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Love Poems


Star Crossed Lovers

Because sometimes, you love the right person, at the wrong time.

How can I miss you when you aren’t mine to miss.  A song brings back every memory of you.   The feel of your hand, running through my hair,  The way your lips felt against mine  As you devoured me  Memories flood my mind, I can see you standing there  Holding my hand, like it was meant to be  We should have known better,  Perhaps, we are just star crossed lovers  Soul mates, maybe ...Read On


Friends Forever More

You're our sun, Our moon, You're our words, You're our tune, Our earth, Our sky, Our sea, Your friendship means so much to us. You're our light in the darkness, You're our peace and happiness, Our hope And our friend forever more.  ...Read On


The Proof

Your eyes seemed to melt into the dark needful pools of my own. The kiss was beyond feverous, so quiet but moving with something primal, an ancient fury and desire to conquer suddenly sealing over my parched lips. You wanted it to leave a permanent mark, to feel your fire and signature taste, to keep something in the end, it's how I know you loved me. You must've know then, how I ached...Read On


A Glorious Morn

With every dawn that breaks  The sun peeks out Illuminating the sky In a bounty of hues. My heart beats strong As my mind races  To catch up with the morn. The birds begin to chirp A beautiful melody Awakening the world  Awakening my mind, body and soul Under a smiling sun With beautiful dancing rays That sparkle that golden glow Grazing the tip of my nose Through the...Read On


New Year's Kiss

It's that time of year again  The old ends and the new begins.  Standing amidst our friends,  We glance across the distance separating us    The room disappears as our eyes meet.  You are all I need. All I want.  But the timing has never been right  So here we stand,  In a world all our own  Despite the crowd, flowing around us.     I can read your mind,  Even as we look around...Read On



Slipping, Fairy dust and fairy tales are long gone.

Slipping, Through my hands. Slipping, Like sand. Slipping,  Knowing that we can't. Slipping, Our time has past. Slipping, Unspoken truths. Slipping, Walking away from you. Slipping, So much more to do. Slipping, Fairy dust and fairy tales are long gone. Slipping, No more, it's time to move on....Read On


Broken hearted

pain of a heart

The pain of losing you is real Hurts like a thousand needles to my broken heart I wish it didn't hurt this bad I need to forget with all my heart  Please just make me forget  Even if only for just one moment in time.  ...Read On


Locked Up Tight

Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime - Mineko Iwasaki

My heart has been locked in a steel cage Inside a vault and buried deep inside Everyone had the combination but me It was always their playground and never mine Most promised everything, and delivered nothing They would take it out and throw it all about It has been stomped on, burnt and stabbed Some even dangled it from a string  And used it as their fucking punching bag It would sit on...Read On


Confessions of a Broken Heart

this one's for you... just like the last one

It takes g reat c o urage T o   walk away From pain d isguised as love.   It takes great strength To destroy Your pedestal A b ove M y  soul’s resting plac e.   Your throne I built  Exists no more. Crumbled at my feet, Shattered to the core.   Killing you softly With the endless push and shove. Killing you softly With my pain Disguised as love.       ...Read On


The Betrayal

A dagger plunged so deep, Twisted inside a bleeding heart Already injured.   Pain shielded by rage Pride broken to pieces, Breaking me The same way I’ll break you When I leave....Read On

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Is That Okay?

Sometimes we just need to walk away...

No longer dream but silently scream Wake sweaty, sad, and unclean  Did you hear me?   Were you even listening? Kept me at bay so I left you today Impatient, hurt, and astray  Do you miss me?   Are you aware I’m gone? Appears to be true I meant less to you Sinful words, song, and our view  Was it just me?   Am I the fool again? Don’t know why there was no try So I walked away...Read On


What's important...

Is it the smell of wet grass Wafting over an alpine meadow. The rising sun playing a  Fleeting tune on the land Beneath our feet. Standing still... Breathing in... Tasting the crispness of the air on our tongues, And that sweet smell of summer. Is it the things we do together. The laughter, the pain, Even the arguments in the rain. The making up, in front of  That warm, cosy fire. The...Read On



Originally written 4/22/2016

Poets write of beauty discovered in unlikely places or sometimes what they find right there in familiar faces. So if there's  any beauty to the words I share, know that without you, there would be nothing there. And if I were to leave this earth today, I would depart the richest soul. The happiness, hope and inspiration attained in my life were achieved because of your role.  ...Read On

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Everything's Fine

Our lives run Like a movie on repeat Reels whirring Days blurring Into one another It’s all the same The same ideas The same sick fears I cling to everyday things The weight of his arm On my shoulder Until it's gone And everything's calm But everything's colder Just another suffocating day A box office bomb Delivered without aplomb I don’t remember the premiere All I know is the grey...Read On


Dial Tone

Originally written 8/21/2015

Ever want to wake someone up, even if you have nothing to say? Wishing you could share, the details of the day. But you can't find your voice, the words simply won't come. You can't catch your breath, you feel you're intruding and dumb. You want to pick up the phone, just to hear someone breathe. To pretend somebodie's there, and that you're not so naive. Forget for a moment, you feel...Read On


Coming Out

Something I had to do...

