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Love Poems


When I miss you

thank you for the more's

When I miss you I miss you more When I want you  I want you more When I love you I love you more When it's you ... it's more How can two lovers  walk hand and hand See each other and  not understand That when it's love it's always there For when it's you There is no care When in my dreams you are there holding me close as in your eyes I stare As I walk down the beach it's your...Read On



I don't say the word lightly.

I said I'd love you forever,  That means until the end of time. I feel the pain that wracks you, I will hold you as you cry. I cannot be upset nor mad, In spite of the times I've tried. I'm sorry when you looked up, And I wasn't by your side. You're my muse and inspiration, The one for whom I achieve, You know how much I care, My heart is on my sleeve. We don't need decisions,...Read On



Silent no more..

As I sit and prepare to write, I make the silence, my nocturnal companion. Stillness which is barely broken by sighs of the dream, of the light you bring. Of a time your smile and eyes Will fill my life with delight. Since you are so away, the moon alone consoles my lonely heart. Illuminating my face the tears moist and cold carry your name. You were as a stunning sunrise, ...Read On


Fly Beside Me

Joyful hearts lift us Sunlight glinting off wings Skyward climbing higher Air rushing past sings Through cotton ball clouds Cares trail far behind Toward destinations unknown Dreamt only in our minds Into clear air we fly With love in our hearts Overcoming the burdens Life’s constant stops and starts In angry turbulent skies Wings falter and stall Have faith in each other Push the...Read On

Recommended Read

(I don't need) A Girl Like You.

Sing me a lie, I'll make it true, Wrapped in birthday paper blue, Do just what you have to do, but I don't need a girl like you. How do you live with your beautiful self? 'Cos you've left me upon the shelf. Nothing you promised ever came true. So I don't need a girl like you. Actions have their consequences, Too late now to mend the fences, Add this to your reading queue: I don't need...Read On

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You’re My Delilah

This poem is a song, written to the woman I love.

Oh, my soul, my heart’s troll. You’re so nasty,  You’re so dread, You’ve got me  Drowning in devil’s sin. You’re a strumpet in my bed,  You’re an itch that won’t scratch. You’re my Delilah, You’re Eve with an apple. Oh, my soul – Wrapped between your thighs, Lost in your honey drip. *** Eyes so flirty, Making me dirty. You’re magical, You’re delicious, ...Read On



You're a chameleon changing your spots Saying the words you think should be heard Pleasing every one and no one, your heart rots That's fine, of course, whatever, how absurd Taking on hues and tones of those around you Blending, never calling attention your way Losing yourself or never knowing who Nothing changed until that autumn colored day Who are you? Whomever you want, I can be her and...Read On

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(Sometimes you Just Write!!!)

Red and yellow, pink and green, As beautiful as I have ever seen, Until I fell for you. Indigo, scarlet, purple and blue... The colors of a love so true. Shades of my thoughts for you... Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Tastes of darling beauty queen, All mixed up and thoughts obscene? No. Because I can feel a rainbow... Taste a rainbow... See my rainbow in you. xx SF...Read On


Then The Still

When the tiger fire sun has fallen on the horizon, And cerulean sky rests to sleep, Caressing memories of hearts and flowers. And the cork of the day has turned to rust, As the copious oak sleep among the Arcadian 'Neath the sparkling stars of the chalice. In silence, woodwinds blow Wysteria hours, As piccolo reeds sway in dance, Forever more woods on chore light my kindle ...Read On


Tapestry of love

As she goes through life, She weaves her tapestry of love. Some threads light, pure, Other dark, full of sadness. There are vibrant ones, From every moment of passion, Of desires shared and fulfilled. Certain threads are thick, Sturdy and strong, built to last, The solid relationships through life, Creating security, growth, Others are thin and flimsy, Easily broken, Leaving...Read On



What a small garment will do!

Wearing the pullover that you like so much, it still has your scent which permeates my senses. It brings me memories of out first night of passion, It is reflected in my stare lost in my thoughts. In this night light your lanterns, I want a taste of your lips to provoke groans. I long to be a treasure in your hands the smoothness of our skin, soft as velvet the most beautiful...Read On


Lovers Games

A bite that marks, a lingering caress, The sensual games that lovers play. A throw away remark that says you couldn't care less, Whilst inside your heart is screaming for your lover to stay. You lust after that warmth, an ache that makes your lips part with a sigh, As you feel their hand slide up and along the inside of your thigh. Your body arching to meet their slow teasing touch,...Read On



Bulky, unwieldy Awkwardly arranged Plunked on the paper Like big clods of clay That is how words Appear now to be When I want to convey What you mean to me Needing to craft Nuances of thought Instead a Neanderthal Pounds with a rock Inadequate language Inartfully clubbed Unable to voice Prayerful facets of love Chunks great of speech Plunge hillside down When I seek precise beauty...Read On


Silence Regrets

Thoughts after a great love affair suddenly ends

You asked if there were regrets. I said there were none. But the silence made me think When the silence fell, I didn’t know Either of two extremes you felt. Except to know it must hurt. My reflections brought forth possibilities as the dust settled, And I shouted impatiently at the silence to end it. I was too busy to think!! My candle burned at the middle Wanting more...Read On


♫Melodies and Music, the portals

It is wonderful to wake to music and . ..

The sun rising in the east, the alarm clock at the side, Upon awakening, a tune invades the mind, Making a day start so sweetly. Ironic how a song alone is enough  To enjoy the passion felt in the heart. The portal is now open. How beautiful it is to reflect the love in a song And having to feel one's body quiver, Pleasant memories making ones heartbeat increase. It's amazing how...Read On



We just keep getting closer.

