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Love Poems



To be of substance,  Not simply a face or a body Or even any body  Or an empty soul   To matter to another! To lay in their arms watching the stars, And the moon,  As it parades through the sky.   To whisper sweet nothings, Whilst our fingers dance, Our tongues flutter,  And dew drops glisten.   Hopes cherished,  Desires consumated, Yearnings fulfilled,  Peace descended.   ...Read On


The Marble King

The Revelation

Like gravel in a stream, but lacking water, the growling persisted, low, rumbling, sonorous.   Memories flooded back, the stream returned, the gravel in flux, and the smell of the incense  brought back the smell of her.   It was not the sword of the Padishah, or his breastplate so bright, that kept me safe and stayed with me throughout that restless night.   It was her...Read On


Love Me

Love is a wonderful thing

Love me in the Springtime when all the flowers are new, Love me in the Summer when the sky so hot and blue  Love me in the Autumn when the leaves are the color of a rainbow, Love me in the Winter when the snow is descending down. Love me when I’m happy and even when I’m sad, Love me when I’m good or when I’m oh so very bad, Love me when I’m pretty  or when I'm not feeling very...Read On


The Troubadour's Envy

My Gramma lost the love of her life years ago, but that love IN her life never diminished.

She was born in the dawn, Christened by the morning dew Glowing Like the heavy crimson petals of a rose, Lively, and ever so deeply in love. Yet, with the dusk As light faded, and the warmth Of the setting sun gave way To the pale, cool glimmer of the moon, She grew tired and old. Still, in a lifetime of fascinating flowers, In a garden as vast as the heavens, None as lovely or vibrant None...Read On


Torchlight and the Marble King

Rehab remembers

The flickering of the torchlight brings it back, all of it. She stood, tall and strong, in the power of her faith. And I was saved.   That voice, even now resonates, though for me alone,  she knew, and smiled. And we were safe.   The Marble King lay entombed, to rise, they said, at the last, when all things were passing. And we would be saved.   In her arms that night, ...Read On


In My Yesterday's

In my yesterday's It was you that I dreamt of. Not a face, or a body captured my heart But your essence and warm presence. Your charm, Your grace, Blended with my patience. My passion. In the simple security  Of each others time, Together as one, Juices flowing mingled down, over fingers and thumbs Our destiny reached.   In my today I feel the  warmth of your smile And I...Read On


Starlight, Starbright

You are the starlight

You are the starlight in my starless night.  The moonglow in my wine. My eyes slowly droop Under the cover of the ersatz forgetfulness and sedation,  Deep into my slumbrus abode, To my nightly home where I restlessly drowse,  We are together. Where the stars fill my heart  Not the sky. Glittering on the backs of eyelids. That is you. The starlight in my starless, coal-black night. As...Read On


Hold on a little Longer

I’ll be there soon.

I see you struggling. You need what is real. I know you ache for me. I’m waiting for you. Hold on a little longer for me baby   We both once had everything, Can never get that back. It’s time to move forward, Begin a new story for us.  Just hold on a little longer for me baby   When searching the earth, You didn’t make it to my place. Nothing is beyond us, If you wish hard enough.  ...Read On



Give your love to me. If you think I'm going to leave you are crazy. Give your love to me. I'll tuck you in bed kissing you. Holding you tight. Give your love to me. I adore none but you. Think you are going to lose? Don't be crazy. Give your love to me. I know we aren't easy. If you think I'm going to leave you are crazy. Give your love to me. I need only you. I Adore only you. I love only...Read On


Love in the Meadow

love amongst the wildflowers of the meadow

In the rolling fields, Across the valleys  Where the flower meadows Stretch as far the eyes can see. Where the wildflowers, Are roaming wild and free There are multitudes of colour Of ragged robin and cuckoo flowers, Against a backdrop of forest greens, Walking hand in hand With my lover Through a carpet of bluebells. To where we find a clearing, With a crystal clear lake As we sit on...Read On


Do You Remember

You know that guy? That Lies Cheats Denies He was once Lied too Hurt Denied the truth Now he plays games With hearts Souls Tearing other's apart He needed more in life Relationships Family Not just hardships ---------- Remember that girl? Who danced Laughed Took chances She once smiled brighter Sincerely Longer While listening Now she is broken Torn Lost Feeling scorned She met that...Read On


Still She Dances

She is dancing  Lost inside  Never facing  Why she cries Lost in rhythm  Blinded by beats Forgetting him  With healing feet A beautiful mask  Adorns her face  Her only task  To dance with grace Her twinkle toes  Hide her tears  No one knows  What she fears Heart forever shattered Never to feel Dancing is what matters It's how she heals Watching her glide  Across your world ...Read On


The Simple Wondrous Touch

Simply touching is all we need

My darling at my side, she feels my giddy pride, The singing of the wheels a serenade As the touch of mystery joins we two together once again, Double digits frolic...            who knows where or when. Mariachi music infuses the air with lighthearted mirthful Whimsy, With exuberance, With prankish joy. The touch of the digits expands our gaiety galore...            much more and more....Read On


Your Fiddle

Like a thief in the night You came to take my life Holding on to your grudges You drew forth your knife Her voice inside your head Clouding all your senses Blinded by her jealous hate You let down your defenses She is the venom of romance Killing our loves dance She is the bitter witch Who never got a second glance I am now your instrument Whose music is no longer heard Will you come to me...Read On


Lest I forget

Rahab looks back

The walls of the Grand Serail look the same, as when I was young, and love was new, as we played the livelong day.   Hope was ever present, like the smiles upon our lips, and for the morrow, we let it take care of it.   But now I’m six and twenty, and experience I have bought, but I knew not then, the endings of these things, that I now know   I recall her smile, her eyes the...Read On


Our Trust is Born

When I sit here and ponder It is you who fill my mind What can I say of your heart Your mind Your body Your heart is full Of cares, of pain, And yet in truth a place is born, Of pain set free, Of joy, of hope. With seeds of love, Now within your scope. Your mind In tatters from broken past And yet in truth a place is born Where hope is building When gold aligns and soothes New life is...Read On


Our Forty-Second Anniversary

My fragrant feeling of entering your sweet softness...

