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Love Poems


Bonds of Love

Sometimes the ties that bind, actually set us free

The silken bonds of your Mastery Bind me in place A hostage for your pleasure I see it in your face   A single word not spoken Or even a kiss exchanged Yet I feel your love for me That has never changed   Our meetings are in secret Few, and far between Yet I know your feelings for me And they are oh so keen   You may bind me with your ropes Leave love marks upon my skin Yet...Read On


Brazened Souls

Where did it go....I don't know.

Loving Arms Caring Heart Gentle Soul Infinite Start.   Where did it go I don't know Passion Ignited Written in Prose.   Polished Toes Elegant Style Masculine Man Sharp as Tile.   Withered Minds Woeful Stammer Elusive Manner Where did it go?   Across the miles Deep blue seas Mountains above Wildflowers over their knees.   Fall enters The days grow dim Colors grow dull...Read On

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A passionate addiction will always have risks...

Our love This connection Is a free fall Something We both want And need But Is it worth The risk Maybe Our chutes Have Already deployed The decision Has been made And We are floating Back down To earth Safely And no harm Will come to us Maybe But we wonder Will we land In an open field This once Escaping injury Deciding Never to Go up To soar again But we know Life Has No guarantees So Do...Read On


Magic Hour Musings

Sometimes the most vulnerable and real feelings are revealed in late night magic hours

It wasn't easy to get you to this point  But it was worth it because here we are So patient was I waiting for the walls to come down I don't think you know Walls were not meant to keep us  Away from what we desire or to protect us They are there to challenge us to work  Harder for what we want To fight for what lights the soul So many nights we spent questioning Slowly discovering each...Read On


Passion, Friend or Foe

Emotions that master us

Worry — What help have you ever been to me? Why then are you so ever present in my thoughts? So many journeys begin with you, Always destined to end with your friends here below. Not one thing do you add or enhance Never improving the quality of your mind, And the fruits you bear are nought but stress and damage. How often have you misguided me, Making even insignificant problems grow,...Read On


Your Last Goodbye

saying your last goodbye

I sit here waiting waiting for you to see that time is running out come on and save me It's not your fault I'm crying so don't you think that at all don't feel guilty for something you didn't do just hug me and don't let me fall Your arms are so soft and cozy the look in your eyes, I can't forget I wish you didn't have to leave but I know the date is set I let the tears fall down my face...Read On


Lustful Desires

Sharing passion and pleasure from a distance as both lovers sharing an online affair...

Holding you close to me, feeling the warmth of our love My neck cradled against you, as you nuzzle against my neck Holding my hand, raising it to your mouth Kissing each finger gently,whispering against it hand, leaving its effect.   I kiss your neck..up to your chin, my mouth finds your lips Whispering against your mouth, "Do you know how much I love you Jack?" The warmth of your...Read On


Baby Girl Lost

Just a lost baby girl.

Once a princess, once and angel, now just a stranger. Bound in sadness, bound in tears bound by all my fears. I begged, I pleaded, it was you I needed. Now you're gone my world a sad song. Hard to close my eyes, all I do is hide. My name erased another put in my place. No more blue only black, for your love I lack. Once your lap was my place, safe I set in your embrace. My nights...Read On

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The Exquisite Consequence of Desire

Led by desire

Your smile always shatters me A million shards of longing The unbearable desolation Of your absence soon forgotten   Vanished to your incandescent kiss Oh! How you fill this emptiness Your beauty is dark sorcery Let loose chaotic ecstasy   The devil’s smoulder in your eyes Unspoken invitation Your touch ignites exquisite ache Silk whispers, captivation   Tonight you are...Read On

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seek passion

this is not a sudden storm  though it may appear so  to those who casually observe.  this is a sigh  like morning's first breath,  deep  and long  and full of you.  its aroma  is every sweet memory  we ever made,  original caresses   hidden among the comforts  of familiarity.  this sanctuary is fertile  nourishing the need  to create new moments,  new sighs,  new orgasms  which will never ...Read On


Pin Striped Shirt

When a pinstriped shirt is all you have left.

  I awoke today with thoughts of you, then again that’s nothing new. To one more time hear your voice before you were taken away, You had no choice.   The love songs play, exacerbating my hurt I lie every night in your pin striped shirt. Just one more call, all I want is a chat. To hear you speak once more about this and that.   You windsurfed into my life and rectified all...Read On

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Passion's Eyes of Blue

Come and see what the sweet passion of love means to me.

  There's passion in the notion, and the potion known as you, in the emotion and the ocean, flowing in your eyes of blue.   It's in the poetry you bring me, with a gesture, look, and kiss, in a gentle touch that says so much, wrought in euphoric bliss.   It is passion and it's rapture, how your captured my old soul, and made it feel brand new again, virginal, pure, and whole -  ...Read On


I love your smile

Dedicated to prettywild

  I love your eyes and your soft sighs I love your inner beauty too I love the way each passing day you give a love so warm and true I love your clothes, your turned up nose the way your precious kisses taste but most of all, my living doll I love the smile upon your face I love your lips and slender hips I love the giggle in your talk I love your class and your sweet ass the wiggle in...Read On


Left Behind

Sometimes there is no coming back.