By default on the day we’re born We’re labelled up as straight That really puts the pressure on If you find a same sex mate There’s a fork up in the road ahead I have to choose my way Stay as I am and live a lie Or come out that I'm gay I have to tell my parents first I don't know what to say I’m not sure how they'll take to it The fact I feel this way They’re from a generation Where...Read On


Words alone cannot express the way I feel.

  Sometimes at night, When I look to the sky. I start thinking of you, Then ask myself "why?" "Why do I love you?" I think and smile, Because I know, The list would go on a mile. The whisper of your voice, The warmth of your touch. So many little things, Make me love you so much. The way you support me, Even my silly notions. The way that you care, Showing such devotion. The way that...Read On


The Wind

The wind pulled us both away from sleep,  a chorus of countless whispers  singing along hills and still streets,  becoming the unseen hands  rattling windows and eaves When you shivered against me  and I couldn't see yet,  only the vague outline of you, a sleepy beautiful face as our hands  lightly clasped and interlocked, squeezing each time the house  trembles and trees stay. Lips cover...Read On



Originally written 9/3/2015

Play with my heart, tell me what I want to hear. Mention your feelings, it's OK to be insincere. I've grown to idolize the lies, and embrace the deception. It doesn't matter what you believe, when your dreams shape your perception. I've met a ton of people, but only come to know a few. I'm left to wonder, if what I think I know is true. Whatever light there was has been snuffed. All that...Read On


Impossible To Tell

You can't stay here anymore. The words become a pattern, a reluctantly whispered hymn that is too foreign to me. All I can hear is the calm thunder within, my ear pressed tight to your bare breast, you once asked why I do this, wanted to know exactly what I hear in those countless dark rivers rushing beneath, I've been listening for hours or years. I can't tell anymore. I can't tell anyone....Read On


Who cares

Sometimes you have to ask the tough questions

My heart has been wounded, no solace in sight. No arms offer comfort. Nor ears hear my plight. No eyes see my discomfort. No heart touched by my pain. Profoundly alone. Steadily going insane. Lips mouthing voices. Ears hearing whispers and screams. Or is that the sound, of shattered dreams? Lungs struggle to breathe. Mind barely aware. If I died tomorrow, would anyone really care?   ...Read On


Mystic Lover

Mystic Lover

Oh mystic lover, Why do you haunt my dreams so? Thy sweet caress Hidden in the shadow. Oh mystic lover, Why do you come And share my dreams? Your eyes burning bright As you consume my love. Oh mystic lover What do you take? Your visits exhaust me Yet I do not wake. Oh mystic lover What can I do? Arms about me Is your love still true? Oh mystic lover So long ago Once we were lovers In...Read On



If I were to disappear, would you shed, a single tear? Through affected smile, you call me "dear". Yet when we're alone, I can't get near. You mock me, with your false concern. Recoil from my touch. Give it voice with your indifferent gaze,  but pretend you care "so much". You regard me as your plaything. Not caring about my heart. The longer this continues, the further we're driven apart....Read On


Devil Incarnate

Seducing you with kind words ...

The devil that she hides in an angel's wings  Lips that kiss with caring and loving words  Dress to be kind but harmful just the same  Heart that is full of jealousy and insecurities  Always envious of someone's good fortune  That's eating up what little good soul she has  Trying hard to be kind and good at all times  Meaning to care but ends up hurting a soul  They only seem to notice...Read On



There is a fine line between love making and war making.

Fingers marched like so many soldiers into my homeland. Assailing and assaulting and attacking my better sense, until my walls were breached. Torn down, burnt down and defeated. There was no defense against you. There was nothing left of resistance or resilience, or refusal. You took paradise from atop me from within me. Your victory flooded my valley and claimed my kingdom as yours....Read On



In the arms of a loved one, ear to their chest. Sometimes you just need, to lay your head to rest. Where tears don't matter, and your pain fades away. While you try and catch your breath, at the end of the day. Nestled in their arms, suspended in time. And for a brief moment, everything's fine.  ...Read On

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To entice, lure or ensnare by artful talk or inducements

My heart cries out, tears trickling down my cheeks, And looking through the weeping window pane, I whimper, furtive tears flowing unsought, But there is no sign, for I have lost you, And my soul splinters in shards of anguish.   You inveigled me into surrender, And captivated by your love, I fell, Enraptured by your hypnotic presence, Caught in a net of yearning for your touch,...Read On


What is love ?

Love is sweet

What is love ... A lover's touch The gentle way the tips of your fingers skim my flesh A lover's kiss Whispered words of love Sharing day to day things Sweet passion Intense love ... Just lying in the dark Sharing our dreams and hopes Sharing our fears Sharing cuddles and tender moments Making sweet memories Dreaming of the future Love is making memories with the sweet people...Read On



After all those years, of sharing a bed, How do I evict you, from my head? We were friends before lovers, and grew so close, it felt so right. I believed our connection stronger, than any disagreement, misunderstanding or fight. In the end how deeply I felt for you, mattered only to me and simply wasn't enough. Desperately wanting to comfort you and feed your desires, but did you have to...Read On

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Can’t tell you I love you  Though your voice lives in my bones Your words upon my breasts Your touch, forever lingering The days I drank of you, Rebuilt upon your breath Live now in reflections, Mosaics of memory Buried in the abyss  That used to be me. I drape my love over you Like armor But vault the words, Protect me from them Protect me from you So fold me up like paper And toss me...Read On