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Love Poems


The Surfer's Song

For my love.

My lover beckons me in the morning bright My lover calls to me in the pale moonlight Her song for me she sings.   She takes shape deep out to sea as she makes her way slowly to me. Her song in my ear it rings   On my board, I sit in wait gazing at the sea Like a siren's song to a sailor She calls out to me.   As she comes closer, I feel her rise I feel my need, growing in size....Read On



For my love.

Across the deserts of lust, for lust is a sort of desert, there is an oasis, lush and verdant, where we lounge.   With rippling fountains, in a courtyard, where sherbet and pomegranates  are to be found.   I want to lie there with you, in your arms, on your breasts, to forget the desert heat, in your lush oasis.   And there, an hour or two, we shall forget the heat, the...Read On

A Treasured Memory

A treasured memory you are I think about you often Shining like a bright star Together we were awesome I hung on your every word Your words always quite sweet This practice was absurd Causing a fast heartbeat My love for you was true I keep it in a safe place I only had eyes for you I liked looking at your face Like a needle in a haystack I found you there I loved all your feedback And...Read On

Bitter Sweet

Bound by catechisms of erstwhile poets Resting in orchards now covered by loam Bearing bones in Valhalla's stone ossuary Giving me the seeds that sewed my oats To be a better man than poets on thrones And as I scribe of bitter sweet's remorse Oracles ring down a chorus of fornication Poetically conceived in my coronation Scribing memories of a first love's heart Mesmerized by her...Read On


Love at first Sight

Is possible, because it happened to us

After only being introduced a few weeks ago Neither expected or hoped it would feel this good   They talked for hours and hours Yet it seemed like barely a few minutes   Talking about anything and everything Each learning more and more about the other.   As they looked into each other’s eyes They notice how they shine and sparkle.   Holding one another hands Because it just feels...Read On


When I Am Without You

When you're around, I smile a lot more

Sometimes the only thing that can make me feel better  Is imagining you and I together When you and I are together  Hours seem like seconds But when we are apart A day feels like eternity to me  When we are not together I want to feel your arms around me hugging me  I want to feel you brush your lips over mine and kiss me  I want to look in your eyes and see you smile I would just like...Read On


Scanning the horizon

For my love

Upon the far horizon  the clouds gather fast, the storm approaching  swiftly, I feel the rain’s splash    Sheltering from the storm, I wish I was in your arms, safe and warm and comforted, enamoured by your charms.   As, when a child, I cuddled, and loved my teddy bear, so it is with you, As I wish that you were there.   The longest night ends, the morning always comes, And...Read On



A pair of swans strolled through curtains of white and pink blossoms like lovers hand-in-hand. Petals were strewn around them their path tracing a poet's pattern of love. Leaving a single feather behind....Read On


Backroad Song

Driving down a backroad

Driving down a back road Looking for a quiet place to  Give into our passion Leaving the big show  Both feeling the rush  The natural high  Looking to add to the memory  That the show left etched on our soul Finding that perfect place  In the middle of hay field  The passion so intense  We give in and the passion  Could set the world on fire         ...Read On


After Midnight

I go on walking after Midnight

I go on walking after midnight Under the moonlight With my handsome knight We are in the moonlight When my knight Frighten me only a slight In a flash of a light He turns to me with feverish eyes so bright And tells me that everything will be alright My handsome knight Looks at my neck as if he wants to bite I try to put up a fight With eyes so bright I cling to him with all my might Then...Read On


On the cliffs

For my love

The sea is calm tonight, the moonlight ripples with the tide, and the night engulfs us, and we sleep, cuddled and warm.   The storms of the day are passed, the dark welcomes us to her arms, your heart beats next to mine, and we two are as one.   No longer on the cliffs, no more the far horizon, just you and I here, and love to surround us.   With the morning will come a...Read On


Always be you

From their first meeting they felt like it was meant to be until fate stepped in

She had a long emotional day Now it was time to go home But first she had to catch the train And walk a little way to her door.   Once inside she dropped her bags And laid on the couch Until she heard a whisper “Darling, come to me... “   Seeing nothing as she looked around She closes her eyes once more… After a moment or two a feathery touch brushes a strand of hair away from her face....Read On

Scones Today

Beyond the sunset of canopy sky neath a paper mache moon   And a shadow's eye as romance is in the chords   Of a harp's sonata and a moonbeam's theme   With kisses from your lips like egg cream   And a saucer cup full of gambol's love   As dulcet is stirred with lovely words of scones today   And I declare with chocolate eclair you as my troth  ...Read On


Sunshine and Showers

For my love.

Down in the hollow, the skies are grey, the rain, it raineth every day, and then some more, until my eyes are flooded, like the fields.   Nothing there grows, except the puddles, and they stream down my cheeks, in torrents, wetting my breasts, and trickling down.   The mountains look on the river, which flows down to the sea, and there I stopped and dreamed a while.   I...Read On


Is it quiche Lorraine Perhaps snuggle of romance On a cloud's futon following the rain As peenie wallies pepper the sky Losing verses of rhymes as you giggle my ear With a scent of Lambrusco following the rain Feeling the mist of your warm breath As petals of orchids kiss like lovers do Or is it quiche Lorraine Perhaps, following the rain    ...Read On



Time is echoes and snapshots afterwards. In the fevered dark with a bare heart still drumming against my own, scared and almost unknowable, your heat thrumming everywhere, I think that nothing will ebb away. That we'll emit this strange hallowed energy forever, that we can press tightly together until we see no true end or beginning to the other. And all that's mysterious and sacred about...Read On

