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Love Poems


Staircase of Dreams

Like a staircase leading to gables of my crannie I in cups among the truss of my mind's rafters Like a satyr on two legs becoming the swill's goat Cossing over the moat of my poetic sanity With the aid of Merlin's wand in my hand And raptor's pen to defend my sins As you knee at my lap with a little toe tap With a seductive grip on my pawn Shedding your corset of whale bones Standing...Read On

Charcoal Tree

In my poetic words of love A devil slipped me a Mickey In shade the charcoal tree A dismal shadow cast As I felt the fading glory  Of green eyes face of you My lips gave into the shovel In shade the charcoal tree    ...Read On


Lobster pot love

A beautiful catch

I kept no thought of lovers in my heart Until the time I saw my vision play The problem how the conservation to start As she kept her beaus at bay The lobster pot my favourite tool To leave within the depths and watch The evening light, the waters cool   The shadows long, the fire does catch I traced my hungers of the day  As embers burned, the fire gives way  To night time dreams, who...Read On


Not enough time

The sun is appearing I don't want the day to arrive I still feel your body moving against mine I wanna keep breathing. Your hands grasp me roughly One last time we have  One last battle, one last pleasure wave One last word from you before you lay me on the bed abruptly. I look into your eyes with lust  I welcome your desire, I surrender  You move me and for me as a weaver...  Our body as...Read On

Scent Of RSVP

Memory fades at the coming of an end With the lilac scent of your RSVP As my destiny falls on a digger's spade In a shallow nest at noon-day hours  With few prayers to cover my faith  Looking home angel I will arrive On a chariot of your lasting love As your image is cast in clover All angels with wings will survive With the lilac scent of your RSVP          ...Read On



sometimes we fail to let ourselves just be

It was just a fragment of time Much like any other Carnal longing consumed our thoughts And left us melted to inaction   I thought I saw a hint of invitation Glowing in the corner of your smile But I was so oblivious Lost in my shimmery world of you   That I forgot The moment lost Cast like fountain coins Or those down wishing wells   Buts that’s ok, It’s best that way The...Read On


My Wish

My wish for you ....

My wish for you is that you smile when you think of me And your days are filled with joy My wish is the distance won't always be there That we continue to grow together In the shelter of love   My wish is to be tangled up with you in sheets With metaphors of cohabitations As sensual rain falls before the calling of sins While dreams descend And your days are filled with joy  ...Read On



Cystalline eyes  What simple devotion it is to keep mine so locked in the beautiful orbs of yours. To see what once endlessly raged finally near a blissful calm and know this is no place to end, but the perfect place to start. And a quick flash from before,  you writhing on top of me as if some fury could be expelled the deeper I was driven into you. You would never tell me, only...Read On

Muffins Of Sand Dunes

A peripheral of silence held from within Rising from the muffins of sand dunes In Eden's oasis on the edge of a dime As zealots moaned in the heat While the angel of love sang And a haboob spread it's wings While God gave me my everything With shadow's kiss a vision of you    As pharisees of my mind fled in retreat Rising from the muffins of sand dunes      ...Read On


My Destiny

You are my Destiny

You are my one and only,  The one that I was meant To be with and the one  I am destined to be with, The one that I would, if required,  I would do anything for. I would climb the highest mountains, I would sail the ocean blue, Build bridges to cross rivers, Trek across the vast deserts Just so that I could be with you. For you my love I would, If you wanted me to I would lasso the moon ...Read On

Recommended Read

Sing It If You Want To

maybe something beautiful in this earth won't let me die in a gutter called winter and summer will enslave me with this terrifying magic making my skin itch like it's half electricity and half not there and I'm sorry to make you say your name again but I just can't  hear you darling now that the guitars are melting and then of course there's the damp music of that...Read On

Defying Gravity

Feeling a softness of your breath Enamored by a tell-tale touch Using a willow stick I pen prose With a velocity of ink's tempo Defying gravity As my mind follows footsteps Of lost loves left behind Where the winding river flows Over shells and stones Defying gravity   Crossing over to forever sounder On pebbles made of pearls Shedding light on my philosophy Enamored by a...Read On


He had no fear of the coming apocalypse choir  Feeling the gossamer touch of an angel's blush As she whispered in staccato bronzing his fire  Sweet two-lips of eternal desire  In origins of a dew dawn  ...Read On

He Saw Scrimshaw

He saw scrimshaw of poetic designs   With words defining his mind's kind   As the tides washed upon the sands Giving promise of a new day's find As the gods of seven gave a week To reach the pentacle that he seek   A siren of the sea kissed his lips   And with her love that he would keep   He saw scrimshaw of poetic designs   With words defining his mind's kind        ...Read On



Why am I staring at my phone?  Endlessly checking my email and searching for other signs?  Inexorably drawn together,  our bodies, hearts, and our minds.  Am I really making myself this crazy, when you're right there in my heart?  Two people who never met, our souls bound together but our bodies so far apart.  I can't seem to get you out of my mind.  And I'm more than happy to dance with...Read On