The closer we get the better I feel. That pull, that tug as you hold me near. It feels so right when you hold me tight, a feeling I have missed. Some say love and don't know what the word means. They move through lives like a virus, taking and leaving open wounds behind. But you make me smile and tell no lies, I feel it in your sighs. You don't break, you don't take, you give and care and...Read On


Bringing Parables

Dead shadows sow no seeds, Nor dew freeze fallen leaves. But words of poets spoken, Forever bringing parables, Restoring my faith in romance, Of psalms and Heaven all above. And when I plant my troth on your lips, Let no bellows blow apocalypse As we kiss 'neath the apple tree, Forever bringing parables....Read On


October 17

Shake me Wake me When you hear me scream. Take me Make me Feel what you have seen. Hold me Fold me Your words dripping sweet. Scold me Mould me Create your favorite treat. Suspect me Reject me When I am being bad. Erect me Protect me When I am feeling sad. Phase me Daze me Make my thoughts cease. Raise me Praise me Do with me what you please. Chase me Race me To the moon and...Read On


A Marmalade Kiss

Love is blind to a witches brew of darker hue...

Like a fine wine of Vermouth and sins, The earthen stones lie between vines tucked in. Of lines written in modest detail, The leaves cover like the sweetest sheets, Stanzas of words not defined. Yet the cork in the bottle pop drugged showers, In the meadows of golden flowers. And like a cracker with a marmalade kiss, The headiness of wine mixes with bliss of lips A musical cacophony heard...Read On


Fade Away

You will never fade away.

As the sunsets upon my day, I watch the light fade away. As I stand beneath the hot shower spray, I feel my aches fade away. As I sit down to relax, my mind is in a spin as my thoughts begin to fade away. As I climb into bed and rest my head upon his shoulder, my fears begin to fade away. As I look up at the ceiling I let some memories fade away. As I slip into slumber and my mind begins...Read On


Forever and a Day

Sparkling sun rays Beam across the sky On this glorious day. The trumpets blare A symphony of sound As they lift their voices Soulful hymns of devotion. Dressed in white Simply angelic with Overwhelming beauty Both inside and out. Such a heavenly sight, One that takes Your breath away. Her eyes tell a story Of a passion so deep Explosive like dynamite. Each spoken word Encapsulating love....Read On

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*Dust* "Never love a drummer-girl For she'll play upon your heart, Beating you and cheating you 'Till stop from precious start... And never love a girl who sings Though she may bring you everything, But melody merely enchants A fool to wild romance. Don't love a girl who schemes, For schemes are darker shades of dreams and Confuse and mislead, Untruth disguised...Read On


Star Gazing

Star gazing with your love.

On the beach at night, the stars shining bright. Upon the sand we lay, saying goodbye to the day. Hand in hand we wait to start our star gazing date. The moon so bright to our delight, as fireflies take flight. Your name whispered upon my lips as my heart looses its grip. To you it belongs as you sing me a song of star light and kisses. We breath as one our souls undone as we begin to kiss,...Read On

Recommended Read

Arrange this Night

Arrange this night around us Its shadows and its lights Turn it into something Of which poets often write Add stars and gentle breezes That shimmer and that play And just a curve of crescent moon A bright slice left from day Stay with me while the phases Of varied darkness pass As we cherish our connection While dew forms on the grass....Read On



What's THAT supposed to mean . . .?

Perhaps just the way that you said it Perhaps it was just what I heard Perhaps what you meant Was not what you said Or I just read into your words Why must it be so confusing? Why can’t we say what we mean? Or when we do We don’t recognize truth And imagine it some other way Sometimes I’m tired of listening To things that are said in my head If I take face value When I’m talking to you  ...Read On


Waking to a dream

The gaping chasm beckons, tempting me to just lean a little, Feel the calm from below, the chill that numbs all thoughts and feeling. No more pain or confusion. What a blessing, no more illusions. The silence of emptiness creeps up through my toes, Starves my capillaries. My skin purples, and my heart slows. Catatonic bliss... My tired mind craves that gift. A familiar...Read On


Bed Of My Cries

Fractured memories make me cry, When the dew is on the yew And my tears have not dried. As your soul sets sail On a cold sea in November, Leaving me with fractured memories With no words to utter, but a prayer. But in dreams when I lay me down On bed of my cries, I count the memories In the vase of your ashes....Read On

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Editor's Pick


"Swimming Out Against The Rain"

Walk away the hours on the sand, Take me with you when you go? I could tell you that you're in my hands... Is that what you'd like to know? All night conversations, Day Dreams, Smiling Faces, Stumbling 'round in circles  I'm still standing on the... Sand falling down a wishing well. I can see you where you stand. Wind is floating through your broken hair. (I can touch...Read On


In Your Arms

"You put the sparkle back in my eyes, your love has me feeling like I won first prize"

In your arms like branches of a tree I find refuge and I’m finally free Refuge from the sins of the past Free from the shadows they cast In your arms I know your soul I was shattered and now I’m whole Shattered from failures in life Whole again to become your wife In your arms that are so big and strong I found a home and where I belong Home where our love will thrive ...Read On


Answer to my Message in a Bottle

where did you find that?

A while ago This old bottle  I tossed. Sealed in it  My hopes My dreams. One day  Without a thought Your arms I felt. Encircled in your strength, Your soft whisper And breath on my ear. Lean on me I am here Let go. Closing my eyes, Without looking I sigh, and a tear. Blindly I trust  Wholeheartedly, I give in, I know you deep inside. Hand in hand, Heart to...Read On