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Love Poems


Our Somethin' Kind of Day

It's always somethin'

We have what we have A somethin' kind of day Is really somethin' little darlin' A somethin' kind of guy A somethin' kind of lady That's what we are When it comes to seein' dreams of what may come While sharin' what has been before While knowin' what we have now It's somethin' Little darlin' Really somethin' And somethin' is better than nothin' On a somethin' kind of day Little darlin'...Read On


When You Say Nothing At All

A touch speaks to the body and the heart

Your smile disarms me  And sets my world right  Your touch firm yet gentle Sets my heart racing  Your kisses leave me breathless And craving your touch  The way you nibble my neck  Leaves me aching for more  When we cuddle I feel protected and cared I  know I'm in my safe place  Your love for me speaks directly to my soul No words needed  You are my safe place  My harbor in...Read On



  I picture you dressed all in white a veil on your head  and unspoiled as a freshly fallen snowdrift. My heart catches in my throat, As I gaze at your ethereal silhouette through the Vaseline glaze of tears in my eyes. Frozen in place  and not daring to move. Afraid I might wake and find everything has vanished from this dream place. Dare I tempt my heart  with these images? Stoke...Read On


Love you through it

He is her weakness and greatest strength...

Looking at the blank page in front of her She realizes that she could fill it a million times over With all her thoughts and emotions Currently running through her veins.   But what is it that she feels she really needs to say Is it thank you for the all the love and support? Or maybe that she’s sorry? No, it is all that and more…   You see as much as she is going to fight With...Read On


The Smile of Love

How do I describe my love?

What words can I use to describe The subject of my love? I can paint pictures of all she means   But when I see her,  What do I see? What fills my vision? Just what is it that captivates my heart?   Is it that she is Luminous, radiant and glorious?   Is it that she is Sensitive, gentle and gracious Or deep, quiet And then her passion    When she reaches out her hand To...Read On


I Can Take the Wheel

Have I ever been your shoulder? Have I ever kissed your tears? Hidden behind this screen Hiding all your fears I know you’ve been my ear Have I ever been yours? Do you tell me all you feel? Or do you still lock your doors? I may not see your face But I know when something’s wrong Still you try to hide it Determined to stay strong But you don’t always have to be I can be your strength Let...Read On


My Navajo Girl

I’ve met this girl right here online The nicest you could meet She lives across the ocean She is so very sweet Naomi Sonja and Bonny Marie Two angels from above I met her in the ladies room And then we fell in love I told her that I loved her I loved her at first sight She said those three words back to me I was hoping that she might I wake up every morning And lie there on my own My...Read On


New hope was born

We reached that place  Of utter bliss, Devoid of thought Just pure unadulterated pleasure! It started oh so simply When late one night When she walked into the room What brought us together? Why was I there in this different place? Questions that remain unanswered. The journey from loneliness to love Was slow, Yet we reveled in the journey We danced, we talked, We learned to...Read On


An Angel So Divine

She was just like an angel to me

An angel so divine, She was so perfect In every single way With her halo Shining so bright. I was falling in love With the girl next door She could have been An angel from above, Sent down to be with me. Her lips were so soft, And crimson red The thought of kissing her Was stuck in my head. When we kissed, It was just so succulent Tasted honey sweet She was just like candy Her beauty was...Read On


Her Angel

One magical night

Nervously she waits Knowing the night will be magical  Sipping her glass of champagne The time passes by  tick tock  She glances at her reflection Brushing back a strand of hair Smiling Knowing she looks hot for tonight  She glances at her watch  Knowing any minute  Her date will appear  Gorgeous long blond hair blue eyes and soft red lips The date appears and they share a  Magical kiss  ...Read On


Country On The Radio

Music in the background

Country music on the radio  As we are driving down a dusty back road  Lookin for a spot to park  Need time alone  Without outside distractions Country music playing on the radio As we find that perfect spot  To get lost in the moonlight Losing ourselves to the passion burning Our bodies move together in time To the music on the radio  The night becoming a memory As we drift off...Read On


Memories are enough

Being with someone is easy, but losing them is unbearable

Your memories are enough for me I will store them in the dark corners of my mind Where no one can see. I knew you will disappear Like a cute dew drop;  The brief sojourn with you Is enough for me, For, you will be with me always As an invisible friend By my side always. What will I do when you are gone I have often wondered. I knew you're going away Would happen anytime. If you...Read On


The Scirocco

When the wind of love blows

I felt the wamth of the wind Catch me Lift me  Take me to my love   I called to her from the wind Come join me, I stooped down to catch her to lift her  To take her to be with me.   Transported by the wind  We found our home. Above all nature,  Floating through the air.  My only care, The one I love.   Within the wind, We made love, Transported to a new place, Our...Read On


The dirtiest Demon dining ...

Obsession mixed with a little liquor feeds the demon ...

. It's a hunger that thrives on momentary lapses of reason a split second starvation.. sound stealing stimulant I finally have possession of you.. So I sit here and watch you sleep while Satan softly serenades the air.. So you can dream as I scheme on how to keep you Another shot of comfortably numb sung by the bottle humming a hostle lullaby.. I'm out of my mind Moaning...Read On


All I Can Say

How do I say how much you mean?

