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Love Poems

Love poems and poetry is a hugely popular section, proving romance isn't dead! They are literary compositions written with an intensity or beauty of language more characteristic of verse / poetry, than of prose.


Zelda's Mist

You couldn't be farther from what I know, maybe it was in the way you move, stirring heat through the night's cold mist, it was so much more to me than a bright flash against the dark backdrop we lost our silhouettes in. You wanted to know the animal, what really drives me beneath, and I wanted to know the sparks beyond your blushes and sighs, beckoning both a soft touch and the...Read On

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Sometimes To Write Of Love

A poem about love.

Sometimes to write of love, tender feelings, longing and desire. But is that love? Sometimes sweet but often bitter. Or is it passion, a battle fought, a war of attrition? Love? Is it surrender or victory complete or mutual annihilation? Does love possess the soul or auction the heart? Is there fair exchange? It is torment and exhilaration, being one, becoming fractured. The pieces...Read On


Princess and Porn Star

I am your princess, I am your porn star I will be sweet, and give it to you where ever you are You treat me with such beauty and grace I could be a good girl, or sit on your face Make love all day and all night It isn't wrong, but so damn right My body is yours, do what you want with me Let's be naughty for everyone to see Out in public showing our pure lust and need Taking...Read On


Cold Emotions

You are slowly pushing me out the door When you call me a bitch and a whore It is such a dirty rotten shame That I am the one that is to blame Grow up; this is both our faults It's time we stop this shit and act like adults Don't be nice to me to get what you want I am not your whore. I am not your cunt I know you don't like this being told But it is you that made a warm heart grow cold...Read On



Beautifully naked, On bended knee, My every breathe, All that I am and will be. Desire mounting deep within, Wanting to please, To serve, to love and honor, For he has captured my heart. My heart, mind and body, Screaming for him, Wanting Master to guide, Allowing me to serve. My world becomes dark. The soft silk cloth Covers my eyes. Yet the light never dims within. His hands around...Read On


Atop Olympus

Was is yesterday I stood atop? Looking down from Olympus That world I marveled at has stolen you It had no right I was not ready Do you remember the sun? How it cared for us nurtured us Then turned us over to the moon Will you hold that? or lose it? As I must now lose you Will you call to the sun? The Moon? Perhaps you'll scream as I do now That it had no right and you were...Read On


Something Beautiful

There's something beautiful, About the way you look tonight, The sparkle in your eye, And the way that you walk, There's something wonderful, Your happiness radiates outwards, Like the sun, On the break of a new morning. There's something confident, About the way you hold yourself, Regal yet not too aloof, Some pride in your face. There's something peaceful, In the way you...Read On



I've never forgotten the way you touch, so precise that I felt as if my breath could live in the delicate hue of your skin, in the seconds stolen from towering moments. I've always understood them in smaller pieces, the coordinates your eyes draw me to are still enough to convince me that these places have existed for years as a guarded secret Waiting to be told through the immediacy...Read On


A Breath Away

A breath away from you, lips hover over mine. A faint kiss sending shivers, throughout my body. Missing your touch, so close holding me tightly. Arms held above you, as my fingers barely touch your skin. A breath away from you, your body burns for more. The want becomes stronger, every minute we are apart. A magnet to your soul you guide me to your...Read On


Dark Journey

love can be illusion, or a sweet intoxication

Chaos consumes us - eats away our sin, With love and passion comes the severest pain, The type where someone is always going to get hurt. The tide is going to pull you in Push you close to drowning, And fling you to the edge of safety. We cant fight our destinies, Our true selves always eventually catch up, Bring us back. Love can be illusion or a sweet intoxication, But sometimes...Read On


A sad goodbye

With a broken heart Her tears run down her cheeks, Shocked, Devastated, How one moment in time Can change everything. She never imagined It would end this way. He was her ever after, Or so she thought. Cruel twists of fate Made it differently. She can’t do things half-way, Part time. If she can’t be dedicated, Give what He deserves, What He wants and needs, She can’t take...Read On


The Bee and the Prima-Rosa

First time cyber love for me and my gardening friend.

You sparkle in the morning profusion, like gold caught in a ray of the sun. The light from you shimmers and coaxes. You've blossomed as seduction begun. You tease me with award winning colour, I'm trapped by the look in your eye. You pull back the thorns that surround us, I can't deny you, no matter how much I try. Like a bee I'm drawn to your nectar, hearts lost in my...Read On


My Vows

These are my vows to you, my dear.

I know that I will always love you there has never been a doubt. Without you, I felt as if a piece of my soul were missing. I could never doubt the way my heart beats and my skin flushes whenever you are near. My entire body seems to know that we are meant to be. Here we stand, wrapped in each other’s arms saying the words lovers say, on their wedding day. ‘til death do...Read On


What is happiness?

What is happiness? It is when I look into your eyes and time stands still for us. It is when you walk into the room and everyone turns their heads because of your beauty. It is when you walk up to me, put your arms around me and softly kiss me. It is when I hold you in my arms as you sleep. It is when you wake up and smile at me and kiss me good morning. It is when I am...Read On


My Love

This is my pledge to my love.

