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Love Poems


The Treck Back to Love Again

The survival of those who had their love and trust betrayed

Return to me my precious one And I’ll return to you in spades. Come with me towards the sun Where neither love nor passion fade. The trip we’ll take through loves lost lives, Include those on lush whose hearts lie dark. Those with hearts cut deep by loves knives. ‘tis true time heals but the cut leaves it’s mark. Return to me my precious one And I’ll return to you...Read On


I know

I know you are hurt. That you think you are ice. A thousand walls put up, Soldiers guarding every small cracks, Ready to defend the Enemy of memory, of what use to be, of new, possible love. I know you think you are Frozen forever, That you cannot truly love again, As before. I know you think you are monstrous, A beast, Undeserving of love From anyone and everyone. ...Read On

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101 Words: Unsaid

Think it’s best left Unsaid How you stroked the depths of another Finding release While I slipped under slumber’s spell Ten thousand miles away I should let it go Unspoken How the beast that pummeled her raw Marks you as a man and Trains the primal desire that will take me When summer sets and autumn arrives again. ‘tis not a secret when things Unmentioned Are known...Read On


Message in a Bottle

In a bottle to the sea, my dreams are placed.

You're my friend and I am pleased. Be in my thoughts and in my heart;  happiness is within our grasp. A heart so pure, writes these verses, and they will be tossed. Into a bottle they go, at the sandy shore, hoping my dreams to grow. Distances I do not see, and in my life,  a beacon you are. This message to the stars, perhaps to give us a chance. Otherwise ... it's just time. Longing...Read On


A Walk

A Walk on the Beach

"Take a walk with me," I say Holding out my hand Your fingers touch and mesh with mine We head out on the sand Where the water meets the shore Its grains so cooly packed Leaving pointed footprints Trailing from our backs You look at me expectantly As if I need to talk I see the worry in your face Believing something’s wrong Now I start to wonder How to calm your fears Erase the...Read On



I stand before you crying Hanging my head in shame This isn't what I wanted My love is not a game My intentions are to leave To slip into the mix And live among the chaos What's broken can't be fixed And as I turn to walk away You reach out and grab my hand I stop, completely frozen and, now, I understand Nothing Absolutely nothing Your hand is ice cold Mirroring my heart I no longer...Read On

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Today I am free

Free in love, individuality is what opens true self love, and a wonderful place

Today we are free, today we woke up from a beautiful dream. One wants a love story, which only happens once in a lifetime and we wonder... is that possible? Today I was strong, today I smiled, I laughed, and I did not cry. Today we are free, today we woke up from a beautiful dream. A memory tattooed in my heart, your name runs through my being, and your voice a beautiful melody sang. ...Read On


Stop Playing With My Heart

Stop playing games I was yours I trusted you Gave all of me Devoted my mind, body, heart and soul You never wanted it You played your games You broke my heart Waited to hear the truth As it never came I only had love for you Now it is once again buried deep inside Reasons unknown to me  You kept up this charade I know the truth I forgive you Now I give you one...Read On



Ariel’s hoofbeats pounding Along the trail she flies Escaping Hughes and heartbreak The sorrow in her life And as the beast moves faster Head down, she trusts her guide A veil of calm descending On the world that rushes by Mane through fingers grasping Loins grip to the ride Holding onto sanity By verses in her mind Together they are moving Towards something, yet away Creator of such...Read On



The Ace and Queen, never to be paralleled by 1+1=2

Cars, music, and wordplay, this is how things started. Together in the distance, but never in real life.   First you needed me, then it was my turn. Both in times of need, bonded in a game of 21. Blackjack, and for the time of the game, we won. Now reality faces us. No more cards. We will never be more complete than 21 The deck is finished, the game to an end. On to the sunset you...Read On


Touching Leaves

The winds bring to me, whispering kisses and soft touching leaves of sensual love breeze romantic carousel  and wisp of floating stars in your hair, scent of you being there. Like a choir of trees the sycamores sing as your lips lay bliss on my fingers bring,  stirrings in the midnight hollow  where boughs confess my happiness. The winds bring to me,  my undying words and prose, ...Read On



Walking in the shadows Never fitting in She is searching Capturing memories But never living For she's alone The desires in her mind Haunting her endlessly Clouding her reason Is it normal To give yourself Never being in control Is it accepted To need freedom Bound in ropes Is it a sin To worship another As He uses your body Will she be cast aside Hated Never understood ...Read On


The Moment

Did the moment pass you by. Too late, and the moment is gone. You had a moment, the two of you had a moment, didn't you. But it slipped away. Smiles shared, true happiness glowing from both as you lived the moment. The room, the meadow, the world, melted away, and you were there, in the moment. Complete, utter happiness in that moment. Was it at the bar where she brought you a...Read On


May I?