Shakers Of Sand

Like a caravan my memories traverse Over dunes of my mind's thinker And shakers of sand. On an escalator to the ascending moon With footprints in Arizona, Shooting a Tequila. As the Sonoran sun falls And the Red Centaury sleeps, As we kiss neath a zephyr's touch And the hackles of the saguaro. From the edges of the auberge noire, The night’s sands slip away, Leaving...Read On


Kiss from a rose

I receive a kiss from a rose

A kiss from a rose, On a beautiful sunset night As the sun casts down, It’s golden rays of light. Upon the cotton candy clouds, Turning them bright red; fire red As they dip into the sea, Disappearing over the horizon. As the waves crashing, Upon the cliffs  Breaking the silence, As my English Rose kissed me. As we held each other, In a lovers embrace Locking lips as we kissed, Sealing...Read On

Creek Stones

In a state of being contrary to morality Ripples of my mind reflect your kiss Like a prism's stream over an idyllic rainbow As my head rest against cypress knees Stretched out on plews near creek stones   With memories confined to our illicity Like the sins of a labyrinth twist And aura of your silhouette caress With the eloquence of your speak   In words of poetic evolution Tucked in...Read On


Wild night winds

For my love

The night’s wild winds blow freely, and the boughs bend and break. And morning seems so far away, and all my courage is spent.   I am cast upon that ocean, covered by the dark, and only a single star shows on the far horizon.   The wind blows where it will, but it carries me to her, on currents fast and swelling, just like my love and hers.   And when the wind abates, and the...Read On



For my love

My sun rises in the West, it is there that my love dwells, and my heart goes to her, as the birds fly south.   Her warmth paints my heart pink, like the early dawning sun, and I reach out to touch, knowing only that she loves.   In the end that’s all we have, for words they slip and slide, but in her arms I am warm, and wait the eventide.   My sun sets in the east, but...Read On


Risen from the Ashes

She has risen from the ashes

There was a girl, So perfect and sweet So very beautiful, With beauty that  Shines so bright. She grew stronger, Day by day Finding a place  Where she could grow To withstand everything, That was thrown her way.   She withstood the fiercest storms The thunder, the hail, the snow She was much stronger Than before, blossoming Into a beautiful rose. How could she possibly survive, She opened...Read On

Shadow Worn In Archipelago

Black is the essence of my composing as darkness is my chosen veil For it's a long haul to Bali with my shadow worn in archipelago Silencing the cuckoo of echoes with my lusting scrimmage   Stirring my emotions in a cauldron of my mind's hell   Like a tsunami rushing upon the sand in my erotic compose   As south winds blow a hullabaloo on rice paper of my woo Stirring sweetness of sins...Read On


Wild oceans

For Lauren

The ocean smashes onto the rocks, the cliffs stand a while, and then fragment, and the heart is like the ocean, and I am like the rocks, and I love you beyond the telling, and well beyond even that.   The ocean is calm tonight, the moon illuminates the beach, where pieces of the rock lie, where they have fallen, and my heart is like the ocean, and I am like the beach, and I...Read On


She Who Is Sunlight

Welcome to a poetic inspiration inspired by a beauty who transcends all time

She is sunlight Her warmth radiates out like the sun She's everyone's favorite A kind, beautiful, and brilliant woman She is a poet and a muse She inspires poetry to flow from my mind Her poetry is equal to the greatest poets She makes me smile How special I feel when we converse I'd love to kiss her perfect lips To wrap up next to her Reciting poetry to each other Over a sunset on a beach...Read On


Paradise Found

Led by her voice, Pushed by her will, I succumb to her desire.   Black silk panties, Wrapped round her form, Teasing and taunting, My tongue licks the air.   Her aroma builds Panties stained Aroma intoxicating Dripping on my beard So close to my mouth  So hard Driven mad by longing Unable to touch   Permission granted   Tongue delights Touching damp silk  Swollen...Read On

Moonlit Concourse

Dusk fell a quiet all around the moonlit concourse As boughs of copse sway so gently by way of forest In minuet of falling leaves on gossamer strings With fragrance of love in balsam wood teacups It so comely of a white swan's arabesque Of autumn's serenade poetically tenderly With a spiritual lithe giving thee homily    ...Read On


The Longing

For my Lauren.

Words are like an oasis in a desert of longing, where the cacti grow, twisted and misshapen by the desert air.   And sometimes they prickle, make my finger bleed,  a symbol of how they can cut and hurt.   It is then you kiss it better, my eyes shine with the joy, of pain turned into pleasure by your sweet touch.   So I drink in the oasis, and immerse myself in you, ...Read On


Heart And Soul

you own me

your heart draws me your soul calls me your beauty stops me your face moves me your hands warm me your  voice calms me your eyes empower me your curves drive me your love conquers me your heart owns me your soul owns me your beauty owns me your face owns me your hands owns me your voice owns me your eyes own me your curves own me your love owns me you conquered me you own me      ...Read On


The fellowship of the ring

One ring to rule everything! Granted the ring, I receive my gift on bended knee. Seeing it glint and shine  Its stainless sheen feeding my desire.   In caressing the ring with my lips The power of the giver Touched my soul.   In holding the ring I feel its weight,  The responsibility of pleasing its owner   The challenge of putting on the ring When so excited by Its promise, ...Read On