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Love Poems


The Longing

For my Lauren.

Words are like an oasis in a desert of longing, where the cacti grow, twisted and misshapen by the desert air.   And sometimes they prickle, make my finger bleed,  a symbol of how they can cut and hurt.   It is then you kiss it better, my eyes shine with the joy, of pain turned into pleasure by your sweet touch.   So I drink in the oasis, and immerse myself in you, ...Read On


Heart And Soul

you own me

your heart draws me your soul calls me your beauty stops me your face moves me your hands warm me your  voice calms me your eyes empower me your curves drive me your love conquers me your heart owns me your soul owns me your beauty owns me your face owns me your hands owns me your voice owns me your eyes own me your curves own me your love owns me you conquered me you own me      ...Read On


The fellowship of the ring

One ring to rule everything! Granted the ring, I receive my gift on bended knee. Seeing it glint and shine  Its stainless sheen feeding my desire.   In caressing the ring with my lips The power of the giver Touched my soul.   In holding the ring I feel its weight,  The responsibility of pleasing its owner   The challenge of putting on the ring When so excited by Its promise, ...Read On


The night and the dawning

for my Lauren

The wild wind blows the night around my senses and you alone seem the rock  to which I cling.   Far out on night's vast ocean my little coracle is lost and the shoreline with it, only one star guides my way.   I steer where my instinct guides, Then as the sky lightens with the first fingers of dawn I scan the far horizon.   And with the dawning I see Your angel face, which I...Read On


the search for answers

But only finding more questions in the silence...

Sitting on the front porch swing Rocking to and fro Lost in her thoughts As the cool breeze blows, chilling her to the bone She pulls his shirt tighter around herself As she reads through their old messages Searching for answers Trying to understand the silence His scent surrounds her Not finding any reasons The tears stream down her cheeks Leaving them to stain As she closes...Read On



She showed me her mind, It was deliberately shallow. A wading pool, So those around her, Wouldn’t have to swim. It was easy to know her. It was easier to think you knew her, I never liked easy. I dove threw the shallows, Threw her beautiful, deep, Introspective eyes, Into her sea of emotion. I didn’t know what I’d find, For even she never ventured below. There were chimerical...Read On

My Den Abbey

Like a widow's shawl before the frost the Pentecostal bell rung     For whom the incense boast sipping ale of vicar's tongue In my blasphemous impropriety As a caul decrees my pen at the Abbot's gate of my den abbey Words flow from my mind's chalice a darkness calling fathoms deep In rivers being of my sensuality As my pen scribes of the host a phantom of my soul's imagery   ...Read On


Heart to heart

For Lauren

Is love selfish? If so, how is it love? I want the best for you. For you to have your needs Fulfilled, and to be fully you.   A you, constrained by my needs Would be a you in the image I need, When what I need is you, as you are, And need to be, to be fully you.   If your heart needs another, so be it, It is capacious and generous in love, Which grows in the loving, as my heart...Read On


She knows my heart

A walk towards pleasure and control

She makes her demands With a jewel in her eye, She knows my heart Doesn't need to pry   I give what she wants None other to please She knows my heart How to meet my needs   She wants proof of my deed With an image to bare She knows my heart And she sees all my care   I follow her closely As she shows me my need She knows my heart And for her, any deed    She wants...Read On


Oh, The Joys Of Lush

I find it so different here

I can't see you  But, I would love to see you, your beautiful eyes and smile I can't hear you  But, I would love to hear you, how your voice brings music to my ears  I can't smell you But, I would love to smell your scent as you enter my room I can't feel you  But, I would love to feel your lips glide so gently along mine as you kiss me  I can't touch you  But, I would love to feel...Read On

Caress My Cozy

In an orchard of gourds nesting the lords As my sweet anchovy caress my cozy With a shadow of paper mache wings On satin sheets of Abraham And with my inspirational inamorata I pen Raining down a scent of her love's confetti As her lips lay gleam upon my heart Nemesis of my pen deny the wrens      ...Read On


I fell in love with you

For my Lauren

And I hoped that I would not fall in love with you, Because falling in love just makes me blue, But your sweet smile, it captured me, And I am yours and want to be, And I’m glad that I fell in love with you.   Of all the girls that you could love Happily, you chose to put me above Ones more beautiful than I could be, And so I am yours, and we are three, And I’m glad that I fell in...Read On


Some Things Never Change

In my thoughts...

Some things never change. I hope they never do. Each morning when I wake My first thoughts are of you. That first cup of coffee Whether it is sunny or bright, The thought of your smile Causes my heart to take flight. Morning rushes to noon, Yet now and then I stop. A butterfly, daffodil, or kitten catches my eye And into my mind, you will pop. The sky turns to dusk, As the porch swing...Read On


With him by her side!

She believes anything is possible…

  It has been a long and tiring week Since she heard the heartbreaking news Which made her teenage nightmare Come to life in the here and now.   Her thoughts and emotions Shroud in darkness As fear tries it best to claim her Making her its unwilling fatality.   He takes her in his arms Pulling her against his chest Gently kissing her forehead As he whispers, “It's going to...Read On


A picture of you

I keep a picture of you close to my heart

I have, a picture of you In my pocket, just to remind me, Just how lucky, that I am to have you in my life. When I looked you, in the eye I can see a twinkle,  Just like a star in the night sky That shines so brightly To me, you are so beautiful, Your beauty is just so divine. Your beauty radiates, Just like the sun, at dawn Spreading the rays of beauty On everything that has been touched....Read On


Our lust

How long can virtual reality be enough?