Ineffable Beauty

I want to fall in love With you Blinded And when I do I want to see you Your image, your essence, your beauty Everywhere I look. I want to fall in love With you Deafened Only hearing my heartbeat As it races Craving your embrace Awestruck by your reality. I want to fall in love With you The thoughts inside your head The scary places Where no one else ventures They are you They...Read On



Flesh yearns to find its voice first before recognizing unguarded need, willing itself to learn the language, but your body told stories before me. And although men and women have staked their unique claims on you, have cautiously circled one another as bloodthirsty conquerers. A part of you always belongs to me. It may be something as faint  as whispers among the storm, your scent...Read On


Me and You

Love is a treasure

We are experiencing this journey together Going from being one to being an us We are learning new things everyday Like what each other likes and dislikes We are enjoying being together without being in a rush Taking our time being a couple Dreaming of a future together Sharing our hopes and dreams Sharing our fears and desires Discovering what turns us on ...Read On


Brain Betrayal

I will never understand or heed the voices bouncing around and ricochetting trying to lead Damaged connections and tissue warp any sense I ever have of me Self-worth not the only issue Fighting with myself at night Wanting all and nothing I can never find the light Value others see in me Perhaps they are blind And cannot clearly see I've just been cast In a life I never chose Each time...Read On



Dry lips I kneel still Your presence is all around. Intoxicating me. Slithers. The drop slithers down my forehead. Earthquake. My skin turns crimson Painted by your palms. Rough brush strokes. One. Two. Three. Do you want more? Slithers. My chin is the drop's precipice. To fall or to follow? You belong to me. Eyes. They speak my willing yes. Callous hands on my body. I stay. I am here....Read On



My view on love.

There are many forms of love. Love of family, friends,   And the one it desires. Love is overwhelming, Cunning, smart, manipulative, Difficult to understand, Frustrating, and maddening. It can calm you, or harm you. Make you crazy, and hurt. Make you feel human. For love does not discriminate, Does not look at race, Sex, religion, or ethnicity. You can’t chase love, For love...Read On


Sleeping into tomorrow's dawn, timeworn But now gray about the brows, I interface   Before I cross yonder to another place On a path to green pastures and longevity As a I enter through the golden gate With you as my guide and eternal bride We share God's sweet ambrosia   As the red clay of Georgia leads us home  Born upon-a-time when I scowled at spirits Sleeping into tomorrow's...Read On


Say it Again

Loving the fact knowing that you love me

Lying here in my bed, Next to my lover. Whilst our legs get intertwined, With our arms around each other  Whilst we hug and embrace. We had just made love. Combing my fingers, Through your soft and silky hair. Whilst I softly kisses you On you’re forehead. Hearing you whisper something, On your breath. Not quite hearing  What you had just said, Wanting you to say it again. You say it...Read On


All I Need To Know

All I need to know

In this fast paced world All I need to know is  That rain or shine  You love me  Life gets so busy  The distance can be so hard  All I need to know is  At the end of the day you are waiting for me and  We can get all wrapped up together  To discuss our day  All I need to know is  At night  I get to fall asleep against your chest  After we share a few minutes of passion  All I...Read On


The Wolf

Dark nights of oblivion We shared them in silence We lived them in the shadow. Nothing prepared us. You sank your teeth in my flesh Feasted upon my weakness I heard you whispering, breathing on my skin and I couldn't say no. But in the comforting warmth of the night, oh such a forgiving mother, everything is different. The moon does not violate things with her light. Not like the sun,...Read On


We Have All the Time In the World

For my own lover

We have all the time in the world It is not denial But acceptance of a higher truth My eyes look upon you and know We will go on No matter what they say It is the only way to live our lives  To the fullest With each day that passes To live without seeing an end To love without crying again To laugh without doubting  And win We have all the time in the world    ...Read On

Sugar Runs

Orgasms are like an apotheosis with glee As if a phantom in disguise as you dream Like dryads of a full moon hidden in trees While stars twinkle in a kaleidoscope sky Occasionally rung like wind chimes hung As the sweetness of sugar runs  ...Read On


Even though sometimes you make me mad I'll still always love you Even though you make me feel sad I'm still happy I said I do Life is not always a bowl of cherries But love is always in the background Our love is extraordinary Sometimes I just don't want you around Life happens and things don't go our way We're lucky that there's always tomorrow A chance for a new and brighter day A new day...Read On


The Halloween Party

Our first meeting Cara...(thank you Marylyn wherever you are)

To think I nearly didn’t go To that party where we met The thought of us not meeting That’s a thought I must forget   Who knew on that spooky night I would meet my life long mate Something must have made me go I think they call it fate   I went with that girl Marylyn She called me on the phone Wanted me to go with her But I ended up alone   I came over and I spoke to you You...Read On


Your Presence

Your love has freed me from the past, It has opened my heart. It shines like the sun Pours over me like rain  Rages within me like a storm It refreshes me again and again  Your love means everything  ...Read On