul a flame will grow when you lay with me. A crimson glow will ebb and flow through cries of ecstasy.   It's a primal need how our bones bleed right down to their core. Fast and slow beyond control our bodies yearn for more.   When there's a spark ...Read On

Comp Entry

Love's Freedom Key

Freedom to love to not a freedom at all...

If there were no chains binding my feet I'd fly to your side so I could be free Free from this life that is dragging me down And free from the eyes’ of this proper wife town   Our love would be strong like the sun's for the moons An affair worthy of fairytale roses in bloom A king and his queen so destined to be I'm searching for that heavy loves’ freedom key   I imagine an escape...Read On

Comp Entry

Passion's Promise

I want to lick you And kiss you And nibble your thigh I want to smack you  And bite you And make you cry I want to suck you Eat you til you Cum all over my face I want to spank you And wank you Til you can't see straight And then pick up the pace   I want to edge you  For days  And then let you cum I want to whip you And flog you Just for the fun Golden shower For hour...Read On


In My Dreams

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!" Walt Disney

You come to me in my dreams Each and every night  Wrapping your arms around me Holding me so tight  You whisper softly in my ear  Sleep now darling, sleep Take from me my strength  No more need to weep We've survived so many things  If they really cared they'd see How the hurt they've caused  Left their love a lost memory  Come to me in my dreams  I'll take your pain away Let me love...Read On



Ayyyyyyyeee another mushy love poem...

There's something in your smile that makes it all alright,  There's a comfort in your laugh that helps me sleep at night, Something in your voice that gets me through the day.  A light in your eye that keeps the darkness at bay.  You are, most certainly, the sunshine in my sky, And I can't explain my love for you so I'm not even going to try. You are simply someone that I cannot live...Read On


In Memory of Amber

losing a friend

The way I miss you is different now, I don't think about forever, I just don't know how. I miss your face, your laugh and your smile, It seems like a lifetime, though it's just been a while It's been two years since I heard the news that Oh so terrible day. I never thought I'd lose you, 'I'm not going anywhere' I'd heard you say. But you did, you're gone... there's no getting you back. At...Read On



Broken by so many, searching for the one to fix me ...

My heart broken by so many princesses torn out of my chest stamped upon time and time again Beaten into submission a lifeless soul left behind in hope one day that one true love will fix me My manliness belittled by so many vicious words leaving invisible marks upon this wounded frail body Locked inside this prison cell my own mind created to protect me of my true innocence in this world...Read On


A Gypsy's Ire

When its time to protect your loved ones, draw from the warrior within.

Today, I waited patiently at a stoplight My head was in a daze as I felt it  Warm sunlight on my face As the traffic light changed to green I remained paralyzed and unable to move I recall suspecting that the sun had tried In vain to shine its friendly light on me To remind me of who I once was But anger kept me within the shadows I was unprepared to feel the warmth of the sun Too numb...Read On



Some dreams may never come true because fate takes hold

I want to stroll with you along the oceans shore Seagulls screaming and screeching until we can’t take anymore I want to hike a high mountain holding your big, rough hand Where a night at a campfire cuddling is just what we planned   I want us to cross deserts hot, dry and ferine Hostile, flat, waterless and barren I want to glide with you on the bottom of the surging sea Rocky...Read On


In His Arms

He wrapped her in his arms  Without a single word, And as they lay there in the dark Her breath was all he heard. He felt her body stretch  Then snuggle in real tight, Relaxed against his body  As she settled for the night. Her freshly showered body  Was smooth upon his skin, She didn't even realise  The urge she caused in him. Her body drove him wild  Her curves and her slim waist,...Read On

Comp Entry

Acts of passion

An intamate dance Of give and of take I call upon you your body  It a part of my own, I wish to make   Your hair has long been dull And your body worn But at my touch you jump to life Your spirit full of fervor, your mood never forlorn   I lead and you follow Our beings joining together seamlessly I grip you firmly You trying hard to please me   At first, our movements...Read On

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The Man I Love

Finding the perfect man is every girl's dream.

We long for a strong man, who is loving and kind. We long for a good man Who is gentle and wise We long for a man  Who can make our heart sing We long for a man  we would gladly call king We long for a man  who can make our knees weak We long for a man  Whose love we can keep. Does it really happen,  Does this man exist? Is he real to this world  Or is he nothing but mist?  We...Read On


Bonnie and Clyde

She is the Bonnie to his Clyde

  ‘You’re the Bonnie to my Clyde.’ You once told me that when you had nothing to hide.   I remember how it felt The first time you pulled my hair Your horny expletives filling the air.   Words so raw and mean turning my mind into plasticine. My thoughts all a mush As you caused me to gush, A silver river of wantonness.   Beneath your cool exterior And outward friendliness ...Read On


Night Out

She was confident, She was wild, She was beautiful, She was wild.   We talked, We clicked, We danced, We kissed.   There was hunger, There was desire, There was passion, There was desire.   But, There were complications, We had others, She was gone....Read On


I Move On

I hope someday you'll see the love you lost in me.....

