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Love Poems


Northern Star

oh Polaris,  supposed guide of all those  who wander in the night. how many years  have I blindly followed you? no longer I believe the tales of sailors finding safe  havens through your light. missing rocky shoals  blessed by your providence. I am lost in the count of endless nights  following you till dawn. in that vain search for her your guidance is folly  and I shall follow...Read On


Breathing Underwater

The depths to which you love him Interest me, not How you strive For words to describe Heights of passion Bores me We all know the feeling We all feel as though it did not begin Until Us Don’t tell me what it is to breathe  When surrounded by air Tell me instead How you cope with uncertainty When it arises How you fight your way out of fear And depression How you continue to love...Read On



The ephemeral beauty of the daffodil

Little yellow trumpet, Defiant lest frost encroaches Garden whore, lemon strumpet Nodding gaily, as spring approaches Narcissus, you vainly watch Through my window – a looking glass In your bed, she’s another notch Smiling petals, as bold as brass Betwixt the snowdops and the crocus Your amber glow is the last to fade ‘Tis your one and only duty… Keeping watch over bluebell glade So...Read On



Foray into free verse

We tried to talk But couldn't We were each too hurt And scared And surprised And desperate to get back What we once had That connection There was a connection Wasn't there? They say there are signs Anything can be a sign What is a sign? I mean it What REALLY is a sign? Not the hit-me-in-the-face sign Not the fucking-around-with-other women sign Not...Read On


Did You Love Me?

The uncertainty of something thought to be love...

I knew, life immortally feigned Love me, silent shadow wept You are, humbly, my breath. I felt, sincerity of illusion Love you, nullity no more You will, preserve my soul. I thought, united our hearts Love us, existential elation You do, deceive my celebration. I knew, blinded blubbering fool Love me, vulnerable vagary unrequited You are, alas,...Read On


Losing to a Lesbian

Never take a woman for granted

It seems that Between you And Jean There is a scene Lesbian, I mean I wouldn't ask If you put me to task You two are a team I just want to see The reality I'll take a back seat Momentarily Watch you munch on pussy Won't interfere Whack myself off While drinking my beer You know you love me And I love you too I know you love her And she loves you too Tits and ass And curves and...Read On


Dark Thoughts

Dystopian thoughts on the war of words between poets for the heart of a lady

There comes a time in each poet’s life When it is best to admit defeat, And walk away into the darkness To tread the bleak vale of tears alone, Leaving the field to the stronger man. Love is a merciless battleground Where deceit and lies are the weapons Employed by an unscrupulous foe To win the hand of a fair lady, 'Gainst which a true heart cannot prevail. Honest pledges...Read On



At some point she stopped listening When he would talk to her Displaying a delightful smile Through boredom thick as tar Wondering how she got here Become the walking dead Catching just the tail end And so she’d nod her head Feigning her compassion Planning what’s for lunch Playing with her earrings Glancing at her watch Inserting mental earbuds Blocking out his voice ...Read On


Noggin's Gruel

In the yawning predawn as I toss, Upon the coming of new day caw. As the frost lay on the hearth, A new awakening in my eyes, Stirring embers of desires. Gone to crush my scrawling writ, Bashing with comeuppance, My naughty not nice. Tasting breath of last eve's rum, As your bosom kindled my will, And a tongue unfurled on my cock.  By the time, dark clouds of sins, Have passed...Read On



the winter is eternal now and I suffer no delusions it shall end I no longer care if the river even flows beneath its icy tomb or if the grass still lay dormant encased within the frost but I still remember the warmth how it nurtured me sustained me providing all my needs last night I dreamt of a summers day one thought would never end yet it has forever set my ignorance killed the...Read On


2nd Response, Healing Words Across the Sea

Realization that love grows....

My ND, Today, we pull in port, mail call and your letter in my hands. I feel the texture of the envelope and I can only imagine what love words await. ~~~ I've just finished reading your words which flow, and fill my mind with wonderful thoughts, I can't wait to talk to you tonight. ~~~~ Hours on the phone, and now you sleep, my mind to you it flees, and I will write all I want you...Read On


Tell This Through A Story

It's easier to tell this through a story, than to ever say it happened to me... Because as he steered through fog to his house, remembering the quiet as she first touched the buttons slowly coaxed from her blouse, names whispered as their blood rushed. Something inside broke then like a cracking bell, as the inevitable kept drawing closer, heart, mind, or soul, he couldn't really tell, ...Read On


Sins Of A Fallen Angel

Silently hand scripted, words fading, into obscurity like a vanishing shadow, as my ink bleeds hollow, on the sins of a fallen angel, my prose ferments the showering rain. Brush-a-bye a tear of lost host, quaintly feigning a spiritual ghost, and when the winds carol my due, in the grasses of fescue,  seeds of time will bind my lines.  In my dally I feel your caress,  soft fingers on...Read On


2nd Love Letter, Thank you MLS

LS, here is to eternity

My LS, LOML, They say that throughout our lives we spend days, weeks perhaps months or years looking for someone who can see our true essence, to let us know, we do not travel alone, and their mere presence, brings us the brightest smiles. In you I have found my own sanctuary, my own salvation. These are signs of real love, the ones where nothing else matters, that their presence fills...Read On


I Still Dream Of You

I miss our time together Night after night, we lay Dreams we shared, wishing them true I need you back, I'll do all I used to do for you Entangled in the sheets, pillows like forts Piling on extra in the winter's cold Kicking them off and giggling in the heat Socks on and off, hands, feet, cold, repeat I daydream at my desk, work crawls by Time marches on and I miss you still Thoughts drift...Read On


Pouring My Heart Out

We were friends, but I caught the feelings

I miss the smile you give me Miss the cute little responses The enthusiasm you showed when we spoke We were friends, but I caught the feelings. When everything is going good, you have to expect a fall, But I didn’t see this coming. And now, you don’t want to even smile or look at me. Wondering what went wrong, my mind started to race I just thought it was a phase, because we had...Read On



Even when it's over, love lives on.