Looking back with teary eyes. The endless pain so hard to hide. Wishing the ache would just subside. No safe place to run when my world comes undone. Don't know what to do, feeling like a fool. I ask and ask but to no avail, makes me want to scream and yell. How do I come back when the energy to move I lack. Going in circles finding no end. Will I ever be safe again. I lost my name, it's...Read On

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"Slowly," she whispered Not expecting any reprise, "Slowly," he uttered His immediate reply.   Neither touching the other As if countries in a cold war, Yet so close they feel their heat, Luring them closer, desparate to explore.   So gradual, they see their pulses, The beat frequencies increase They move toward each other, Becoming desperate for release.   Moving one pulse at...Read On


Love Eternal

Its Eternal, if you are so lucky as to find it

A passionate plea As I beg of thee Take me And make me yours   Drive your body Deeply into mine Brand yourself Upon my soul   Entwine our lives together In an eternal circle Where as one of us ends The other begins   We will love each other deeply Until the end of our days When we will greet the end together And yet will begin again…  ...Read On

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Dancin' the Blues

Dancin’ the blues Is a complicated business; First, you focus on the rhythm, Then you try to feel How your partner moves, Fumbling to sway with his groove: Most of all, you strain to blend with All the glory of That music, In three or four pressurised minutes, When you concentrate intensely On all these elements.   If you can surrender To the beat, your partner, That music, ...Read On

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Thorns Of Hate

To win someday

Thorns of hate You quietly seek a body. Twisting, turning, devouring. All hope gone, you prefer it that way. Not just the body, but the mind and spirt too. You won’t win, you never will. Though it seems to us humans you do.     Sadness creeps in. Weeping tears on faces. Find a way to be strong, and fight. So many you have taken. We must beat you at your evil game. To you they...Read On


My Beautiful Princess

Missing my princess

  We were once long distance lovers, playing recklessly on the computer, but how the times have changed, what I had is now what I yearn. We were the best of friends, I loved her to no end, but as the days passed by, It was getting harder and harder to pretend. The truth was I was in love, with the princess so far away, our friendship was unique, but it grew to be so much more. We dated for...Read On


I Did As You Asked

I forgot the sound of your voice Its calm and sexy tone  Speaking beautiful words of love, No longer resonates in my ear. The image of your face So handsome and alluring  With eyes that shine so bright,  Is now but a blur. My body doesn't ache For the feel of your skin on mine,  And your magical touch  That so easily filled me with ecstasy. Your enticing scent  Won't stir in me again, ...Read On



Where are we

Reaching from the dark I thought I saw a spark A single flash of light On my darkest night I thought I saw you Trying to break through To return to my heart Never again to part But it was only dreams Awakened by my screams It wasn't you at all You aren't the man I saw He didn't look the same Although he used your name A broken girl was found The loving light had drown I gave in after...Read On

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Passionately Loving You

When you find THE one

    Passion, for passion's sake In and of itself Can be great   But Passion when There is also love Seems to elevate that feeling So very high above   To add new meaning and depth Make it seem more A passionate love like that Will never seem a chore   It can see all consuming Yet perfect in its ease Two people loving each other As passionately as they please   From...Read On


All Weather Love

That one person who you love no matter what the weather.

  He is like a weather forecast. When in touch he is the sunshine, and then the world becomes dull when his shining presence disappears.   I miss him and my tears fall like rain, clouding my cheeks. My breath is taken away like a walk in a gale force wind.   I love him whether he likes it or not.   He provides hurricanes yet, a love that compares to my toes sinking into...Read On

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Your Love

Your love embraced me forever more ...

Your love hit me like a wave crashing against my heart a thunderous strike rocking my body with such force Your lips kissed me with a sense of such longing infatuated with my taste sharing this blissful moment of sexual desire Your soul embraces this demonic skin I wear desecrated with scars from torturous enemies shaming me of my own reflection Your hands touched me with such...Read On


When Love Begins

When you find that special someone

I always knew that love would come find me someday but never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way you caught me off guard and took me by surprise but you simply captivated me, the same way you do when I look into your eyes It's true that every good and perfect gift is from above you were presented to me as a beautifully packaged gift full of humor, talent, intelligence,...Read On

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Is this Really the End?

I am just me, I refuse to change.

Do you not see what you've done to me My heart breaking into tiny pieces  From words that have been said  Once a friendship that never ceases A void is left where once was full  Of a love so gentle and pure  That was growing into the night  Now left everything unsure  I am worth more than what you've done  Making me feel smaller than a snail  You know how to hurt me so well You did it...Read On



A man falls for a woman

I'm standing on the edge My toes hanging off the side The wind blows sweetly Rustling my hair And relaxing me Causing me to lean towards the void All around me I hear his voice whispering "You're beautiful" and "I'll always be there for you" I close my eyes And I can feel his hand in mine And his arms wrapped around me Then my head is filled with memories Of his lips Pressed against mine In...Read On


Linger On My Mind

Your presence still lingers on my mind ... so I did something about it!

The whispering of your voice still echoes all around The smell of your perfume suffocates the air I breathe Your picture still hangs in a frame on the wall You still linger deep on my mind The crease in the pillow where your head once lay The stains upon the sheets of where we made passionate love The cold dark nights in which I held you tight You still linger deep on my mind That day...Read On


For Him

For him, I am a sweetheart His happiness is mine Though half a world between us  Our stars will still align   For him, I aim to please His satisfaction is my goal And though I often tease I love him from my soul   For him, I give my mind  My secret hopes and dreams  He knows this quiet woman Is not quite what she seems    For him, My body aches His touch makes me plead for more...Read On


Part-Time Passion

Sometimes the opposite of heat is distance

Mesquite fires of the forbidden Ignite a sizzling plancha of blended lust. Fantasies in every fervent flavor meld spicily, Swirl in imagination-whisked synchronicity, A burner in its brightest blue-blazed bloom Feeds the rolling boil of a purloined elixir. Percolates liquid delirium into savory steam I groan with gusto for your taste. We consume And are consumed, Losing track of when...Read On