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Love Poems

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True Love

Inexorably I can feel myself falling  Into the darkness that always lurks, sinister  And out of sight, there at the corner of my mind,  A place of demons and unnameable horrors,  Where my worst nightmares wait, eager to claim my soul.  Like a condemned man on the way to the scaffold,  I see the leering faces of the mocking crowd  Calling on me to save myself, their jeering taunts ...Read On


I Cried Again Today

I cried again today I do most days as I awake Questioning why I stay Tethered unhappily to life Tears and panic set in I struggle and thrash about Trying to quiet my mind I listen to the calming sound Your voice whispering the words Calming the inexplicable anxiety I feel I hear those names and feel safe Tears and shaking soon abate I remember why I wake Hearing the names of those...Read On


Things I will Never Say

words which gave me strength, ready for a new day.

From the depths of my soul, with every fiber of my skin,  with all my passion ...  the fear of your rejection  makes me the shadow of what I was in your life, so there in my words you never tell. Today I want to tell you TE AMO just you ...  that despite the distance and everything that separates us my heart belongs to you, nobody and nothing can get you out of my mind You may...Read On


Dancing Upon The Clouds

Come stand with me on the cliffs in early morning  As the sun rises over the edge of the world,  And watch as the sea birds leave their rocky perches  High up on the crags, to soar out over the sea,  Floating in wide lazy circles on the warming air,  Or skimming just above the waves, free as the wind,  And tell me that you do not envy their freedom,  Unbound by those forces that bind us to...Read On


Sweet Words

Whispered notes upon your shirt Speaking of my touch Murmurs linger on the sheets Reminders of our lust Our passions of the night before Trace my name in air Your lips again pressed to my neck So warm beneath my hair Each hint of scent a mention Bringing me to mind My presence in my absence An aura left behind Soft, yet with such power You feel me in your arms Telling you I love...Read On



Through the eyes of love, we all become perfectly imperfect, unique pieces of art

A paradox of contradictions, Fragile but strong, Emotional yet an intellectual, Fiercely passionate, But quiet and shy. A caretaker, Always looking out for others, Secretly longing For someone to take care of her, Though never wanting to rely on others. She yearns to belong, lose herself in Him, But treasure her freedom. She is way too stubborn, Yet her willfulness Has helped...Read On


I Never Cried For You

I never cried for you. You knew me the best, the ache that always flared when I slept the wrong way, your soft hands would find it, body draped and spooned to mine as a living thermal blanket. You'd quietly touch in the dark, soothing that spinal ghost without request or a signal because I could not cry. You knew the unseen constriction buried within the plane of my chest, ...Read On

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Break this down  Particle by particle  Compare the matter  To the grand scheme  And blow it away To wherever dust twirls  In a snowglobe of memories Like how my mouth brushed  Your rough cheek,  Or the satin of your lips,  My fingers running through  That crop of soft hair  And over your smooth skin Blink. See the moments  Where the sun Caught the stars  Burning in your eyes,  Licking...Read On


I want you

I want you I want to learn all about you... the taste of your lips as we passionately kiss I want to know every curve on your gorgeous body... with my fingertips I want to hear the sound you make... you know the sound the gasp as my tongue grazes your clit Yes so many things to discover... about you I want you...Read On


Moonglow and Sunlight

Like the rising of the lambent moon's orb Over the rim of the restless ocean, Clothing the waters with liquid silver, And calming the harsh anger of the waves, So is the love of my dear one to me, The clear light of her bright presence soothing My unhappy tempestuous spirit, And turning my misery into joy. In the turbulence of life's darkest storms, She is like a shaft of...Read On


Giving In

A message from a new pet to her Master

I saw you from afar And watched as you played Just thinking about it made me wet So afraid of being hurt again I’m hiding far away Protecting my heart from old regrets You look like fire I might get burned But your body calls out to me anyway Words like a cool breeze Sexy things you say to tease Pulled me right in and made my heart race Trying hard to keep my distance From...Read On


Star Dancing


Full moon, Sacred Yoni egg, Swollen in her luminance, Stars gather, dance and sway. Two stars shake a shimmy, Vibrating, pulsing energies, Undulating, subtle waves, In cosmos' swoon of gravity. Orbiting each other's light, Spiraling towards collision. They combust when they collide, In a rainbow burst of prism. Gleaming in the night, Forged of cosmic elements. They bid farewell to Luna,...Read On


Patchwork Hearts

Over the course of one's lifetime our heart changes shape,  it evolves and transforms.  Once untouched,  unbroken in its entirety  an unblemished, whole beauty. Somehow beyond our comprehension,  defying all we know of logic,  through heartbreak it becomes  even more beautiful,  weathered and worn,  so delicate yet so strong.  I think of my heart as a frayed edge quilt,  wove of...Read On


Deep and Safe

Describes someone special to me..