In this time, in this place, and in your condition it is fitting to give this day recognition. A sweet, flowery, poetic reminder that forty-two years ago today you changed my life forever.   The candy is a symbol of how sublime was the fit of our organs that first time? My fragrant feeling off entering your moist softness and the awe that filled me with my explosiveness.   The...Read On


When We Love

It starts with love, as my hands roam his body. I feel his enjoyment, he gasps when my hands find those moan inducing spots.  Loving him is slow, sensual as we both feel so deep. His hands find my thighs and I moan out loud.  We intertwine like vines, sliding in and out of each other effortlessly. Knowing the other is fully embedded in our passion. Lips as one, tongues switching...Read On


Little By Little

You never know who is watching

It was in that moment when you smiled, Which had caught my attention, Your light and the way you shined, Had me craving, like an addiction. Though I knew you belonged to another, It wouldn’t be long before you will be, In my arms filling my needs, With your warmth and love. Little by little, I watched, Little by little, I smiled, As your seduction, to be mine. In the background I watched...Read On


My Love

My love is like a rosebud

My love            Is like a dove So white, so pure, so gentle. My love Is like a young rosebud With love and tender loving care It will grow and blossom Into a beautiful flower Without it It will wither and die My love is like that rosebud With your love and care It will deepen and something Beautiful will come out of it. But without your love And care My love for you Would also...Read On


By the cedars of the Lebanon

Rahab recalls

By the cedars of the Lebanon in sunshine and in showers, my love and I played together and whiled away the hours   Far from the corridors of lust away from the couch and the divan we toyed and teased, and mewled and cried, as only lovers can   I was hers, and she was mine, midst the wars and rumours thereof we laughed while the sun did shine and of the morrow we thought not   ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Valley Note Unread

I'll give up the ghost soon enough. But right now you still taste like wine and too many sweetnesses I cannot name. It was the last time that stars were radiating in your eyes, ghostly flares like a hearth glowing as this engine sped us through the valley, through that winter when we first met. I need to hold on to that cold now to remember how warm you were. And if we rewind from...Read On


How the tongue dances

Part those sheets like holy waters and I will worship your skin like a born again believer (TKG)

How can I think of you  In any way but your  Glorious naked form. Caressing your form Warms my heart  And feeds my soul  Parting your lips Our tongues dance  A rhumba of love Parting my lips  My tongue dances  Your areoles glow Parting your lips  My tongue dances  A river flows  Parting our lips  Our bodies writhe Forever bound...Read On


After Midnight Part 3

It happened after midnight

It happened after Midnight I’m in the moonlight Waiting for my knight. My love is a Vampire In his eyes I see his desire On me, his touch is like fire. My neck his fingers caress My vein his teeth did press His love he silently professes. By blood we unite Being this close to him feels so right Holding on to him so tight We flew off into the dark night.    ...Read On



to be these addicting vices that you can't live without

With your mornings Wanting to be the coffee Sipping slowly by your lips Hot liquid that makes you warm Awaken your sleeping senses Filled by the thoughts of me Wanting to be these addicting vices That you can't live without By your evenings Wanting to be the whiskey Savoring slowly by your lips Helping you relax and calm To a passionate dreamy Nights of you and me Wanting to be...Read On


Me and You

Her point of view, followed by his

At the start there were hearts, and flowers and such-like stuff, and whatever you offered me, you said was not enough. But I shared with you my wish,  with nary a fuss until we depart  on a trellis dish of cuttlefish.   In the noon-day of delight, there was passion, there was lust, and we did what we did, not from duty but because we must For the gusting wind trussed  a...Read On



Words aren't needed in this...

Between our eyes are  More than just a glance  But a heated exchanges  Between our hands are  More than just a touch  But a message of needs  Between our lips are  More than just a kiss  But a silent spoken words Our hearts understand Our souls intimately talk Without saying a word...Read On


In your presence

In your presence, Dark clouds float away. Peace descends  Calm abounds. You speak deep into my soul  With words that, Comfort and heal, Thrill and encourage. You are like a lighthouse, Built on the foundations of time! Guiding me safe home, Safe into your arms. As you hold me close, Strong and safe, My heart rejoices, I have life in abundance. When we are apart, I watch the horizon,      ...Read On


How can I tell you

How can I tell you What I want you to know? You are cautious and guarded Protecting what has already been hurt. Glimpses of vibrant passion  that once freely adorned your face. Hidden from view Scared to be open, all tender and raw Sealed in by a scared shell. Over time as we talk Slowly Cautiously  Our defences come down As trust is garnered Your true beauty is shown. The darkness and...Read On


This Morning

Waking up to a beautiful day...

Morning air of the north wind blowing, awakens me Blindly looking for my salvation to this chilling cold Crawling up underneath the blanket, getting warm Making my shuttering body calms me back to sleep "Wake up my cinnamon girl." Dreaming of your lips press a kiss on my cheek Breathe life and warmth to my throbbing heart Beating fast from the touch of your fresh smell Beard gracing the...Read On