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Love Poems


The Muse

There was diversity Among the roses And he picked me. Sensuous and soulful Swaying in the wind, My scent disperses, Rendering him helpless To my sexual prowess. I become his aphrodisiac, His muse Inspiring, alluring, loving, Like an angel, A beacon of hope. He grasps on Never letting go, For eternity.  ...Read On


Kittens in the Seraglio

In the Seraglio with my love

In the Seraglio of the Sultan, there is a sense of strain, for all the women serve one man, and seek to make him their own, so art and artifice abound, to serve that appointed end.   In that competition there can be But one victor, and one Queen, And all before her will bow, All seek to be her, and to See the others kneel, and to Have their son rule after him.   But in my...Read On


Mirella's Art

Beauty and passion go hand in hand. Nowhere more so than in Mirella's art.

In vain I search for words enough To praise what I have seen; Your monuments of line and tone Standing grandly in between A past resonant with glories And a future yours to form From the tempest of your passions; Your art's life giving storm. As locks of golden serpentine With warring muscles intertwine, Flesh-locked fires intensify The burning blueness of an eye, While...Read On


New Aged Letters

No stamp needed to mail.

  Love letters may be ageless But in today’s fast-paced world Text messages are the new thing. It's a special way to put a smile on that face Knowing that you’re thinking about them. The best part It doesn't cost you a thing To make that special person feel loved. It just takes a few seconds of your time To let that person know they are thought of What better way to say "hi,...Read On


I Wish For You To Meet Me Here

If only you could

I wish for you to meet me here Where the warm wind blows over our sun kissed skin I wish for you to meet me here So we can explore the deep blue ocean, and feel the water over our bodies I wish for you to meet me here Where we can walk in the sand, our hands together fingers intertwined I wish for you to meet me here So you can hold me close, as the sun sets watching the...Read On


Tenet of Love

It seems to me love is, But, the how and why, Seductively, enticingly, Remain shrouded in mystery.   Love thinks and does, And struggles to align with expression. Our feelings developed and cultured By one half of the psyche. Language controlled by the other, So, I am left dumb, A devoted student to Plato, Forsaken to ponder my own insight. My appreciation and admiration Of beauty,...Read On


On the couches of the Seraglio

Sapphic love

On the couches of the Seraglio, she offers me a peach, I proffer back a pomegranate, but keep it just out of reach.   She selects for me a melon,  of pinky-coloured hue, and I give to her one of honeydew.   She puts to my lips, a slice of watermelon, and take it and to and suck, slowly spitting out the pips.   She smiles at me, as I give her, my pomegranate sweet, and she...Read On


In your company, I find my peace

In the midst of the turmoils of life I find my rest in you.   I long to see your name,  Flash across my screen, in radiant glory,  Announcing your arrival   It is for you alone that I wait, Like waiting for Spring, In patience, In sIlence, For when you are present,  My light is perfect. The music sounds so sweet, The birds sing And, I am complete.   You reach out and caress me...Read On



But for you, I feel true love.

I have the fever for you even when I'm blue I know I'm one of the few.   Whose hot for your presence because you give me pleasance as it imbued in your essence   There’s a fire in my soul that burns in my cubbyhole, but you give me control.   Your body has me inflamed, and my heart is untamed but, I'm forever claimed.   In you, I’ve found my heat and within it my ability...Read On



Idle thoughts in a dark room...

My mind racing... And it hit me the other day As I lay there I recognized the thought of you right away And it isn't fair. I felt you before I saw you It always happened that way Each time it felt new You always knew just what to say. Our tryst was smouldering in its heat Much like your touch against my skin Your eyes held a dark intensity That matched your cocky grin. Your...Read On


Cherry Blossom

My beautiful princess Sakura

There was a girl, So beautiful and sweet  She was so mysterious  Strange like a daytime dream. She was so remarkable, I could see a beautiful princess Dressed in a kimono  Covered in Cherry Blossom leaves. She was floating down river, Underneath a canopy  Draping either side of the river bank Of pink and white Sakura trees. She is so beautifully extraordinary, As unique as a double rainbow...Read On


Meadow's Lupines

A breath is born in open arms of meadow's lupines

In silence, a breath is born in open arms of meadow's lupines, Of yellows and blues that grace your hair of bonnet worn. While walking in shadows where gods have sworn, As a down of pollen blows a kiss softly touching your lips. With an essence of aura's love at my finger tips, As your breast's show of giving a life's begun, Upon the dew of a meadow's view in lupines....Read On


To Taste What I Feel

To feel your love in the form of a flower To smell your voice in the form of a song To know everything about your nothing To learn it’s right even if we're wrong   To taste your sweet kiss with your fingers To see your burning desire from your breath To find all your hidden secrets To conquer our loves impossible tests   To feel your happiness caressing me tenderly To smell your...Read On


The playroom in the Seraglio


In the seraglio of the Sultan, the eunuchs keep a watch, lest Sappho's love should dull the edges of our desire.   I submit because I have to, sold to the harem as a slave, but my longing is for the scabbard, not the sword.   We play at cats' cradles, and with our dolls of rags, and we laugh and giggle, like little ones at play.   It is not just their manhood sacks that...Read On

Recommended Read


Learning to embrace the season between storms

On this lush island, Suitcases unpacked, We trade our pallid Greenwich fogs And stinging coastal mists For drenching, Rainbowed cascades Under which we play And slake feral thirst. We tangle in solandra vines, Skin saturated In tropical deluge Yet aflame With touch sparked Chain lightning. Even the night's deepest thunder Can't suppress desperate whispers Wordlessly invoking Downpours...Read On


