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Love Poems


Love Me, Master

Master, you had me on my tiptoes, So close to heaven, that I could reach out and touch it.  Then you took it.  Snatched it from me.  Showed me how horrible you can be.  You understood me, said you loved me.  You were just playing a game with me.  I am just your puppet.  Building me up to knock me down. Again.  There is no love for me in you, master.  I wish I hated you.  ...Read On


All day long

My heart jumps  When I think of you It does that  Every time I do And I can only Think of you So my heart jumps All day long I warm up When I think of you I do that  Every time I do And I can only Think of you So I'm warm All day long I miss you When I think of you I miss you Every time I do And I can only Think of you So I miss you All day long...Read On



Ashes gritty gray The kindest heart battered Assailed by sneers  Adorned in tatters Dreaming improbably Days end to end Invitation omitted When enchantment descends She enters the ballroom In her splendor aglow Heads turn to see her A sight to behold Bewitched and bewitching As they take the floor Yet the warning was given To midnight, no more Their dance not of steps So smoothly...Read On


Goodbye To You

Our love is true, our love is never ending.  A love like that should work perfectly.  Ups and downs, of course, we will have.  The best times will always be in my mind.  So why do I lay here crying in my bed? I feel for you but you're not there.  Reaching out my arm I feel the empty space you left behind.  We could never make it work the way it should.  The bad always in my mind and...Read On


Fuck off, please.

Ever have one of those days where nothing goes right?

How I loathe you. I was fine, I had accepted my fate. I accepted a life of merely existing, decades ago. It was unnerving to plunge that dagger in my heart. I thought I had murdered it. Sure, it beat. But, it didn’t feel. It couldn’t hurt me anymore. I had won. I was the victor. How sweet to claim the prize of ‘no more pain’. And then, You. You, with that fatal smile. You,...Read On


You're Just A Memory

Best of luck to you.

When a relationship ends  The healing can finally begin You were once lovers and best friends You got underneath each other's skin The love was once there Now it's all gone You lose faith and don't care There's nothing left to hold on No tears as this is best A final goodbye is said A dead relationship laid to rest Happiness is now up ahead You're now just a memory Tucked away neatly in a...Read On


Life After...

I loved her dearly until I left. My time had come as I sailed into the West Through smoke and clouds, I lumbered on To Heaven. Where else would I belong. I watched the years pass slowly by I watched her laugh, sometimes she'd sigh It saddened me to see her cry Yet, powerless to console, from up on high. Alas, 'twas her time to visit me To join me in this sanctuary Her passing, not fraught...Read On


Like You Used to Do

A love exists beyond time.

Please flirt with me like you used to do... those sideways glances when love was new, those little ways my heart you'd woo, please flirt with me like you used to do. When the stars in heaven shined overhead, you took my hand, through life you led. You loved me true, that's what you said when the stars in heaven shined overhead. You took my love and returned it to me. You taught me to live...Read On


Not Meant For Me?

I feel that happiness is perhaps not meant for me Contented, stable, smiling, satisfied, maybe those Its meaning lost, I search but still can not see Lost in my reverie, to decide and define or to lose Happiness, sold to us, bought both lock and key Touching, tangible, its price marked down each day Fork over my heart to its tag or forget and be free Answers I seek in friends, family, anyone...Read On



From MM to SF

You must put that photograph away! What you had was once lovely, but Tomorrow is always another day. These feelings you have for her are ugly. Time heals wounds they say, Memories are what one has had. These feelings on your heart do weigh, You both took different paths. You need to stop trying to pretend, That you'll ever get her back again, Face the facts, it's at an end but,...Read On



A periwinkle by any other name, With soft petals of blue  In pastels of hue. And I in somber rest,  Breathe life into my prose, In fields of lavender breeze,  And honeysuckle weeds. As we confess our endearing love, A soliquay of romance, While dancing on a pine cone's star. Dreams of woo from a Mason's jar, In continuation, of life's sweeten mead....Read On


I Love It In My Ass

A Tribute to Anal Sex

I love your cock in my ass No need to rush it, make it last Start out real nice and slow I feel your cock from head to toe When you pry open my tight hole With your fat, hard, raging pole I close my eyes and then I grunt I shove my fingers in my cunt I crave, hunger and I need Your hard cock stretching me My head is dizzy, it's hard to breath Please make me your cock-sleeve Now it's time...Read On



Alwyas the same.

Tears in my eyes, hard to breath. I can't hide it, I tried. Stepping back, falling down. Running away, I know I can't stay. It came on strong, didn't last long. The feeling was there, I felt the tear. Hearts breaking, breath taking. Body shaking, heart aching. Holding on tight, can't let go. Fading of the light, giving up the fight. Lost in the dark, no spark. Never the...Read On


My Black Heart

Is this what limbo feels like? I’ve often wondered, The indecision of my mind, Joining the pain in my heart. I’m his whore, his mistress, The bitch who would ruin a union, Never thought I would be that, Shame is under my skin now. It makes me unsure, Trying to step away, I’m almost there until he calls me, My mind forgets how much it hurts. Too scared to step away, I want him...Read On



poem about sex in the morning

Morning glory from a body so tight and doughy in all the right places, Lay back now, I want my fill, smiling eyes covered, Lucy’s juicy swallow, Suck and lick, hard and thick, build under pressure, Naked body, undressed I am impressed, I’ll spend all morning loving you, the day outside waiting for us, Wake up early go for a walk, I’ll sit on the sand when you kayak on the beach, Let's...Read On


Destruction Queen

She's always there

Who was that just now? She jumped inside my head Whispering little lies Dragging me out of bed Did you see her? Did you hear her? What was it that she said? If you choose to listen She’ll forever spin her web. Does she look familiar? Have you seen those eyes before? Have you read the songs she writes? Is she one you can ignore When life becomes a bore And you want something more Or you...Read On


Self Love

A long time to really understand this about me...