My dearest love, my life is yours; I freely give without demand. Just please allow me by your side as gently now I take your hand. Please lead me where my footsteps go and if the path gets rough with stone, just take my arm and coax me on; please never leave me all alone. You are my life, my one true love, my soul mate now for all of time. I trust your love to lead me on o'er each...Read On


For Her

A man in love will do anything for his lady.

 She's the power that lights up my life, without her my world is dark and grey. She takes my feelings to heights unknown and gives me the need to make her stay. For her I pick the pretty flowers but they will never compare to her. For her I plan my open lifetime: my past, my present, and my future. For her I'd gladly die tomorrow 'Cause that's the way love should be. For her I would stand...Read On

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My soul forever etched the night we met the two of us entwined as one Naked in Mississippi moonlight to this day, the forefront of my thoughts One of those instants in time  I would sell my soul to return I can clearly see the vision my white and blemished skin reflecting the night sky  against your ebony perfection Tonight, I recall searching each inch for a hint of a flaw and finding...Read On


Flowers of His Love

A gift of love that was unlike any other.

I received a thoughtful present given the other day, from a man I could not believe took time to look my way. He is so very proud and strong and always young at heart. I pray our love grows together, and does not drift apart. He gave me three yellow mums in different stages of bloom, to help to brighten up my life and force away the gloom. Upon a sturdy stem of green- beautiful...Read On


I Love You

I love you Three simple words, eight letters Spoken casually all of our lives Almost as punctuation to a thought I love you We are surrounded by the idea of love Found in all formats and in all genres Society desensitized us to it's meaning I love you I said those three words before I met you Recklessly without realizing the impact Unaware saying them can be life changing I love you ...Read On


Roses of Devotion

I give to you this rose of yellow, To show the joy you bring. I rest it quietly on your pillow, And kiss you, my precious thing. I give to you this orange rose, It has power and energy ablaze. Like my passion for you, it grows, Your eyes to mine like sunshine rays. I give to you this rose of pink, To show love and appreciation. I need you more than I need to blink, Thanks...Read On


Wilding Weeds

It wasn't but a time ago perhaps less than then  in meadows of wilding weeds and fragrant scent That I held you well in my songs  and now the lyrics have gone  the way of your departing As the thrills in the dell spent  wishing you swell in my thoughts of love lost in fragrant flowers   It wasn't but a time ago perhaps less than then I felt your sweet breath of kisses...Read On


The Bite

To see you.

To some it is a thing that is not understood, To others a necessity. To me, It is to carry his burdens silently within me, To let him release each one, to weigh on me. He can be free to run, to be himself, to find himself. When a bite is accepted, And surrender is given, It is not to be weak; It is to balance each other. At times he will be lost, And it is then I will need my strength To...Read On


My Sin

More than just a tear.

In front of me it sits, in a glass, two cubes of ice, a smooth golden drink. I stare at it taunting me, Over twenty years its been, but tonight, I gave in. The glass touched my lips, my eyes closed, FIRE, down my throat. A tear wanting to roll, the knot I feel, Does not let me breath. Whiplash, Hot, cold, Confusion. Yes No A memory comes to me, I tremble from within, those...Read On



I will not love again The pain is too much for one to bare Years passing by Heart breaking every day Giving up, moving on For I will not love today Changes happen for the good and bad I vowed never to love again Was doing fine Til the day I met you  Fighting the feelings  Burning deep inside Love is in the air Turning away from you and your love You never giving up ...Read On


You are back

You are back and that's a fact my heart nearly stopped I got up and jumped danced around with joy You are fucking back and that is so grand A month of crying Wondering what if but last night I saw your name, first and last emotions rising I thought I had lost you have no idea but not a day went by not an hour or a minute that you were not on my mind Told you before when I fall, I fall I...Read On


Happy for my baby girl

I am so happy

I am so happy Happy for My baby girl  My love My slut I am so happy To see her in the arms of a man To see her being touched  To see her being kissed I am so happy  Happy that she is  Being fucked Licked Cuddled I am happy that she  Is getting to suck a cock  Hold a man  Kiss him all over I am happy for my baby girl  Happy that she is mine  Happy...Read On


My Husband's Friend

Hunt me Down

It was casual at first between you and me,  Introduced at a time when life was carefree. You brought me comfort and put me at ease,  A sensation that felt like a warm summer breeze. Whether up or down, it seemed only you cared, But some disapproved of the bond that we shared. It was all innocent and just didn't seem right. Conversations of you always started a fight. To...Read On

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A Single Tear

Sometimes love is not enough

A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. I tried to prove and not so well, to give you my love and heart, but only an illusion came of that. A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. Madness is where I dwell, Darkness is in my heart, You will never see that. A single tear. A single sigh. A single cry. Sometimes love is just not enough....Read On


The Dark And Endless Night

The dark and endless night of my soul  stretches out before me. Empty hallways echo with silent intent for the loss of my dreams. Jousting with my dreadful doubt again is my fragile feverish fear. Questions bounce from side to side now on the walls of my mind. Songs dwindle and die with a whimper as notes are brushed away. My thoughts are tentative and credulous when pondering your acts....Read On


Good Morning

I lie next to you wide awake Thinking of the love we are about to make You sleep soundly. I am right by your side I need you now. My feelings I can't hide I take your face and bring your lips to mine I kiss them sweetly and so fine You wake up and look at me Smiling, cause I'm the first thing you see You take me that morning making love so very sweet Kissing me softly from...Read On