Clouds overhead, masking sunshine Hidden warmth, beyond the sight. Visions of days, youth not be gone, Happiness abates, clinging on. My girl is deep, still waters below,  Her love, deeper still, oh happy soul! I look into her eyes, visions of insight, I cling to her heart, safe harbor I find. Peace, rolling waters moving, Music shared, for us to play. Time spent, locked...Read On



The dark shadows of my mind, They threaten to consume, They sometimes feed on the weak and they feed on the weary, But they mostly just feed on me. I feel confined, trapped, filled with disillusion, It seems that every where I turn the same face is staring back at me, Haunted eyes and blood shot lies, Etched upon that face, is it a smile or is it a grimace? The serpent caresses my...Read On


I Thought You Should Know

The logical part of my mind has tried to understand you to no avail. You're an anomaly. (Not in a bad way) A star that shines more brightly  than the rest, or a wounded bird that has taught itself to fly again. You're a puzzle, a riddle, an enigma. (But not in a bad way) Your story contains so many delightful contradictions that cannot be, and yet... you are undeniable. You...Read On


Rogue Wave

Make no mistake  I heard the words But chose not to reply My thoughts are, first Did you mean to hurt? And if that's so, then why? Have I done wrong? Have I caused harm? What reason could there be? My rig's been tossed My bearing lost As I seek calmer seas Absorbing shock I process And line up what to say So when I speak I don't incite And we communicate....Read On


Unfurled Wings

With wings unfurled I seek my joy once more, The dance of love continues with my art.  From fearful cliffs I spread my wings and soar, So join me now and live your fated part. Our secret rendezvous were magic dreams, No longer must we hide our heartfelt trust. Enraptured times we lived in flowing streams, Of passions breeding glee and frantic lust. Will you accept these offerings from me, As...Read On


Lost Love

This is for anyone who's ever lost someone they loved husband, wife, mother, father,friend or lover

Our flame is now a flicker, a dim light in the dying night. As the cold seeps in I wonder will I ever see you again. Your absence I feel like cold hard steel. It prices my heart, my soul, my mind. You are there all the time just below the surface. Just out of reach, I stretch out my hand to the cold empty space our fingers never to lace. I scream your name to the stars but my voice can't...Read On



Draw a circle round me Let me look away Protect me with Enchantment Prostrating what you say Invoking now the barrier A cloak of crystal steel Cascading all around me With no infirmities Your words approach, empowered But weaken when they meet My shield of pure Enchantment With its unsurpassed security Standing here well-guarded Your words shall not break through They simply freeze and...Read On



Fill this out, if you don't mind . . .

I tried to research sources I could find no proof I tried to seek out references I guess they all had moved I thought up some trick questions They did seem answered right And who says "lie detector test" As a date some night? I wish there were a sure-fire way To leach out the truth Instead of just believing When you say "I love you."...Read On

Recommended Read

Another Victim

I can’t help but stare And watch others care I know you are there Those secrets that you hide Create the void you feel inside Another victim of one’s pride The boundaries you have crossed Along with the fables you exhaust Will leave you forever lost You spin and you collect All that love that you reject You will never gain respect I can see you pretend Becoming a new friend ...Read On


Secret Love

You're my secret, the one I can never tell. We're the equation where no one can divide us. You are true beauty and wonder, And in my heart you dwell. How I love you so, Daddy. You make my heart pound, my knees weak. I melt and all walls go down, It's only you that I long for, The stellar constant in my universe, My every wish fulfilled. You're my precious angel Of heavenly delights...Read On


Through the Lens

When the camera reveals more than most see.

Through the camera’s eye Look closely and see An image revealed to so few Far beneath a composed surface The viewfinder will present A heart that is strong and true Many see just what’s shown In a carefully crafted pose A kind and smiling face But reflected in warm sunlight And caught by the lens Is a soul filled with compassion and grace Most will never take the time To wait for the...Read On


Enlightened By You

I am having trouble Getting the words To come out right. To come out right In a way that truly Expresses my thoughts. Expresses my thoughts On how much you have Enriched my world. Enriched my world By opening doorways and Allowing me to explore. Allowing me to explore New experiences and dreams In this great big world. So with all my heart, With every inch of my being I devote myself...Read On


It's not a want...

What I want, what I need, what I desire.

It's not a want. It's not a need. It's more a deep desire. For deep within me, You have sparked, Ignited passions fire. I see your name Upon my screen. My heart beat starts to race. I can not wait To see the picture Of your gorgeous face. You make me think You make me write You are my perfect muse. If I could be With you right now, Then that's what I would choose. To...Read On



I said it You had thought it I thought  What you had said You have a wondrous talent For getting in my head You root around among my thoughts And then they’re on your lips Spoken in your measured voice As though you’ve read the script You speak the words I fear to say Held shaded in my heart Once verbalized, fear fades away Thus losing all its power I love it when we talk about How...Read On


Wearing Glasses

I'm planning a visit to the optician

I’ve stopped listening to what you say It’s sounding pretty lame; And obvious you’re only here to watch a TV game Oh, after that you’ll want to fuck of course – you make that clear You boast you want to do me hard And take me from the rear But that’s the problem I can’t face: You only think of me At the point you’re out of beer With nothing on TV You’ll lick my boobs, you’ll...Read On


HIs Love For Me

What love means to me.

He puts his arm around my waist and leads me to the floor. His finger's touch upon my arm makes me crave him more. He bows so deep to honor me, I curtsey in return. His eyes meet mine in tight embrace, my heart begins to burn. He takes my hand and brings me close to lead me round the room. This day I have become his wife and he my handsome groom. This man can have who e'er he please...Read On


Wind Strings

Like wind strings on a kite as petals weep, silently soaring above love song serenade, with sails and memories poetically swelling my heart, from a distance of a dream my kisses reach as if sung-strum melodies,  on a bow of a rainbow. Like winds strings on a kite when the grass turns over, a dewdrop will sigh as you lay beneath the grass, alone but not forgotten as petals weep,...Read On