Who was it who wrote  You are the poem I never knew how to write And our life together  Is the story  I have always wanted to tell? If only I could find the words  that are written in my heart, Words that permeate  the page of my mind  Words which speak of what you mean  and where we have been.  All I can say is  I love you ...Read On


I swear

I swear I would do anything for her

I duly swear, From every heartbeat  Of my beating heart That I would do anything, For the love of my life. I would walk a thousand miles, Just to be with her, To hold her tight To keep her safe To protect her. My arms are her cradle, For when she is down My shoulder is her pillow  For when there is a tear in her eye, To hold her in a loving embrace. I will be there for whenever, She will...Read On


Its time

Its hard to forget someone who gave you so much..

  Its time to move on pick up the pieces and for now never look back. Sure there were good times when her heart raced and soul was a glow. However, that isn't today. No longer will she feel the gentle caress of his fingers on her bare skin Or the brush of his lips on hers. Tears run down her face She feels that maybe in a different time and place it may have worked out but for...Read On


See Saw Soul

I'm fine but some days it's hard to live with the see saw that is my mind

my soul to use any word spirals around and I cry backed into a corner it just wants to fly it loves and hates longing for space to live in peace not run in circles and race envying others lives watching them spin happy and content why is my skin so thin a recipe for happiness does it even exist here the entirety of my life searching drowning in fear no more doctors nor pills a formula...Read On


Sunflower Field

Dreaming sweet dreams ...

At night when I close my eyes   Can see you are smiling at me   Placing a kiss on my forehead   "Sleep my sweet cinnamon girl   Dream sweet dreams of me in   Our wonderful never neverland"   As my dreams take me away   To a blissful dreams of you and me   In a sunflowers field of dreams   "Dream of me the way I want you   To see how we travel the road   Together of your sunflower field"  ...Read On



This is how much I want you

Your eyes haunt my dreams Your touch sets me on fire You are always in my fantasies I want you to remain in my life Your passion opened me like no one before That first kiss made me tremble Your teeth on my skin made me burn Your touch over my skin sent tingles… everywhere Your fingers making me moan is a precious dream The way you feel inside me is powerful and raises my feelings...Read On


I will Survive. With Her, I’ll thrive

Words from my heart. From darkness to dawn of light

I lost my heart  The other day For pain of loss No Mother’s Day   My heart ablaze With sullen void Empty rooms And silent voice   But though my tears  Fall like rain And my heart does ache With wordless pain   Hope resides  beyond this day And a rock of love  gives sorrows stay   For next to me, my joy remains  With gentle hand and smiling face My Simmie’s heart and...Read On

My height

My height

I am not sure at all If I like not being tall I must say it has its Way of getting in the way I can't reach things And alone too my dismay I can't look you in the eye I have to stand on my toes To even kiss you So please don't make fun of me Because I'm only four-foot-eleven But I don't think it will stop Me from showing you What is inside of me They say all good things Come in small...Read On

Recommended Read

Dreaming in Parking Lots

I was going to say desire is the language of the eternally hopeless under this halogen midnight down by the shipyards and diesel tanks where stuck tendrils of damp hair wrap around your neck as you toss back your head and laugh at something I couldn’t finish saying because you were touching me instead of listening hugging my thigh with your thighs and I was going to say we are...Read On



Bittersweet The taste of not waking up alone But waking up with her Not you as I hoped   Bittersweet Her messages on my phone Whilst yours play on my heart I look with guilt   Bittersweet Your name as she asks who you are And I answer No one   Bittersweet That you were there and watched me leave With someone else instead of you Again   Bittersweet The night I finally commit...Read On


Coming home to you

When climbing up the mountains     Though I can reach the clouds          I cannot see more beauty.                 Than when I look into your eyes       When walking on a beach  I see the sand behind me And feel the rolling of the waves  Your love more powerful is calling When coming home Across the velvet skies  I cannot speed too quickly Till in your arms I am and safe I feel at last  ...Read On


Her wish

Will her wish come true...

  She sat alone on the bank watching the city lights Flickering across the river she knows her soul mate is somewhere out there   She looked  towards the sky and wished upon a star Knowing it will take time For her wish to come true.   Her heart had been broken many times But this time she had decided It would be her year to sparkle And find a love that’s true   Wrapping...Read On

Recommended Read

Drunk, Alive, and Full of Night

Why can't we rest in this moment always?

We came laughing across naked suburban streets, Conquering youth, burning our last wild fumes of Rebellion against the pre-dawn lamplight quiet, We were drunk, alive, and full of night. Our friends peeled off one by one, sneaking Into snoring-parent homes, and soft familiar Mattresses, giving themselves to oblivion at last. Our dwindling numbers deflating exuberance, Cooled to a hushed...Read On



I remember talking about your collection of rocks, the names all beautifully foreign to me, amethyst, citrien, lazurite, tourmaline.... I remembered your reason for seeking them, how their glittering innards were proof  that nothing is ever really an accident, you said touching them connected you to something, that they were like the Earth's secrets in your hand. The sun had already gone...Read On



Writing poetry to you  Was once so easy The words poured out Nearly effortlessly  Now I struggle for words To adequately explain The depth of emotions That I feel for you    You have become my home You fill my world with beauty   Before we became a we I had a house of my own  Filled with laughter And never-ending noise But as the days passed by My loneliness echoed Loud even in busy...Read On


Your scent

As the wind dances upon the trees So your love dances upon my heart.   The simple perfection of knowing you, Of feeling even closer, As I fly across the skies. Even to the ends of the earth, I cannot and will not escape your love.   As I travel, you come with me, Your place secure in my heart   I have your pear and freesia, On my fingers, on my lips It stains my heart and mind...Read On