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Love Poems


Snow Capped Escape

The final journey of his mission has ended in Finland with his dedication to Sensual_Tom

Forever in your loving embrace Alas, this is the final week of your journey. Fingers entwine, just like lace Turning to me, assuring that you will be worthy. Trudging through the snow capped mountains Exploring nature and winter conditions. Your lips over mine, suppressed like drinking from a fountain Whispering your love and fidelity, from your own admissions. Hand in hand, we trudge...Read On


You Wore The Moonlight

You wore the moonlight like a secret, a closely guarded confession  to bloom against your skin. I was too afraid to touch then, already not knowing how to let go before this dangerous rubicon  of contact where our hands meet. Even then, I was already clinging too jealously. But you were interested in little things that I have trouble remembering that would in time become everything. I...Read On

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Are They There

With fingers so numb

And after we're gone who'll remember to care Despair waiting there for the loss all will bear For the loss  For the loss They show love and despair We will never return But remember to care Knowing despair that is already there When the chill sets in will they share that they care When their fingers are numb and their heart is still bare It's despair It's despair It's...Read On


In Want

How can I be in want When you are there by my side  Yet, want is there Resting calmly, gently and full of latent passion   For when I touch you  And our bodies collide All time stands still  And our union complete   When I taste you  My hunger satisfied  My thirst quenched And my heart is stilled    Our breathing  Our hearts  Our bodies  One in finding that secret place...Read On

Pipes Of Heaven

With thunder sounding a yowling As if a devil was shaking a wake In the mode of good cheer As pipes of the heaven speak A chorus of God spoke I in waistcoat beseeched by sins With my gullet full of dry gin As a brume swept a fog of kind A soliloquy of a tremble rushed in On cobblestone of the Wayfarer's Inn As the embers in grate warmed my nog The coal in the hearth glowed gold...Read On


Thin ice

Love is Like walking on thin ice.  You're aware of the cold water underneath but then you see the other shore And think... I can do it.  Just before falling into the deadliest waters.  Love is The most beautiful, poisonous flower.  It seems so perfect,  So spotless. You reach for it and think...  I'll avoid the thorns. Just before one tiny, little one stings you.  Love is A painful memory of...Read On


The Voyeur Note

The song flowed through me as I once moved through you, deeper than any known note, without pride or question. It sang of something so distant, a bond I wanted to touch or torch, maybe I was just jealous, craving a tie so sacred. Maybe it just proves that my heart is too voyeuristic. I can almost feel it with my fingertips, on the precipice of what I have lost. I can almost sing in a...Read On


Mini-break to Scotland

A night I will never forget.

A mini-break in Scotland You planned it from the start One thing on your mind that night You planned to steal my heart   You found the perfect way With the story that you told To pop that special question With a diamond set in gold   A cosy little restaurant A table set for two How was I supposed to know You’d make my dream come true   Our love is something we can share It’s...Read On

Poetic Kaleidoscope

From the kaleidoscope of a poet Music has broken my heart's violin What remains is the silence of the strings As swans shed tears on a ballet pond Of dead choruses in my ear As the silence of dawn breaks With a resin of snow falling Harps of the heavens sings A love song calling In silence as the winds call A zephyr's kiss on a rose's dew           ...Read On


New & True

Cuddling by a warm fire in the coldest of winters with the one you love can be very sexy indeed.

  Delighted to be here by the fire with you with nothing else to say with nothing else to do but to hold you near to endear you to my heart which won't be the end but will be the start of a night of love to renew our vows.   After all these years I'm certain you know how -   how to make love sing better than the band that sang Twist & Shout  and I Want to Hold Your Hand.   ...Read On


Brown Eyes

throw me a line

I see you You see me Watching you move Most see only boobs I see your eyes Deep brown Pools to drown in Save me  Love me       ...Read On


Starry Eyes

Sending electric pulses through my whole body

Big starry eyes Show midnight skies So full of dreams Oh how her heart beams My heart pitter patters ‘Tis me who matters How can it be I just loved thee? A high school crush Turns me to mush Those big brown eyes Are full of our skies To love and to play Every day Two kids on the beach Always in reach Those big brown eyes Now fill my eyes With tears of sweet joy You know, I’m the boy ...Read On


In the Stillness

In the stillness I reach for you, gripping the sheets where you once lay, holding the pillow that you once laid  your head upon close to my chest. Jumping up, I walk to look out into space,  shivering slightly, still dreaming of when I felt safe with big strong arms wrapped around me,  muscles bunched up under my soft delicate touch. Dreams are all I have now. In the stillness I can...Read On


Image of you

I am silent.  You move around the room,  touch, breathe, live... And I watch you.  I bite my pencil,  Filling pages with your shade, with your essence.  Sometimes I'm so lucky  I feel your eyes in mine... And I blush.  I look down, I keep writing  as you sit next to me.  Scarlet is the color of my cheeks As the object of my desire smirks.  And in those moments of silence  I feel the...Read On


Doing What The Night Wants

Let's do what the night wants, shut the lights off, let the moon light lead the way

Doing what the night wants No hesitation Just giving in to the need Wanting to touch every inch of you No second guessing The feelings you share together Just doing what the night wants No game plan Just living in the moment No need to plan every detail Just go with the flow Letting go of our inhibitions Letting fears be a thing of the past Trusting completely Letting our...Read On


Sweet Sensations of The Skin

Baby, it's cold outside but there's a fire of desire burning inside.

