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Love Poems


Lost and Found

I was lost.

I was lost but now I'm found. I was down when you came around. You offer your hand with a smile. I reach for you as reach for me, a spark there is no denial. You pick me up from off the ground. Into the sunshine you take me. I smile up at you as you smile down at me. Through your eyes I glimpse your soul. A ray of light shining so bright. Walk with me you say and everything will be okay....Read On


What Now?

I want to touch you but circumstances, stars, space and time will not allow. I need to feel you but scanning my mind, heart, and will I don't know how. Frozen, cold fingers type and drip words upon my keyboard, pieces of my mind. Perceptions collide offering differing scenarios, both to blame, our hearts beginning to bind. Waiting, patience, I look and I search, but they are not so easy to...Read On


A Short Way

It's a short way across our rainbow, when there is an escalator to my heart and the rain showers of spring bring golden jubilee of our wed,  and how the seasons flew twelve months times many on backs of singing sparrows in our nest of gifted years, its a short way across our rainbow when I'm penned to your soul with tears of pearls, I kiss your happy face....Read On



Peace found thru Him.

I am ready... ready to throw off the shackles. Shackles of self-restraint, ready to share a secret or two. Secrets, secrets of my soul, secrets which I need to let go. Letting go of demons, demons which consumed most of my life. My life has always been for others, always being a quiet good girl, drowning inside. Drowning and wondering of my direction, is my compass aligned with my desires?...Read On


In the Still of the Night

In the still of the night A slight chill in the air I feel the warmth of you Your hand on my derriere My nipples get hard With the cool breeze Your passionate kiss Puts me at ease Your breath on my neck Goose bumps on my skin Your manhood hardens Gently you guide it in Our body’s mesh We bump and grind My dream lover You blow my mind This was...Read On


Odd Fellow

In my midlife boon without any remorse, all spruced up in my cock-corset ties, pillbox hat, blue menthol lyptus  and scented balls. Wishing it a clit with a concussion   and the heebie jeebies filling my tank, as I sparkled with bustle and long lashes decked out as a wench with highfalutin shoes. As my penis gets a spontaneous eruption, when the fans unbutton my pants ...Read On

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Time gives and time takes away, what will remain and what will not...

So now through the moonlit garden, Walks Lady Jealousy, The inked heart upon her thigh, Laced with briars, And all your hopes of yesterday, Seeping through Her fingers, (Like ashes) they fall, Like ashes in the night, And once again the red rose of death doth bloom. But, for every death, (for every death) there is a life, A new voice in a new cradle cries, ...Read On



to dream this wonderful dream...

Love is strange, surprising us. Sometimes the moment is perfect, sometimes inconvenient, but always unfailingly exciting. Love is strange, surprising us. Sometimes it makes us tick, sometimes we live differently, but always unconditional. Love is strange, surprising us. Sometimes we love sweetly, sometimes we love intensely, but never with angry words. Love is strange,...Read On



You want me to tell you everything, I won't speak of some memories, it should be more than enough that I sensed another world in you, accents of another atmosphere. If you think I'm only predatory or merely a misguided romantic, you don't know the first thing about me. You won't see the heavy petals or the ache when my heart splits like butterfly wings, you only knew the shape of every...Read On


Loving You

When we are together Or when you are away My love for you grows With every passing day This treasure of you is Found within my soul How much do I love you No one can really know You've brought me a joy I've never known before With each smile and touch I cherish you more and more Whenever you say goodbye And when it's time to part Know I hold you dearly Deep within my heart ...Read On


Trinkets of You

You don't know what you got, till it's gone.

There are certain trinkets that remind me of you. Some small details I notice that pull me through. That picture you sent from the gym—you in pink The dress with red lips: yes it’s of you I think. There’s the white backless dress, the line of your neck My heart fluttered, do you remember? Frankly I was a wreck. I think of you now, yes it’s you, each and every day Hoping you’ll...Read On


What Is Love?

Love is not just a four letter word It is the silly things you do  It's the way you act  The way you think  It's how your heart aches  When you're apart Love is so many things  It's the friendships that you make  Along the way It's a simple note just saying hello A warm and fuzzy feeling  That consumes your soul The way you miss that special person  You hold close...Read On


When you Love

it always lives within

When you love You give your heart and soul Unconditionally, it's something you can't control You spend your waking moments thinking of him Knowing that soon In his arms you will swing At night when I lay in my bed It's images of our love tryst I remember and blush a faint red In my dreams you wander at night I toss and I turn reaching for you, to hold on tight When I...Read On


Through My Eyes

When I look into your eyes of green I feel complacent my world serene The soft tones when you speak Adds excitement and mystique My eyes were focused on black and white You had me hooked on our first night In your hands I’m clay ready to mold With splashes of blue, red and gold Your patience and kindness had me in awe I squinted through the darkness and saw A man...Read On


A Victory Song

Life lessons to learn from or learn about

Whispers and screams, sound in my dreams, My tears get stuck in my throat. I reach out my hand, clutching quicksand, While he sits and laughs as he gloats. And most never know, though they know me so. They feel that my life must be grand. But it’s only because I, live a talented lie, Pretty smiles, laughs and grins on demand. When I was young, I thought he’d become, The person I...Read On


My Anger, My Calm

It is he who understand my anger that gets my calm...