  It's been two long months At least for me For you, they may have passed Like the time of day   I still feel so shocked So very betrayed That you chose this end for us That you just walked away   Its seems as though We never existed That the last 2 and half years Were non existant   Yet I still silently hope One day you'll return To just tell me why And relieve this burn  ...Read On

Comp Entry

Flowers of Passion

Love found

The first was a rose fleshy and rich Fragrant aroma seducing my heart Voluptuous petals enfolding my body Pulling me ever further into its embrace Sharp thorns clawing at the fabric of my soul   The petals faded the thorns remained Ensnared entrapped I fought my way free   The second was an oriental lily of exotic beauty Senses overcome by the softness of its petals I fell into...Read On


He's My Angel

He's my angel from up above, He's all that I need. His most loving eyes look upon me, Filled with unconditional love, I do not falter.   I'm his Christmas kitten, He's got that lover's touch that's electric. When he kisses me, my knees get weak as Our hearts beat as one in unison.   He loves and protects me unconditionally, I'm the one that he keeps safely, his angel from above. ...Read On


My First Love

Dedicated to Aussie_kitty77

I want to see you live your dreams, Achieve greatness and be happy, And I want to be a part of your life when you do, 'Cause I keep imagining spending my life with you, Seeing amazing places with you, Sharing moments where we are both breathless, lost for words. I want to see you smiling, hear you laugh, And I want to love you. I want to be able to share memories with you, good and bad. I...Read On



You reminded me there could be joy.

Did you find me when I needed you most? Perhaps it is me who found you.  Perpetual misery pervaded my mind. Another's folly was my affliction.    Something you wrote seemed familiar. I noticed you once and looked twice.  I noticed you twice and smiled; the first smile since my heart's ruination.    A kiss in the air, caught by morning mist, was offered to me in the starlight.  ...Read On


The Teardrop

Tears are not always a focal point of a deep loss

This is my last and final farewell   The teardrop that threatens to well up in my eye The audible tremble and length of my sigh I cry out with the pain held tight inside my soul The loneliness of love lost, taking its toll   The teardrop that washes softly across my blurred vision Remembering the cutting a part of my heart with precision It now lies before me in thousands of tiny...Read On


Villanelle to a Shared Yearning

Hiraeth: nostalgia tinged with sadness over loss and a yearning for a place that may never have been

Nostalgia yearns for places never found, We search in hope, with joy, and trusting sighs; Hiraeth is ours, both souls are homeward bound. The hollow echoes with a birdlike sound, A song is heard, it crests and gently dies; Nostalgia yearns for places never found. We found a love that shared a common ground Where both of us had suffered burns from lies; Hiraeth is ours, both souls are...Read On

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Passion can have an expiration date too

Once, we were younger And loved without limits The fire in our loins Raged as hot as the sun And nothing could stop our Exploring each other Or break the unbreakable bonds that we spun That passion we knew When our youth was still with us When we thought that we both And our love could not die Has now faded to merely A happy façade That we show to the world To disguise our big lie No...Read On


Bonds of Love

Sometimes the ties that bind, actually set us free

The silken bonds of your Mastery Bind me in place A hostage for your pleasure I see it in your face   A single word not spoken Or even a kiss exchanged Yet I feel your love for me That has never changed   Our meetings are in secret Few, and far between Yet I know your feelings for me And they are oh so keen   You may bind me with your ropes Leave love marks upon my skin Yet...Read On


Brazened Souls

Where did it go....I don't know.

Loving Arms Caring Heart Gentle Soul Infinite Start.   Where did it go I don't know Passion Ignited Written in Prose.   Polished Toes Elegant Style Masculine Man Sharp as Tile.   Withered Minds Woeful Stammer Elusive Manner Where did it go?   Across the miles Deep blue seas Mountains above Wildflowers over their knees.   Fall enters The days grow dim Colors grow dull...Read On

Comp Entry


A passionate addiction will always have risks...

Our love This connection Is a free fall Something We both want And need But Is it worth The risk Maybe Our chutes Have Already deployed The decision Has been made And We are floating Back down To earth Safely And no harm Will come to us Maybe But we wonder Will we land In an open field This once Escaping injury Deciding Never to Go up To soar again But we know Life Has No guarantees So Do...Read On


Magic Hour Musings

Sometimes the most vulnerable and real feelings are revealed in late night magic hours

It wasn't easy to get you to this point  But it was worth it because here we are So patient was I waiting for the walls to come down I don't think you know Walls were not meant to keep us  Away from what we desire or to protect us They are there to challenge us to work  Harder for what we want To fight for what lights the soul So many nights we spent questioning Slowly discovering each...Read On


Passion, Friend or Foe

Emotions that master us

Worry — What help have you ever been to me? Why then are you so ever present in my thoughts? So many journeys begin with you, Always destined to end with your friends here below. Not one thing do you add or enhance Never improving the quality of your mind, And the fruits you bear are nought but stress and damage. How often have you misguided me, Making even insignificant problems grow,...Read On


Your Last Goodbye

saying your last goodbye

I sit here waiting waiting for you to see that time is running out come on and save me It's not your fault I'm crying so don't you think that at all don't feel guilty for something you didn't do just hug me and don't let me fall Your arms are so soft and cozy the look in your eyes, I can't forget I wish you didn't have to leave but I know the date is set I let the tears fall down my face...Read On


Lustful Desires

Sharing passion and pleasure from a distance as both lovers sharing an online affair...

Holding you close to me, feeling the warmth of our love My neck cradled against you, as you nuzzle against my neck Holding my hand, raising it to your mouth Kissing each finger gently,whispering against it hand, leaving its effect.   I kiss your neck..up to your chin, my mouth finds your lips Whispering against your mouth, "Do you know how much I love you Jack?" The warmth of your...Read On