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Love Poems


The Sweetest Thing

I'm surrounded by you You're all the noises in the world - The torrential rain The gentle breeze The crack of thunder And the butterfly's wing   I know you And how you know me Every hitching breath Every moan and sigh Every different way you cry   When I take you Everything ceases In those moments Only we two exist - My heart the drum beat Yours the flutter of the solo ...Read On


The Pennance

I turned my key in the door There she was on the floor My vision of beauty  Doing her duty Her naked form  A wonder to adorn Her sin, neglect  She knows to expect My intense consternation  Some pain and pleasure, a heady concoction Her penance was paid Absolution was made  The rebel was tamed  Without being maimed  The look in my eyes  Carried my disguise  I have nothing but love  For...Read On


Transforming Touch

How many ways do you touch me ?

You have entered the turbulence of my loneliness  Bringing with you a transforming grace  That brings healing where it touches Bringing with you,  Your presence, that brings joy, that brings love  And your comforting touch  Your kiss brings warmth That becomes heated passion  Your touch that brings life  As you caress my body, l swell at you tender touch  As I enter you Our lives...Read On


You nurture within me

You nurture in me:   The song of a lover The vision of a poet The inquisitive questions of a child  A heart for a tin man  Courage for a lion A new mind for a scarecrow You have planted within me: Courage, so that I can speak my deepest thoughts Love, how to keep my heart safe, so that I can  boldly tell you how I feel You have awoken my mind, so I can tell you, who you are  But most...Read On


What’s In A Dream?

What’s in a dream? Should I only dream of you at night,  Or, can I dream of you during my day? For,  you fill my mind with goodness, love, laughter and joy My thoughts are also of you unclothed  Lying on the sheepskin rug in front of the fire  Waiting to make love with me  Perfection in your naked frame  I watch the glint in your eye The smile on your lips  Your legs parting A bead of...Read On


Almost Unknowable

You don't need to say it all yet, tell me what you find there now. When I sharply inhale your name, fold it deep into the lungs, the heart's unique signature, until the letters are a chant growing far beyond itself. With skin as soft as moonlight,  bones beneath rearranging, rising along the smooth iliac crest,  pulse singing against the clavicles.  Tell me what it means now.  To be...Read On


Yours Always

The pleasure of knowing you

Everyone needs love to pick them up, I rejoice at your tender and gentle strength. In moments of darkness, I ask, “Who am I, that you should care in the way that you do?” Then, I realise that I am purpose made for the pleasure of knowing you. The way your mind melds with mine, My heart has become your home, The way you fit within my arms and against my body. The more I see, The more I...Read On


The Fire That Burns

The gift of life and love

You have seen the shape of my mortality The inescapable struggle of loneliness and pain   Yet, you choose to give me the gift of life and love And I am unflinchingly alive Irrepressibly alive Fully alive   Full of experiencing Every fragile Miraculous Juicy Aching Tender Beautiful ounce of love Igniting the fire that burns against the midnight of my indifference  ...Read On


A Millionaire of Love

Hoard the award

"Who am I but a millionaire of love." That is what I whisper to my darling one In her sleep I gently breathe her essence in and smile Knowing we must never part in this life No, not yet It seems I can soar aloft in her eyes Flying so high I wake the very clouds Up above My little dove the constant star of love She twinkles so brightly smiling with joy In her heart True...Read On


Tend the Fire (sonnet 3)

In the depth of my soul's great longing I am coming, dear muse, towards thee Giving each thought and deed for reflection  Let thy touch now descend upon me   Stay close to me Lay with me Tend the fires of passion that burn so strongly Grant me patience to wait your next visit You inhabit my thoughts in abundance  Take great care, as you move through your day Then come, find your home within...Read On


Follow That Booty

The wiggle of her walk is hard to resist.

I’m sorry. I apologize for staring. But I couldn’t help myself. Your butt looks so nice in those jeans. I’ve been walking some distance behind you. My eyes cannot tear themselves away. From the motion of your hips. The smoothness of their sway. Gives the perfect bounce to each cheek. I just can’t look away. I know it’s not polite to stare. But you have a nice derriere. I don’t...Read On


Nurture (sonnet 2)

Your care is what I need

You, nurture within me,  The song of a lover,  The vision of a poet  You quicken within me, the gift of humour  So that I can brighten tarnished times    Be with me as I live out my life  As I dare to be authentic,  in a world of fake news Alive, trembling with possibilities, of hopes and dreams   As we sing of our love,  Let us rejoice in the splendour of our passions Fill our hearts with...Read On


Italian for beginners

A.. Mo... Re... Mi...O  Pronouce these words, before bedtime, closing your eyes, pretend I'm there, close to you.   A..Mo..Re..  Love, it means love.  Fill your mouth and your heart with that word.  Let it fall, roll slowly over your lips. Taste it.  It's strawberries and roses.  It's red and velvety.  It's rich.. Decadent, like a baroque room.  It's filled of you and me.  It's all....Read On



If ever I needed you, I need you now

Today you: Startled me with your presence  Breathing life into my world  You have: Opened my heart  Opened my mind Opened my spirit  You have opened me to live my life with you I invite you to: Come to me in my longing Stay with me in my needing Go with me in my doing Struggle with me in my searching  Rejoice with me in my loving  Together we can: Keep me in touch with my feelings, So...Read On



