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Love Poems


Flower Queen

A random poem for someone

I fly by, looking around Searching for the best one You were hiding, in those green shades Your beauty mesmerises everyone Many found you But none dared to near you The thorns are long, sharp enough to free a soul The smell of your beauty lingers in the air Enchanting everyone Killing them sweetly I dared to touch you Least cared about the thorns Bleeding, bruised,...Read On


A Tender Caress

A tender touch means so much.

Sexy licks Passionate embraces Tongues collide My pounding heart races Exploding through my chest And though I like My kisses slow Soft and sensual So emotional Tender caresses So devotional Gentle touches And a soft caress Make me feel special I must confess Tender touch May not seem like much But for me They seem as such A hug, A kiss A...Read On



I felt you move right through me to disavow my heart once, beating with a rage that time cannot uncouple. Miming what motions we believe make love, what language unpeels the forgotten cry of where we begin and then end in whispers, the deepening moans in between. Our soundtrack plays in no particular tongue, but this one is the most universal, a familiar spirit that dwells in...Read On

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If MACHINES could fall In Love

We are but passing bunches of machines... We see each other once upon a time and dream. I look, you know, I see, I scheme. And then you're gone... My Satellite. In space it's ALL a moonlit night, I wonder if she'll come around again? (People don't think we have FEELINGS But that's not true. I am watching out for someone... I'm looking out for you.) I think you might...Read On


Again and Again

My mind has untied the ropes mooring me to reality. Again Pinging from light to light, finding universes and galaxies of new ideas forming. Again Tossing about like a ship, swimming, dodging waves. A web of threads and rope pulling me along. Again Laughing and cursing, I try it all. For now I have no need of sleep. I'm busy, my mind spinning so many plots and plans. Again Journeying...Read On

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A Long Time Of...

Where once the breezes blew, The winds of times now ail, and new storms brew, Standing lonely hours of truth On bed of my lies, (mediocrity at best...) As your eyes of cat deceived me But I paid the price. Isn't that the way fools spin excuses And spots never fade, (maybe stripes...) Leaving the good of my got crying? On bed of my lies, In my new anointed life of deceit,...Read On



I heard that . . .

Every time you’re mean to me Or when you let me down In my head I hear a "dink" A hollow metal sound Not the clear ring of a bell Or soothing music chime Nor the striking of a clock Marking out the time "Dink" is disappointment Lead slug in the machine Landing in the coin return Worthless to redeem The sound of muffled guitar strings Their music clipped and flat Hopes and dreams...Read On


The Submissive

In quiet contemplation She kneels, Waiting, Surrounded by stillness, Her neck gracefully bent, Eyes lowered, Her heart-rate slows, Breath flows steadily As she finds peace In her submission. Her hands are not constrained, No rope or iron shackle her, Yet she is bound To Him, With an invisible bond Of trust, love and commitment. She chose Him, To give Him her power, And with...Read On


Chance For Romance

I seek a chance for romance

What it is, I cannot explain  As every time, pain is the same  I know it has not been ideal  Because the gloom feels real  I am so lonely for so long  Broken and not so strong  I need your love and passion  I want your instant attention So I seek a chance for romance  Because I have a firm stance Listen to the sound of your heart  Let your mind flow and take a part  You will...Read On



Our urgent skin mingled together, a flash of violet and white flashed across the sky, danced along your intricate form as we began to reach out. Our hands were so uncertain then, hearts booming in tune with thunder, muffling the very first gasp we ever shared together. I wanted to press into you, into the mysterious thrum of two colliding. I close my eyes to absorb everything. The sound...Read On


Lighthouse of love

Your love is like a lighthouse Calling me home Calling me to your arms That feels like home. Your love is the light, Showing me the way The way back to your arms The way back to my home. I can see your loving light From far out to sea I coming back to you My safe harbor. Where my heart Can be safe Can feel loved Feel warmth. You're my lighthouse Your love is my light Showing me home...Read On


I see you

I see you. Not just the flesh That covers you, But the warmth Behind your smile, The wisdom In your eyes. A spirit of a lion, Ready to stand up Both for yourself and others. A kind heart, Always willing to help. Passion radiates Like a roaring fire Whenever our eyes lock, Our hands touch. Hard working, Never giving up Without a fight. During a busy day, You still find...Read On


The Key

Finding the key to her heart

In her hand she held keys Some were old, some were new “Select carefully,” she advised me “Not just any will do.” I arranged them with care Examined each, one by one A daunting task lay before me As this journey’s begun I took my time and I pondered Soon the selection would start There was only one key To unlock the dear lady’s heart It was not long before I knew Here the key did not lie...Read On


Fell From Grace song to share

Where albatross fly and some fools die, I had in mind a love song to share, (unfortunately lost words...)  But would you recall the names of my fall And shadows of it all, (sometimes I don't understand the gist of it all...) Would you if you could? I in shallow waters up to my last verse With fond memories of our rippling spawn, What am I to say after bitter almonds our way ...Read On


Delight of Love

It was initially a passion of lust, now it's the delight of love

They're warm, they're soft, they're smooth, and their scent is hers. My eyes are closed; my mouth buried in the folds of her flesh, My lips are pursed as if in a kiss, and my ears hear her heart beat. I open my eyes and see the pinkish skin of her neck, the roundness of her chin and the fullness of her lips. I revel in her beauty, a beauty growing with each passing year. I'm awestruck that...Read On



Everybody needs somebody

I need to hold somebody Someone who will be mine Does not have to last a lifetime One night will be just fine Someone to cuddle Place a kiss upon my brow Just to remind me That I matter somehow Somebody who wants to hold me For just this one night To whisper sweet secrets Till dawn's morning light Someone who realizes I often feel all alone Wants to remind me I am...Read On



The other woman's shoes...