Forgive I wish you well on your journey be free I wish you peace quell negative voices you're perfect I wish you happiness in your life find love I wish you joy in the arms of another...Read On


A Nickel Jar

Beneath the hollows,  in forest of piney woods, as halos ring down and poetically sound. I nestle upon a nickel jar, of dreams and rhymes,  from a Mockingbirds hymnal,  and sleep. As Marigolds dance in my trance, I'm reminded of hominy and grits, and buttons you sewed, on my old shawl. When the breath of your touch, lay a blessing in my ear, with a tear I smiled,  nestled upon...Read On


The First Morning

Discovering a beautiful partner

You awaken Push the covers back And yawn Not yet aware Of your surroundings Or that it's dawn You stretch Arch your back Contented smile Sexually satisfied We went down in style You turn Face away Long hair on the pillow I spoon you Hand on your breast Strong feelings below We drowse Fall asleep The sun breaks through Slowly we stir To a love that's new I hold you close Smell...Read On


1st Response, Accepting Your Gift

The first letter arrives in the mail...

Oh my lovely ND, Life a complicated adventure always rewards our ongoing effort to reach our goals we sometimes need to give the best of ourselves and know the fruits of our harvest will pay off in the end. In love, I happen to be in, because sometimes we fall, we give our heart, our kisses, our desires, the best we have to offer, and when we realize the pain we have endured is nothing,...Read On



As I think of you ...

I said it was only lust as we walked hand in hand. The feel of your palm against my palm melts deep within me. Makes me rub my palm to yours even harder.  As I wanted more. I said it was only lust as we kissed lips to lips. The feel of your lips against my lips ignited a fire deep within me. Makes me kiss you even harder. As I wanted more. I said it was only lust as I wrap my arms around...Read On


Myths and Reasons in Everything?

Time has its right to youth Even if gods tell half-truths Destiny damned Lost in karma exposed senses Chockfull of carnal knowledge A nuance deciphered Praying upon simple sexual yearning ...Read On


Cabaret Girl

A predatory stripper uses young men

The backstage pass Came as a surprise You wanted to see me I had to surmise Our eyes were locked During your set While you stripped bare My appetite, whet I was only eighteen Never been to a show You, twenty-three Used to the flow Young men were your passion In cabaret bars Where you'd flaunt your wares Building memoirs I pushed through the curtain Of your dressing room You stood...Read On


Time Enough For Love

There's time enough for love If we but savor what we have. One life to live, So much to give, Why fear what might be lost. The past is safe inside us, Still echoing its joys. The future bears a few more tears, Wrapped up in rapturous song. So love me now my dearest, Don't worry  It must end. But not before we spend this life Ascending true love's heights. We loved before, We'll love...Read On


In Hope!

A poem about betrayal, sacrifice, deep pain and hope of forgiveness one day from a stupid mistake.

Like a wounded animal Limping through the dense forest I search for somewhere to fall down To rest my weary soul, and painful heart This once proud Lion that roared Becomes a gentle animal that whimpers Suffering in silence From pain I brought upon you Watching the suffering I caused From my own unforgiving reasons For my own cruel actions Of acceptance in this world Thoughts never crossed...Read On


1st Love Letter, The Key to My Heart

The first in a series of love letters

Love of My Life (LOML), Today I want to open my heart. I want to gift you the key, Not just any ordinary key, But the key to my very being. I want you to understand How special you are to me, Regardless of all the damage Our hearts have endured; I know very well We are made of the same soul. Just imagine that every tear we shed for love Is a physical sign that what we feel is entirely...Read On


The Reckoning

I could not pay

Indict me, then, in love’s court To answer accusations, true And terrible, by hearts starved On rations of mere passion. You, My love, who sought a fair share Of heat that I conserve For poetry, philosophy, Shall testify that I deserve No mercy for my careless lust— That all that I have offered you Is my enduring rude desire For only what the flesh can...Read On


Let Go


I desperately want to let her go Just can't summon the courage To face that lonely demon Her soft seducing whispers Still echo in my memory Opening old scars on my heart Friends asking what happened Fractured broken reality As sharp as razor cutting new I am trying to move on Mired deep in the muck Of my unwanted emotions....Read On


A Fleeting Love Lost

A moment that could have changed everything

Warm air blew through the Underground It was frightening but somehow soothing Knowing that death was only a gap away At the time, I had to keep moving Riding the escalator from the depths of the earth Walking through tunnels in vain London was an unfamiliar place to me Yet happy memories haunt me again The girl in the kiosk was beautiful In a way that only love knows She was pretty and...Read On


Eden's Wildflowers

On a template of my shadow, Words in passing a distant far. Pressed in memories between pages, Like a faintness I caress, Among Eden's wildflowers. As a soft breeze crosses sleeping eyes, When you wink in boudoir rest. Whispers of murmurs I'll sing for you, Tantalizing hums upon your chest. And now that the cello bow on cue, Has laid down a sonata of blue. Seeds of thought will...Read On