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Love Poems


The Dark And Endless Night

The dark and endless night of my soul  stretches out before me. Empty hallways echo with silent intent for the loss of my dreams. Jousting with my dreadful doubt again is my fragile feverish fear. Questions bounce from side to side now on the walls of my mind. Songs dwindle and die with a whimper as notes are brushed away. My thoughts are tentative and credulous when pondering your acts....Read On


Good Morning

I lie next to you wide awake Thinking of the love we are about to make You sleep soundly. I am right by your side I need you now. My feelings I can't hide I take your face and bring your lips to mine I kiss them sweetly and so fine You wake up and look at me Smiling, cause I'm the first thing you see You take me that morning making love so very sweet Kissing me softly from...Read On


Each Night

Each night I watch you struggle in your sleep. And I sit in the darkness, helpless. Consumed with memories of our love past. Days we'd find anywhere we could lay naked together. Passion, pleasure, lust and love. Before the sickness, this disease. Our physical love ripped away. A decade of sensual exploration knowing every inch of each others ecstasy. Now gone forever. In darkness,...Read On


Chasing Love

Because I’m chasing love..... My passion drives me above

I’m down and missing you I close my eyes, feeling blue Every night I dream of you I just want to be with you Baby you are mine, I know Soon the world will know My angel, I will never go Heaven will also know You are my angel, my light My hope in the dark night I need you always in sight My love grows as I write I’m staying, I’ve no doubt Don't let me down, come out ...Read On



Now you know

To be myself, it's what I strive to do, to be just as simple as I can be. But is this possible? As my mind is so complicated, you seem to neutralize it so easily.  Without waiting for approval from anyone, you complete me, you see me as I am. Crystal clear is what I am to you, to us, to what I want, for our full acceptance. Thank you for accepting whom I am and where I want to be. In...Read On


Rumor Has It

I am the luckiest girl

R embering when we first met, how sweet you were to me. U nder your spell I fell, in our special, secret place. M aking me feel so very special every time I entered. O ur partnership blossoming, each day we met and talked R ekindling the spark in my heart that had died before you. H eartfelt something never felt before, my chest beating so fast A t the thought of talking...Read On



A bleak world surrounds me Heavy clouds in a dark threatening sky. Life goes on around me And still the unanswered question, why? I'm searching for something Wondering if I will ever fly. Grounded, frustrated Without warning, you caught my eye. My world suddenly brightened When the rays of sunshine that are you, Shone into my world And made me feel complete. And new. The first time we...Read On



If only peekaboo's could know the daunting's of the days what mortal souls you and I and crying in the snow If only the everin' could hear  blessings you give to me beneath the sins in token  and faraway dreams If only peekaboo's could know  the wisp of your whispers  looking into your coppering eyes  they would sympathize I the bard and the yard bird of prose building a nest ...Read On


Sweet Love

I want to break in your bed. You can make me yours We can do this behind closed doors Lead me upstairs. I want to stay Make my imagination take me away Just a sweet kiss and I am hot These feelings I need to let go. They can't be fought I can't stop thinking of what you do to me Making me let go. Making me free I should stop thinking. Get you out of my mind But such sweet...Read On


I Give Myself

I give my hand to my love.

My dearest love, my life is yours; I freely give without demand. Just, please, allow me by your side as gently now, I take your hand. Please lead me where my footsteps go; and, if the path get rough with stone, just take my arm and coax me on; please, never leave me all alone. You are my life, my one true love, my soul mate now for all of time. I trust you, dear, to lead me on o'er each...Read On


Vampire Moon

Forever... and then where?

The roses tattooed across your tan thighs, Undying ink beneath your smooth skin Will remain, remain Until we die, And then, where will we be? The pier, deserted But for you, A vision in your tight black dress, Red lips, dark hair, Each time I look at you, You haunt the salt white boards There, beneath the vampire moon. And what of you, my love On...Read On



Once bitten, twice shy

Love…  So powerful it can build miracles, or crush the strongest rock… It is the remedy to anything and everything, and the strongest poison ever. Beautiful and destructive, it is like flying.. Soar like an eagle or crash like a wounded pheasant.  Open up at your own risk… If it does not kill you, it makes your fortress walls thicker.. Once bitten, twice shy.. I will not try for...Read On


I love how You make me feel


I love how YOU make me feel, When you look into my eyes The love, the feeling, the connection What a feeling those baby blue eyes give me. They just make this SnowAngel melt. I love how YOU make me feel, When you wrap your arms around me Like a warm blanket, keeping me safe. The warmth of your love keeps my heart fluttering Nothing will break that feeling, that bond. I love...Read On



His. We. Us. Seemingly small, Insignificant words. Yet as they are spoken, They tear down walls, Sink into her soul, Disarming, As she comes apart, Unable to withstand Their power. Tiny words of promise, Stirring deep within, Speaking to her very core, A longing, A need, To belong, To be loved, Desired, Not alone, Someone by her...Read On


The Night

The stillness of the night air surrounds me, and its weight is almost unbearable. From my perch, sheltered amongst the cliffs, I can hear the mountain breathe. From within the rocks above me, I can feel the unseen eyes of creatures unknown. Their penetrating stare; a gaze that does not blink. And they wonder why I am here…alone. In the heavens, high above the earth, clouds of the...Read On



In oopsy-daisy and good cheer And raising my beer From the Old Dragon's Inn Giving toast to minuets And Johann Bach While fiddling the fiddle And stirring beef stock Tomorrow we wed Reciting Longfellow And dining on corn bread In meadows of forget-me-nots Stewing in brine of happiness In oopsy-daisy and good cheer...Read On


How Much?

