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Love Poems

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As I Scooched

As I trundled about my shop In my slippers as I scooched A stoop shouldered sway The early hours of dawn  Feeling the tranquility of it all As the flambeau flickered And the dust mite whiskers Brushed my arms As you danced with a splinter Casting a thinner of my own image A ghostly fellow of last winter When I came down with the ague Of the season just past Then you kissed my lips With alms...Read On


I Hate It When We Argue

This poem summarises a bad dream that woke me up several nights ago.

You scared me when we had that tiff By storming out my door You told me that you hated me Didn’t love me anymore   I hate it when we argue It always ends the same Both of us spit venom As we try to place the blame   Why do we have to fight Say all the things we said I lie here cold and naked now Without you in my bed   Why can’t we just agree To never scream and shout It...Read On


To sing again

I can sing again of love Not with pain, but thoughts of joy In my heart the day dawns brightly Into which my love doth walk I can dance, once again in love Gently swaying with the flow In my heart the music playing Whilst the silence here I know I can dream once again of love A love that is rich and pure A life full of joy ascertain In the arms of my love that surround I can sing, I...Read On


Her own worst enemy

Will this be the end?

  She sits on the grass  watching the sun sink on the horizon  Replaying the conversation over in her mind  realizing just how quickly the conversation spiraled out of control  it was her fault for saying something stupid  No one to blame but herself  she shouldn't have spoken without thinking about the consequences  now she doesn't know what to do to make it right or even if that...Read On



I may not remember everything, every single detail we shared, dates grow vague along with some words that may have slipped. But I remember you in the best way. The songs you played when telling me how they broke your heart for the first time, the notes that seemed to seep through skin and wrap around your core with nostalgia. I remember some things with painful clarity. I remember the...Read On


Love Like Crazy

Love like crazy

You met in an unexpected place You didn't expect to fall for each other But you love like crazy  People say you are crazy That it can't be real love No one expects it to last But you know different Your hearts are connected Your souls are intertwined The first time you touched The souls whispered To each other "Mine" Nothing else matters   You know it's real love and Nothing can change that...Read On



There are times I feel adrift Not quite alive, Not grounded Not feeling much of anything Then you reach out A text A call A touch And I exist again, In the curl of your smile And my answering grin Maybe we ground each other, In this swirling, blurring world, With a love so quiet  So powerful That sometimes it  Doesn’t need a voice But a touch  A look A kiss My heart is yours During all...Read On

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And if I watch you, maybe you will notice Feel the weight of my stare and turn And maybe you will smile and recognise something Unspoken and unnamed   And if I kiss you, maybe you will kiss me back Graze me with your hard fingers and soft tongue Trace me in morning sunlight and evening moonlight Blurred edges defined beneath your hands   And if I love you, maybe you will love me too We...Read On


My Open Arms

Magical memories Yearnings and yielding Openly at one Perfectly positioned Enriching and energising Naturally needed Always available Richly rewarding Mystical moments Safe and secure...Read On


Caring hearts

A reason to carry on..

She stands on the edge of a virtual cliff inching closer with each new day Thinking life is just getting too difficult and no one would miss her anyway.   Taking another step closer feeling the pain closing in not just her own but those she holds most dear to her heart.   Starring out she thinks about how she will miss them some have been more like family than her real blood ones....Read On


Sweet Dream

Dreams can be a reality

She searched looking for The One, She had all but given up until he came along, They crossed paths online and connected instantly, He was everything she dreamed about, He wasn't Prince Charming in the fairytale sense, He was Prince Charming in jeans and boots, He was different from the rest and opened her eyes, To things she never realized, He unlocked all the secret places in her...Read On


From Your Flesh

Something not anchored in love  drifted far beyond our reach,  exempt from our careful touch,  I'll be able to understand you one day.  I'm still here in this dark room,  broken by such little things,  a stray strand of auburn hair,  the most brief hint of perfume. Forever here on a late November evening  when you suddenly opened up to me and became a lock at the same time,  bare warm...Read On


Dream, Girl

Everyone deserves the love of their dreams...

It would be so hard to sleep next to you Is it possible to sleep with a smile? That would be me smiling thru the night Smiling Into my dreams waking to my dream girl Then I would count the minutes till we met up again when our days wound Down Memories of you carrying me thru the mundane Pushing me Propelling me Back into your arms Back between your legs Where I belong  ...Read On


A Sweet Dream

The room is dark and comfortable but she knows something is missing.