May I sit here by your side And just watch you be?  May I linger for a while Enjoying you with me? May I see you make that smile That you used to do?  The one where you look silly That we named after you? May I breathe the air you breathe As we share vintage wine? And may you tell the joke you loved That you told all the time? May you let the game blare on With decibels galore That...Read On



Your lips can be the signature, writing your name on me over and over again on every page between the shadows, the loving contrast to my darkness. Swaying together beneath Heaven's lid, the sky's silent infinity pierced by the starlight covering you and I, I'll think about it much later on, the innocence in such moments. The inescapable gravity that pulled your lips to mine, how...Read On



Bring softly to me into the night carry me awhile to the edge  where the cornflowers grow, miracles from dew and sun bright and we over the moon in love. Walk gently into my soul and stow away the key to my heart, kiss-a-me free loneliness never part wishing you wishes and wishes you the sea of tranquility. As the tides bind and potpourri snows halos, walk gently into my soul  and...Read On


Cliff Diving

Words cannot do justice to how you make me feel, It is like going cliff diving, You make me nervous, Maybe a little scared, Not in a bad way, Just a tiny bit apprehensive, But then you take me, I just jump, And I am in your arms, Like the wind, Cutting through the air, Just sailing on through, Adrenaline coursing through me, Falling into the deep blue waters, Ready to feel...Read On



Thoughts when a sub poses a question to her Mistress.

"When will you walk away?" she asked. Never before had I had someone who was always in my thoughts as I went to sleep, Never before had I had someone who was repeatedly in my thoughts when I woke up, Never before had I had someone perpetually in my dreams. Never before had a sub whom I wore something especially for, Never before worn something that would send me into a panic if it was...Read On

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If I were...

If I were a poet, I would pen for you the poem of ages, words from perfection itself, flowing from paper to your heart, carrying the awe of my love If I were a painter, I would create for you the lover’s work, the universe would be my canvas, for only the entirety of creation, could hope to contain my love If I were a writer, I would author for you the final epic, the end...Read On


Our Souls Meet on the Bay

The weekend has come finally we both are saying We wake early get ready to go and pack the car Windows down sunroof open and music playing The sun warming us thankfully the drive is not far As each mile passes we feel the layers of our souls Peel back and expose the scars and revealing Old scars dent and dings each needing the other to feel whole Reaching out and touching again it's twin...Read On


Do You Know?

Do you know what it feels like? Know how it feels to have your heart torn out from your chest, Stabbed by a steely blade, Flung on the floor, Stamped on by muddy feet, And abandoned to the wolves? Have you ever had to watch someone you love, Walk away from you, Knowing full well you could see them, Slink over and flirt with someone else, Take them by the tongue, And break your...Read On


Under the Almond Tree

From our daily tea to an open heart....

Captivated, and entranced, a cup of tea in my hand. Coins, history, SMA, words flow on the screen. Daily chips away at the walls, natural, the conversation flows. Laughs and sadness's shared. One day at a time. Once again today, our words came together, dreams and happiness shared. a rainbow you have brought. We continue daily, sharing and learning from and with one another... both...Read On


I Never Loved You

I never loved you Silently Recited in my head I never loved you Quietly Just to hear it said I never loved you Said again To speak those words out loud I never loved you Forcefully Though no one is around I never loved you Wondering When what I say is true Can be a source of pain each day And break my heart anew....Read On


I cried

I cried for you today. For the last goodbye. For the loss of what we had or could have had. For the feeling that I once felt but won't ever feel again. I cried for knowing that what you once felt for me you'll feel for another. For the things you told me you'll tell another. For the what you gave to me you'll give another. For the intimate things you know of me you'll know...Read On


Grasshopper Shoes

What poets scribe of beauty and serenity my shadow moonlights in prose, of dead silence and hungering lips and phantoms rehearsing. In loveliness I see peaches in trees, blue bonnets on bumble bees and grasshoppers wearing shoes, as I lust for your honey-comb box. On whirlwinds calliope  as our love reflects on life's written pages,  the path to happiness chimes carousel...Read On


Only You

Can you feel me Calling to you My beating heart Battered and bruised Too many walls Have windows now For your kisses Healed me somehow Steadily waiting Hand in hand This is where I take my stand Chatter drifting Across the sea Too many voices Burning me In the mist Of everything I hear you Whisper to me "Trust my love Beyond today Do not trust What others say" So I stand here...Read On


My Stolen Heart

You stole my heart.

When did you steal my heart away? I thought I had it locked up tight. How did you know just what to say? When did you steal my heart away? Pray tell, today or yesterday? How did you know it would be right? When did you steal my heart away? I thought I had it locked...Read On


Perfect Love

Nothing could be better . . .

The whir of your approach is felt Preceding your arrival Electric waves pulse through the air The atmosphere alive With silver shivers of your touch Before I feel your hands And visceral excitement Envisioning our plans My mind flits like a crazy bee No non-us thought breaks through Little is accomplished While I wait for you Imagining the time we spend Plays over in my brain A...Read On


Our Hearts Beat As One

We sat looking at each other Like two teenagers At the back of the balcony What I wanted was obvious You wanted it too So badly, we craved it My arm went on your shoulder I pulled you to me We both knew what was next Our eyes locked together Our bodies leaned closer Our hands moved into position It was time, overtime really We played at it long enough We loved each other ...Read On

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Sonnet 4

young lovers hand in hand...and time...

Sonnet 4 Hand in hand, young lovers walk Down to where the stream doth run, Mouth to mouth, young lovers talk Of love, and watch the setting sun Oh, to be young star crossed lovers, Oh, two be entwined as one, But deep beneath the earth that covers Love that is love, long since gone Hand in hand, young lovers walk Down, to where the stream doth flow, Time...Read On