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Love Poems


To Make Love To You

A dream for tomorrow.

To make love to you would be A dream within a dream. To make love to you would be To reach the clouds and falling all at once. To make love to you would be To stop time, the earth's axis, the moon and stars. To make love to you would be To feel my body in a sweet torturous burning touch. To make love to you would be To tattoo your being in my heart. To make love to you would be...Read On



finally! free!

I feel free For the first time  My mind And my thoughts Today are euphoric I smile As I awaken No rain But sunshine Today is the day I waited for When in my darkness Enters the light My words Finally MINE Today things Are as they should be Peace from within...Read On

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Worst Love Song EVER!

You're no General Eisenhower, I'm no Tina Turner, But let us hire a tandem bike and get off the back-burner. It will not be easy, you are more than mad, and I've been blue for so long now my middle name is 'Sad'. Don't look so enthusiastic! What I'm suggesting may be drastic But we haven't much else going on... If the worst comes to the worst, if this fragile bubble bursts, At least,...Read On



Of all a sudden Thing every changed Curve of the orbit Shift of the frame Head tilt the world Appears downside up Thoughts new occur Recasting what was Degrees in 360 From midair seen Replacing the 2D Flat words on a screen Action to spring Meanings emerge Joy through clean windows Music now heard Banishing traffic Construction of loud Color bright blocks That soften the sound ...Read On


The Loudest Silence

The loudest silence, It creeps up on you, Yet it is the elephant in the room, It lurks in plain sight, And hides in the darkest shadows. The loudest silence, It is the things you don’t say, The way you don’t feel, The way you haven’t felt for a while now, The lack of love. The loudest silence, Your heart longs for the quiet silence, Small moments, Not this glaring torture, ...Read On


I need you here in my life

I emerge stronger than before.

Today I miss you more than ever. Today, I admit it to the world. though I try to hide all this love, my life claims it every second. I need you here in my life. Today my soul cries of anguish. Today I relive the torment of us. Nobody suspects the suffering, the chokes, and lump in my throat. I need you here in my life. Today I miss you more than ever. Today I admit it to the...Read On


Bitter Truth

Into the dark I pour out my heart As eternal night once again falls Upon my wretched soul, clothing me In a thick blanket of bleak despair, Its relentless and merciless grip Driving out all hope and happiness. Once more I am alone, sorrowful And far away from the one I love, The promise of a future together No more than a hollow mockery, A cruel jest by malignant fate, Leaving me...Read On


Jour de Pluie

Alone once again. All alone. Except I am taking the photograph. I am here. So why do you always seem so alone sweet friend of mine, my dear one, my love. Why so alone in your thoughts and your reveries. Am I there in those dreams. I know I have been before. I was always there before, when dreams were plans, and plans were joyously fulfilled as we traveled to and fro, just we two. ...Read On



I'm a little annoyed. Perhaps a little mad Thank you for ruining what we both had I don't feel like being quiet. I've got something to say I find it unfair that you just had to get your way It just isn't fair. It just isn't right That you are the one with him day and night If you are not in love with him, then tell me what is the use You don't give it to him. It's just a form...Read On



So fragile my heart was touched You look almost transparent, brittle like old glass Ready to break into a thousand pieces At the least touch or word. There was a time when I felt more than compassion Willing to offer my strength and protection Against the pain of living, so clear in your face, But that was in the past, in the before time, And the breaking in of cold reality. The...Read On



She gives Him her all, Everything she is, Laying her soul bare, Hoping she will please Him, Be good enough. Her green eyes glow warm, Watching Him, The fire of her hair, Reflected inside, Burning intensely for Him. She knows she is far from perfect, Scars on her body, her soul. Somehow, He looks past that, Finds beauty despite them Or perhaps even because of them. Her...Read On


The Shortest Forever

I'll love you forever We'll always be together. Your words stole my heart A promise never to part. I'll always be true My fears shared with you. Shared secrets, my soul to bare Now I know, you'll always be there. Knowing each other intimately Two people as one, for all to see. By collar and chain, bound for life You took a vow, made me your wife. Baby, there's no need to worry Who...Read On


...of a Spirit I fly

Now that I crossed over the river deep, Into the raging inferno of Hell's damnation, As the rapid currents take my soul. Would you send by Western Union, A cablegram bitter-keep? Would you sign it faux paus and keep it neat? For thine is the wisdom and I the dark tallow, Born of sin and craving the quiche of your sweet. It was masturbation that done me in, As my hand struck ten, and...Read On


Special Friend

Always my special friend.

You are my smile, my dream, my 1 AM craving. The one I reach for in the night when I shut out the lights. A need that can't be sated, a craving that has no end, it's you my special friend. Yes I miss you, yes I want to kiss you, that will never end. You hold my hand and keep me safe in this cold and lonely place. When we met I was full of pain, you washed it away like summer rain. You made...Read On


Winning and Losing in Love

Life, love can be beautiful and wonderful. Life, love can be cruel and divesting. One can be on top of the world in the morning, But by nightfall one can be all alone and crying. In the beginning, two people meet and love becomes so sweet, At the end they stare and wonder, what just happened? The love did not die, It still is there. One is scared and depending on the other, ...Read On


Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday nothing to do, So I sit here thinking of you Goes from lust to complete need As I think of you filling me with your seed Feeling alone. Wanting to cry Figuring a way to get by Lazy Sunday there is something I miss You holding me giving me a sweet kiss Making love to me. We made the world stop Being in the moment was over the top Locked away I was yours and you were mine...Read On

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Don't teach me any of this cartography yet, the chart is already yielding in quiet splendor, with prolonged subtle ques of consent and I want to remain lost inside you. You've reeled me from the edge of where I almost forgot all language, this tongue, after all, is only this native when I speak to your being. All else grew foreign in your proximity. As where my fixation was once the...Read On


Missing Him

Curled up in bed, She can’t stop thinking of Him, Wondering how it is possible To miss someone so much, Her heart desperately aching, The pillow under her head dampening As silent tears run down her face. Not long ago, He wasn’t even part of her life, Just another face in a crowd. Then everything changed, As a man once a stranger Became the one to break down the walls, Built...Read On


The Portrait

Have you ever looked into a portrait?

        Have you ever looked into a portrait? And were drawn into it by their eyes; eyes that seemingly pulled at you. Eyes that you could swear were trying to tell you a secret. Deep dark pools surrounded by white sand. Pulling you deeper, seducing you. The longer you look into those eyes, the more you are transfixed.  Consumed. Urging you to go inside; releasing thoughts and...Read On


When I miss you

thank you for the more's

When I miss you I miss you more When I want you  I want you more When I love you I love you more When it's you ... it's more How can two lovers  walk hand and hand See each other and  not understand That when it's love it's always there For when it's you There is no care When in my dreams you are there holding me close as in your eyes I stare As I walk down the beach it's your...Read On



I don't say the word lightly.

I said I'd love you forever,  That means until the end of time. I feel the pain that wracks you, I will hold you as you cry. I cannot be upset nor mad, In spite of the times I've tried. I'm sorry when you looked up, And I wasn't by your side. You're my muse and inspiration, The one for whom I achieve, You know how much I care, My heart is on my sleeve. We don't need decisions,...Read On



Silent no more..

As I sit and prepare to write, I make the silence, my nocturnal companion. Stillness which is barely broken by sighs of the dream, of the light you bring. Of a time your smile and eyes Will fill my life with delight. Since you are so away, the moon alone consoles my lonely heart. Illuminating my face the tears moist and cold carry your name. You were as a stunning sunrise, ...Read On


Fly Beside Me

Joyful hearts lift us Sunlight glinting off wings Skyward climbing higher Air rushing past sings Through cotton ball clouds Cares trail far behind Toward destinations unknown Dreamt only in our minds Into clear air we fly With love in our hearts Overcoming the burdens Life’s constant stops and starts In angry turbulent skies Wings falter and stall Have faith in each other Push the...Read On

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(I don't need) A Girl Like You.

Sing me a lie, I'll make it true, Wrapped in birthday paper blue, Do just what you have to do, but I don't need a girl like you. How do you live with your beautiful self? 'Cos you've left me upon the shelf. Nothing you promised ever came true. So I don't need a girl like you. Actions have their consequences, Too late now to mend the fences, Add this to your reading queue: I don't need...Read On

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You’re My Delilah

This poem is a song, written to the woman I love.

Oh, my soul, my heart’s troll. You’re so nasty,  You’re so dread, You’ve got me  Drowning in devil’s sin. You’re a strumpet in my bed,  You’re an itch that won’t scratch. You’re my Delilah, You’re Eve with an apple. Oh, my soul – Wrapped between your thighs, Lost in your honey drip. *** Eyes so flirty, Making me dirty. You’re magical, You’re delicious, ...Read On



You're a chameleon changing your spots Saying the words you think should be heard Pleasing every one and no one, your heart rots That's fine, of course, whatever, how absurd Taking on hues and tones of those around you Blending, never calling attention your way Losing yourself or never knowing who Nothing changed until that autumn colored day Who are you? Whomever you want, I can be her and...Read On

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(Sometimes you Just Write!!!)

Red and yellow, pink and green, As beautiful as I have ever seen, Until I fell for you. Indigo, scarlet, purple and blue... The colors of a love so true. Shades of my thoughts for you... Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Tastes of darling beauty queen, All mixed up and thoughts obscene? No. Because I can feel a rainbow... Taste a rainbow... See my rainbow in you. xx SF...Read On


Then The Still

When the tiger fire sun has fallen on the horizon, And cerulean sky rests to sleep, Caressing memories of hearts and flowers. And the cork of the day has turned to rust, As the copious oak sleep among the Arcadian 'Neath the sparkling stars of the chalice. In silence, woodwinds blow Wysteria hours, As piccolo reeds sway in dance, Forever more woods on chore light my kindle ...Read On


Tapestry of love

As she goes through life, She weaves her tapestry of love. Some threads light, pure, Other dark, full of sadness. There are vibrant ones, From every moment of passion, Of desires shared and fulfilled. Certain threads are thick, Sturdy and strong, built to last, The solid relationships through life, Creating security, growth, Others are thin and flimsy, Easily broken, Leaving...Read On



What a small garment will do!

Wearing the pullover that you like so much, it still has your scent which permeates my senses. It brings me memories of out first night of passion, It is reflected in my stare lost in my thoughts. In this night light your lanterns, I want a taste of your lips to provoke groans. I long to be a treasure in your hands the smoothness of our skin, soft as velvet the most beautiful...Read On