Challenged what was my norm, I bared my teeth, and I was ready to strike. This has worked for me over the years. I stomp off, and find solitude, this pushed of many, and they disappear, and me back in my comfort unchallenged. I have become a pro at this. so much that no one recognizes it, but You did. A subtle word, a touch of sarcasm. I hide who I really am to anyone near, and that...Read On


Morning Star

I am your morning star For you I shine day and night Not quite so fair as many are I promise you my plight My smile will shine as your beacon To guide you when you become lost I make you sweat and your knees weaken I will protect your heart at any cost Look into my eyes and see yourself A scarred soul still worthy and good Never one to be placed on a shelf ...Read On



It really does feel this way

It suddenly occurred to me I’m feeling a cliché What else can possibly explain Perceiving things this way? My arms are arms, and end in hands Not wings of gossamer I walk on ground and do not float Like lepidoptera My heart, it beats I hear it thump But seems to me it sings Surely that’s a neighbor’s music Carried on the wind? The tingles on my body Could the cause be that I’ve wandered...Read On


Wings Of A Robin

It seems I came under a glitch, I lost tempo in my writs like a spell I could not tell, as shadows fell on a robin's breast  the words I need to sow, in my lovers basket. And now the straw that snapped my back, cannot mend my sins, I harken to you. So give me moment to digest as I lay my last rest, in the fields of Oswego on the wings of a robin I confess, ...Read On


May I Borrow Your Hand?

May I borrow your hand? To wipe the tear from my cheek When I feel vulnerable and weak May I borrow your hand? To feel all the love you have within It’s a wonderful feeling skin on skin May I borrow your hand? To touch me in a sensual way Please don’t ever back away May I borrow your hand? To make me feel complete I want to tingle down to my feet May I borrow your hand? Is that too much...Read On


Shell Game

Now you see it . . .

She stands before you So sincere Her heart is on display Cradled in her outstretched hands Held so tenderly You melt to see her standing there You want so to believe And to accept her offering Your hands begin to reach And as you do she pulls away Saying, "you must play the game" And takes you to a table Where sit three shells, all the same She sets one shell atop her heart And...Read On


Land Of Caribou

Missing my eternal sleep, by the touch of a halo  and swallowing my pride, by turning over a leaf in the land of caribou. With the nib of my pen and scribbling new threads, becoming sentimental on falling snow. For whom the heavens shine, romantically incline, sweet kisses and wine, and cuddling my woo. Beneath the midnight sun  in the land of caribou, with dreams...Read On


Love Is

Love is special.

Love is that comfortable understanding between two people that conveys with just a look. Love is that allure even after years of being together that still says, "I want you." Love is the peace felt that surrounds a couple as they endure hardships together in faith. Love is the feeling passed between two people by the simple touch on the other's arm. Love is the emptiness felt...Read On


Still There

You’re in my every thought You’re in my every dream You live in my heart Why won't you leave? You’re like a nasty cobweb Clinging to every part of me You’re not welcome here any more Yet you’re in every poem or story I read Why won't you go away? You are always haunting me We were so in love Yes, you said you loved me And I loved you We planned a life together You said you would never leave...Read On


Broken Soul

Lovely melody you sang to me.

When the breeze ruffles my hair, and my tears are mistaken for the rain; My eyes, empty sockets filled with despair. A love poem for the dead upon a gravestone. A petrified inscription which did not reach, Emerald eyes, which kidnapped my peace, For the pale moonlight and the dead see. The proximity of your perfume steals my breath Demons shine and grow, ectoplasm of a ghost ...Read On



I am more than just words  Pulsating across your computer screen. I am more than your eyes can see and  That your heart can blindly feel, I am not invisible. I can touch your heart like an arrow hitting a bullseye with one try. I am a woman who no longer cries  For those leaving without a goodbye, For I am worth more than my weight in gold. I am a book of pages read by those closest...Read On



Grazed by your eyes As though you have touched me Watching your lips While words emerge softly Speaking to me Telling me more I just want to stay here Letting them pour Silken, like scarves That trail through my mind They calm, yet excite As I try to slow time And prolong this night To capture its passing As cel by cel I live it while watching So keenly conscious Of each matchless...Read On


Alone in my Thoughts

All I can ask is why?

You told me you loved me, but it wasn’t so You told me you loved me, and you would never go My tears are like rain that falls from the sky You left me wondering because you never said good bye You were my everything, my mentor, my friend And I thought you’d be with me forever, and that it would not end But you left me wondering, what did I do? I was guilty of nothing ...Read On


Hungry For Love

Feel the Emotion Crave the Passion Hunger for Lust Lack compassion Hearts beating Skin on skin Breathing escalates Deep within Sweat beads form Flesh penetrating flesh Pulse rate increases Two bodies mesh Rocking back and forth Moving as one Hearts beating faster Behavior wanton Sudden urgency Loud moans Volcanic eruption Animalistic groans ...Read On


She Waits

Her need for love overpowers her hurt.

She cries, thinking back to the time of love forever lost. Just wanting simple affection, but what will be the cost? She feels her loneliness and pain will cause her heart to break. She does not want empty words now, and cannot handle fake. She just wants to be accepted, not used, then thrown away; she wants someone to come home to, each night and every day. She wants to learn...Read On