You will never see

I lie awake and dream that things won't be the way they seem, Emptiness behind my eyes with no tears left to cry. How much must I give of me? Still you will never see, Everything I keep inside would it be better to live or die? The anger flows so free brings out the best in me, Outside is heaven though inside the pain will grow. How long will you hang around? Selfishness just brings...Read On


You Will Definitely Get laid

Fucking At A Rock Concert

You want to dance? What's your style? A slow dance, or Rock Let us think for a while. I want this date To be divine To show that I'm yours And you're forever mine But baby One thing you cant accuse The way to my heart Involves tickets to see Muse They are writing a new album It puts me in a daze If you get us tickets to go see them my love You will definitely get laid. I promise to...Read On



The girl sits in the dark As she cries tears of loss Abandonment, desertion. Words filled with promises and hope, Deception is the enemy. So naive, Too innocent to have known, Boys do lie. Her cries and screams cannot be heard. Her jubilant and playful spirit, no longer exists. Replaced, instead, a broken heart and shattered dreams. No sleep tonight, The one who broke her...Read On


Memories of Love Past

The look of love was in your eyes as we danced On the sawdust floor, gliding barefoot to ZYDECO They watched us dance and they were entranced. Drinking Kava beside a roaring fire at our secret spot Fire dancing in the sea of love near Vita Lavu, Numbing the throat and body but not the heart. Do you remember all the places we made passionate love? That rainy night we broke down...Read On


The Rose Master's Tale

Dominant and submissive training, metaphorically.

I found him in his garden  Toiling, as was said he’d be. This master working, quiet; No sound except for me. “Master, please,” I bade him As he knelt there looking wise. “Tell me the secret of Roses,  And how one can grow a prize” “Prize Roses are not grown,” He said, “They must be nurtured, clipped and trained.  Many corrections must be made,  To be pleased with what remains.” “You...Read On


The Story of Us

Sometimes the greatest story is ours.

Night so thick I cannot see what is right in front of me. You have given me chance upon chance to make it right, and yet I cannot. I cannot love you as you need to be loved, cannot give you my all. So take what I can offer, love me for who I am. A broken shell of a woman. A woman whose heart has been broken time and time again they let me down. Life has taught a lesson...Read On


Impulses Contract

There are times when I need to be exempt from your careful touch, from the axis tilting whatever blooms in your heart. Because what you whispered last night was a contract, inked into where no other can reach, I pulled away and the tendrils followed me all the way home. I would burn this house down, but the flames would only draw apparitions and mimics of where we once stood with...Read On


Does He Know It's Over

One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder.

When we sit across from one another, in quiet contemplation, do you wonder what I'm thinking? When you see me admire a happy couple with a glimpse of sadness and envy in my eyes, do you ponder why? When we have sex, as I'm laying there barely participating, does it cross your mind I could be thinking of another? When you choose porn over me because you desire more than I can give,...Read On


Naked Under Your Eyes

In the search for HIM

Sitting with the blanket at her feet, a cup of cocoa, and a book in her hands. She lies just under the facade of proper. You know the girl I mean… A smile so sweet, it melts you. A word stronger than most. Yes she is the one. The one that craves direction, needs control like the air she breathes. To all she is a rock, and a totem, to you she exudes submissiveness from her pores like...Read On



For my friend Daddysweetheart

Last night I walked alone, long the banks of the Kootenai. Where the moonlight gently dances, upon the waters edge. Within the shimmering of each reflection, I see only images of you. On the cool mountain breeze, I feel the soft touch  of your hand upon my face. Through the stands of whispering pines, I hear only your soft voice. Reminding me, how far away you are,  yet so...Read On


Fallen Leaves

The winds of my mind blow silently with the quiver of my quill's ink spinning sins of my turning mill Poetically kissing pages of scent in meadows of wildflower garlands  walking softly on gifted petals In open arms caress on fallen dew like harps caroling whispers  and words of prose like fallen leaves In dreams it seems we pass through portals and open gates on fields of...Read On


Shall I?

For the woman in your life that means more to you than air.

Shall I forget the face of radiant sunshine? Whose beauty is that of a Goddess so divine! Shall I overlook your smiles that are so sweet? Just a glimpse of you knocks me off my feet! Shall I pass a day without holding your hand?  Or miss a chance to prove I love you as no other can? Shall I think twice about winning your heart?  For living without you utterly tears me apart!! ...Read On


Songs From The Heart

I wanted you, but you couldn't stay You had to go. You had to be away Love bites when you aren't around So I sit and think of the love we have found Feeling complete hysteria when you aren't near Trying to remain calm, wiping every tear I can't help that I'm high on you It's your sweet love and all that you do I can't hide it. I can't deny I want to be the girl that you see...Read On


Who Is He?

This poem is inpired by and dedicated to my Daddy Swag.

She's asking herself Who is he? This writer of words That has captured her heart, And her trust. This writer of words, who has invaded Her every thought. She's asking herself, Who is he? This writer of words that has created a place for her to safely express Her feelings, her thoughts. She's asking herself Who is he? This writer of words, who has invaded ...Read On