Our lust is satiated in a perfect way No betrayals, no jarring of strangers’ bodies No technical glitches or premature flinches No incrimination or recrimination.  Our lust is celebrated in the words we say. Shared passion, filthy words and busy hands. No imperfect pictures or permanent fixtures Just a virtual, virtueless masturbatory haven. Our lust is predicated on our lives today....Read On

Recommended Read


We're riding to death tonight, brother, drop two in the sawed-off and punch that gas through the city, I need the neon night to splash against the car with wind tearing through our hair, through our clothes. Because we've got blood on our hands, knives still pushing through our backs. But a song carries me to her tonight, she doesn't know I'll be saying goodbye. And as we tear through...Read On

A Shadow's Glow

Some lasting words never return to be read in your arms Lost glimmer of life shed in dreams of evermore sleep Valance of breath fall a whispering soliloquy I speak   As a shroud of your love hover over my rising ghost   In deep clover of meadow green as dandelions snow   A glowing image in locket of a shadow's glow At the sound of reveille and my poetic philosophy         ...Read On

Recommended Read

Love And War

There is a battle raging inside you, It’s beating you down, Until you forget which side you’re on, You punish me with your internal war. The war, The constant tug-of-war, Causing endless battles, All between yourself, And I’m caught in the middle. The Middle, Tearing you apart, Tearing me down, Tearing us apart. The battle of do I stay or do I go? Go, Going, gone, Such a small but...Read On


Slow Dance

Get lost together

Sawdust wafting upwards  Falling around us like pixie dust  As we get lost in the music  Dancing across the old bar floor  Moving as one  Like we are the only ones  In this place  Our hearts beating to the melody  Of the love song  Playing on the old jukebox Swaying together Thinking we both know  Where this dance is  Gonna lead us  Walking off the dance floor together Hand...Read On


Somewhere, Somehow

Somewhere, somehow I will always be there for you

I know deep down, In my beating heart I will always  Love you. You are my sweetheart, My soulmate, The one I will love forever My one and only. If you’re there, You will see how much I care About you my love Forever and ever. If you listen, Very carefully  My darling  You will hear the prayer That I said For you. You will get, A million kisses from me Each minute we are together, On...Read On


My flight of love

As I sat, looking through my window, Searching the sky for my vision, He fluttered by, So full of wonder, and beauty was he.   I was pulled outside, Drawn like a moth to a flame Transifxed by his spleandour, As he soared around me   Passions stirring  As he called to me, deep in my soul. Invading my mind  Calling me, away from my despair.   Feeling desired and taken, Such...Read On




To be here and feel the breadth of your love That knowing smile. It was gone for a while.  My tongue traces your grin, and you let me in. An explosion of taste, slow and sensuous.  Haste is not on our minds.  Time is our friend, my darling...Read On

Recommended Read

South of Everywhere

today I made a funny little wish about the sun not being afraid to kneel down here and kiss the face of some shy little girl who lives among us hidden she has blue toe nails and saves up her whispers in a cup full of songs our bodies sing to the darkness as if the darkness had time to hear us and so tonight I’m going to dream about the shy little girl who gets kissed by distant...Read On


Our Somethin' Kind of Day

It's always somethin'

We have what we have A somethin' kind of day Is really somethin' little darlin' A somethin' kind of guy A somethin' kind of lady That's what we are When it comes to seein' dreams of what may come While sharin' what has been before While knowin' what we have now It's somethin' Little darlin' Really somethin' And somethin' is better than nothin' On a somethin' kind of day Little darlin'...Read On


When You Say Nothing At All

A touch speaks to the body and the heart

Your smile disarms me  And sets my world right  Your touch firm yet gentle Sets my heart racing  Your kisses leave me breathless And craving your touch  The way you nibble my neck  Leaves me aching for more  When we cuddle I feel protected and cared I  know I'm in my safe place  Your love for me speaks directly to my soul No words needed  You are my safe place  My harbor in...Read On



  I picture you dressed all in white a veil on your head  and unspoiled as a freshly fallen snowdrift. My heart catches in my throat, As I gaze at your ethereal silhouette through the Vaseline glaze of tears in my eyes. Frozen in place  and not daring to move. Afraid I might wake and find everything has vanished from this dream place. Dare I tempt my heart  with these images? Stoke...Read On


Love you through it

He is her weakness and greatest strength...

Looking at the blank page in front of her She realizes that she could fill it a million times over With all her thoughts and emotions Currently running through her veins.   But what is it that she feels she really needs to say Is it thank you for the all the love and support? Or maybe that she’s sorry? No, it is all that and more…   You see as much as she is going to fight With...Read On


The Smile of Love

How do I describe my love?

What words can I use to describe The subject of my love? I can paint pictures of all she means   But when I see her,  What do I see? What fills my vision? Just what is it that captivates my heart?   Is it that she is Luminous, radiant and glorious?   Is it that she is Sensitive, gentle and gracious Or deep, quiet And then her passion    When she reaches out her hand To...Read On


I Can Take the Wheel

Have I ever been your shoulder? Have I ever kissed your tears? Hidden behind this screen Hiding all your fears I know you’ve been my ear Have I ever been yours? Do you tell me all you feel? Or do you still lock your doors? I may not see your face But I know when something’s wrong Still you try to hide it Determined to stay strong But you don’t always have to be I can be your strength Let...Read On