A perfect body I do not have,  Scars, bulges, imperfection. That is me! What I am outside, Does not define Whom I am inside. Love me Or hate me, I remain me. Take me as I am Or leave me be, This body is mine, These scars, beautiful scars, Are MINE. Living free,  Living free of lies Living free of ties. Living to be...Read On

Recommended Read


Stepping through the door, I stood Met stale air scented with wood Pausing, wondering if I could Or would I slid your pictures from the frames Scratched out the notes that bore your name Unaware when last I came  It was farewell to what was same A shame The summer when you last were here No summers more And on the floor Behind the chair I noticed there Dusty, yet not worse for wear...Read On

Recommended Read

Descent Into Redemption

Crushed by the burden of my expectations  My humiliation is complete, And I am descending into a dark pit Of self abnegation and contempt, My self esteem shattered into crystal shards By the brutal hammer blows of fate. A mere scientist, I am justly punished For my insolent temerity In believing I could trespass in those fields Reserved for more refined intellects Honed in the...Read On


I choose to make love

A kiss is always better kept in the soul, than one that only touches the lips ...

The human body, beautiful, and perfect, only as He intended. The soul... immortal essence, life giving. Man, divine creation, strong and courageous. Woman, Taken from him, his peace, his breath. Sex, raw, lustful sinful, delicious, empty, and hallow... Love making... tender, sweet, meaningful, complete. Sex is not bad, but when used just for "experience" or pleasure. It...Read On


Northern Star

oh Polaris,  supposed guide of all those  who wander in the night. how many years  have I blindly followed you? no longer I believe the tales of sailors finding safe  havens through your light. missing rocky shoals  blessed by your providence. I am lost in the count of endless nights  following you till dawn. in that vain search for her your guidance is folly  and I shall follow...Read On


Breathing Underwater

The depths to which you love him Interest me, not How you strive For words to describe Heights of passion Bores me We all know the feeling We all feel as though it did not begin Until Us Don’t tell me what it is to breathe  When surrounded by air Tell me instead How you cope with uncertainty When it arises How you fight your way out of fear And depression How you continue to love...Read On



The ephemeral beauty of the daffodil

Little yellow trumpet, Defiant lest frost encroaches Garden whore, lemon strumpet Nodding gaily, as spring approaches Narcissus, you vainly watch Through my window – a looking glass In your bed, she’s another notch Smiling petals, as bold as brass Betwixt the snowdops and the crocus Your amber glow is the last to fade ‘Tis your one and only duty… Keeping watch over bluebell glade So...Read On



Foray into free verse

We tried to talk But couldn't We were each too hurt And scared And surprised And desperate to get back What we once had That connection There was a connection Wasn't there? They say there are signs Anything can be a sign What is a sign? I mean it What REALLY is a sign? Not the hit-me-in-the-face sign Not the fucking-around-with-other women sign Not...Read On


Did You Love Me?

The uncertainty of something thought to be love...

I knew, life immortally feigned Love me, silent shadow wept You are, humbly, my breath. I felt, sincerity of illusion Love you, nullity no more You will, preserve my soul. I thought, united our hearts Love us, existential elation You do, deceive my celebration. I knew, blinded blubbering fool Love me, vulnerable vagary unrequited You are, alas,...Read On


Losing to a Lesbian

Never take a woman for granted

It seems that Between you And Jean There is a scene Lesbian, I mean I wouldn't ask If you put me to task You two are a team I just want to see The reality I'll take a back seat Momentarily Watch you munch on pussy Won't interfere Whack myself off While drinking my beer You know you love me And I love you too I know you love her And she loves you too Tits and ass And curves and...Read On


Dark Thoughts

Dystopian thoughts on the war of words between poets for the heart of a lady

There comes a time in each poet’s life When it is best to admit defeat, And walk away into the darkness To tread the bleak vale of tears alone, Leaving the field to the stronger man. Love is a merciless battleground Where deceit and lies are the weapons Employed by an unscrupulous foe To win the hand of a fair lady, 'Gainst which a true heart cannot prevail. Honest pledges...Read On



At some point she stopped listening When he would talk to her Displaying a delightful smile Through boredom thick as tar Wondering how she got here Become the walking dead Catching just the tail end And so she’d nod her head Feigning her compassion Planning what’s for lunch Playing with her earrings Glancing at her watch Inserting mental earbuds Blocking out his voice ...Read On


Noggin's Gruel

In the yawning predawn as I toss, Upon the coming of new day caw. As the frost lay on the hearth, A new awakening in my eyes, Stirring embers of desires. Gone to crush my scrawling writ, Bashing with comeuppance, My naughty not nice. Tasting breath of last eve's rum, As your bosom kindled my will, And a tongue unfurled on my cock.  By the time, dark clouds of sins, Have passed...Read On



the winter is eternal now and I suffer no delusions it shall end I no longer care if the river even flows beneath its icy tomb or if the grass still lay dormant encased within the frost but I still remember the warmth how it nurtured me sustained me providing all my needs last night I dreamt of a summers day one thought would never end yet it has forever set my ignorance killed the...Read On