Shattered glasses in my hands I close my fingers around them, embracing the pain.  Welcoming the scraps in my veins. They are my memories of you.  Memories of silver tears, cried in silence In that dark corner.  Quiet. Sigh soundless. Quiet.  Spike wires of you around my flesh.  Every little inch is an image I would wish to leave behind.  Yet... Each and every of them sink  their little...Read On


Something Essential

Let something essential happen to me  Something more than interesting Or entertaining  Or thoughtful Let something essential happen to me Something awesome Something real  Speak to me  Make me burn and tremble and heal  Explode me into tears of laughter  And love that throbs and screams  Let something essential happen to me  Something awesome  Something real  Let something essential...Read On

Falls A Leaf

Resting in my arms the dawning of an angel At the whispering zephyr of a tree  Bowing the boughs of a cello oak While misting September falls a leaf In your eyes of eventide evermore sleep  As the moon's halo cries      ...Read On



I know it will pass by soon enough. A part of me leaves with you now, an illumination that even my love will never quite know the fleeing of, some glows never get to return. Even when ravaged by a familiar continual fury, your voice knew exactly what softness I needed, it once pained me to not understand this, how a stranger could touch and soothe where lips and warm skin cannot. A part of...Read On


Florally Speaking...

Say it with flowers!

I hear roses are red, and some violets are blue, which has nothing to do with  how I feel for you. Wisteria’s purple, Queen Anne’s Lace is white. I hope that you know that I think you’re alright! Gardenias sure smell nice, sexy and sweet, but when it comes to those qualities you’ve got them beat. Paintbrush is orange (and for that there’s no rhyme) But in your busy life I   hope for me...Read On


Atonement in you

The hopes and fears of all the years, are met in thee tonight

In the stillness, In the darkness after the midnight hour has struck,  When insomnia bites, My mind wanders, of what has been, And then I think of you. My bed half empty, Warm yet cold, Longing for it to be filled by you, Bringing warmth like the summer sun.  I’m hogging the centre of the bed, Cuddling the pillow,  I long to feel you in my arms,  Feeling you breathe in away that touches my...Read On


My Song

The song I sing,  Is one of love I know not when it came to be But, when I dream, I dream of thee  The song I sing  Is one of love I know not when you smiled at me But, when I smile, it’s you I see  The song I sing  Is one of love I know not when you first kissed me But, when we kissed, content I be The song I sing Is one of love  I know not when you think of me  But, when I think, new life...Read On


The Bluebirds in My Heart

How the bluebirds came to roost

There's a bluebird in my heart that Wants to get out,  But I'm too tough for him, I say, stay in there, I'm not going To let anybody see You - Charles Bukowski -    When loneliness became a part of me In such a way that others could not see. My heart forgot to feel, it hurt so much, And locked itself up tight against a touch. The bluebirds came to nest, they lost their way. They...Read On


Enchanted Osculation

I was out of my mind That’s when you entered. How long I had longed For someone to kiss me For someone to know when That kiss would charge a change. A simple press of flesh To my flesh, yet Every nerve danced on my skin Like glowing embers In the blackened night sky. Like a dream, Where the intensity of her touch Shocked me out of the narrative. Now, with every kiss from you My world, in...Read On


Who Is She?

Who is She? Who: Makes me smile? Helps me breathe? Sends my butterflies soaring? Makes me sing? Makes me want to dance with my two left feet? It is she  Who: When she smiles, melts my heart Takes my breath away With elegance and charm, has disarmed my defences Desires to lay on my rug in front of my wood burning stove Gives of herself to me     ...Read On


Meeting Catherine

A girl turns to and older man for help, yet is overcome by the charm of her predator

I was the policeman You were the criminal Our nervous glances Concealed the subliminal   As a father figure I took you in my arms Wanting to protect you From the stranger's charms   Your beauty possessed me While I swallowed my pride As the dangerous villain Sequestered you for a ride...Read On

Looking For Tree

Wherefore art thou Shakespeare? As ghost summoned my veracity In your imagination of King Lear As his tragedy rang near In my lyrical insanity Giving tithe to my enemies For my poetic gibberish As my muse gives me breath With kisses so divine Behind her collonade sushine  For life is what it's seems In my writing's stoicism  As the tempest smiles  Of A Midsummer Night's Dream...Read On


Here I Lay

Ravished by your thoughts Electrified by your mind Blessed by your company Enriched by the depth of your heart Cocooned in your warmth Centred by your presence  Astounded Contented yet Energised Justified indeed...Read On


To Show My Love

I went all in I showed you my hand No feelings were hidden You now know where I stand I exposed my heart Now how do I show I feel I have no way left To display what you know My love is bursting out My heart is ready to sing But how else can I show When I’ve done everything I’ve kissed you with passion I’ve said all I could It feels like there should be more Though I know you understood ...Read On


The Night Belongs

The night belongs to you, its spectral glows upon your frame reminds me that there are pieces, fragments of you with me that I won't be able to give back. Such pain once made us dangerous. It's become something much more that will bind us together. And I'm always waiting for your touch  to take me out of the dark, that's when you'll tell me everything. But I don't want the mystery of...Read On

d'Artagnan's Ghost

Of Alexandre Dumas three musketeers In dreams passing of the night's shade Echos of lust and romantic embrace And I shaking a dawning new reveille As the dew lay upon the spawning morn And I trussed up in my fuss The beating of your heart's rhythm While feeling your breath's sweet melody Whispering a poetic rum's brew While kissing away the hermit's boo Embracing the dawn of a new day...Read On