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Love Poems


Atonement in you

The hopes and fears of all the years, are met in thee tonight

In the stillness, In the darkness after the midnight hour has struck,  When insomnia bites, My mind wanders, of what has been, And then I think of you. My bed half empty, Warm yet cold, Longing for it to be filled by you, Bringing warmth like the summer sun.  I’m hogging the centre of the bed, Cuddling the pillow,  I long to feel you in my arms,  Feeling you breathe in away that touches my...Read On


My Song

The song I sing,  Is one of love I know not when it came to be But, when I dream, I dream of thee  The song I sing  Is one of love I know not when you smiled at me But, when I smile, it’s you I see  The song I sing  Is one of love I know not when you first kissed me But, when we kissed, content I be The song I sing Is one of love  I know not when you think of me  But, when I think, new life...Read On


The Bluebirds in My Heart

How the bluebirds came to roost

There's a bluebird in my heart that Wants to get out,  But I'm too tough for him, I say, stay in there, I'm not going To let anybody see You - Charles Bukowski -    When loneliness became a part of me In such a way that others could not see. My heart forgot to feel, it hurt so much, And locked itself up tight against a touch. The bluebirds came to nest, they lost their way. They...Read On


Enchanted Osculation

I was out of my mind That’s when you entered. How long I had longed For someone to kiss me For someone to know when That kiss would charge a change. A simple press of flesh To my flesh, yet Every nerve danced on my skin Like glowing embers In the blackened night sky. Like a dream, Where the intensity of her touch Shocked me out of the narrative. Now, with every kiss from you My world, in...Read On


Who Is She?

Who is She? Who: Makes me smile? Helps me breathe? Sends my butterflies soaring? Makes me sing? Makes me want to dance with my two left feet? It is she  Who: When she smiles, melts my heart Takes my breath away With elegance and charm, has disarmed my defences Desires to lay on my rug in front of my wood burning stove Gives of herself to me     ...Read On


Meeting Catherine

A girl turns to and older man for help, yet is overcome by the charm of her predator

I was the policeman You were the criminal Our nervous glances Concealed the subliminal   As a father figure I took you in my arms Wanting to protect you From the stranger's charms   Your beauty possessed me While I swallowed my pride As the dangerous villain Sequestered you for a ride...Read On

Looking For Tree

Wherefore art thou Shakespeare? As ghost summoned my veracity In your imagination of King Lear As his tragedy rang near In my lyrical insanity Giving tithe to my enemies For my poetic gibberish As my muse gives me breath With kisses so divine Behind her collonade sushine  For life is what it's seems In my writing's stoicism  As the tempest smiles  Of A Midsummer Night's Dream...Read On


Here I Lay

Ravished by your thoughts Electrified by your mind Blessed by your company Enriched by the depth of your heart Cocooned in your warmth Centred by your presence  Astounded Contented yet Energised Justified indeed...Read On


To Show My Love

I went all in I showed you my hand No feelings were hidden You now know where I stand I exposed my heart Now how do I show I feel I have no way left To display what you know My love is bursting out My heart is ready to sing But how else can I show When I’ve done everything I’ve kissed you with passion I’ve said all I could It feels like there should be more Though I know you understood ...Read On


The Night Belongs

The night belongs to you, its spectral glows upon your frame reminds me that there are pieces, fragments of you with me that I won't be able to give back. Such pain once made us dangerous. It's become something much more that will bind us together. And I'm always waiting for your touch  to take me out of the dark, that's when you'll tell me everything. But I don't want the mystery of...Read On

d'Artagnan's Ghost

Of Alexandre Dumas three musketeers In dreams passing of the night's shade Echos of lust and romantic embrace And I shaking a dawning new reveille As the dew lay upon the spawning morn And I trussed up in my fuss The beating of your heart's rhythm While feeling your breath's sweet melody Whispering a poetic rum's brew While kissing away the hermit's boo Embracing the dawn of a new day...Read On

Weeping Brooks

Walk softly stirring not weeping brooks Of petrified bygones and memories Where spirits danced among evergreens Above the shoals and big branch waters Cascading over rocks by grace of earth's sod Of times when this land was of woods Where the Cherokee dwelled And the salt licks stood Now making love in heaven's teepee  ...Read On

Breath Of Cayenne

Sayeth the windchimes at nine Will thee be mind, if so kind? While flattering the ghost As breath of cayenne brushes the host With a touch from pungent lips In real time of a Zephyr's kiss As twine of kind unravel the dream  About the brow of my poetic mind Sayeth the windchimes at nine      ...Read On

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Pania of the reef

A poem based around the New Zealand Maori myth of Pania of the reef

Still and silent stream in the midnight dark Resting amongst the flax is the night sky beauty herself Quenching a thirst from the sweet, still waters Winds that whisper vows and carry the faintest of spells Her eyes are deep pools of wintery water Playing in the shallows feels safe, any deeper and you risk drowning An otherworldly beauty emerges from her secret stream Such an ethereal...Read On


The Toast

The glasses raised The toast is made The glasses clink Connection made The perfect toast  A moments wishes made Words of life  Of possibilities untold  The taste of wine The glance of love The sharing of a fragrant hue  Oh what becomes of  This glance of love  This certitude When lovers meet and time stands still The toast The glance What else can fill the cravings of my heart,  but you ...Read On



Love is stronger than fear.

