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Love Poems



Inspired lust

It's a mirror image This moment in time Your face reflected in the glass. The flash of a smile.  Thank you for making it mine.  I take this moment in my hand and I place my hand on my heart A forever moment. ...Read On


...and Dead Eyes

Hush-a-bye, hush-a-bye... My passing shadow, In memory of coming sorrows Awakening spirits of long forgotten. The never ending of my despair, In silence of my crying echoes As I lay broken petals upon your bosom. That which anointed my eternal hereafter And baptismal quake of my new tomorrows.  Hush-a-bye, hush-a-bye...  My passing shadow, Stand alone soliquey of gone love ...Read On


The Apology

As the holidays come to a close, Your mood has now changed. There're no more highs and lows, We're not acting estranged. The hello's and calls have started, The 'how was your day?' is now asked. My heart is now unhardening, It's no longer a task. I feel like I have my friend, The love is now back. My heart is finally on the mend, Our marriage is back on track. We have gotten back to...Read On



Sometimes, Love is hard to come by. It falls short of where we expect it to land, Or overshoots it completely. Sometimes, Things run smoothly at first, But then swerve and skid, And then plummet into the depths below. Our love, Is a conundrum, A puzzle greater than any I have ever known. I have experienced love, In many forms, Experienced it in ways you would not believe. But...Read On



A memory that would stay, or would if fade to nothingness?

Light passing heavens curtains The moment’s presence a cloud’s journey This grassy land, a vast ocean Never left, a breeze to stay. A marble slab, the mountain top A cosy edge, a danger flop A heart’s fear, safety known A courage never blown. The cliff’s edge, the hand holds Clarity fades, flesh reveal Cloud cover still will bold Not caring what shadows steal. ...Read On



A silent word

Whisper, Starting on the lips gently flows. Brushing against the ear. Sweetness in the words spoken, a light caress. The touch of words soft as caress of lips. A finger inviting, calling in soundless speech. The tip moving from ear to the lips, silence now. Tracing the outline and drawing forth a whisper. Moving closer, eyes embrace as the finger divides us. Lips wrapped around the barrier...Read On


The Collar

The gift. It was finally given. It was finally obtained, or was it? It was finally earned, or was it? I know not, what the gift means. The gift, does it change things? The gift, of love, of gratitude, of worth. The gift, is confusion. The gift, I have wanted for so long. The gift, I am unsure now. I know its meaning. I know its worth. I know its purpose. ...Read On


A Dreamy Image

A simple poem regarding someone I love...

Gliding down, a beauty that's glowing Steps onto the carpet, my dress softly flowing I glance around the room, and her eyes I capture In a instant moment I feel the rapture Sounds of my heart, that beats like a drum moving slowly through the crowd my fingers do strum Though the room is crowded with little space Out of all the people there, she alone catches my face We...Read On



I move within the light and shade, Drawn deep within the dark displayed Within words wild, unharnessed, penned By the low bell. And we to the dream descend Like lovers, dark and formless, who ever need The sudden kiss of rod and reed. And then, the bitter, silent freeze That seals our souls. By slow degrees A silence falls, a void remains. Sweet poison flowing in our veins. ...Read On


I Miss Your Smile

My heart cries and a dove flies and carries love where you are. My heart burns as the tide turns and washes love on your shore. My heart breaks and my soul aches for you should never feel pain. *** I stole a smile, once, one of a million ones, out of pure greed from your lips. I hung it high, then on the sky, love, among the prettiest stars. It was too bright though, made the rest pale,...Read On


The Lilly Pad

He tell her come sit on my lily pad

The lily pad is the center of my world Now there someone to share it with She has her place there and no one else We have a warm safe place for us to be The lily pad is our place to chat To write our story Sharing the lily pad with her is wonderful She like that frog have hair that are finer He like how sweet and warm she is They seem to have been meant to meet ...Read On


Jasmine Scented Bosom

My trousers rolled up to my calves, the foamy surf is surging out. Ice plants are blooming, covering the  sandy beach above the tide line. Salty water is cold, but the golden orb light warms my face, so I feel happy, for awhile. Forgetting, as my feet leave impressions filling with dappled, seeping water. Away from the shore eucalyptus adorns the scene,  with odors,  and bark like bruises...Read On


The Light of Love

The poet sings praises to his true and constant love

At last the light of this bright truth has shone On my dull and uncomprehending mind, That for my sake you have all else forgone, For without thought and ne'er a glance behind You gave your heart, and doing heaped upon My head such shame that I could be so blind. For sake of me you have your life redrawn, All other loves for me to dust consigned, And claimed this, not as...Read On



I was distraught when you first left me, I cried myself to sleep. I couldn't tell which way was I was going, As I headed off through a burning desert sun. I found I was never sleeping, No matter how many times I counted sheep. I can't say you never wanted me, Because I am pretty sure you did. I loved you and you loved me, But things were stolen away from us. You...Read On

Recommended Read

Cradling Stars

When our sleeping bodies contour entirely,  nestled in the other's surrendered essence,  whether our dreams join like interlacing fingers,  or are eras and universes apart,  I still want you To breathe in the night sky,  to cradle the stars in your soft hands,  and never burn from sneaking away a fragile piece of the universe. This is what makes you unlike any other,  your eyes can be...Read On


Receiving, His... Surrender

Silencing the fears of love.

