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Love Poems


Stand beside you

For now and always...

  Please understand whatever happens, isn't your fault. you have been wonderful  I really love talking and being with you.   Our phone and skype conversations seem to fly by so quick  that we're both left wondering where the time goes.   Your smile, your laugh the way your eyes shine  fill my heart with joy  my smile has never been so big.   I will stand beside you  and I...Read On

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Darkness, Silence and Fire

this is my heart all darkness, silence and fire neither the best nor worst of its kind it is only this fractured thing that shivers because angels with torches live in her eyes young heart in the prison of an old soul it is never enough and always too much full of stories it will never tell about angels who fell when there was nowhere left to go so this is my darkness, silence...Read On

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Crawling Back

Everything seems Out of my reach Like Water spiralling down a drain An empty promise of rain Conversations from yesterday Music playing too far away Half awake, half asleep It doesn't take much For him to seep Easily into my mind Thoughts spin and drift And effortlessly lift And I turn, intending to Fill the cavernous rift With a snowdrift of sugar Only to feel emptiness...Read On


Why not me

I can't do that, but I can do this

If I was a mountaineer, I would climb mountains  If I was a sailor, I would sail oceans If I was a footballer, I would score for England If I was a poet, I would write poems I am a man, who wants you If I was a dog, I would guard the house If I was a cat, I would sleep all day If I was a catterpillar, I would change into a butterfly If I was a bee, I would collect nectar  I am a lover,...Read On


She Comes To Me

She comes to me when I try to sleep My head filled with flashes of light A tempest of color Scared, alone, cold, tired, I cower. She comes to me when I think What are we doing here? We trudge through We listen to what they say We do what we are supposed to do. She comes to me when I cry The world so cruel So much pain So much suffering It’s not just mine, we share it all. She comes to me...Read On



We grew up together though we were miles apart. But even with that separation we were in each other’s heart. Those tender teenage years that included so many questions. We were only sixteen after all, and not given to know discretion. Our lives were never perfect; We both had our own faults. Still, we saw something in each other we needed. We wanted to learn the steps needed for this...Read On


My Better Place

You give me a reason to smile

Drifting back and forth With no real direction Or clear path in mind Searching for something But what was missing I couldn’t figure it out Then you came into my life And the fog began to clear. You make me smile and laugh and make me feel special We share stories As you teach and guide me Giving me back my faith and hope. And when you take me in your arms  pulling me close as...Read On


Five More Minutes

Wish I had me a pause button - Scotty McCreery

We all want five more minutes We want a pause button for the good stuff Eight years old catching fireflies Mama yells time to come in We yell five more minutes Sixteen years old on your front porch Kissing good night Your Dad flipping the light switch Interrupting our good night kissing We say five more minutes Eighteen years old last home football game We wanted five more minutes ...Read On



I need to know if there's some depth  in you that just can't be reached.  I can feel this tender core helplessly flexing around me, the sacred and profane  reilluminated into one.  A flash of lighting against the window, just a moment of violent skyward glows and your body is suddenly still and visible, a bright lithograph of all sensual mystery. And if I said I loved you, would that...Read On

Love is Being In Sync

Love is so many things A text saying I love you Your partner waiting in the wings A person to look up to A hug showing they care Smiles to make you feel good Running their fingers through your hair Loving you like they should Spending time together In person or on the phone They're your partner or lover Their love for you is not postponed Together sharing a meal Having a beer or a...Read On


Where I Want To Be

I want to be in my love's arms

Since you and I have walked as one with all our style and grace, I want to tell you I am proud when I'm in your embrace. You stroll me 'round the galaxy, you've kept me safe from harm. I always feel your passion's bliss wrapped in my lover's charm. The time we spent together has passed by in leaps and bounds. The rhythm of our lives has been enhanced by nature's sounds. Beside you as...Read On


Reflection Part 2

Happy times for me and a new light in my soul

I return to the white sandy beach, the night sky beckons to me. Stopping at the shoreline, feel the cold waves brush over my feet. Instead of looking into the dark and lonely ocean shore.   I pause and gaze up at the moonlight. Kneeling on my knees, closing my eyes, feeling the sadness, hurt, anger, leave my soul. A smile forms across my plump, pink, lips. Rising to my feet. Feeling...Read On



Wishing you were here right now...

Sitting quietly on my bed  listening to the rain outside  I glance at the clock  wondering where you are Tick the minute's pass But still nothing ... messages sent, go left unread  I wonder what happened ... Is it something I did? but more likely outside forces. But all I really know right now is  that I want you  I need you  I love you  and I am really worried  feeling a...Read On

A Special Connection

A cyber connection found Love felt sometimes Can't hear talking sounds You type and use your mind A connection that's emotional An affair of the heart Felt while being sociable You play the starring part Fantasy games played Loving sentiments shared Love felt in many ways You both really care A lover on a computer screen Words exchanged together You work together playing scenes They can...Read On


He Awakens

Watching him wake up

I watch you stir from slumber deep, while you awaken from your nap... the flutter of your eyes in sleep, as from your dreams your mind unwraps. Your eyes watch me as you awake; you stretch as though to claim the sky. You move so slow as in you take a cleansing breath... release a sigh. Your face, it shines, so soft and fair, I reach to gently rub your cheek. You watch me as I touch your...Read On

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Lightning Bugs

Love should be more than a flash in the dark

Like Fire Flies dancing in the night, Desperate lovers flit about,  finding each other in random glory.    Two become one, merging their luminescence In a brilliant flash of radiant bliss,  Bravo, to them I say,  filled with joy that they've found their mate.   But all too soon their lightning dims  and they part again,  Dancing in the dark until a new pair  meet and glow anew.   ...Read On


I Dig You

We met, talked, kept talking, and we both realize how much we dig each other.