Around they swirl, Faster and faster. Closer they draw, Loathing, self-doubt and insecurity.   Tottering on the edge,  I can't seem to resist. Their seductive pull, Luring me in.   NO! His voice rings clear. Hands strong and firm, Pulling me from the brink.   Mine!  Beautiful!  Strong! His words break through. The fears that swirled, Fading quickly away.   Calm and safe, ...Read On

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From a series of sonnets

After we are a tangle of limbs braided, our heat encased within blankets and our still, feverish forms, I try to listen to the endless  beautiful code that your heart makes. You're always trying to tell me something whenever we're not using words. This live wire between us speaks.   I hear you more in the reverb, breathe you between the beats, no matter how my fingertips touch. No matter...Read On



Don't touch without intent Your fingers graze my soul A scar's path in its wake My heart's not for rent Only passion and zest Will I accept these days Arouse me with words Rise above the rest Pieces of my heart I hold close and protect Darkness lurks deep inside No more pulling apart Another change to mend Broken wings time to heal Our future not certain Certainly, not the end Sin now...Read On

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Ballad for a Derelict Soul

I play dangerous games with the dark Like never knowing the difference Between the flicker of starlight and a thousand-mile string Of cheap motel signs Where you pull off out of a mule-kicked life And end up dancing alone in a room reeking of bleach With the afterimage of the girl working that liquor store You stopped in so many miles and hours back Who barely noticed you standing...Read On

Ink Of The Thorn

As December's frost warms my porridge My fortunes wed in a thimble of prose Whittling kibbles of poetry beans In bittersweet of my scribbling harvest With verses from a potpourri sewing basket As my eyes blink still of night Between winks of an angel's tear Winter born with ink of the thorn With the fragrant of her bud On silken bed of snow Like soft cashmere on a petal of rose On...Read On


The Eden Garden

Light finally reached my eye. Colors. They appeared.  Where were they before?  The wooden gate was open now..  I sneaked inside and closed it back as it was.  The dew of the morning  Covered my skin.  A refreshing embrace.  It was my private spring.  I cupped and collected the colorful tulips  Filling my heart with their velvety rainbows.  The called me, they sang to me And full of trust...Read On


Forever and Ever Amen

Love forever and ever Amen !

  Forever and ever Amen Falling hard Falling fast and quick Falling head over boots for that SPECIAL one Can it be a forever and ever Amen kind of love That Randy Travis sang about so long ago It can be with work and patience and love and trust Work together to accomplish your goals Be patient Love without fear Keep the passion burning in the bedroom Trust completely With all...Read On

Metamorphic Transformation

With eyes like chatoyant gemstones That of metamorphic transformation Giving renaissance to my pen As you rise from metamorphosis Spreading silken wings of pollination  With colors of the Lepidopteran As your kiss touches my lips In poetic arabesque On petals of new life With eyes like chatoyant gemstones Of onyx in earth tones...Read On


Her Ultimate Kiss

I believe the title reveals enough to steal a readers heart right from the very start.

Her ultimate kiss was  the first one that she gave. It's the one I will remember even when I'm in my grave.   So sweet and soft and gentle filled with promise, joy, and bliss. There's no forgetting or regretting a tender kiss like this.   It was innocent and passionate with the hope of more to come with the hint of mint and honey upon her lips and tongue.   Love was safe...Read On


Snow Capped Escape

The final journey of his mission has ended in Finland with his dedication to Sensual_Tom

Forever in your loving embrace Alas, this is the final week of your journey. Fingers entwine, just like lace Turning to me, assuring that you will be worthy. Trudging through the snow capped mountains Exploring nature and winter conditions. Your lips over mine, suppressed like drinking from a fountain Whispering your love and fidelity, from your own admissions. Hand in hand, we trudge...Read On


You Wore The Moonlight

You wore the moonlight like a secret, a closely guarded confession  to bloom against your skin. I was too afraid to touch then, already not knowing how to let go before this dangerous rubicon  of contact where our hands meet. Even then, I was already clinging too jealously. But you were interested in little things that I have trouble remembering that would in time become everything. I...Read On

Recommended Read

Are They There

With fingers so numb

And after we're gone who'll remember to care Despair waiting there for the loss all will bear For the loss  For the loss They show love and despair We will never return But remember to care Knowing despair that is already there When the chill sets in will they share that they care When their fingers are numb and their heart is still bare It's despair It's despair It's...Read On


In Want

How can I be in want When you are there by my side  Yet, want is there Resting calmly, gently and full of latent passion   For when I touch you  And our bodies collide All time stands still  And our union complete   When I taste you  My hunger satisfied  My thirst quenched And my heart is stilled    Our breathing  Our hearts  Our bodies  One in finding that secret place...Read On

Pipes Of Heaven

With thunder sounding a yowling As if a devil was shaking a wake In the mode of good cheer As pipes of the heaven speak A chorus of God spoke I in waistcoat beseeched by sins With my gullet full of dry gin As a brume swept a fog of kind A soliloquy of a tremble rushed in On cobblestone of the Wayfarer's Inn As the embers in grate warmed my nog The coal in the hearth glowed gold...Read On


Thin ice

Love is Like walking on thin ice.  You're aware of the cold water underneath but then you see the other shore And think... I can do it.  Just before falling into the deadliest waters.  Love is The most beautiful, poisonous flower.  It seems so perfect,  So spotless. You reach for it and think...  I'll avoid the thorns. Just before one tiny, little one stings you.  Love is A painful memory of...Read On