She lays there in bed, Wrapped in a blanket, Wishing it was his arms, Sniffing his t-shirt. She has on her pillows, Knowing he is thinking of her, Feeling his touch she rolls over, Making room on the bed, Crawling into bed, he wraps, His arms around her, Pulling her close She sinks into his embrace Feeling his breath, On the back of her neck, Giving her goosebumps, She...Read On


Move Mountains

If I love someone I would do anything to be with them

I would do anything to be with you Climb mountains Sail the ocean blue Swim the mighty rivers If you call I will be there for you If you need me I am here for you I am always here for you Even if you don’t need me I would do anything  To be with you Cross the vast deserts No lake too deep  No jungle too thick My shoulder is your pillow when you’re  feeling down I will comfort you when...Read On


Broken Hearts

Broken heart , live and learn

Broken hearts Broken promises Broken dates Empty words spoken Passions gone unfulfilled Dreams shattered in an instant Relationships destroyed Leaving you wondering why But You live and learn Realizing good bye is for the best Saving your heart from more pain But Pick yourself up This pain is only temporary, it will only burn for a little while The world keeps spinning as you...Read On


Your Love

I love to watch your love The way you talk about her And glow when she’s around Your eyes glued to her no matter where she moves The laugh you get when you think of something funny she once said How you swoon over a song that reminds you of her When you describe everything that makes her amazing to you The way you blush when I call you out on your feelings This love This true love I admire it...Read On


The heart cries out

That feeling of truth

That first frisson fantastic.  Not just a smile, your heart Matching mine, beat for beat.  The soaring flight of passion realised Until another comes.  Lying spent in each other's arms, The whispered love, the fiery lust Aflame on hilltops for all to see.  And they look, and they wonder How to make it true for them.  But it's for you, Heather  ...Read On

Recommended Read

Leave Me Longing

You're still like a dream to me, I can almost touch those phantom edges, beautiful shapes that have left me longing on the precipice of what I can't understand. And I think I'm almost there again, before winter when I grew too jealous, too passive to say what I really meant the last time my whisper grazed your ear. Before when I was stilled by the starglow upon your skin as we made love,...Read On

Rascals Of My Mind

As the rascals of my mind unwind its twine And I feel an exuberance of love shine As your ambrosia's scent binds time To dally my twaddle with words so fine While leaves concede to the winds Aligning to a bard's poetic composure Falling about the ribbons in your hair   As shadows dance with my maiden fair   And the withershins of a kind mime    As the rascals of my mind unwind its...Read On



When you got lost in your own hell...

Thought words were lost to me forever,  The blackness I felt made me numb.  You Guided me to stand on my own two feet,  Making me realize you had never left my side.  Inspiring me to find my words again and write,  Always my muse to inspire me to grow.  This made me whole again to be creative  Allowing me to be free to love life again with you.  If you were to leave my world would stop I...Read On


Heart's Wonder

The fear of a new journey burdened by the weight of the past...

As my time marches on And memories pass in the night My dreams sometimes dare To ponder what’s right Am I destined for sadness And loneliness my fight Or can I battle for love With all of my might Is it greedy or fair To again want delight With desire for you To turn darkness to light I'm at those crossroads again Happy and hurt in plain fright They come with great fear Rejection...Read On


I Remember When I Met You

Dedicated to someone very special. This is how it all started...

I remember when I met you A long long time ago I knew that once I’d seen you I could never let you go   We became so close together We always got along You meant so very much to me I knew it wasn’t wrong   To love another woman Never thought I’d see the day I simply fell in love with you The day you came my way   The smouldering in my heart Had sparked into a flame I somehow...Read On



We always have tomorrow

Tomorrow We steal a few minutes together Without any outside distractions A few stolen moments of Passion Before our busy day starts to get crazy A few minutes to cuddle before life gets in the way, A few minutes at night before we say goodnight  We know we have tomorrow But tomorrow seems so far away When life pulls us in so many different directions I know I will be in your...Read On


The Gardener

Take my body, take my soul, Take my heart It is yours I offer it all. She handles each flower with such Delicate precision From just a seed she cultivates It has no character No identity Yet she sees its inner beauty She knows its full potential Each day she visits Her garden Nurturing   Giving her all Loving So loving I trust my heart to the gardener When its weak She will give it life When...Read On



Special moments shared...

Although we haven’t known each other long I enjoy curling up in your lap Listening to you share Stories memories from your past.   Each moment shared Learning something new That reveal precious details About the inner workings of your heart.   The softly spoken words and gentle caresses After standing in the background Watching you with others Is not what you’d expect.   ...Read On



For whom my heart requires.

How far we had gone, in ignorance of each other a persistent tugging of the subconscious… we had met long before our birth, two kindred souls stretched through the miles. We may have had a division, a rift a mere beaten path required for us to follow before our discovery made in the solemnity of a soft encounter, a fleeting glance across a crowded room as electricity coursed through each...Read On


Sand Castle

Dreams are made of sand...

Sitting alone by the shore, Doodling names with mine. Dreaming of being with me, Wash away by the waves.   Sitting alone by the shore And playing with the sand. Building on my own, A sand castle in the sand.   Sitting alone by the shore, He stops by to help me build My sand castle in the sand, A wave broke and washes it away.   Sitting alone with him by the shore, He chooses...Read On



Your touch once almost told me that creatures  must find each other for some comfort, farther than what flesh can fortell, to press beyond where we have grown cold through the tender inlet where desire flows. We reach a burning core soon enough, that beautiful, dangerous human flash  which brings us back to ourselves, which will bloom far beyond us. And wherever we move from here, your...Read On

Tossed To The Winds

As good fortunes have fallen on me A change of course in my anomaly With words more soothing And less bellicose I shall be   As my tongue has had it's bell rung Casting my darkness into the sea  As my muse sings me happy songs With kisses in lands of my dreams While my prose cries of martial bliss  And all precautions tossed to the winds             ...Read On