Meeting one night by fate. We spent the whole night Talking. Of our fears, Past, Lovers, Heartbreaks, And triumphs. On day three, We really dig, Each other. Now here it is on day Six. Feeling like we have talked for years. The feelings we have for one another is, Taking our breath away. Making us speechless, Confusing us, The more we are apart, The stronger we dig each other....Read On



Escaping from darkness into the light can be a long process ending in euphoria

Like da Vinci and Michelangelo I struggle to find the balance of light and dark This darkness hides inside my mind, blocking out all receptors of light And right now I’m too much the coward to turn around As you torture me with touches, tender and tantalizing   A patchwork of thought eats at the reclusiveness of my heart A deprivation of light designed to evaporate my dignity ...Read On



just words.

Words. I am words. Just letters bunched together, like sheep in a pen. Innocent, harmless, innocuous, sterile. Words. Words with meanings, words with power, words that can create pictures in your mind, and music in your heart.   With hard words, spoken harshly, yelled, screamed, thrown at you, I can make you cry. With soft words, coated in sugar, pretty coloured, and sweet sounding, ...Read On


Love's Possibilities

You never know what is hiding behind the next door

A journey we've begun That is loving and true  My heart in need of care  You then took the cue We were just good friends  You'd wipe away my tears  Unsure where this would lead  And now you've promised to calm my fears With my eyes tightly closed  I jumped and then fell  Taking a huge leap of faith Leaving behind my utter hell Now with my hand in yours You pull me from the dark  Safe,...Read On


Walk with Me

My heart was filled with anticipation The future held so many promises Yet, we could not create that passion Always fearing it was given in other premises I wanted to believe that I had found her The grand relation for me to nurture and grow That with time she would be the special lover That would make me yearn for tomorrow Too many harsh words were spoken Too much time wasted not...Read On



You knew him not

                                          Your Lies You knew.  still, you went. wanted him. just for yourself Would do anything. Safari hunt; Big Guns, Big Plans. Fake sweetness  No drama, no lies Filled with drama,  Filled with lies wanted them gone Hoes you say     Just you ' Filled with bitterness He told you  what he was you lost  Your bitterness grew for the Casanova ... get over It.   ...Read On



Cherish every moment

  Sitting quietly filling in time  watching the room  answering when spoken too  Asking myself,"Is this really what I want?"  Then you walk in  and my answer is clear  "YES" it is  For every moment spent together  makes me smile and feel so cherished and loved.  Your smile  your touch the way you pull me close  and oh so much more  These are the moments  I cherish and hold on...Read On


God Gave Me You

Be thankful of your special love

Who would have thought We would find each other in a place like this But God had a plan When he brought us together We were so different at first I was so guarded but you patiently showed me I could trust again But looked deeper than the surface You teach me more every day About life, myself and love The passion we share is unlike anything I have experienced I thank God every day...Read On


Without Them

For her

The touch of Whispers in your ear Gently spoken Raising hairs   The caress of Fingers against your cheek Silently caressing Stirring passion   The pressure of Tongue against your lips Insistent cravings Kindling hunger   And yet,   Waiting for the Return to ardent arms So willing to embrace Intimately close   Hungering for the Scent of their essence Enveloping...Read On


My sweetest Love

I am reaching out to only you, The sound of the wind. Feel my heart beat within my chest, please do not cry anymore. You are beautiful the way you are.   Look up at the sky, my sweetest love. The sparkling blue drops trailing down your cheek, I catch them with my fingertip. They are the light to another tomorrow and a new beginning.   You're tearing will become like a guiding rainbow....Read On


Lessons we share

From this moment

  Searching high and low, looking for answers  some clarification and understanding.  Then we met  and somehow you were different  you had something special, a certain kind of way. Each day still learning and fall even more.  The look in  your eye as you smile so bright Then you call me "Yours"  and that makes my heart soar. From this moment on  knowing my life will be different, ...Read On


After Four

Laying separately, with miles between. Staring up at the bare, dark ceiling. I have to wonder if you’re getting the rest you require. Silence can be the enemy. Creeping doubt and insecurities flooding all of your senses in the deep solemnity of the early morning hours. Emotions between two are never simple. How close you can be with another person, and yet how far you can be at the same...Read On


Voices of Love

Just a little something for my love

Kindle my world, gleefully say, Your loving heart lifts my spirit each day. Was painfully yearning, a deep dark hole, Now eternally burning, mending my soul. Name of yours, lips echo each night, Visions of us dominate my sight. In your arms, your soul cradles me, Hearts beat as one and forever to be. Vow is promise, lovers were blessed, Keeps us sane to forget all the rest. Numerous...Read On


Questions of the heart

Standing together....

I fall for you  a little bit more  with every kiss with every word But in that lies my greatest fear I love the look of your smile and the gentle way  your lips brush against mine  to say Good morning or Good night The way you look at me  making me smile wide  and causing my eyes to shine  Oh so bright... But still I question  why me and not her  because to me I'm not...Read On