Virgin Lips

Virgin lips I have tasted         Not a drop was wasted.   Somewhere in this world I met a girl With a curl. The girl With the curl Threw me in a whirl. It was her Virgin Lips I have tasted The hunger in me Making sure not a drop was wasted....Read On


The Charade

To My First Heartbreak

When I first met him, I was lost in his eyes    With eyes so blue and so bewitching Little did I know he was playing a masquerade Hiding his emotions behind a mask. In his eyes, I saw the seduction And his desire of wanting me It was at that moment of my lost innocence Making all my dreams come true. At first, I felt his affection His touch was like a fiery sensation. I showed him my love...Read On


Over the horizon

Longing to be with the one that I love

As I lay here on the beach, As the waves brake upon the shore I dream and wonder What is just over the horizon. Closing my eyes, Dreaming of what lies beyond the horizon Over where I just can’t see Fearful to move close knowing, It’s always just out of reach. The thought that feel it beckons me close, The chance of a new life Is an offer I can’t refuse A world in which I am reborn,...Read On


The seraglio of the Sultan

An historical imagination

In the seraglio of the Sultan, the Orientalist imagination  saw a hotbed of all the lusts, as sensual houris competed for the bejewelled sceptre, of the munificent Padisha. It its pavilioned splendour, in courtyards paved with gold, the concubines whiled hours away, awaiting the call to arms, anointing with all the perfumes of Araby, their alluring charms. But as the sword of lust cleaved...Read On



Cold December day Warm December day Two souls awoke Walking in different worlds Miles apart They reached out From a spark To a hot ember Both caught fire Life in it's folly Forgot the spell Two souls In love forever Distance means naught As does time Be it miles or Millennium Two will  Connect  ...Read On



You leave me breathless

You leave me breathless, Every time we are together You are everything that, Is good in my life. You just don’t realise how special, You truly are to me I pinch myself, I can’t believe your mine It’s just like you walked out of a dream. The moment that we speak, It’s like for a second I lose my voice I am so speechless, lost for words Upon hearing your voice it’s so beautiful. It leaves...Read On

The Evergreen Gorse

There was the who, the who of my heart, a who we will not depart of abstract flipcharts, and evergreen gorse.   A gauzy shadow our wake, with a kiss of the who, but the who was you, as dew fell on the yew,   my lady of cordon bleu.      ...Read On


The sea is calm tonight

For my love

The sea is calm tonight, upon its ripples, the moonlight seems to dance and play, as we are wont to, when time and chance allows.   Across the vast expanse, out into night’s endless bay, you lie there for me, so very far away, except my thoughts  have you here, liquid in my arms.   The sun will rise, the night will pass, but the sea will be there still, and I can sink into...Read On


She's the one

She's is the one that I love

She’s the reason, for the smile That I have across my face The brightness and the sparkle That I have in my eyes. She’s has got the key to my heart, The key that I gave her With the unconditional love That I have for her. She is the reason for my happiness, She’s the exclamation mark  In the sentence, the happiest That I could put down in words. She is my angel, So very beautiful  It...Read On


Will You Wait For Me

Will you wait

Will you wait for me? It was the question Spoken in a whisper in the dark. The answer was yes, I'll wait for you, No matter how long I'll wait. She dried her tears after the call Telling her the news. She knew. He was gone. Before the call She felt her heart slowly breaking. But she smiled Through the pain Recalling the special memories. The nights of love, The passion they shared. ...Read On


The Surfer's Song

For my love.

My lover beckons me in the morning bright My lover calls to me in the pale moonlight Her song for me she sings.   She takes shape deep out to sea as she makes her way slowly to me. Her song in my ear it rings   On my board, I sit in wait gazing at the sea Like a siren's song to a sailor She calls out to me.   As she comes closer, I feel her rise I feel my need, growing in size....Read On



For my love.

Across the deserts of lust, for lust is a sort of desert, there is an oasis, lush and verdant, where we lounge.   With rippling fountains, in a courtyard, where sherbet and pomegranates  are to be found.   I want to lie there with you, in your arms, on your breasts, to forget the desert heat, in your lush oasis.   And there, an hour or two, we shall forget the heat, the...Read On

A Treasured Memory

A treasured memory you are I think about you often Shining like a bright star Together we were awesome I hung on your every word Your words always quite sweet This practice was absurd Causing a fast heartbeat My love for you was true I keep it in a safe place I only had eyes for you I liked looking at your face Like a needle in a haystack I found you there I loved all your feedback And...Read On

Bitter Sweet

Bound by catechisms of erstwhile poets Resting in orchards now covered by loam Bearing bones in Valhalla's stone ossuary Giving me the seeds that sewed my oats To be a better man than poets on thrones And as I scribe of bitter sweet's remorse Oracles ring down a chorus of fornication Poetically conceived in my coronation Scribing memories of a first love's heart Mesmerized by her...Read On


Love at first Sight

Is possible, because it happened to us

After only being introduced a few weeks ago Neither expected or hoped it would feel this good   They talked for hours and hours Yet it seemed like barely a few minutes   Talking about anything and everything Each learning more and more about the other.   As they looked into each other’s eyes They notice how they shine and sparkle.   Holding one another hands Because it just feels...Read On