How I wish you could be mine. But you're a most expensive red wine and She drinks you better than I do I wear white, spilling like a fool. You want me for some kind of exquisite fun Then leave me for her once we're done. To me you simply are the one, but Don't say you love me when you cum... How I wish I was like her Maybe then I'd be your girl... Why does day break...Read On


Across the sea

My mind can travel where my body can't

I send my heart across the sea It's yours to have and hold My body may be stuck right now But there's no lock or bolt That keeps my mind from wandering From being close to you Because you're always on my mind No matter what I do You fill my heart, my mind, my dreams My being to the core And every word you say to me Will make me love you...Read On


First Kiss

Do you remember that feeling of the first kiss?

The affectionate feelings, as you walk side by side. Wondering if he will do it, and how it will feel if he does. Daydreaming, wishing, attraction. The stop at the front door, awkward pauses and fidgeting. Unending conversations, actually talking about the weather. Heart pounding, nerve racking, anticipation. Not wanting to be too forward, not wanting to leave without it. So nervous...Read On


Hold Me Tight

Dance me to passion.

Please hold me tight and dance with me 'cross heaven's gracious open sea. We'll stroll across the galaxy my arm in yours, just you and me. So take my arm and dance me on straight through the night to break of dawn. My eyes on yours, with all fears gone, my love grows more, upon yours drawn. Then lay with me and hold me tight; our passion grows with morning's light, Each kiss is deeper,...Read On


Migraine Treatment

Your head throbs.  The pounding sapping your strength. We know the only treatment that really helps. I take your hand and we head to bed. I help you off with your clothes and remove mine. Cloaking the room in total darkness. Your soft cheek rests against my bare chest. Our naked bodies nestling. I kiss the top of your head. You sigh and I can feel your tensions easing. You've told me...Read On


More Than Love

If you feel time stop in your veins, an echo of when you once called me a heartless stray, fold the moment and press it close to your cheek. Close your eyes and peel everything away, every crease and line that made me. Nothing more existed for me then, I promise that someday I'll be something more than love. If you feel some nocturnal yearning rise through your skin as if carried ...Read On


Out of the Hard Day's Light

Alaskan doctor loves Australian student across ten thousand miles -- more or less.

Out From the Hard Day’s Light (revised)  By Fritz2011 Suggested by “A Hard Day’s Night” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney     A fantasy song about a woman hoping to build a relationship with a woman she loves deep in her heart. Out from the Hard Day’s Night  The sun comes peeking  Through the fog The sun is never bright  And off -road driving Is like a bog. But when...Read On


Just right

One touch And her world changes, Bursting into colour, No longer gray and dreary. His warmth Fills her body, The light reaching every corner, No darkness for demons to hide. Caresses Brushing away any sadness, Embracing arms Creating a place of peace. Soft kisses Awakening her desire, Growing in passion As they explore each other. His voice Like molten chocolate, ...Read On


I Lurk in the Darkness

The heart of your angel.

I lurk in the darkness, out of your sight Watching for dangers in your path. Every day and every night Trying to protect you from life’s wrath. I lurk in the darkness, not for you, but for me. Your beauty more than a person like me deserves. I just wish through my eyes you could see. The woman that I yearn to serve. I lurk in the darkness, listening to words escape your lips ...Read On

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Another One Off The Cuff!!!

I've never seen a sound quite like the color of your sighs. I've never felt a sight just like the sparkle in your eyes. I don't believe I can recall (and this before I started to fall...) Somebody just as perfectly so nice... Sugar and spice like white on rice Like beauty on my girl... Your magical is accidental; give the boy a twirl. What am I supposed to do with somebody...Read On



I saw you weak And hated you The way you clung to me Your need so claustrophobic I could barely breathe And yet I felt responsible Not able to break free Each time that I would take a step Your grasp dug into me As though I held the key to you As though you lived through me You feared that I’d abandon you You said you’d take your life I’ve become indentured To care for you just like...Read On


My Drug Of Choice

A sweet fragrance Swirling around  Filling the air  That I breathe Your scent  Makes me wild  Your kisses  Make me shiver Thirsty for your loving touch  Your gentle arms providing comfort  Filling a deep desire from within  As we melt into one another Weakening to your embrace  Feeling your breath, your warmth  Leaving me breathless  And overwhelming my senses Our bodies absorbing...Read On



I went away today Driving in my car I thought of you against me How strong and warm you are I went away today Talking on the phone Gripped by those blue velvet eyes Yet I was all alone I went away today Going through the mail Thinking how you tie your tie Your collar slightly frayed I went away today You never left my mind The way you call me "lover" The way our thoughts entwine You...Read On



Please, Take me into your arms, Into your warmth, Hold me close, protected, Because tonight, I need your care. I just want to disappear Within you, Your scent safe and familiar As I nuzzle your neck, Rest my head on your chest, Listening to your steady heartbeat. Whisper with your soothing voice All those words You know I long to hear, Stroke my hair And caress me softly,...Read On