Thick froth is smeared on the upper lip of kittens pout,  With Daddy looking down upon her. Her posture is too perfect Slender back with arches of hips to knead and grind. Her hair is tousled. his grasp, on her cheek is heartwarming Warm now, Two minutes ago Daddy slapped her... hard. His cock slowly rippling  as his eyes comforted her smile. Soft whispers...Read On



Once there was no you and me... But fate destined us to be friends. Friends, that's how it all started. How it all began, I really didn't understand Lately I'm having these strange feelings. How should I let you know that I often think of you? Somehow you're not just a friend anymore. My eyes will tell you that I care, and with every smile, you know it's something It's kinda hard to...Read On


Two Hearts beating as one

You leave a smile on my face with your delicate embrace your kisses soft and pure. Two hearts beating as one words that cannot be spoken desire burning deep within our very souls hours pass and time seems to truly stand still the embers burn a crimson red your skin on mine a lover's touch a heart that knows no other in the background a sweet melody. You fill me up with anticipation of what's...Read On



She curls up on his lap Tight against him And he embraces her, Wraps her up closely In his loving arms, Knowing when she come like this She needs to feel Safe, loved, protected. He kisses the top of her head Whispering sweet words of love, And as always It calms her worried mind, Her concerns, Her insecurities. She rests her head on his chest, ...Read On


In The Dark

A knock on the door, as soft and hesitant  as your first touch winters ago,  when I was falling apart,  when my secrets could keep me safe from what comes after we turn the lights off. It would be wrong to give so much of myself away,  just to summon the heat  of you so near again. To take all I am in the dark  and hope it's enough to not cast a shadow  over what we were supposed to be. ...Read On



what seemed lost once again found

Seeing raindrops scurry down the window pane, a melancholic heart ponders...Will I...? New warmth in the horizon, it enlightens, perfumes and colors my surroundings. Amidst the blackness in the darkness, the rays shine bringing me to my former effulgence and strength. Life and all will be clear; the shame this soul persistently hides all will disappear and heal. ...Read On


I Wonder What You Think

I often wonder what you think, Your actions are different then mine. We really are never quite in sync, You're always working never giving me time. There's more to life then just work, I'm needing more from you. When you're home, you act like a jerk, When I'm here, I sit and stew. I always try to reach out, Nothing is said it really hurts. I'm numb and mostly pout, You're stressed...Read On

Recommended Read

Her Christmas Prayer

a broken heart needing love

She cries, thinking back to the time of love forever lost. She wants just simple affection but, what will be the cost? She feels her loneliness and pain will cause her heart to break. She does not want empty words now, she can't handle fake. She just wants to be accepted, not used, then thrown away. She wants someone to come home to, each night and every day. She wants to learn...Read On


Twelve Naughty Days of Christmas

Inspired by a visit to Black's Beach and based on the Twelve Days of Christmas

This is inspired by what I saw hanging from a palm tree at San Diego’s Black Beach during a recent visit, and is based on the traditional holiday song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did! On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me: a dildo in a palm tree On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Two Ben Wa Balls and...Read On


The Other End

More than...

It is black and rectangular With buttons amass Some have numbers And some can spell ass It might be a best friend Or maybe a man Could be a woman Just depends on the fan It leads to a place To chat and have fun Some tease and flirt And then are all done Others want sex And just a quick cum It’s amusing to watch All so very ho-hum Then there...Read On



The poet is only alive when united with his love

Your absence becomes a void in my aching heart, Your presence fills my happy soul with golden light, Your silence cuts me like a sharply piercing dart, Your letters give to me the greatest of delight. I love you above all else, more than words can tell, I would give my all for you, everything you see,  I am nothing without you, just an empty shell, I am full to overflowing when you...Read On


Change of Heart

A ship with a sail, Heading into the winds, Suddenly battling against the wind's will. I can't tell why, The wind changed its mind, All I know is the ship battles still. Warm air cooled, Light turned to darkness, Building a bridge into unknown pastures. The Captain knows, The ensuing storm he can't battle, Only wait and see if the wind will subside. If the wind settles down,...Read On


We Frolicked Through Times Most Euphoric

A poetic form of six stanzas with six lines and a final triplet.

As we frolicked through times most euphoric  With true love and enduring ebullience, We both viewed sentiments quite fallacious When we saw they were so meretricious. We continued life's dance with a passion Avoiding all arguments spurious. Was it hope that we saw as spurious, Losing all our sense of the euphoric? Do not worry my love, it's true passion That fills us with such...Read On


The Perfect Moment

Your sadness sparked my interest My only goal was to make you smile Our lives were each their own chaos But our love was in destiny's hands Conversations about life's turmoils Slowly blossoming into a friendship Taking turns supporting one another Helping each other to find their smile Trust and commitment built slowly One brick at a time we began to craft A trust that could...Read On



Searching for Him.

Restless for something deeper than sex for something more than cyber sex for something that has no name Hungry for an intelligent mind to feed me with words that will fill my soul. Yearning  for a males touch one that can stroke one that can hold one that can cradle one that can fondle one that can tease one that can add to and ease my torment A Daddy’s love That can withstand...Read On