  The sun is shining bright. The wind is bitter cold. We made love through the night and it's not getting old  and so we'll stay inside to do what lovers do with Summer's sultry heat deep in me and deep in you.   Our eyes are shining bright in the dew drops on our skin  as our bodies meet - rocking back  to where they've been. The brightness of the sun and the crying of the wind ...Read On


On Monday Night - Part VI

Filthy and dangerous, chemical pleasure surges, this can never end - a pure, beautiful sensation burning so bright. Smoky and vaporous, Hot, wet, tight, Dirty and traitorous, driven by urges  which refuse to bend in an erotic coronation, on Monday night. Sensation in flurry, Concentration is blight. Drifting and blurry, the bedchamber merges. Weariness prepared to defend against...Read On


The Roar of the Lion

You soothed and coaxed me each and every day Encouraging and baiting me, reeling me in. You bathed and fed me as your prey Darkness comes, you've convinced me that I have sinned. Countless times you've soothed and wooed me Begging and yearning, aching for forgiveness. Blinded once again for my mind to see Will the day ever come when I believe in your weakness. Your roar is loud like a...Read On



From a series of sonnets

I felt much younger then, bodies so light with love that we could almost be torn apart by a violent wind, leaves battered in December night rain. I listened too closely  to a heart pounding  against my vulnerable skin to a song that has flown. An engine I can't understand, a longing to dance unrestrained  breathes beneath all that you say. I felt so much older then. I was pressed...Read On


Tofu Soup

such an incredible taste

Soup of a hundred and one flavours A stream of sensuous taste Understated yet powerful blend Lingering pleasure for my tongue   An eye to beauty to stir my soul A quiet gentle blushing spirit An aphabet soup of passion and purpose Lingering pleasure for my tongue   Black and white imagery  Stirs my mind as the soup is mixed Visions of rapture for my eyes to see   ...Read On


Christmas Gift

You are my Christmas gift... Thank you SensuousCurves

You have my heart mind body and soul The way only you can make me whole Like no one else could I never thought somebody would Knock on this heart of mine Thoughts of you make me smile every moment with you is worth the while You are the Christmas gift I've been waiting for You are the home I've always wanted to go You are the one, the heart pines for You are the one, the only one   ...Read On

Crossing Over The Hibachi

Crossing over the grate of a hibachi On the deck of a Butuan boat As a dark chain of lanterns following Beyond the sunset of a dusk falling On the red lips of my sweet Filipina While sipping the essence of plum Dancing a tango on Mindanao By way of a lotus compass Sailing our way to Luzon West of the moon in silken kimonos  Crossing over the grate of a hibachi    ...Read On


A Memory of Waking

A memory of waking next to a lover

Time slips away, leaving only the memories, shadows of reality once solid, now fleeting and flawed yet no less precious for that.     The memory of waking to find you next to me, arms across me, holding, touching me as I lay, seeing awareness in your eyes as they open, to see me smiling, welcoming you to a new day.     Seeing the look change to hunger and lust, bristles against...Read On


Christmas Without Him

He's sheltered from his family this Christmas, but he will always be in my heart.

M ay your Christmas joy shine E very minute of missing you R easons for believing, your distance was meant to be R inging in the New Year, only if it's with you Y ou are the one that means the world to me C aring and longing, passion discreet H earing your words, as they echo in my ear R ighteous and worthy, as I will always love you I llustrating your caring heart and soul ...Read On


It’s All About The Snuggle

A snuggle shared

Contemplating life  and pondering my pleasures,  I see my need to be needed, My desired to be desired.  And yet my longing is to snuggle  In the arms of a lover, To become one with her,  To rest in her presence  Not running away.  To cherish each moment  here now to stay. It’s not what’s under the tree,  It’s not even those who gather  around the tree, Although  each is precious. It’s about...Read On


Love Poem

When I look into your eyes  for the very first time,  and see them moist  with tears of joy. I will reach out  and brush the hair from your face,  before sliding my hands  down your sides.   Pulling you tight to me  by the globe's of your ass,  and delicately kissing you  to finally claim you as mine.  Time will stand still  as we cling to each other  frozen in time. And if you...Read On


As a phoenix

  I burned like a wild fire crackling at first, at the origins. The brightest fire of them all, so naively I thought... But then I turned into ashes, my whole world was dry, his touch turned poisonous.. And I... I crawled in the corner, convinced that I was to be made By memories only. Pleasure of the past, forgotten, gone. No more arms to hold me. Where was that luscious taste? It is in...Read On


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

‘Tis the season to be jolly, As it gets to that time of year When the festive cheer is once again  Among us. In every park,  Christmas carols are being sung Bringing joy to all And to everyone that hears them. Peeps accidentally meeting, Under the mistletoe  Kissing when they do. Everyone giving and receiving, Christmas presents  Spreading the Christmas  Cheer everywhere they go. ...Read On


Under The Mistletoe

Meeting the girl of my dreams under the mistletoe

This ‘twas the season, To be jolly, Full of cheer Full of giving Full of happiness. Ever so hopeful, That this wee girl, That I have been noticing from afar That I have got the hots for That we may meet under the mistletoe. I wish upon a star, Wishing that the Girl of my dreams Will fall into my arms Hoping it will happen this Xmas. Realising that I have just, Stepped under the...Read On


In A Different Light

I see you in a different light

I see you in a different light You say you aren't anything special But I see the you that you keep hidden I see the beauty of the soul you protect From the rest of the world I see the tenderness no one else is lucky enough to experience I see the love in your eyes when we are alone I see the passion as your eyes roam over my body I see the compassion for life as you gaze into space...Read On